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TOEFL BNC: 1836 COCA: 1053


Word family
Related topics: Sport, Weapons, Photography, Film, Drink
shot1 /ʃɒt $ ʃɑːt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  
1 SHOOTgun [countableC]
a) an act of firing a gun 开枪
 He pulled out his rifle and fired three shots.
 She was killed by a single shot to the head.
b) SOUNDthe sound of a gun being fired 枪声
 Where were you when you heard the shot?
c) a good/bad etc shotDS someone who is good, bad etc at shooting 枪法好/差等的人
 Sergeant Cooper is an excellent shot.
2 bullets 子弹 [uncountableU]
a) PMWsmall metal balls that are shot, many at a time, from a shotgun 〔猎枪用的〕弹丸
b) old usePMW large metal balls that are shot from a cannon 炮弹
3 attempt to score 试图得分 [countableC]DS an attempt in sport to throw, kick, or hit the ball towards the place where you can get a point 〔为得分的〕投球,射球,击球
 Shaw took a shot at the goal from the halfway line, but missed.
 Good shot!
4 TCPPICTUREphotograph 照片 [countableC] a photograph 照片 SYN picture
shot of
 a close-up shot of a demonstrator being beaten by a policeman
 I managed to get some good shots of the carnival.
 We hired a photographer to take some publicity shots.
 action shots of football players (=ones taken of people while they are moving)
5 film/tv 电影/电视 [countableC]TCPAMF the view of something in a film or television programme that is produced by having the camera in a particular position 〔电影、电视节目中的〕镜头
 In the opening shot, we see Travolta’s feet walking down the sidewalk.
6 attempt 尝试 [countableC] informalTRY TO DO OR GET something an attempt to do something or achieve something, especially something difficult 尝试〔尤指做困难的事〕
shot at (doing) something
 This is her first shot at directing a play.
 If Lewis won his next fight, he would be guaranteed a shot at the title (=chance to win the title).
 I decided to have a shot at decorating the house myself.
 I didn’t think I had much chance of winning the race, but I thought I’d give it a shot (=try to do it).
 The network finally gave Keaton a shot at presenting his own show.
7 give something your best shot to make as much effort as you can to achieve something difficult 对某事尽自己最大的努力
 This case is going to be tough, but I promise I’ll give it my best shot.
 Lydia didn’t get the job, but at least she gave it her best shot.
Examples from the Corpus
8 be a long shot PROBABLY
a) used to say that a plan is worth trying, even though you think it is unlikely to succeed 成功希望虽然不大,尽管不大可能成功
 It’s a long shot, but someone might recognise her from the photo and be able to tell us where she lives.
b) American EnglishAmE if someone is a long shot, they are not likely to be chosen for a job or to win an election, competition etc 〔在工作招聘、选举或比赛等中〕不大可能获胜
 Turner is a long shot to win next month’s mayoral election.
Examples from the Corpus
9. a 10 to 1 shot/50 to 1 shot etc DGGGAMBLEa horse, dog etc in a race, whose chances of winning are expressed as numbers 赔率为101/501的赛马[赛狗等]
10 a shot in the dark GUESSan attempt to guess something without having any facts or definite ideas 瞎猜,乱猜
Examples from the Corpus
11 critical remark 批评的话 [countableC] a remark that is intended to criticize or hurt someone 批评的话;尖刻的话
12 like a shot IMMEDIATELYif you do something like a shot, you do it very quickly and eagerly 〔做事〕飞快地,毫不迟疑地,立刻
Examples from the Corpus
13 a shot across the bows/a warning shot (across the bows) WARNsomething you say or do to warn someone that you oppose what they are doing and will try to make them stop it – used especially in news reports 警告〔表示反对并会阻止某人做某事,尤用于新闻报道〕
14 big shot IMPORTANTan important or powerful person, especially in business 〔尤指商界的〕要人,权势人物
Examples from the Corpus
15 drink 饮料 [countableC]DFDDRINK a small amount of a strong alcoholic drink 〔烈酒的〕少量,一小口
16 drug 药物 [countableC] especially American EnglishAmEMDDDRUG an injection of a drug (=when it is put into the body with a needle) 一次注射,一针 SYN British English jab
17 a shot in the arm CONFIDENTsomething that makes you more confident or more successful 鼓舞人心的事情,强心针
Examples from the Corpus
18. heavy ball 很重的球 [countableC]DS a heavy metal ball that competitors try to throw as far as possible in the sport of shot put 〔体育比赛中推的〕铅球
call the shots at call1(9), → by a long chalk/shot at long1(21), → long shot at long1(18), → buckshot, gunshot, snapshot, pot shot
fire a shot 开枪
The passenger in the car fired three shots.
take a shot at somebody (=fire a shot trying to hit someone) 朝某人开了一枪
Someone took a shot at her, but missed.
a shot hits somebody/something 一枪打中某人/某物
The shot hit the burglar in the chest and killed him instantly.
a shot misses somebody/something (=doesn’t hit them) 一枪没有打中某人/某物
The first shot missed my head by inches.
a shot rings out (=is heard) 枪声响起
nSuddenly, two shots rang out.
a pistol/rifle shot 手枪/步枪枪声
A pistol shot rang out in the darkness.
a single shot (=just one shot) 一枪
He died from a single shot to his heart.
the fatal shot (=the shot that killed someone) 致命的一枪
It wasn’t clear who had fired the fatal shot.
a warning shot (=one fired as a warning to someone) 警告的枪声
nPolice fired warning shots into the air.
na good shot (=one that hits what you aim at)
It was difficult to get a good shot in the dense forest.
a volley of shots (=a number of shots fired quickly) 扫射
nHe fired off a volley of shots from his rifle.
Examples from the Corpus
shot2 adjectiveadj [not before noun]  
1 CONDITION/STATE OF something spoken in bad condition because of being used too much or treated badly 用坏的;耗尽的;破旧的
2 be/get/want shot of somebody/something British EnglishBrE spokenGET ON OR OFF A BUS, PLANE ETC to get rid or want to get rid of someone or something 摆脱某人/某物,把某物处理掉
Examples from the Corpus
3 be shot through with something 
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
x-refthe past tense and past participle of shoot shoot 的过去式和过去分词
Origin shot1
Old English scot

