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Word family
ldoce_017_gbar1 /bɑː $ bɑːr/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countableC]   bah, baa
1 place to drink in 饮酒场所
a) DFDa place where alcoholic drinks are served 酒吧 pub
 The hotel has a licensed bar.
 a cocktail bar
b) British EnglishBrEDFD one of the rooms inside a pub 〔酒馆里的〕酒吧间
 The public bar was crowded.
5  See picture of wrapper 包装纸, a bar of chocolate 一条巧克力, a bar of soap 一块肥皂 ...4  See picture on 见图 Page A11 Where to stay 住的地方
2 place to buy drink 买酒的地方DFD a counter where alcoholic drinks are served 售酒柜台,吧台
 They stood at the bar.
3. a wine/coffee/snack etc bar DFa place where a particular kind of food or drink is served 酒吧/咖啡馆/小吃店等
Examples from the Corpus
4. a breakfast bar British EnglishBrE a place in your kitchen at home where you eat breakfast or a quick meal 〔家庭厨房里的〕早餐台
5 block shape 长条形CFD a small block of solid material that is longer than it is wide 块,条,棒,根
 a chocolate bar
 a candy bar
bar of
 a bar of soap
5 see picture at 见图 piece1
6 piece of metal/wood 金属/木头SHUT/CLOSEPREVENT a length of metal or wood put across a door, window etc to keep it shut or to prevent people going in or out 〔门、窗等的〕闩;铁栅;横木;阻碍物
 houses with bars across the windows
see thesaurus at piece
7 behind bars informalSCJ in prison 在狱中,在牢里
 Her killer was finally put behind bars.
Examples from the Corpus
8 music 音乐APM a group of notes and rests, separated from other groups by vertical lines, into which a line of written music is divided 〔乐曲中的〕小节
 a few bars of the song
9 bar to (doing) something writtenPREVENT something that prevents you from achieving something that you want (做)某事的障碍
 I could see no bar to our happiness.
Examples from the Corpus
10 the bar 
a) British EnglishBrESCL the group of people who are barristers 〔有资格出庭处理诉讼案件的〕讼务律师,大律师〔总称〕
b) American EnglishAmESCL an organization consisting of lawyers 律师界,律师组织
Examples from the Corpus
11 be called to the bar 
a) British EnglishBrESCL to become a barrister 取得大律师资格,成为大律师
b) American EnglishAmESCL to become a lawyer 取得律师资格,成为律师
Examples from the Corpus
12 on computer screen 计算机屏幕上 a long narrow shape along the sides or at the top of a computer screen, usually containing signs that you can click on 〔计算机屏幕侧边或顶部可点击的〕功能条
 the main menu bar at the top of the screen
 the toolbar
scroll bar
13 in sports 体育运动中 the long piece of wood or metal across the top of the goal in sports such as football 球门横木[横梁]
 The ball hit the bar.
14. pile of sand/stones 沙堆/石堆TTW a long pile of sand or stones under the water at the entrance to a harbour 〔港口入口处的〕沙洲,暗礁
15. colour/light 颜色/CCLIGHT a narrow band of colour or light 线条,条纹,带
16. uniforms 制服PM a narrow band of metal or cloth worn on a military uniform to show rank 〔军服上的〕军阶杠,绶带
17. ldoce_017.png heater 加热器DHTPE British EnglishBrE the part of an electric heater that provides heat and has a red light 〔电暖气的〕电热丝[]
types of bar
a wine bar (=a bar selling mostly wine, in contrast to a pub)
He asked her to meet him in a trendy wine bar.
a coffee bar
We met up in the student coffee bar.
a sandwich/snack bar (=an informal restaurant or shop selling sandwiches/snacks)
I usually get some lunch from the sandwich bar.
a burger bar (=an informal restaurant selling burgers and fast food)
The kids all hang out at the local burger bar.
a juice bar (=a place selling fruit juices, usually freshly made)
The leisure centre also has a restaurant and a juice bar.
a sushi bar (=a bar or informal restaurant selling sushi)
Have you tried that new sushi bar in town?
a tapas bar (=a bar or informal restaurant serving small dishes of Spanish food)
Madrid is full of great tapas bars.
a salad bar (=a part of a restaurant where you can serve yourself to a range of salads )
When you’ve chosen your pizza, please help yourself from the salad bar.
bar a place where people go to buy and drink alcoholic drinks
A man went into a bar and ordered a drink.
Let’s meet up in the hotel bar.
The city centre is full of wine bars and restaurants.
The club has a restaurant and a cocktail bar.
pub a building in Britain where alcohol can be bought and drunk, and where meals are often served
Do you fancy going to the pub?
a country pub
public house British EnglishBrE formal a pub
The fight took place outside a public house in the city centre.
somebody’s local informal a pub near where you live, especially one you often go to
The Red Lion’s my local.
inn a small hotel or pub, especially an old one in the countryside – often used in the name of the hotel or pub
The Bull Inn dates back to the 15th century.
The hotel was once a 17th century coaching inn (=used by people travelling by coach and horses).
gastropub a pub that is known to serve very good food
a gastropub with a riverside restaurant
the Windmill Gastropub
tavern British EnglishBrE a pub in the past where you could also stay the night – used nowadays in the names of some pubs
the Turf Tavern
Marlowe was killed in a fight in a tavern.
watering hole informal a bar, pub etc where people drink alcohol – often used humorously. A watering hole is also the name for a place where wild animals go to drink
The bar became a popular watering hole for journalists.
What’s your favorite watering hole?
dive informal a bar, club etc that is cheap and dirty
The place is a bit of dive.
honky-tonk American EnglishAmE informal a cheap bar where country music is played
They played in every honky-tonk in Tennessee.
saloon a bar in the western United States. Also used in Britain about the part of a pub which has comfortable chairs where you can sit and relax
I felt like a cowboy walking into a saloon in the Wild West.
Do you want to stay in the saloon, or would rather go into the other bar?
people who work in a bar
barman especially British EnglishBrE a man who serves drinks in a bar
A big Irish barman pulled me a pint of beer.
barmaid British EnglishBrE a woman who serves drinks in a bar
I was working in the evenings as a barmaid.
bartender especially American EnglishAmE someone who makes, pours, and serves drinks in a bar or restaurant
The bartender gave him his change.
bar staff the people serving drinks or food in a bar or pub
The local pub is advertising for bar staff.
landlord British EnglishBrE a man who owns or manages a pub
He became violent and the landlord asked him to leave.
Examples from the Corpus
bar2 ●○○ verb (barred, barring) [transitiveT]  
1 ENTERto officially prevent someone from entering a place or from doing something 阻止,禁止
2 PREVENTto prevent people from going somewhere by placing something in their way 阻挡,阻拦
3. (also bar up)SHUT/CLOSE to shut a door or window using a bar or piece of wood so that people cannot get in or out 〔用铁条、木条等〕封,堵〔门、窗〕
Examples from the Corpus
bar3 prepositionprep  
1 EXCEPTexcept 除了以外
2 bar none BESTused to emphasize that someone is the best of a particular group 无人可比〔用于强调〕
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
the BarBar, the noun  
n1 British EnglishBrE the profession of being a barrister, or the members of this profession
n2 American EnglishAmE the profession of being a lawyer, or the members of this profession
n3. American EnglishAmE infml the exam that you must take to become a lawyer
4. be called to the Bar British EnglishBrE to become a barrister 取得大律师资格,成为大律师
From Longman Business Dictionary
barbar1 /bɑːbɑːr/ verb (barred, barring) [transitiveT]
to officially stop someone from doing something or from entering a place
bar somebody from (doing) something
He has been barred from the securities and investment advisory business.
Foreign investors would be barred from buying majority stakes.
barbar2 (also Bar) nounLAW
1the bar British EnglishBrE the profession of a BARRISTER, or barristers in general
In 1988, she was called to the bar (=became a barrister) and she now practises in London, specialising in criminal and family law.
He has now passed his Bar Examination (=the examination you must pass in order to become a barrister).
2the bar American EnglishAmE a word for the legal profession, used in the names of professional associations of lawyers
the New Jersey State Bar Association
see also American Bar Association
Origin bar1
(1100-1200) Old French barre


