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IELTS BNC: 2742 COCA: 3656


Word family
re·place·ment /rɪˈpleɪsmənt/ ●●○ W3 noun  
1 REPLACE[uncountableU] when you get something that is newer or better than the one you had before 更换;替换
 Our old car is badly in need of replacement.
 replacement windows
2. knee/hip/joint replacement an artificial knee etc that replaces a damaged one, given to people in a medical operation 人工膝关节/人工髋骨/人工关节
Examples from the Corpus
3 [countableC]REPLACE someone or something that replaces another person or thing 替换的人[]
replacement for
 It was difficult to find a replacement for Ted.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
replacementre·place·ment /rɪˈpleɪsmənt/ noun
1[countableC] a product, piece of equipment etc that takes the place of the one currently being used
replacement for
The device was designed as a replacement for the standard telephone.
2[countableC]HUMAN RESOURCES someone who takes the place of another person in a job, position etc
replacement for
The company will seek a replacement for its chief finance officer.
3[uncountableU]COMMERCE when a company gives someone a product instead of one that they bought that was damaged or not perfect
the replacement of damaged goods
re·place·ment noun
IELTS BNC: 2742 COCA: 3656


1replacing one thing with another代替ADJECTIVE | VERB + REPLACEMENT | REPLACEMENT + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomplete, full完全取代;全部替換Complete replacement of the roof tiles would be very costly.屋頂的瓦片如果全部替換的話會非常昂貴。partial部份取代direct直接取代The series III gearbox is a direct replacement for a series II.第三代變速箱可以直接取代第二代。gradual逐漸代替eventual最終取代VERB + REPLACEMENTbe in need of, need, require需要更換;需要替代The original furnishings are now in need of replacement.原來的傢具陳設需要更換了。REPLACEMENT + NOUNprogramme/program替換方案cost, value替換費用;替換價值Rare instruments are usually insured for their full replacement value.珍貴的儀器通常都有全額更換保險。equipment替換設備PHRASEShormone replacement therapy (abbreviated to HRT) 激素替代療法


2sb/sth that replaces sb/sth else代替者;代替物ADJECTIVE | VERB + REPLACEMENT | REPLACEMENT + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEpermanent永久替代品temporary暫時替代品immediate直接替代品last-minute, late最後一刻的/新近的接替者She served as a last-minute replacement for the woman originally selected.她在最後時刻替代了最初當選的那名婦女。likely很可能的接替者He is the most likely replacement for the captain.他最有可能成為隊長的接班人。possible, potential可能的/潛在的替代物ideal理想的接替者adequate勝任的替代者appropriate, suitable合適的接替者;適宜的替換品hip, joint, knee髖關節/關節/膝關節置換手術valve瓣膜置換手術meal (especially NAmE) 代餐low-calorie meal replacements低熱量代餐VERB + REPLACEMENTappoint, bring in (sb/sth as), hire任命接替者;請⋯出任替代者;雇請接替者We'll have to see how bad the injury is before deciding whether to bring in a replacement.我們得看看傷勢有多嚴重再決定是否需要換人。name (sb as)指定(某人為)接替者She was named as a possible replacement for the head of sales.她被指定為銷售部經理的可能接班人。choose, select選擇替代品;選擇替代者need需要替代品look for, seek尋找替代者;尋求替代物find找接替者We need to find a replacement for Jan when she goes on maternity leave.簡休產假的時候我們需要找個人接替她。get得到替換物come in as, come on as (both BrE) 作為接替者出場He came on as a replacement for the injured player.他接替受傷的選手上場。have, undergo做置換手術She had a hip replacement six years ago.她 6 年前做了髖關節置換手術。REPLACEMENT + NOUNworker (especially NAmE) 替工part, product, unit替換零件/產品/部件Do you know where I can get the replacement part?你知道我從哪兒能買到替換零件嗎?car, vehicle代用汽車/車輛PREPOSITIONas replacement作為替代品Trams are now often preferred as replacements for buses.現在人們經常乘有軌電車代替公共汽車。replacement by為⋯所替代the president's temporary replacement by the Chief of Staff總參謀長暫時接替總統的職務replacement for⋯的替代品
IELTS BNC: 2742 COCA: 3656
replacement noun
replacement (We need to find a replacement for Sue.) exchange (The furnishings are in need of replacement.)


