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BNC: 2828 COCA: 2892


Word family
i·ma·gi·na·tion /ɪˌmædʒəˈneɪʃən/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  
1 [countableC, uncountableU]IMAGINE the ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind 想象力
 a storyteller with an incredible imagination
 It does not take much imagination to understand their grief.
 With a little imagination, you can find great inexpensive gifts.
2 be (a figment of) somebody’s imagination IMAGINEto be something that someone imagines, not something that really exists or happens 是某人的幻想[幻象]
 Did you hear that noise, or was it my imagination?
你听到那个声音了吗? 还是那是我的幻觉?
 These people do exist; they’re not figments of my imagination.
Examples from the Corpus
3 in somebody’s imagination IMAGINEonly existing or happening in someone’s mind, not in real life 只存在[发生]于某人的想象之中
 For the refugees, home exists only in their imagination.
4 capture/catch somebody’s imagination INTERESTEDto make people feel very interested and excited 使某人出神,使某人入迷
 American football really captured the imagination of the British public.
Examples from the Corpus
5 leave something to somebody’s imagination DESCRIBEto deliberately not describe something because you think someone can guess or imagine it 将某事留给某人自己去想象〔因认为某人能够猜出或想象到〕
 Mercifully, the writer leaves most of the physical horrors to our imagination.
Examples from the Corpus
6 leave little/nothing to the imagination 
a) if someone’s clothes leave little or nothing to the imagination, the clothes are very thin or are worn in a way that shows the person’s body 没有想象的余地〔指又薄又贴身的衣服令身材显露无遗〕
 Her black satin dress left nothing to the imagination.
b) if something sexual or violent is described in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination, it is described in too much detail 〔对性爱或暴力事件的描述〕很露骨
Examples from the Corpus
7. use your imagination spokenGUESS used to tell someone that they can easily guess the answer to a question, so you should not need to tell them 动动脑筋
Examples from the Corpus
not by any stretch of the imagination at stretch2(4)
a good imagination 丰富的想象力
She's a lively child, with a good imagination.
great imagination 杰出的想象力
His paintings show great imagination.
a vivid/fertile imagination (=an ability to think of a lot of ideas and things that could happen) 生动的/丰富的想象力
She had a fertile imagination and a great sense of humour.
nWith your vivid imagination, you should write a book.
an overactive/fevered imagination (=a mind that imagines strange things that are not real) 过于丰富的想象力
These stories are the product of an overactive imagination.
the public imagination 公众的兴趣
The story captured the public imagination.
creative imagination 创造性想象
I don't have the creative imagination to be a writer.
have (an) imagination 有想象力
Her poems show that she has a lot of imagination.
use your imagination 发挥想象力
Musicians need to use their imagination as well as their technical skills.
show/display imagination 展现想象力
His latest paintings display a vivid imagination.
lack imagination 缺乏想象力
nA lot of today's pop music seems to lack imagination.
fire/stimulate somebody's imagination (=make someone use their imagination) 激发某人的想象力
nThe aim of the exhibition is to stimulate people's imagination.
be full of imagination 充满想象力
Her stories are full of imagination.
a lack of imagination 缺乏想象力
Their policies show a lack of imagination.
let your imagination run wild (also let your imagination run riot British EnglishBrE) (=allow yourself to imagine many strange or wonderful things) 让想象力尽情发挥[自由驰骋]
nHe uses painting as a way of letting his imagination run riot.
Examples from the Corpus
i·ma·gi·na·tion noun →COLLOCATIONS1
LDOCE Online
BNC: 2828 COCA: 2892