See also: shoot

See also: ldoce4195jpg

TOEFL BNC: 1836 COCA: 1053


1act of firing a gun開槍ADJECTIVE | ... OF SHOTS | VERB + SHOT | SHOT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEexcellent, fine, good, well-placed精準的射擊clean乾淨利落的射擊He killed them with a clean shot to their heads.他對準腦殼,將他們一個個擊斃。lucky僥幸射中random胡亂開槍fatal致命的射擊warning鳴槍示警clear乾脆利落的一槍first, opening (often figurative) 第一槍;開頭一炮the opening shot in the election campaign競選活動的頭一炮cheap, parting (both figurative) 惡意中傷;離別時撂下的狠話cannon, gun, pistol, rifle大炮開炮;槍炮射擊;手槍射擊;步槍射擊I heard a pistol shot.我聽到一聲槍響。head射中頭部That man fired the fatal head shot.那人打出了致命一槍,射中了頭部。... OF SHOTSvolley一連串射擊A volley of shots rang out.一排子彈砰砰射了出來。VERB + SHOTaim瞄準射擊fire, take開火;射擊I took a few more shots at the target, but missed.我朝靶子又射了幾次,但都沒射中。SHOT + VERBring out槍聲響起hit sb/sth, strike sb/sth子彈打中⋯/擊中⋯The shot hit him in the chest.子彈擊中了他的胸膛。kill sb/sth開槍打死⋯miss (sb/sth)子彈沒射中(⋯)PREPOSITIONshot from從⋯的射擊a shot from his rifle從他的步槍開出的一槍shot to向⋯的射擊She was killed by a single shot to the head.她被一槍擊中頭部喪命。


2person who shoots a gun, etc.射手ADJECTIVEcrack, excellent, good一流射手;神射手She is a crack shot with a rifle.她是步槍神射手。bad, poor差勁的射手


