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IELTS BNC: 5307 COCA: 5280


Word family
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re·venge1 /rɪˈvendʒ/ ●●○ noun [uncountableU]  
1 REVENGEsomething you do in order to punish someone who has harmed or offended you 报复,报仇
revenge for
 She wanted revenge for the insult.
revenge against/on
 At his wife’s funeral, he vowed revenge against her killer.
in revenge for something
 a bomb attack in revenge for the imprisonment of the terrorists
2 DSthe defeat of someone who has previously defeated you in a sport 雪耻〔指在比赛中战胜曾击败自己的对手〕
revenge for
 The Australians took revenge for their defeat here last time.
 a revenge match
revengeful adjectiveadj
take revenge 报复
He dreamed of taking revenge on his father’s killers.
get (your) revenge 报仇
Louise eventually got her revenge by reporting him to the immigration service.
have your revenge 报仇
One day I’ll have my revenge.
seek revenge 伺机报仇
nThey play two women who seek revenge on their former partners.
want revenge 意图报仇
nYou broke her heart and now she wants revenge.
exact/wreak revenge formal (=take revenge) 复仇
nHe was exacting revenge on society.
vow revenge (=promise to take revenge) 发誓复仇
nHis supporters vowed revenge for his death.
a terrible/awful revenge 恐怖的报复
Caesar returned to Rome to exact a terrible revenge.
revenge + NOUN
a revenge attack 报复性袭击
The camp was burned down, apparently in a revenge attack.
a revenge killing 报复杀人
nHer death was followed by a series of revenge killings.
an act of revenge 报复行为
The men were shot dead in an act of revenge for Khan’s assassination.
revenge is sweet (=said when someone feels good because they have got revenge) 复仇是甜蜜的
It took me a long time, but revenge is sweet.
Examples from the Corpus
revenge2 verb [transitiveT]  
formalREVENGE to punish someone who has done something to harm you or someone else 报仇
revenge yourself on somebody
 The terrorist group is still looking to revenge itself on its attackers.
 The poor murdered girl must be revenged.
Examples from the Corpus
Origin revenge2
(1300-1400) Old French revengier, from avengier; → AVENGE
re·venge1 noun →COLLOCATIONS1revenge2 verb
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IELTS BNC: 5307 COCA: 5280


ADJECTIVE | VERB + REVENGE | REVENGE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEsweet快意的復仇This was sweet revenge for our defeat earlier in the season.本賽季早些時候我們輸給了對手,這次可算是個令人痛快的復仇。Revenge is sweet, so they say.復仇給人帶來快意,他們如是說。VERB + REVENGEseek, want尋求報復;想報復plot策劃報復For ten years he has been plotting his revenge.10 年來他一直在策劃進行報復。vow發誓報復exact, get, have, take, wreak進行報復;施以報復He vowed to take his revenge on the man who had killed his brother.他發誓要報復殺害他哥哥的那個人。REVENGE + NOUNattack, killing報復性襲擊/殺戮fantasy復仇幻想PREPOSITIONin revenge作為報復The attack was in revenge for the deaths of two prisoners.這次襲擊是對兩名囚犯之死的報復。revenge for為⋯報復revenge for the insult因受侮辱而進行報復revenge on對⋯報復She desperately wanted to take revenge on her attacker.她不顧一切地要對襲擊她的人進行報復。PHRASESan act of revenge報復行動The bombing was an act of revenge for the shooting of two young boys.這次轟炸是針對槍殺兩個小男孩而實施的報復行動。a desire for revenge報復的慾望The accusations were driven by a desire for revenge.這些指控是出於報復的動機。
IELTS BNC: 5307 COCA: 5280


revenge ♦︎ retaliation ♦︎ vengeance ♦︎ reprisalThese are all words for sth you do against sb because of sth they have done to you. 这些词均表示报复、报仇。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达报复的程度
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配revenge / retaliation / vengeance / reprisals for sthretaliation / vengeance / reprisals against sbto take revenge / vengeance on sbin revenge / retaliation / vengeance / reprisalin revenge / retaliation / reprisal for sthto take / seek revenge / vengeance / reprisalsto fear retaliation / vengeance / reprisalsto want / vow / swear / exact / wreak revenge / vengeance revenge rɪˈvendʒ [uncountable] something that you do in order to punish sb or make them suffer because they have harmed you or made you suffer 报复;报仇The team wanted to get their revenge for their defeat earlier in the season.这支球队想要为这个赛季早先的失败雪耻。He swore to take revenge on his political enemies.他发誓要报复他的政敌。His death set off a series of revenge killings.他的死引发了一系列报复性的杀戮。 see also retribution punishment retaliation rɪˌtæliˈeɪʃn [uncountable] (rather formal) something that you do against sb in response to sth bad they have done to you 报复The shooting may have been in retaliation for the arrest of the terrorist suspects.枪击事件可能是对逮捕嫌疑恐怖分子进行的报复行动。 see also retaliate fight back vengeance ˈvendʒəns [uncountable] (formal) something violent that you do, such as killing or hurting sb, in order to make sb suffer because of sth harmful they have done to you (杀害、人身伤害等暴力方式的)报复,报仇,复仇Vengeance was swift and brutal.报复行动是迅速而残忍的。He swore vengeance on his child's killer.他发誓要找杀害他孩子的凶手报仇。 see also avenge fight back reprisal rɪˈpraɪzl [countable, uncountable] (written) something violent or aggressive that a military force or political group does to punish the harm that one group of people did to it (军队或政治集团进行的)报复,报复行动They were frightened to talk publicly for fear of reprisals.他们因害怕遭报复而不敢公开谈论。A dozen hostages were shot in reprisal for the killing of an army officer.十二名人质因一名军官被杀害而遭到报复性枪杀。NOTE 辨析 Which word? Revenge is the most general of these words and covers the whole range of actions from wanting to beat sb at a game after they have first beaten you, to killing sb because they have killed sb you love. It is often quite a personal, individual act that you do in response to sth that has been done to you personally. Retaliation and reprisals are often taken by a group such as a military force, against another group, who may not be the actual people responsible for the first crime, but are taken to represent them. * revenge在本组词中含义最宽泛,涵盖所有报复行为,从想在比赛中战胜曾击败自己的对手,到因某人杀害自己所爱之人而将其杀死。它往往是单一的个人行为,针对自己亲身遭遇的事。retaliation和reprisal往往是由一群人,如一支军队,实施的报复。被报复的是另一群人,他们可能并非此前罪行的负责人,但被当作负责人的代表They fear retaliation against US troops and aid workers (= for example, because of sth that the US government has done).他们担心美军和援助人员会遭遇报复。 Vengeance is the most extreme and violent of these actions: it is often personal and can be much more extreme and violent than the original crime to which it is a response. * vengeance是这些行动中最极端和暴力的,常常是个人行动,可能要比所要报复的行为极端和暴力得多。
IELTS BNC: 5307 COCA: 5280
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