replacement ♦︎ substitute ♦︎ reserve ♦︎ surrogate ♦︎ relief ♦︎ understudy ♦︎ stand-in ♦︎ cover ♦︎ proxyThese are all words for a person or thing that you use or have instead of the one you normally use or have. 这些词均表示代替者、代替物。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a replacement / a substitute / a surrogate / an understudy / a stand-in / cover / a proxy for sb / sth(an) adequate replacement / substitute / stand-in / covera / an good / satisfactory / appropriate / suitable / likely / possible / ideal / poor replacement / substituteto act as a replacement / a substitute / surrogate / understudy / stand-in / proxyto get a replacement / a substitute / coverto appoint a replacement / substitute / proxyto go on as / use sth as a replacement / substitute replacement [countable] (often used as an adjective 常用作形容词) a thing that replaces sth, especially because the first thing is old or broken; a person who replaces another person in an organization, especially in their job 替代品,替换物(尤因原先的物品已陈旧或损坏);(尤指工作上的)接替者,替代者a hip replacement人工髋关节replacement windows新换的窗子If your passport is stolen you should apply for a replacement immediately.如果护照被偷,应立即申请更换。We need to find a replacement for Sue.我们需要找一个替代苏的人。 see also replacement exchange substitute [countable] a person or thing that you use or have instead of the one you normally use or have; an extra player who plays in a sports team when one of the other players is injured or not available to play 代替者;代替物;代用品;替补队员a meat / milk substitute肉食/牛奶替代品The book will teach you the theory but there's no substitute for practical experience.本书将教给你理论,但没有任何东西能代替实践经验。The local bus service was a poor substitute for their car.坐当地的公交车比坐他们自己的汽车可差远了。I regarded them as a substitute family.我把他们看作我的亲人。He was brought on as a substitute after half-time.他作为替补队员在下半场上场。In informal language a substitute in sports can be called a sub. 在非正式语言中,substitute表示替补队员时可简称sub。 see also substitution exchange reserve [countable] (especially BrE) a substitute player in a sports team 替补队员;后备队员The team consists of three competitors plus one reserve.运动队包括三名参赛选手和一名替补队员。 The reserves (especially BrE) [plural] are a sports team that plays when the usual one is not available. The reserve [singular] / the reserves [plural] (BrE, NAmE) is an extra military or police force that is not part of a country's regular forces, but is available to be used when needed. 尤其在英式英语中,复数形式的the reserves指替补运动队。单数形式的the reserve或复数形式的the reserves指预备役部队、后备警察队The missile landed on a US army reserve barracks.导弹落在一处美国预备役部队军营。 surrogate ˈsʌrəgət; NAmE ˈsɜːrəgət [countable] (often used as an adjective 常用作形容词) (rather formal) a person or thing that takes the place of, or is used instead of, sb/sth else 替代者;替代物;代用品She saw him as a sort of surrogate father.在她心目中,他仿佛是能替代父亲角色的人。For these people, television is a surrogate for real life.对这些人来说,电视是现实生活的替代品。In everyday English, surrogate is most often used to talk about people who take the place of real parents. However, a surrogate mother is usually a woman who actually gives birth to a baby for another woman who is unable to have babies herself. When surrogate is used to talk about things, it is a more formal way of saying substitute. 在日常英语中,surrogate最常用于表示替代真正父母的人。不过,surrogate mother通常指代孕母亲。当surrogate修饰事物时,它是substitute更正式的说法。 relief [countable + singular or plural verb] (often used as an adjective 常用作形容词) a person or group of people that replaces another when they have finished working for the day or when they are sick 替班者;接替人;换班者The next crew relief comes on duty at 9 o'clock.下一批换班的员工9点钟接班。We have a pool of relief drivers available to us.我们有一些换班的司机可供调用。 understudy ˈʌndəstʌdi; NAmE ˈʌndərstʌdi [countable] an actor who learns the part of another actor in a play so that they can play that part if necessary 候补演员;替角She worked as an understudy to Elaine Page.她担任了伊莲•佩姬的候补演员。 ˈstand-in [countable] (rather informal) a person who does sb's job for a short time when they are not available; a person who replaces an actor in some scenes in a film, especially dangerous ones 代行职务者;(尤指影视中危险动作的)替身演员I acted as Tom's stand-in when he was away.汤姆不在时我替他顶班。Most of the stunts are performed by stand-ins.大部分特技由替身演员完成。 cover [uncountable] the fact of sb doing another person's job when they are away or when there are not enough staff 代替工作;代劳;替补It's the manager's job to organize cover for employees who are absent.安排他人顶替缺席的员工是经理的工作。 proxy [countable, uncountable] (formal or law 法律) a person who has been given the authority to represent sb else 代理人;受托人;代表Your proxy will need to sign the form on your behalf.你的代理人将需要代表你在表格上签字。
IELTS BNC: 2742 COCA: 3656
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