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BNC: 388 COCA: 361


Word family
win1 /wɪn/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tensepst and past participlepp won /wʌn/, present participle winning)  
1 competition/race 竞争/比赛 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]WIN to be the best or most successful in a competition, game, election etc 〔在竞赛、游戏、选举等中〕获胜,赢 OPP lose
win a race/a game/an election etc
 Who do you think will win the next election?
 He won the Tour de France last year.
win a war/battle
 the young pilots who won the Battle of Britain
 Who’s winning (=who is most successful at this point in the game)?
win at
 I never win at cards.
win by 10 points/70 metres etc
 We won by just one point.
2 prize 奖(品) [transitiveT]GETWIN to get something as a prize for winning in a competition or game 赢得,获得〔奖品等〕
 How does it feel to have won the gold medal?
 She won £160 on the lottery.
win something for somebody
 the man who helped win the Cup for Arsenal
3 get/achieve 取得/获得 [transitiveT]GET to get something that you want because of your efforts or abilities 〔经努力或凭能力〕获得,取得〔某物〕 SYN gain
win somebody’s approval/support/trust etc
 The proposal has won the approval of the city council.
 Kramer has certainly won the respect of his peers.
win somebody’s heart (=make them love you or feel sympathy for you) 赢得某人的心
 The company has won a contract to build a new power plant outside Houston.
win something from somebody
 Davis hopes to win financial backing from a London investment firm.
4 make SB win STH 使某人赢得某物 [transitiveT] if something, usually something that you do, wins you something, you win it or get it because of that thing 〔某事〕让某人赢得
win somebody something
 That performance won Hanks an Oscar.
 That kind of behaviour won’t win you any friends.
5 you win spokenAGREE used to agree to what someone wants after you have tried to persuade them to do something else 算你赢〔用于因说服不了对方而同意对方的要求时〕
 OK, you win – we’ll go to the movies.
Examples from the Corpus
6 you can’t win spokenPROBLEM used to say that there is no satisfactory way of dealing with a particular situation 没法子〔用于表示没有令人满意的方法处理某情况〕
 You can’t win, can you? You either work late and upset your family, or go home early and risk your job.
7. you can’t win them all  (also you win some, you lose some) spokenSYMPATHIZE used to show sympathy when someone has had a disappointing experience 你不可能事事都成功,有得必有失〔用于安慰别人〕
8 win or lose informal no matter whether you win or lose 不管输赢,无论成败
 Win or lose, I love competitive sports.
Examples from the Corpus
9 win the day WINto finally be successful in a discussion or argument 〔在讨论或争论中〕最终获得胜利 SYN triumph
Examples from the Corpus
win the toss at toss2(1), winner, winning
win a race
He should have won that race but he came third.
win a game/match
It’s supposed to be easier to win your home games.
win a competition
The competition was won by a team from Surrey.
win an election
Which party is likely to win the election?
win a battle/war
Who won the battle of Waterloo?
win a victory
The protesters have won one victory already.
Chavez won the election easily.
comfortably (=by a large amount, so that you do not have to worry about winning)
The Celtics won comfortably, with a 22-point lead.
convincingly (=by a large amount)
United won convincingly by three goals to nil.
outright (=clearly and completely)
If one candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, he will win the seat outright.
narrowly (=by only a small amount)
In 1916 he narrowly won re-election.
hands down (=very easily or by a large amount)
Everyone expected Sam to win hands down.
win by 10 points/ten metres etc
We won by 23 points.
a winning streak (=when you win many competitions one after another)
They came here with a four-game winning streak.
win to be the best or most successful in a competition, game, election etc ,获胜
Italy won the World Cup in 2006.
He has a realistic chance of winning the Championship.
come first/be first to win a race or competition 获得第一名
Our team came first.
Jo was first in the race and I was second.
finish in first place (also come in first) to win a race, competition, or election 获得第一,排名第一
The Democratic candidate finished in first place.
I couldn’t believe it when the horse I chose came in first.
triumph written to win a great victory, especially after a long and difficult battle, game etc 获胜,成功〔尤指经过漫长、艰难的战斗、比赛等取得大胜〕
Britain triumphed over its enemies.
In the end, the Yankees triumphed.
come out on top informal to win a game, competition, argument etc 获胜,
United came out on top after a thrilling game.
They did a survey and the Swedish car-maker came out on top.
nIf you try to argue with him, he always comes out on top.
be leading/be in the lead to be winning a game, race, election etc at the moment 领先
The High School team are leading with sixty points.
With only two minutes left to play, we were still in the lead.
be ahead to be doing better than someone else in a game, competition, or election 领先,占优
He’s still fifty seconds ahead of his nearest rival.
A week before the election, they were still ahead in the polls.
nsomeone who wins something
winner the person or thing that wins a race, competition etc
A prize of £500 will be awarded to the winner.
the winning team/player/horse etc the one that wins
The winning team will go through to the grand final in Milan.
champion (also the title holder American EnglishAmE) someone who has won a competition, especially in sport
He became the heavyweight boxing champion.
record-holder someone who has achieved the fastest speed, the longest distance etc in a sport
the world high-jump record-holder
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Sport
win2 ●●● W3 noun [countableC]  
1DSWINa success or victory, especially in sport 〔尤指在体育比赛中的〕胜利,赢 OPP defeat
 We’ve had two wins so far this season.
win over
 In the under-16 event England had their first win over Germany.
see thesaurus at victory
no-win, win-win
a big win (=an important win, or one that you win by a large amount)
This is one of the biggest wins I’ve had.
an easy win
The Australian appeared to be heading for an easy win.
a comfortable win (=one that you win by a large amount, so that you do not have to worry about winning)
Chelsea had a comfortable win against Crystal Palace.
a convincing win especially British EnglishBrE (=a win by a large amount)
Scotland cruised to a convincing win over Ireland.
a five-point/two-goal etc win
The team had a nine-point win over Arizona.
have/score a win
We haven’t had a win for three games.
notch up a win (=achieve a win)
Escude has now notched up three consecutive wins over him.
pull off a win (=win when it is difficult to win)
The side has pulled off two excellent wins in the past couple of weeks.
clinch a win (=finally win after a difficult contest)
He suffered some anxious moments before clinching a 9–6 win over Dennis Taylor last night.
cruise to a win (=win easily)
Arsenal cruised to a win over Chelsea.
Examples from the Corpus
Origin win1
Old English winnan to work, fight
BNC: 388 COCA: 361


