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BNC: 1113 COCA: 1253


Word family
gain1 /ɡeɪn/ ●●● S3 W1 verb  
1 get STH 得到某物 [transitiveT]GET to obtain or achieve something you want or need 获得,赢得,取得〔想要或需要的东西〕
gain control/power
 Radical left-wing parties gained control of local authorities.
 After gaining independence in 1957, it was renamed ‘Ghana’.
gain a degree/qualification etc
 He gained a doctorate in Chemical Engineering.
In everyday English, people usually say get rather than gain: 在日常英语中,人们一般说get,而不说gain
She got a degree in English.
2 get gradually 逐渐获得 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]GETMORE THAN BEFORE to gradually get more and more of a quality, feeling etc, especially a useful or valuable one 逐渐获得〔有用或宝贵的品质、感觉等〕
 She has gained a reputation as a good communicator.
 Many of his ideas have gained popular support.
 an opportunity to gain experience in a work environment
 The youngsters gradually gain confidence in their abilities.
gain in
 The sport has gained in popularity in recent years.
see thesaurus at get
3 advantage 好处 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]ADVANTAGEGET to get an advantage from a situation, opportunity, or event 〔从局势、机会或事件中〕受益,获得(好处)
gain (something) from (doing) something
 There is much to be gained from seeking expert advice early.
 an attempt to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals
 Who really stands to gain (=is likely to get an advantage) from these tax cuts?
 There’s nothing to be gained (=it will not help you) by losing your temper.
4 increase 增加INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT [transitiveT] to increase in weight, speed, height, or value 增加〔体重、速度、高度或价值〕
 Carrie’s gained a lot of weight recently.
 The dollar has gained 8% against the yen.
5 gain access/entry/admittance etc (to something) ENTERto manage to enter a place, building, or organization 得以进入(某处)
 New ramps will help the disabled gain better access.
 methods used by burglars to gain entry to houses
Examples from the Corpus
6 gain an understanding/insight/impression etc to learn or find out about something 有所了解/领会/获得印象等
gain an understanding/insight/impression etc of
 We are hoping to gain a better understanding of the underlying process.
 This enabled me to gain an overall impression of the school.
Examples from the Corpus
7 gain ground MORE THAN BEFOREto make steady progress and become more popular, more successful etc 稳步发展,变得更受欢迎[更成功]
Examples from the Corpus
8. gain time TIME/HAVE TIMEto deliberately do something to give yourself more time to think 赢得[争取]时间〔以思考〕 OPP lose time
Examples from the Corpus
9. clock 钟表 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]TMTIME/WHAT TIME IS IT if a clock or watch gains, or if it gains time, it goes too fast 走得太快,快〔分钟等〕 OPP lose
10 arrive 到达 [transitiveT] literaryARRIVE to reach a place after a lot of effort or difficulty 〔经过很大努力或困难之后〕到达
11gain on somebody/something phrasal verbphr v NEARto gradually get closer to a person, car etc that you are chasing 逼近,赶上〔被追赶的人、汽车等〕
nothing ventured, nothing gained at venture2(3)
nCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2
gain control
The government of mainland China gained control of the island in 1683.
gain power
Many women wanted to gain power in a male-dominated world.
gain independence
Jamaica has had this flag since 1962, when it gained independence from Britain.
gain a reputation
He had gained a reputation as a crook.
gain notoriety (=become famous, especially for doing something bad)
He gained notoriety as the author of a controversial novel.
gain support
The proposal failed to gain support.
gain popularity
Governments gain popularity by cutting taxes.
gain acceptance
The theory has gradually gained acceptance among scientists.
gain credibility (=start to be believed or trusted, or start to be thought of as good)
Screen actors feel that they gain credibility when they perform on stage.
gain experience
In her first job, she gained experience as a programme manager.
gain knowledge
Knowledge gained from the research will be used directly to help patients.
gain confidence
The managers were gaining confidence in their ability to take calculated risks.
gain strength
He is beginning to gain strength again after his illness.
gain an understanding (=get knowledge based on learning and experience)
Drama is one of the key ways in which children can gain an understanding of themselves and of others.
gain an insight (into something) (=get a chance to understand more about something)
You can gain an insight into horses’ feelings by the physical signs they give out.
gain momentum (=keep increasing)
In the 1850s and 1860s, the British colonisation of India gained momentum.
quickly/rapidly gain something
Adam quickly gained the respect of the soldiers under his command.
steadily gain something
The king was steadily gaining more support.
gradually gain something
He is gradually gaining confidence in his own abilities.
Examples from the Corpus
gain2 ●●○ W3 noun  
1 advantage 益处 [countableC]IMPROVE an advantage or improvement, especially one achieved by planning or effort 〔尤指靠计划或努力得到的〕好处,利益;改进
2 increase 增加 [countableC, uncountableU]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT an increase in the amount or level of something 〔数量或水平的〕增加 OPP loss
3 profit 利润 [uncountableU]PROFIT financial profit, especially when this seems to be the only thing someone is interested in 〔尤指某人一味追求的〕收益,获利 OPP loss
4. ill-gotten gains CHEATPROFITmoney or advantages obtained dishonestly – used humorously 不义之财;以不义的手段获得的好处〔幽默用法〕
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
gaingain1 /geɪn/ verb
1[transitiveT] to get or achieve something important or valuable, usually by working very hard
We hope togain a largershare of the local market.
BP America shared the knowledge gained from the disaster with other oil companies.
2[intransitiveI, transitiveT] to gradually get more of a useful or valuable quality, skill etc
Donald gained a lot of usefulexperience when he was working for a merchant bank.
Employees will gain in knowledge and confidence by making full use of the training opportunities.
3[intransitiveI, transitiveT]FINANCE to increase in value or amount
Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index gained slightly, closing up 3.75 points.
Production in both China and India gained while domestic consumption slowed.
For the week, the Dow industrials gained 39.85 points.
4gain groundFINANCE if a currency, share, or financial market gains ground, it increases in value
The stock market gained ground after two days of losses.
gain ground against
The dollar gained ground against (=compared to) foreign currencies.
5gain ground to gradually become more popular, successful etc
The retailer has gained ground, with sales up 12.2%.
gain ground against/on
Aluminium has been gaining ground against (=compared to) more traditional metals.
GM’s trucks are gaining ground on Ford’s F series.
6[intransitiveI, transitiveT]COMMERCE to get an advantage from a situation, opportunity, or event
Some countries depreciated their currencies so as to gain a competitive advantage over their trading rivals.
gain (something) from something
Malaysia has not always gained greatly from the sales of assets such as shares in its airline.
People with higher incomes clearly gained more from the tax cuts.
The management group owns about 18% of the stock and would stand to gain millions of dollars if the company were sold.
7gain a footholdCOMMERCE to reach a position from which you can start to make progress and achieve your aims
European television groups will be ready to pay substantial amounts to gain a foothold in the UK market.
8gain currency to become more popular
The new idea was gaining currency.
9gain access to somethingCOMMERCE if a country or company gains access to a place, it is able to sell its products there for the first time
The government’s aim is to help US companies gain access to foreign markets.
US computer makers have accused the Japanese of selling machines at steep discounts to gain access to markets where they are not competitive.
10gain access to something to manage to use something, especially something that is difficult to obtain
The program allows a hacker to secretly gain access to computer systems.
11gain approval if a plan, proposal etc gains approval, it is officially accepted
The company did not gain approval from the planning commission for the new building.
12gain in popularity become more popular
Insurance-funded plans are gaining in popularity because they are not subject to tax.
gaingain2 noun
1[countableC] an increase in the amount or level of something
The supermarket chain’s share price ended the year with a near 60% gain.
The Nikkei average ended with a gain of 140.19 points at 35,522.99.
gain in
gains in consumer spending
a 50 point gain in the Dow Jones industrial average on the New York Stock Exchange
2[uncountableU]FINANCE financial profit
Developers cut down the forestsfor economic gain.
The senator denied the charge that he was using his office for personal gain.
capital gain short-term gain
3[countableC] an advantage or improvement
The new machinery has produced bigefficiency gains.
4ill-gotten gains [plural] money or an advantage obtained dishonestly
The police now have been given more powers to crack down on drug dealers and seize their ill-gotten gains.
Origin gain1
(1400-1500) French gagner, from Old French gaaignier to prepare the ground for growing crops, earn, gain
BNC: 1113 COCA: 1253


