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Word family
rage1 /reɪdʒ/ ●●○ noun  
1 ANGRY[countableC, uncountableU] a strong feeling of uncontrollable anger 盛怒,狂怒
 Sobbing with rage, Carol was taken to the hospital.
in a rage
 Sam became quite frightening when he was in a rage.
cry/scream/roar etc of rage
 Just then, she heard Mr Evan’s bellow of rage.
red/dark/purple with rage
 His face was red with rage.
trembling/shaking with rage
 Forester stared at his car, trembling with rage.
seething/incandescent with rage (=as angry as a person can possibly be) 怒不可遏
 Animal rights supporters were incandescent with rage.
 Richens was 17 when he flew into a rage and stabbed another teenager.
2 be all the rage informalFASHIONABLE to be very popular or fashionable 流行,风靡一时
 DiCaprio became all the rage after starring in the film ‘Titanic’.
Examples from the Corpus
3 rage for something FASHIONABLEa situation in which something is very popular or fashionable 某事物的流行
5 the rage for mobile phones
n The rage for cycling has been growing.
shake/tremble with rage
His wife was shaking with rage.
seethe with rage
The injustice of it made Melissa seethe with rage.
cry with rage
I was crying with rage and frustration.
explode with rage (also fly into a rage) (=suddenly become very angry)
She knew her father would explode with rage if he found out.
be in a rage
Moran was in a rage about some tools that had been left out in the rain.
be speechless with rage
Speechless with rage, he hurled the letter in the fire before storming out.
be beside yourself with rage (=be so angry that you cannot control yourself)
They had been publicly humiliated and were beside themselves with rage.
be incandescent with rage formal (=be extremely angry)
The Queen was incandescent with rage.
be white with rage
I could see she was white with rage.
somebody's face is dark/red/purple with rage
His face went purple with rage.
somebody's face is twisted/contorted with rage
Mike's usually calm face was contorted with rage.
a fit of rage
In a fit of rage, he seized the poor man by the shoulders and shouted at him.
a cry/howl/bellow etc of rage
She remembered his cries of rage as he was taken away.
tears of rage
Her eyes were now full of tears of rage.
a jealous rage
He killed his wife in a jealous rage.
a drunken rage
He smashed up his former girlfriend's car in a drunken rage.
a blind/uncontrollable rage (=extreme uncontrolled anger that makes someone violent)
He lashed out in a blind rage.
murderous rage (=anger that makes someone capable of murder)
Captain Black was in a murderous rage.
a towering rage (=extremely angry)
He was in a towering rage.
Examples from the Corpus
rage2 verb  
1 ANGRY[intransitiveI, transitiveT] written to feel very angry about something and show this in the way you behave or speak 发怒;怒斥
rage at/against
 He was sorry he had raged at her earlier.
 ‘How was I to know!’ Jenny raged.
2 CONTINUE/NOT STOP[intransitiveI] if something such as a battle, a disagreement, or a storm rages, it continues with great violence or strong emotions 〔战斗、争论〕激烈进行;〔暴风雨〕肆虐
 Civil war has been raging in the country for years.
 A debate is raging about what form pensions should take.
 Outside, a storm was raging.
rage on
 The battle raged on (=continued).
3 [intransitiveI] if a fire or illness rages, it spreads fast and is hard to control 〔火灾或疾病〕迅速蔓延,快速扩散
 The fire raged for twelve hours and fifteen people died.
 A great cholera epidemic raged across Europe in 1831.
1831 年欧洲各地霍乱肆虐。
4 [intransitiveI] informal to have fun with a group of people in a wild and uncontrolled way 狂欢
 We couldn’t wait to go out and rage.
Examples from the Corpus
-rage /reɪdʒ/ suffix [in nouns]
road-rage/air-rage etc when someone becomes extremely angry and violent while they are driving, on a plane etc 公路/空中等暴怒
 He was attacked in a road-rage incident.
From Longman Business Dictionary
ragerage /reɪdʒ/ noun [countableC, uncountableU]
a feeling of extreme, uncontrollable anger
air rage phone rage
Origin rage1
(1200-1300) Old French Latin rabies anger, wildness, from rabere to be wild with anger