ADJECTIVE | VERB + WIN | WIN + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig, comfortable, convincing, decisive, easy, emphatic, handsome, resounding, runaway (BrE) 大勝仗;輕鬆贏得的勝利;令人信服的勝利;決定性的勝利;顯著的勝利;巨大的勝利excellent, fine, great, impressive出色的勝利;漂亮的勝利;大勝;給人留下深刻印象的勝利thrilling令人激動的勝利remarkable, shock, unexpected, upset (NAmE) 非凡的勝利;出人意料的勝利;並不感到高興的勝利famous著名的勝利People still talk about the famous win against Brazil.人們仍然對打敗巴西隊的那次著名勝利津津樂道。last-gasp, narrow最後時刻獲勝;險勝An extra-time penalty gave Barcelona a last-gasp win over Chelsea.加時賽中打進的一粒點球使巴塞羅那隊最後時刻戰勝了切爾西隊。overtime (NAmE) 加時賽的勝利hard-earned, hard-fought來之不易的/艱難的勝利come-from-behind (NAmE) 後來居上的勝利deserved (BrE) 應得的勝利away, home (both BrE) 客場/主場獲勝The team claimed a 6-3 away win over Middlethorpe.該隊在客場以 6 比 3 戰勝米德爾索普隊。back-to-back, consecutive, straight連續的獲勝;一個接一個的勝利The Red Sox opened the season with five straight wins.紅襪隊賽季一開始就連勝 5 場。five-point, two-goal, etc.贏 5 分的勝利、進兩球取勝等cup-final (in football/soccer足球) , final-round, league, play-off, semi-final杯賽決賽/決賽/聯賽/加時賽/半決賽獲勝
Super Bowl, World Series, etc.超級碗、世界系列賽等獲勝Democrat, Labour, etc.民主黨、工黨等獲勝VERB + WINchalk up, claim, clinch, earn, gain, get, have, notch, notch up, post, pull out, record, score取得勝利;獲勝;贏得勝利We've had three successive wins in the National League.我們在全國聯賽中已取得三連勝。Torino notched up a 2-1 win at Lazio.都靈隊以 2 比 1 贏了拉齊奧隊。cruise to, romp to (especially BrE) 輕鬆取勝Woods romped to a 12-shot win in the Open.伍茲在公開賽中以低於標準杆 12 杆的成績輕鬆獲勝。deserve應得勝利give sb讓某人獲勝celebrate慶祝勝利WIN + VERBcome勝利到來His only big win came in the French Open ten years ago.他唯一的一次重大勝利是在 10 年前的法國公開賽上取得的。keep sb, lift sb, put sb, take sb勝利使得某人⋯;勝利把某人提升到⋯;獲勝使某人進入⋯Williams's straight-sets win puts her through to the semi-final.威廉姆斯不失一盤而取勝,進入了半決賽。PREPOSITIONwithout a win沒有勝利They've gone four games without a win.他們參加了 4 場比賽,一場都沒贏。win against, win over擊敗Liverpool gained a thrilling 5-4 win over Glenavon.利物浦隊以 5 比 4 的比分險勝格萊納文隊。