1for drinks/food飲料;食物ADJECTIVE | VERB + BAR | BAR + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVElicensed (BrE) 有售酒許可證的酒吧crowded擁擠的酒吧open露天酒吧lounge, public, saloon (especially BrE) 雅座酒吧;大眾酒吧hotel酒店的酒吧gay, lesbian, singles男同性戀/女同性戀/單身酒吧karaoke卡拉 OK 歌廳beer, cocktail, wine啤酒/雞尾酒/葡萄酒酒吧breakfast, burger, coffee, juice, salad, sandwich, snack, sushi供應早餐/漢堡/咖啡/果汁/色拉/三明治/小吃/壽司的小店local當地的酒吧popular, trendy受歡迎的/時髦的酒吧favourite/favorite最喜愛的酒吧dive (NAmE) 低級酒吧It was supposed to be a restaurant but seemed more like a dive bar.名義上這是家餐館,不過看起來更像個廉價酒吧。VERB + BARenter, frequent, go to, hang out (informal, especially NAmE) , hit
(informal) , stop at, visit進酒吧;經常光顧酒吧;去酒吧;泡吧;找到酒吧;在酒吧小坐;光顧酒吧He often visits a bar on the way home from work.下班回家的路上他經常到酒吧坐坐。Let's hit the bars!我們去酒吧吧!manage, own, run管理/擁有/經營酒吧BAR + NOUNfood, menu, snacks酒吧食物/菜單/小吃stool酒吧高腳凳manager, owner酒吧經理/老闆staff酒吧員工counter吧台area酒吧區PREPOSITIONin a/the bar在酒吧There were not many people in the bar.酒吧裏人不多。at a/the bar在酒吧We met at a bar called the Anvil.我們是在一家叫“鐵砧”的酒吧遇上的。