ADJECTIVE | VERB + GAIN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig, considerable, dramatic, enormous, huge, impressive, major, real, significant, spectacular, substantial, tremendous相當大的收穫;巨大的收益;重大的進展;可觀的收益This change in the tax system will mean big gains for some companies.稅制上的這一變化將會給一些公司帶來很大收益。solid, strong相當不錯的/強勁的增長The party has made solid gains in all areas of the country.該黨在全國所有地區的支持率都有了相當不錯的增加。tangible實實在在的進展minimal, modest, small最小的/不大的/少量的收益double-digit (business商業, especially NAmE) 兩位數的收益rapid, steady快速的/穩定的收益immediate即時收益future將來的收益potential潛在收益long-term, short-term長期/短期收益annual, daily, monthly, etc.年收益、日收益、月收益等windfall意外的收獲net, overall純收益;總共所得The party made an overall gain of 39 seats.該黨總共贏得 39 個席位。ill-gotten gains不義之財She tucked her ill-gotten gains into her purse and left.她把不義之財塞入錢包後就離開了。hard-won來之不易的收益personal, private個人/私人收益They were found to have used the investments for their private gain.他們被發現利用投資謀取私利。commercial, economic, financial, material, monetary商業利潤;經濟收益;財政收益;物質利益;金錢利益There will be no financial gain for mothers from this new system.已為人母的婦女不會從這種新制度中獲得經濟利益。electoral, political選舉上的收獲;政治收益The right made huge electoral gains.右翼在選舉中獲得巨大的收穫。military, territorial軍事收益;領土的擴大fat, weight脂肪/體重增加She was upset by her recent weight gain.她因最近體重增加而煩惱。efficiency, productivity效率/生產率提高There is still scope for efficiency gains.仍有通過提高效率獲得更多收益的餘地。fitness健康的提升VERB + GAINachieve, make, reap取得/獲得/獲取收益He is already reaping political gains.他在政治上已經獲得了收益。maximize, minimize將收益最大化/最小化increase, reduce增加/減少收益consolidate鞏固收益There needs to be joint political action to consolidate the gains of the elections.有必要採取聯合政治行動來鞏固選舉上的收獲。bring (sb), produce, yield(給某人)帶來收益;產生收益Better workplace design can bring real gains in productivity.更合理地安排工作場所能大大提高生產率。seek尋求收益Volunteers give their time without seeking any monetary gain.志願者付出時間並不是為了謀求金錢上的利益。show顯示⋯的增加August showed a gain of 144 000 jobs.八月份顯示增加了 14.4 萬個就業崗位。offset抵消收益The party has an uphill battle to offset the gains made by other parties.該政黨在抵消其他政黨獲得的收益方面面臨艱巨的任務。outweigh超過收益The costs far outweigh any efficiency gains.成本遠遠超過提高效率帶來的收益。reverse, wipe out使收益逆轉;抵消收益War and poverty have reversed previous gains in children's health.戰爭與貧困使本已改善的兒童健康狀況又倒退了回去。PREPOSITIONfor gain為了利益It's amazing what some people will do for gain.某些人為追逐利益而做出的事會令人大為驚異。gain from從⋯中的獲利€3.9 million gains from the sale of stock出售存貨所獲的 390 萬歐元收益gain in⋯方面的獲利Last year there was only a modest gain in earnings.去年的盈利僅略有增加。


