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IELTS BNC: 135 COCA: 134


Word family
feel1 /fiːl/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tensepst and past participlepp felt /felt/)  
1 feeling/emotion 感觉/情感 [linking verb, transitiveT]FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETC to experience a particular physical feeling or emotion 感受到,觉得,体会到
 Do you still feel hungry?
 You can never tell what he’s feeling.
 Stop exercising if you feel any pain.
feel fine/good/comfortable etc
 I’m feeling a little better today.
 Marie immediately felt guilty.
feel as if/as though
 When his dad left, he felt as though his world had turned upside-down.
 I felt like I’d really achieved something.
2 notice 注意到 [transitiveT not in progressive]NOTICE to notice something that is happening to you, especially something that is touching you 注意到,感受到
 She felt his warm breath on her cheek.
 The earthquake was felt as far south as San Diego.
feel somebody/something do something
 She felt his arms go round her.
feel yourself doing something
 I felt myself blushing.
3 feel smooth/dry etc 觉得光滑/干燥等 [linking verb]FEEL HOT/COLD/TIRED ETC to give you a particular physical feeling, especially when you touch or hold something 感觉是,摸起来,手感是
feel smooth/cold/damp etc
 Her hands felt rough.
 The house felt hot and stuffy.
feel as if/as though
 My leg feels as if it’s broken.
 It’s nice fabric – it feels like velvet.
4 feel good/strange/exciting etc 觉得好/奇怪/兴奋等FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETC [linking verb] if a situation, event etc feels good, strange etc, that is the emotion or feeling that it gives you 给人感觉
 After twenty years, seeing him again felt very strange.
feel ... to be/do something
 It felt wonderful to be wearing clean clothes again.
 How does it feel to be 40?
 It’s been a year since her daughter died, but to her, it still feels like yesterday.
5 have an opinion 有想法 [transitiveT]THINK/HAVE THE OPINION THAT to have a particular opinion, especially one that is based on your feelings, not on facts 以为,认为〔尤指根据感觉而不是事实〕
feel (that)
 Some of the parents felt the school wasn’t doing enough about bullying.
feel about
 How would you feel about working with Nicole for a while?
5 The experience of rape can change how a woman feels about her body.
n What does your partner feel about all this?
feel sure/certain (=think that something is definitely true) 确信
 She felt sure she’d made the right decision.
see thesaurus at think
Using the progressive
Feel is not usually used in the progressive in this meaning. You say:
I feel this is probably the right decision.
Don’t say: I’m feeling this is probably the right decision.
Using the passive
In more formal English, you say it is felt that when saying what many people think:
It was felt that the experiment should be stopped.
6 feel like (doing) something spokenWANT to want to have something or do something 想要做某事
Examples from the Corpus
7 touch [transitiveT]TOUCH to touch something with your fingers to find out about it 触摸
8 feel around/on/in etc something (for something) LOOK FORto search for something with your fingers 〔用手指〕在摸索着(找某物)
Examples from the Corpus
9 feel the force/effects/benefits etc of something KNOW somethingto experience the good or bad results of something 感受到某事物的力量/影响/好处等
Examples from the Corpus
10 feel the need to do something KNOW somethingto believe that you need to do something 觉得需要做某事
Examples from the Corpus
11 feel your way 
Examples from the Corpus
12 feel free spokenYES used to tell someone that they can do something if they want to 尽管做,没问题
Examples from the Corpus
13 I know (just/exactly) how you feel spokenKNOW something used to express sympathy with someone or with a remark they have just made 我(十分)理解你的心情
Examples from the Corpus
14 not feel yourself spokenILL to not feel as healthy or happy as usual 身体不舒服;心情不好
Examples from the Corpus
15 feel your age FEEL HOT/COLD/TIRED ETCto realize that you are not as young or active as you used to be 感到老了
Examples from the Corpus
16 feel the cold/heat FEEL HOT/COLD/TIRED ETCto suffer because of cold or hot weather 怕冷/
Examples from the Corpus
17 feel a death/a loss etc FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETCto react very strongly to a bad event, especially someone’s death 对〔某人的〕死感到悲痛/对损失感到难过等
Examples from the Corpus
nGRAMMAR: Linking verbs
Feel is a linking verb. This type of verb links the subject of the sentence with an adjective or noun:
She felt tired at the end of the day.
I feel such an idiot.
Examples from the Corpus
feel2 ●○○ noun  
1 IDEA[singular] a quality that something has that makes you feel or think a particular way about it 感觉
2 TOUCH[singular] the way that something feels when you touch it 触觉,手感
3 have/get/give a feel for something informalUNDERSTAND to have or develop an understanding of something and skill in doing it 对某事有天赋/培养做某事的技巧
Examples from the Corpus
4 [uncountableU] when you use your hands, body etc to feel something 摸,触摸 SYN touch
Examples from the Corpus
Origin feel1
Old English felan
IELTS BNC: 135 COCA: 134