2counter櫃枱ADJECTIVE | VERB + BAR | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbreakfast早餐台VERB + BARbe propping up (humorous) 靠着吧台喝酒PREPOSITIONat the bar在酒吧They were chatting at the bar.他們正在酒吧聊天。You can usually find him sitting at the bar.你經常會看到他坐在酒吧裏(喝酒)。behind the bar在吧台後The barmaid stood behind the bar.女服務員站在吧台後面。I didn't recognize the man who was serving behind the bar.我沒有認出站在吧台後面的那個男服務生是誰。


3 (BrE) in music音樂 see also measure VERB + BAR | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + BARhum, play, sing哼幾個小節;彈幾個小節;唱幾個小節She played a few bars on the piano.她在鋼琴上彈了幾個小節。PREPOSITIONin a/the bar在⋯小節中the notes in the first bar第一小節的音符PHRASEStwo, four, etc. beats to the bar每小節兩拍、四拍等


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBeffectively有效地阻止legally法律上阻止permanently永久地阻止PREPOSITIONfrom禁止⋯The curfew has effectively barred migrant workers from their jobs.宵禁實際上使得流動工人無法上班。
bar verb
ban (Certain activities are barred to women.) block3 (bar sb's exit)
bar noun
bar (a wine/coffee bar) lawyer (be called to the Bar) piece (a bar of chocolate/soap)


bar ♦︎ pub ♦︎ inn ♦︎ tavern ♦︎ public house ♦︎ saloon ♦︎ localThese words all mean a building or a part of a building where people can go to drink alcohol and other drinks. 这些词均表示喝酒和其他饮料的地方。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in a bar / pub / tavern / public house / saloonat the pub / the tavern / your locala / the local bar / pub / inn / tavern / public house / saloonto go to a bar / the pub / an inn / a tavern / a public house / the saloonto run a bar / a pub / an inn / a tavern / a public house / saloonto keep an inn / a tavern / a public house bar [countable] a place where you can buy and drink alcoholic and/or other drinks; (in compounds) a place that sells a particular thing or that is for particular people 酒吧;(专售某类产品的)小店,馆,处所We could meet at the theatre and have a drink in the bar.我们可以在剧场见面,再到酒吧喝一杯。It's the island's only licensed bar (= one that is allowed to sell alcoholic drinks).这是岛上唯一有酒类销售许可证的酒吧。a wine / cocktail bar葡萄酒/鸡尾酒酒吧 (BrE) I found David in the bar of the Red Lion (= a room in a pub where drinks are served).我在“红狮”酒吧找到了戴维。 Bar is often used in compounds for a place where a particular kind of food or drink is the main thing that is served. * bar常用于构成复合词,指专售某类饮食的小摊、小馆子a sandwich / snack / coffee bar三明治柜台;快餐部;咖啡馆 pub [countable] (BrE) a building where people go to drink and meet their friends. Pubs serve alcoholic and other drinks, and often also food. 酒吧;酒馆We stopped on the way for a pub lunch.我们中途去了一家酒馆吃午饭。He's the landlord of the local pub.他是当地酒馆的老板。 (informal) He's gone down the pub for a pint.他下酒馆喝啤酒去了。 (informal) to go on a pub crawl (= a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next and drinking at each of them) 挨家挨店喝酒 inn [countable] (BrE) an old pub in the country, especially one where people can or could stay the night (尤指可夜宿的)乡村小酒店The building was a 16th-century coaching inn (= where in the past coaches stopped to rest or change the horses).这栋建筑在16世纪是一个驿站。 Inn is now an old-fashioned term, unless you are talking about the past; however, it is still used in the names of many pubs, hotels and restaurants. * inn是老式用语,如今只有在描述旧时情况才使用,但仍用于许多酒馆、旅馆和饭店的名称中We stopped on the way at a good inn. the Holiday Inn假日酒店 tavern ˈtævən; NAmE ˈtævərn [countable] (old-fashioned or literary) (in the past) a pub in a town or city; sometimes used today in the names of pubs (旧指)酒馆(现在有时用于酒馆的名称中)It is said he was killed in a tavern brawl.据说他死于酒馆的一次斗殴。the Bell Tavern贝尔酒馆 ˌpublic ˈhouse [countable] (BrE, formal) a pub 酒吧;酒馆The company owns over 300 public houses.这家公司拥有三百多间酒吧。 saloon səˈluːn [countable](in the past) a bar in the western US and Canada (旧时美国西部和加拿大的)酒吧,酒馆The cowboy died in a fight in a saloon.这个牛仔在酒馆的一次斗殴中丧生。 local [countable] (BrE, informal) a pub near where you live, especially one you often go to 住处附近的酒吧(尤指常去的)We met for a pie and a pint at his local.我们在他住处附近的酒吧见面,吃点儿馅饼,喝点儿啤酒。

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