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Word family
pro·test1 /ˈprəʊtest $ ˈproʊ-/ ●●○ W3 noun  
1 PROTEST[countableC, uncountableU] something that you do to show publicly that you think that something is wrong and unfair, for example taking part in big public meetings, refusing to work, or refusing to buy a company’s products 抗议
protest against
 Students held a protest march against the war.
 Five thousand employees came out on strike in protest at the poor working conditions.
2 PROTEST[countableC] words or actions that show that you do not want someone to do something or that you dislike something very much 反对〔指言辞或行动〕
protest from
 I turned off the TV, despite loud protests from the kids.
without protest
 He accepted his punishment without protest.
 She ignored his protests and walked away.
 The programme caused a storm of protest (=a lot of angry protest).
 The announcement was met with howls of protest.
3 do something under protest PROTESTto do something while making it clear that you do not want to do it 表示不满后勉强做某事
 The bill was eventually paid under protest.
Examples from the Corpus
hold/stage/mount a protest 举行抗议
Opponents of the plan have staged several protests.
lead to/spark (off) protests (=cause them) 导致/引发抗议
The arrests sparked off violent street protests.
norganize a protest
She organized a protest outside the store.
protests erupt (=start suddenly) 爆发抗议
nMassive protests erupted across the country.
a public/popular protest 公开/公众抗议
The announcement led to widespread public protests.
political protest 政治抗议
Lee spent five years in prison for his involvement in political protest.
a peaceful protest 和平抗议
Some 5,000 students and others began a peaceful protest.
a violent/angry protest 强烈抗议
nThree people died yesterday in violent protests against the war.
a mass protest (=one involving a lot of people) 大规模抗议
nThere were mass protests in the capital.
na massive protest
They reacted to the king’s forced abdication with massive public protests.
a student protest 学生抗议
nStudent protests were crushed by police.
a street protest 街头抗议
nThere was a ban on street protests.
nan anti-government protest
Religious leaders continued to lead anti-government protests.
protest + NOUN
a protest group/movement 抗议团体/运动
Students at the heart of the protest movement have called for a general strike.
a protest march 抗议游行
nThey staged a protest march through the city’s streets.
a protest rally (=a large outdoor public meeting to protest about something) 抗议集会
nA protest rally in the capital was attended by about 400 people.
Examples from the Corpus
pro·test2 /prəˈtest $ ˈprə-/ ●●○ verb  
1 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]PROTEST to come together to publicly express disapproval or opposition to something 〔公开〕反对,抗议
protest against/at/about
 Thousands of people blocked the street, protesting against the new legislation.
protest something American EnglishAmE
 Students protested the decision.
2 [intransitiveI, transitiveT] to say that you strongly disagree with or are angry about something because you think it is wrong or unfair 表示异议[不满],反对,抗议
 ‘I don’t see why I should take the blame for this!’ she protested.
protest that
 Clive protested that he hadn’t been given enough time to do everything.
see thesaurus at complain
3 [transitiveT]SAY/STATE to state very firmly that something is true, when other people do not believe you 坚持声称,力言
protest (that)
 Sarah protested that she wasn’t Mick’s girlfriend.
 Years later, he is still protesting his innocence.
protest to do something to show publicly that you disagree with something – used especially when a large group of people do this together
Huge crowds gathered in the capital protesting against the war.
Drivers blocked roads around the capital to protest about the rising cost of fuel.
march to walk in a large group from one place to another in order to protest about something
Hundreds of students marched through the city in protest against the employment laws.
demonstrate to walk or stand somewhere in a large group, in order to protest about something
About 200 people were demonstrating outside the US Embassy.
Environmentalists have been demonstrating against plans to dump waste at sea.
riot to protest by behaving in a violent and uncontrolled way
Hundreds of workers rioted after pay negotiations broke down.
The prisoners were rioting against their appalling conditions.
boycott to protest about the actions of a company, country, or industry by refusing to buy something, or refusing to go to a place or event
They may boycott the next Olympic Games.
Shoppers are boycotting battery-farmed eggs.
hold/stage a sit-in to protest by refusing to leave a place
The students have been staging a sit-in to protest about overcrowding at the polytechnic.
go on a hunger strike (also go on hunger strike British EnglishBrE) to protest by refusing to eat
Maynard went on a hunger strike to protest his innocence.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
protestpro·test1 /ˈprəʊtestˈproʊ-/ noun
1[countableC, uncountableU] an angry complaint that shows you disagree with something, or when you state publicly that you think something is wrong or unfair
The union is making a formal protest to the government about the matter.
protest against/at
Miners staged a two-hour strike in protest against the effects of the economic reforms.
Health workers marched on Nov. 17 in protest at government restrictions on health service expenditure.
2[countableC] an occasion when people meet together in public to express disapproval or opposition to something
17,000 demonstrators took part in a student protest against education loans.
Later this month, protest marches are planned by farmers’ groups.
protester noun [countableC]
More than 2,000 protesters demonstrated outside Parliament today.
3under protest unwillingly, and with the feeling that you have been unfairly treated
I only signed the document under protest.
The tax demand was disputed by the company, and the payments were made under protest.
protestpro·test2 /prəˈtest/ verb
1[intransitiveI] British EnglishBrE to show publicly that you disagree with something you think is wrong or unfair
protest against/at/about
People always protest against new forms of taxation.
2[intransitiveI, transitiveT] American EnglishAmE to say or do something publicly to show that you disagree with something you think is wrong or unfair
protest something
About 40,000 angry Connecticut residents gathered outside the Capitol in Hartford to protest a new income tax.
3[transitiveT] to state very firmly that something is true, especially when other people do not believe you
protest that
The AFL-CIO’s Richard Sawyer protested that thousands of local jobs may be lost to Mexico if the trade agreement is approved.
Origin protest2
(1300-1400) French protester, from Latin protestari, from testari to speak as a witness