3act of kicking/hitting/throwing a ball踢球;擊球;扔球ADJECTIVE | VERB + SHOT | SHOT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEexcellent, fine, good, great, superb, well-placed漂亮的擊球;精彩的射門;絕佳的擊球;落點控制得好的擊球awesome, brilliant (especially NAmE, both informal) 絕妙的/出色的擊球errant, poor, wayward (especially BrE) 打偏的射門;糟糕的射門;不着邊際的擊球long, long-range遠投;遠射close-range近投;近射20-yard, 25-yard, etc. * 20 碼、25 碼等處的射門low低射game-winning (NAmE) 制勝的射門/擊球/投籃trick花樣擊球/投籃VERB + SHOTcrack, get in, have, take, try投籃;起腳射門He cracked a terrific shot into the bottom corner of the net.他起腳一記漂亮的射門,將球踢入球門下角。Go on-take another shot.繼續,再投一次。miss沒投中;沒射中scuff (BrE) 起腳蹭射He scuffed a shot from the edge of the box.他在罰球區邊緣區域起腳射門。block, parry, save截球;擋開球;救球He has blocked 850 shots in his NBA career.他在效力美國職業籃球聯賽的職業生涯中共攔截了 850 次投籃。The goalkeeper parried his first shot but he scored from the rebound.守門員擋開了第一次射門,但是他補射得分。SHOT + VERBbe on target (especially BrE) 射門射中;投球投中go wide, miss射門射偏;投籃不中My first shot went wide, but my second was right on target.第一次我射偏了,但第二次球進了。PREPOSITIONshot at, shot on朝⋯的射門Their captain tried a long shot on goal.他們的隊長試圖來個遠射。shot from來自⋯的射門his right-footed shot from outside the penalty area禁區外他的右腳射門a superb shot from Rivaldo裏瓦爾多一記漂亮的射門 topic at sports


4photograph; picture in a film/movie照片;影片中的鏡頭ADJECTIVE | ... OF SHOTS | VERB + SHOT | SHOT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcamera照片close-up, long, medium特寫鏡頭;長鏡頭;中鏡頭aerial, overhead, still高空鏡頭;定格照tracking, wide-angle, zoom跟拍/廣角/變焦鏡頭exterior, location外景拍攝establishing, opening開場鏡頭action, crowd動態/人群照片money (figurative, especially NAmE) 斥巨資拍攝的場景fashion, publicity時裝照;宣傳照cover封面照screen (usually screenshot) (= from a computer) 屏幕截圖mug (usually mugshot) (= photograph of sb's face kept by the police) (警方存檔以識別罪犯的)臉部照片... OF SHOTSseries一系列照片VERB + SHOTget, take拍照I got some great shots of the runners as they crossed the line.我拍了一些賽跑運動員撞線的精彩照片。snap抓拍Kate snapped a few shots with her camera through the window.凱特用自己的相機從窗口抓拍了幾張照片。SHOT + VERBshow sth鏡頭顯示⋯a wide-angle shot showing the Grand Canyon展現大峽谷風光的廣角鏡頭PREPOSITIONshot from從⋯角度拍攝的照片a shot from a low angle低角度照片shot of⋯的照片a publicity shot of the band performing樂隊表演的宣傳照


5 (especially NAmE) injection of a drug藥物注射ADJECTIVE | VERB + SHOT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbooster增效藥劑的注射allergy, flu, tetanus過敏/流感/破傷風注射VERB + SHOTgive sb給某人打一針get, have接受注射Have you had all your shots for your expedition yet?為外出考察而要打的預防針你都打完了嗎?PREPOSITIONshot of一針⋯a shot of penicillin一針青霉素The applause acted on her like a shot of adrenalin.掌聲猶如給她注射了一支強心劑。
TOEFL BNC: 1836 COCA: 1053
shot noun
attempt (give sth a shot) bullet (lead shot) photograph (publicity shots)
TOEFL BNC: 1836 COCA: 1053
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