ADJECTIVE | VERB + IMAGINATION | IMAGINATION + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat偉大的想像力active, creative, fertile, lively, rich, strong, vivid活躍的想像;有創意的想像;豐富的想像力;生動的想像fevered, overactive, overheated, wild狂熱的/過度活躍的/過激的/天馬行空的想像It's just a product of your fevered imagination!那只是你狂熱想像的產物!limited有限的想像力a movie of such limited imagination一部想像力有限的電影collective, popular, public集體的/普遍的/公眾的想像a popular hero who inspired the collective imagination激發了集體想像力的大眾英雄visual視覺想像I was no good at art-I have a very poor visual imagination.我對藝術一無所長 - 我的視覺想像力很差。artistic, cultural, historical, literary, musical, poetic, political, romantic藝術想像;文化想像;歷史想像;文學想像力;音樂想像力;詩歌想像力;政治想像;浪漫的想像It requires a strong effort of historical imagination to understand the Roman attitude to death.要理解古羅馬人對死亡的態度需要非常努力地去發揮一番歷史想像力。moral, religious道德/宗教想像an education that stimulates the moral imagination激發道德想像的教育human人類的想像the powers of the human imagination人類想像的力量pure純粹的想像VERB + IMAGINATIONhave有想像力show展示想像力lack缺乏想像力Today's music lacks imagination.當今的音樂缺乏想像力。require, take需要想像力;頗費想像It does not take great imagination to guess what happened next.隨後發生的事情不難想像。use發揮想像力I don't have a picture of this, so you'll just have to use your imagination.這個我沒有照片,所以你得發揮自己的想像了。captivate, capture, catch, excite, feed, fire, fuel, grab, ignite, inspire, seize, spark, stimulate, stir引發想像;激發想像;喚起想像19th-century writers fired the popular imagination with their tales of adventure.19 世紀的作家用冒險故事激發了大眾的想像力。engage, grip吸引住/抓住想像力haunt不斷喚起想像The film haunted the imaginations of viewers.那部影片讓觀眾浮想聯翩。exercise, stretch運用/展開想像力defy無法想像The scale of the disaster defied imagination (= was greater than you could imagine).災難的規模超乎人們的想像。leave sth to留下⋯引人想像As for their reaction, I'll leave that to your imagination!至於他們的反應,我就留給你們自己去想像吧!IMAGINATION + VERBconjure sth up想像出⋯His imagination conjured up a vision of the normal family life he had never had.他腦海裏勾畫出一幅他從未體驗過的普通家庭生活的場景。play tricks on you, run away with you, run riot, run wild, work想像欺騙⋯;想像力自由馳騁;想像力發揮作用Was it only her imagination playing tricks on her?真的只是她的想像在作怪嗎?PREPOSITIONbeyond (your) imagination超乎想像misery that is beyond most people's imagination超乎絕大多數人想像的痛苦in the/your imagination幻想Nobody hates you-it's all in your imagination!沒人討厭你 - 都是你自己胡思亂想!with imagination, without imagination有想像力;沒有想像力He was totally without imagination.他毫無想像力。PHRASESa lack of imagination缺乏想像力a figment of sb's imagination, a product of sb's imagination某人臆想之物;某人想像的結果The figure vanished as silently as if it had simply been a figment of her imagination.那個人影無聲無息地消失了,彷彿一切只是她的憑空想像。by no stretch of the imagination, not by any stretch of the imagination任憑怎麼想也不Not by any stretch of the imagination could she be called beautiful (= she was definitely not beautiful in any way).再怎麼說她也稱不上漂亮。with a little imagination稍微用點兒想像力With a little imagination you can create a delicious meal from yesterday's leftovers.只要稍動一下腦筋,你就可以把昨天的剩飯剩菜變成美味佳肴。a hold on the/sb's imagination引人想像的事物The Pyramids retain a remarkable hold on the human imagination.金字塔一直保持着引發人類想像的巨大魅力。
BNC: 2828 COCA: 2892
imagination noun
imagination (a vivid imagination) inspiration (lack imagination)


imagination ♦︎ vision ♦︎ fantasy ♦︎ make-believeThese are all words for the act of creating pictures in your mind, or the pictures created in this way. 这些词均表示想象、幻想或想象的事物。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配(a) romantic imagination / vision / fantasy(a) private / personal vision / fantasya world of fantasy / make-believe imagination [uncountable, countable] the ability to create pictures in your mind; the part of your mind that does this; something that you have imagined rather than sth that exists 想象力;想象;想象的事物;幻想物He's got no imagination.他缺乏想象力。It doesn't take much imagination to guess what happened next.不难猜出接下来发生了什么事。She has a vivid imagination.她想象力丰富。I won't tell you his reaction-I'll leave that to your imagination.我就不告诉你他的反应了,你自己去想好了。Nobody hates you-it's all in your imagination.没人讨厌你,都是你在胡思乱想。Is it my imagination or have you lost a lot of weight?究竟是我有错觉,还是你确实瘦了很多? see also imaginative creative vision [countable] an idea or picture in your imagination 想象;幻想He had a vision of a world in which there would be no wars.他幻想一个没有战争的世界。I had visions of us getting hopelessly lost.我以为我们彻底迷失方向了。 fantasy ˈfæntəsi [uncountable] (sometimes disapproving) the act of imagining things; a person's imagination 幻想;想象This is a work of fantasy.这是部幻想作品。She was no longer able to distinguish between fantasy and reality.她再也无法区分幻想和现实了。Stop living in a fantasy world.别再生活在幻想世界中了。 OPP reality fact see also fantasy hope noun 2 NOTE 辨析 Imagination or fantasy? Imagination is usually a more approving term than fantasy. Having a vivid imagination is often thought to be a good thing as it enables people to enjoy themselves and to sympathize more with other people by imagining what it is like to be them. Fantasy is usually used to contrast imagined things with the real world, often in a negative way, suggesting that sb is unwilling or unable to face reality. * imagination含义通常比fantasy更正面。拥有vivid imagination(丰富的想象力)常被视为好事,因为它能使人得到乐趣,也能使人对他人的处境感同身受。fantasy通常用以对比虚构的事物与真实的世界,这种对比常常带有贬义,暗示怀抱幻想者不愿或无法面对现实。 ˈmake-believe [uncountable] (sometimes disapproving) imagining or pretending that things are different or more exciting than they really are; imagining that sth is real, or that you are sb else, for example in a child's game 虚构;想象;(儿童游戏等中的)假扮,假装They live in a world of make-believe.他们生活在虚幻的世界里。'Let's play make-believe,' said Sam.萨姆说:“咱们来玩过家家吧。”
BNC: 2828 COCA: 2892
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