ADVERB | VERB + WIN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBcomfortably, convincingly, decisively, easily, handily, hands down, handsomely, outright輕鬆獲勝;令人信服地取勝;決定性地獲勝;輕而易舉地獲勝;大獲全勝The French team won hands down.法國隊輕鬆獲勝。narrowly險勝She narrowly won the first race.首場比賽她涉險過關。nearly差點兒獲勝duly (BrE) 不出預料獲勝He duly won, but was then sidelined by a leg injury.他不出預料獲得勝利,然而後來因為腿部受傷而退出比賽。unexpectedly出乎意料地獲勝eventually, finally, ultimately最終獲勝;終於取勝VERB + WINdeserve to應該贏We didn't deserve to win-we played very badly.我們不該贏 - 我們打得太差勁了。hope to, want to希望贏;想要贏be expected to, be tipped to, expect to期望獲勝;預測能獲勝;希望贏The actress is tipped to win an Oscar for her performance.這位女演員因表演出色而被認為有望獲得奧斯卡獎。be in a position to, be likely to有能力贏;很可能會贏He entered election day in a strong position to win.他闖入大選日,獲勝的可能性很大。have yet to還未取勝He has yet to win a major tournament.他還沒有在重大錦標賽上取勝過。go on to接着贏得The movie was an instant success and went on to win five Academy Awards.這部電影一上映就獲得成功,接着又榮獲 5 項奧斯卡大獎。be going to將會贏Who do you think is going to win?你認為誰會贏?manage to成功獲勝try and, try to努力贏得You have to try and win every race.你必須努力贏得每場比賽。fail to未能贏得The far right party failed to win a single seat.極右黨派一個席位都沒有得到。help (to), help sb (to)有助於/幫助某人獲得qualities which help win business and motivate staff有助於贏得生意並能激勵員工的素質PREPOSITIONagainst擊敗⋯They stand a good chance of winning against their league rivals.他們有很大的希望擊敗聯賽對手。at在⋯方面獲勝I never win at tennis.我打網球從來沒贏過。by以⋯獲勝She won the race by 25 seconds.她領先 25 秒贏了這場賽跑。PHRASESbe capable of winning (sth)有能力贏(得⋯)There are a lot of teams capable of winning the title.很多隊都有實力奪冠。be confident of winning (sth)有把握贏(得⋯)We're confident of winning the title this year.我們今年有把握奪冠。a chance of winning (sth), a chance to win sth, an opportunity to win sth贏(得⋯)的可能性;贏得⋯的機會the chance to win the trip of a lifetime贏取一次終生難遇的旅遊的機會succeed in winning sth成功地贏得⋯He succeeded in winning their confidence.他成功地贏得了他們的信任。have, know, etc. what it takes to win sth具有、知道等贏得⋯的條件Does he have what it takes to win the Tour?他具有贏得錦標賽的實力嗎?win by a landslide, win in a landslide (NAmE) 取得壓倒性勝利President Reagan won by a landslide.裏根總統以壓倒性多數票獲勝。win or lose不論輸贏
BNC: 388 COCA: 361
win verb
win (Which team won?) gain1 (win support/a contract) win the day win verb
win noun