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBdeeply, strongly深深/強烈感到She felt her mother's death very deeply.她因母親的離世而深感哀慟。really確實感到I really felt bad about what I had done.我真的對自己的所作所為感到難過。keenly切實感到Her loss has been keenly felt.她的離世使我們切切實實感到悲痛。PREPOSITIONabout對⋯感到He feels very strongly about a lot of issues.他對很多問題都感觸很深。for同情I really feel for you in your position.我真的同情你的處境。
IELTS BNC: 135 COCA: 134
feel noun
atmosphere (the feel of a small town) texture (the feel of silk)
feel verb
feel (feel happy/the sun on your back) fumble (feel in your pockets for some money) have3 (feel the effects of sth) seem (It feels strange to be here.) think (I feel strongly that…) touch1 (feel a bump) feel like sth want


feel ♦︎ know ♦︎ sense ♦︎ experience ♦︎ tasteThese words all mean to have and be aware of a particular emotion or physical feeling. 这些词均表示感觉到、体会、体验。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to feel / know / experience / taste joyto feel / know / experience pain / satisfaction / shameto feel / sense / experience a needto feel / experience a / an sense / sensation / emotion / urge / pang / surge / rush / stabto know / experience poverty / hardship / difficultiesto experience / taste success / lifeto have never felt / known / experienced / tasted sthto actually feel / know / sense / experience sthto feel / experience sth suddenly / sometimes / oftento know / experience sth directly / first-hand feel (felt, felt) [intransitive, transitive] to have and be aware of a particular feeling or emotion; to notice or be aware of sth because it is touching you or having a physical effect on you; to become aware of sth even though you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste it 觉得;感到;(通过触觉或直觉)感觉到The heat made him feel faint.炎热让他觉得快要晕倒了。She sounded more confident than she felt.她的语气听起来比她本人的感觉要有信心。How are you feeling today?你今天觉得怎么样?I know exactly how you feel (= I feel sympathy for you).我完全理解你的心情。He felt no remorse at all.他一点也不感到懊悔。I could feel the warm sun on my back.我感受到阳光暖暖地照在背上。She could not feel her legs.她的双腿失去了知觉。He felt a hand on his shoulder.他感到有只手放在他肩上。Can you feel the tension in this room?你感觉得到这房间里的紧张气氛吗?When feel is used to talk about becoming aware of things outside yourself, it is not usually used in the progressive tenses. * feel指感觉到自身以外的事物时,通常不用于进行时I was feeling guilty.我感到歉疚。I was feeling the sun on my back. Are you feeling the tension in this room? see also feeling emotion , feeling sense noun know (knew, known) [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to have personal experience of an emotion or situation 亲身体验;亲身经历She thought she would never know the joy of seeing a child grow up in her care.她原以为她绝不会体验到看着孩子在自己的照料下长大的乐趣。She may be successful now, but she has known what it is like to be poor.她现在算是成功了,但她尝过贫穷的滋味。 sense [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to become aware of sth outside yourself, even though you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste it (凭直觉)感觉到,意识到,察觉出Sensing danger, they started to run.他们感觉到有危险,撒腿就跑。I sensed a note of tension in his voice.我察觉到他的声音里有一丝紧张。Lisa sensed that he did not believe her.莉萨意识到他不相信她。 see also sense sense noun NOTE 辨析 Feel or sense?You usually feel your own feelings and emotions, but sense other people's. * feel通常指感觉到自己的感受和情绪,sense则指感觉到别人的He felt a terrible pain in his chest.他感到胸部一阵剧痛。He sensed a terrible pain in his chest. She sensed the terrible pain he was feeling (= she was aware of it).她意识到他疼痛万分。I feel your pain (= I know how you are suffering and it makes me suffer too).我理解你的痛苦。 experience [transitive] (rather formal) to have and be aware of a particular emotion or physical feeling 感受;体会;体验I have never experienced such pain before.我以前从未感到过如此痛苦。I experienced a moment of panic as I boarded the plane.我登机时感到一阵恐慌。 taste [transitive] (especially written) to have a short experience of sth, especially sth that you want more of 短暂享受到;浅尝;尝到甜头He had tasted freedom only to lose it again.他刚尝到自由的甜头,却又失去了。People typically taste victory, success and freedom. * taste通常跟victory、success和freedom搭配。
IELTS BNC: 135 COCA: 134

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