1great anger大怒ADJECTIVE | ... OF RAGE | VERB + RAGE | RAGE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEblind, pure無名怒火;盛怒blinding, boiling, burning, seething, uncontrollable使人喪失理智的憤怒;怒不可遏;怒火中燒;熾烈的怒火;難以抑制的狂怒homicidal, murderous想要殺人的狂怒helpless, impotent無奈的狂怒She was burning with impotent rage.她怒火中燒卻無能為力。pent-up, suppressed抑制的狂怒... OF RAGEbout, burst, fit一陣狂怒;勃然大怒;發脾氣He punched the wall in a fit of rage.盛怒之下他用拳頭猛擊牆壁。VERB + RAGEbe full of, feel, fill sb with義憤填膺;感到憤怒;使某人感到憤怒He was filled with rage.他怒氣沖沖。be beside yourself with, be boiling with, burn with, explode with, fume with, seethe with憤怒得發狂;怒火中燒;大動肝火;大發雷霆;勃然大怒;怒氣沖沖He glared at me, quite beside himself with rage.他瞪着我,怒不可遏。Her eyes were burning with rage.她的眼中充滿怒氣。I was seething with rage.我怒火中燒。be contorted with, contort with氣得變形'How dare you!' she said, her face contorted with rage.“你竟敢這樣!”她說道,臉都氣歪了。shake with, tremble with氣得發抖He was literally shaking with rage.他簡直氣得渾身顫抖。Her voice was trembling with rage.她氣得話音發顫。be red with, be white with氣得臉色發紅/發白express, unleash, vent表達/宣泄/發泄憤怒The people vented their rage on government buildings.人們把怒氣都發泄在政府大樓上了。fuel激起憤怒His answer only seemed to fuel her rage.他的回答似乎只是激起了她更大的憤怒。channel, control, master化解/控制/遏制怒氣He managed to master his rage.他設法壓住了怒火。RAGE + VERBboil, boil over, boil up, burn怒氣沸騰;怒火燃燒Ron felt rage boil up inside him.羅恩感到胸中怒氣沸騰。Her rage boiled over as she burst into tears.她放聲大哭,再也無法控制自己的憤怒。build up, grow憤怒升級She felt the rage building up inside her.她感到胸中怒火越來越盛。consume sb, fill sb怒火吞噬某人;某人怒火滿腔Blind rage consumed him.他被一股無名怒火所吞噬。erupt憤怒爆發His rage suddenly erupted.他勃然大怒。subside怒氣消退His rage was beginning to subside.他的怒氣開始消退。PREPOSITIONwith rage因憤怒She was speechless with rage.她氣得說不出話來。rage at因⋯而憤怒He was boiling with rage at the unfairness of it all.他對這一切的不公平感到怒不可遏。PHRASESa bellow of rage, a cry of rage, a roar of rage, a scream of rage一聲怒吼He gave a roar of rage and punched me in the face.他怒吼一聲,猛地一拳打在我臉上。tears of rage憤怒的淚水


2sudden display of great anger勃然大怒ADJECTIVE | VERB + RAGE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEblind, terrible, towering抑制不住的發怒;怒氣沖天violent暴怒He was prone to violent rages.他動輒大發雷霆。jealous妒火中燒drunken發酒瘋She started hitting him in a drunken rage.她酩酊大醉,怒氣沖天地開始打他。air, road, etc.空中憤怒、公路泄憤等A motorist was assaulted in a road rage attack.一名司機在一起公路泄憤事件中被毆。VERB + RAGEbe in, fly into, get in大發脾氣;勃然大怒If something's too difficult she gets in a rage.如果事情太難,她就會大發脾氣。PREPOSITIONin a rage盛怒之下She killed him in a rage of despair.她在極度絕望之下殺了他。rage about由於⋯而憤怒He was in a towering rage about his lost watch.他因丟了手錶而暴怒不已。rage at對⋯感到憤怒He flew into a rage at the insult.他因遭此侮辱而勃然大怒。rage of⋯的憤怒He left in a rage of humiliation.他羞憤離去。


1show great anger發怒ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBinwardly內心大怒PREPOSITIONabout對⋯大怒She was still raging about the treatment she had received.她仍對自己受到的待遇憤怒不已。against對⋯發怒I raged inwardly against his injustice.我對他的不公正之舉怒火滿腔。at因⋯大怒The team was left raging at the referee's decision.全隊對裁判的裁決感到非常氣憤。


2continue with great force激烈進行ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBon, still激烈進行;依然激烈進行The argument still rages on.辯論仍在激烈地進行着。PREPOSITIONaround圍繞⋯繼續進行Even the dogs were quiet while the heated quarrel raged around them.他們吵得不可開交的時候,連狗都安安靜靜的。through迅猛蔓延⋯Fire raged through the forest.大火在林中迅猛蔓延。within在⋯中激烈進行She tried to control the fury raging within her.她竭力控制內心激盪的怒火。PHRASESrage unabated(風、雨、怒火等)不減弱,不衰退The storm raged unabated.暴風雨繼續肆虐。
rage noun
anger (speechless with rage) temper (storm out in a rage)

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