ADVERB | VERB + GAIN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBquickly, rapidly迅速取得;快速獲利gradually, slowly, steadily逐漸得到;慢慢獲得;穩步取得His ideas gradually gained acceptance.他的想法逐漸得到認可。immediately, suddenly立即/突然得到eventually, finally, ultimately最後/終於/最終獲益successfully成功獲益enormously, immensely, significantly獲益巨大/很大/可觀The industry will gain enormously from the new proposals.該行業將從新方案中獲得巨大收益。financially財政上獲得VERB + GAINstand to很可能得到The company stands to gain a lot from this government plan.公司會從政府的這一規劃中獲得很多好處。expect to, hope to預期得到;希望獲得What do you hope to gain by this action?你這樣做希望得到什麼?attempt to, seek to, strive to, try to試圖/力求/努力/設法獲得Protesters tried to gain access to the palace.抗議者試圖進入宮殿。fail to沒能得到PREPOSITIONfrom從⋯中受益We all gained a lot from the experience.我們都從這一經歷中獲益良多。PHRASEShave everything, little, a lot, nothing, etc. to gain, have everything, little, a lot, nothing, etc. to be gained得到一切、幾無收獲、收獲很多、一無所獲等Why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.為什麼不試一試?你不會有什麼損失,還可能獲得一切。I don't think there's anything to be gained from this course of action.我認為這種做法不會帶來什麼好處。
BNC: 1113 COCA: 1253
gain noun
increase (weight gain) profit (financial gain)
gain verb
gain1 (gain entry) gain2 (gain confidence/weight) benefit (Who stands to gain from these changes?) gain ground develop1