 See also the entry for defeat 另见defeat条win ♦︎ prevail ♦︎ win out ♦︎ triumph ♦︎ win the day ♦︎ come out on topThese words all mean to be successful against sb or in spite of difficulties. 这些词均表示获胜、战胜。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to win / prevail / win the day against sbto prevail / win out / triumph over sb / sthto win / prevail / win out / triumph in the endto eventually / ultimately win / prevail / triumph / win the day / come out on topto finally win / prevail / win out / triumph / win the day win (winning, won, won) [intransitive, transitive] to be the most successful in a competition, race, election, argument, battle or war 获胜;赢Which team won?哪个队赢了?France won by six goals to two against Denmark.法国队6:2战胜了丹麦队。He always won at cards.他玩纸牌总能赢。He narrowly won (= by a small margin) the seat for Labour.他以微弱多数为工党赢得了席位。I think I won the argument.我认为这场辩论是我赢了。Historians still argue about who really won the war of 1812.历史学家仍在争论究竟是谁赢了1812年的那场战争。OPP lose lose see also win victory noun prevail prɪˈveɪl [intransitive] (formal) (of ideas or opinions) to be accepted, especially after a struggle or argument (想法或观点在争论或辩论后)被接受,压倒Justice will prevail over tyranny.正义必将战胜暴虐。Fortunately, common sense prevailed.幸而理智占了上风。Prevail can also mean to defeat an opponent in sport. * prevail还可以指在运动中战胜对手。 see also prevail defeat ˌwin ˈout

phrasal verb

(winning, won, won) (rather informal) to be successful in spite of difficulties (克服困难)终获成功It remains to be seen whether the archaeologists will win out over the planners in this dispute.在这场争论中考古学家能否胜过城市规划人员,还需拭目以待。Economic efficiency will always win out in the end.最终永远是经济效率说了算。
triumph ˈtraɪʌmf [intransitive] (written) to defeat sb/sth; to be successful, especially in spite of difficulties 打败对手;战胜;成功Italy triumphed 3-0 in the quarter-finals.意大利队在四分之一决赛中3:0获胜。As usual in this kind of movie, good triumphs over evil in the end.像这类影片惯常的情节一样,最终善良战胜了邪恶。 win the ˈday


(winning, won, won) (written, especially journalism 尤用于新闻) to be successful against sb/sth, especially at the end of an argument or difficult situation (尤指争论或困境中最终)得胜,占上风,取得成功Consumer pressure has finally won the day and forced a change in the law.来自消费者的压力最终占了上风,迫使法律条文作出了修改。
come out on ˈtop


(came, come) (rather informal) to be successful against sb in a contest or argument (在竞赛或争论中)获胜,取得成功The older child, stronger and more experienced, is bound to come out on top.那个年纪较大的孩子身体更结实、经验更丰富,肯定能获胜。

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