ADJECTIVE | ... OF PROTEST | VERB + PROTEST | PROTEST + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEangry, strong, violent憤怒的/強烈的/暴力的抗議non-violent, peaceful非暴力/和平抗議sit-down (BrE) 靜坐抗議mass群體性抗議massive大規模的抗議formal, official正式的抗議popular, public, student公眾的/公開的/學生的抗議anti-government, anti-war, etc.反政府、反戰等抗議political, social政治/社會抗議continuing持續的抗議rooftop, street在屋頂上進行的/街頭抗議a rooftop protest by prison inmates監獄犯人在屋頂上進行的抗議street protests by residents居民發起的街頭抗議widespread廣泛的抗議... OF PROTESTstorm, wave抗議風暴/浪潮The new tax sparked a wave of public protest.新稅引發了公眾的抗議浪潮。VERB + PROTESTorganize, stage組織/發動抗議lead領導抗議lodge, make, register提出抗議;表示抗議The Samoan team lodged a formal protest against the decision.薩摩亞隊針對這項決定提出了正式抗議。The government has made an official protest.政府已經作出了正式抗議。lead to, spark導致/引發抗議ignore無視抗議PROTEST + NOUNgroup, movement抗議組織/運動demonstration, march, meeting, rally抗議示威/遊行/會議/集會strike (especially BrE) 罷工抗議petition (especially BrE) 抗議請願vote抗議投票song抗議歌曲PREPOSITIONin protest表示抗議Prisoners shouted and hurled slates in protest.囚犯們大聲呼喊並投擲石塊表示抗議。under protest不情願地The strikers returned to work, but under protest.罷工人員不情願地返回了工作崗位。without protest沒有抗議The crowd dispersed without protest.人群沒有抗議就散去了。protest about關於⋯的抗議a protest about the new bypass就新的旁道提出的抗議protest against反對⋯There had been a number of public protests against the new tax.曾有過幾次公眾反對新稅收的抗議。protest over抗議⋯a student protest over tuition fees學生就學費一事提出的抗議PHRASESa chorus of protest, a cry of protest, a howl of protest抗議大合唱/呼聲/怒吼The announcement brought cries of protest from the crowd.公告在人群中引發了抗議的呼聲。a letter of protest抗議信in protest at, in protest of (NAmE) 抗議⋯The party boycotted the election in protest at alleged vote rigging.該黨對選舉進行了抵制,以抗議所謂的投票舞弊。Winters quit the company board in protest of Eisner's plans.溫特斯退出了公司董事會,以表示對艾斯納計劃的抗議。


ADVERB | VERB + PROTEST | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBstrongly, vehemently, vigorously強烈抗議formally正式抗議publicly公開抗議loudly大聲抗議mildly溫和抗議weakly軟弱地抗議peacefully和平抗議the right to protest peacefully和平抗議的權利angrily, bitterly, indignantly憤怒地抗議VERB + PROTESTbegin to, try to開始/試圖抗議When he tried to protest, she insisted.他試圖抗議,但她卻堅持這樣做。gather to聚集抗議Crowds gathered to protest about the police violence.人群聚集起來抗議警察的暴力。PREPOSITIONabout, over就⋯進行抗議Many people protested over the tax increase.許多人對增稅提出抗議。against反對⋯的抗議They were protesting against the proposed agreement.他們舉行抗議反對提出的協議。at對⋯提出抗議Many people have protested at the cuts in state benefits.很多人都對削減國家福利提出了抗議。to向⋯抗議We have protested to the government.我們已經向政府提出抗議。PHRASESthe freedom to protest, the right to protest抗議的自由/權利They were exercising their lawful right to protest.他們行使自己合法的抗議權利。
protest noun
demonstration (an anti-war protest) opposition (a storm of protest)
protest verb
Complaints: complaint, protest, grievance...
To complain: complain, mutter, lodge...
To rebel or protest: agitate, black, blacklist...
To give your opinion: express, comment, speak out...

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