gain entry/your independence 得以进入;获得独立gain confidence/weight 增加信心;增重 See also the entry for get 1 另见get条第1义gain ♦︎ win ♦︎ secure ♦︎ earn ♦︎ land ♦︎ procure ♦︎ netThese words all mean to obtain sth through skill, good qualities or effort. 这些词均表示取得、获得、赢得。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to gain / win / secure / earn / procure sth by (doing) sthto gain / win / secure / earn / procure sth for sbto gain / win / secure / earn support / approvalto gain / win / earn respect / admirationto gain / earn a reputationto gain / earn notorietyto win / secure / land a contractto gain / secure access / entryto gain / win / secure / earn / land yourself sth gain [transitive] (rather formal) to obtain sth, especially sth that you need or want 获得,博得,取得(尤指所需或所想之物)The country gained its independence ten years ago.这个国家十年前取得了独立。The party gained over 50% of the vote.该党获得超过50%的选票。Her unusual talent gained her worldwide recognition.她非凡的才能赢得了举世公认。Gain is used especially to talk about obtaining freedom ( access, entry, independence), recognition by others ( recognition, reputation) and knowledge ( insight, experience, knowledge, understanding). * gain尤指获得自由,搭配词有access、entry、independence;或指获得他人认可,搭配词有recognition、reputation;还可指获得知识,搭配词有insight、experience、knowledge、understanding。 win (winning, won, won) [transitive] to achieve or get sth that you want, especially through hard work or ability or because of the good qualities you have (尤指通过努力、能力或良好品质)取得,获得She won the admiration of many people in her battle against cancer.她在与癌症的抗争中赢得许多人的钦佩。He won a scholarship to study at Stanford.他获得奖学金去斯坦福大学学习。In this meaning win is used especially to talk about getting people's admiration, support and respect, as well as agreements to provide money (a scholarship) or work (a contract). 表达此义时,win尤与admiration、support、respect搭配,指赢得他人敬佩等;也可与scholarship或contract等词搭配,指获得资助或工作。 secure [transitive] (formal) to obtain or achieve sth, especially through hard work or ability (尤指通过努力或能力)获得,取得,实现He's just secured a $5 million contract.他刚赢得一份500万元的合同。She secured 2 000 votes.她获得2 000票。He secured himself a place at law school.他取得了法学院的入学资格。Secure is often used in legal, financial or other business contexts. * secure常用于法律、金融或其他商业语境。 earn [transitive] to get sth that you deserve, usually because of sth good you have done or the good qualities you have 应得;博得;赢得He earned a reputation as an expert on tax law.他赢得了税法专家的美名。Her outstanding ability earned her a place on the team.她非凡的能力为她在队中赢得了一席之地。 land [transitive] to succeed in getting a job or other opportunity, especially one that a lot of other people want 成功得到,赢得(尤指许多人想得到的工作或机会)He's just landed a starring role in Spielberg's next movie.他刚得到一个机会,在斯皮尔伯格的下一部电影里担任主角。She's just landed herself a company directorship.她刚在一家公司谋到一个主管的职位。 procure prəˈkjʊə(r); NAmE prəˈkjʊr [transitive] (formal) to obtain sth, especially with difficulty (设法)获得,取得,得到She managed to procure a ticket for the concert.她好不容易弄到一张音乐会的门票。They procured us a copy of the report.他们给我们弄到了一份报告的副本。 net (-tt-) [transitive] (written, especially journalism 尤用于新闻) to catch sb or obtain sth in a skilful way (巧妙地)捕获,得到A swoop by customs officers netted a large quantity of drugs.海关人员突然搜查,缉获了大量毒品。People might also net such things as business, a contract or clients. * net还可与business、contract或client搭配。gain2


gain entry/your independence 得以进入;获得独立gain confidence/weight 增加信心;增重gain ♦︎ increase in sth ♦︎ put sth onThese words all mean to gradually get more of sth. 这些词均表示增加、增进、增长。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to gain / increase in / put on weightto gain / increase in strength gain [transitive] to gradually get more of sth 增加;增进;增长She has gained confidence since the World Championships.世界锦标赛后,她的信心增强了。His ideas gradually gained acceptance.他的观点逐渐得到认可。I've gained weight recently.最近我的体重增加了。 see also gain increase noun increase in sth

phrasal verb

to become greater in amount, number, value or strength (数量、价值或强度)增长,增多,增加Oil has increased in price.石油价格上涨了。As the storm increased in strength huge waves crashed over the decks.暴风雨越发猛烈,巨浪扑打在甲板上。 see also increase increase noun
ˌput sth ˈon

phrasal verb

(putting, put, put)to become heavier, especially by the amount mentioned 增加(若干)体重;发胖She looks like she's put on weight.她似乎发胖了。He must have put on several pounds.他体重一定增加了好几磅。
BNC: 1113 COCA: 1253
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