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TOEFL BNC: 891 COCA: 1849


Word family
di·vi·sion /dəˈvɪʒən/ ●●● S3 W1 noun  
1 separating 分开 [countableC, uncountableU]SEPARATE the act of separating something into two or more different parts, or the way these parts are separated or shared 分开,分割
division of something between/among/into something
 the division of words into syllables
 the traditional division of labour (=the way that particular tasks are shared) between husband and wife
2 disagreement 分歧 [countableC, uncountableU]DISAGREE disagreement among the members of a group that makes them form smaller opposing groups 分歧,分裂
division between/within/among something
 Can he heal the deep divisions among Republican ranks?
racial/class/gender etc division
 The old class divisions had begun to break down.
 The Army was plagued by internal divisions.
3. mathematics 数学 [uncountableU]HMN the process of finding out how many times one number is contained in another 除;除法 multiplication, long division
4 part of an organization 某组织的一部分 [countableC]BBC a group that does a particular job within a large organization 〔机构的〕部,部门
 the Computer Services Division
5 military 军事 [countableC]PMA a large military group 师〔军队编制〕
 a tank division
6 sport 体育 [countableC]DS one of the groups of teams that a sports competition is divided into, often based on the number of games they have won 〔体育比赛中常按成绩划分的〕级
the Premier/First/Second/Third/Fourth Division
 a second-division club
7 in parliament 议会中 [countableC]PGP a process in which members of the British parliament vote for something by dividing into groups 〔英国议会议员进行的〕分组表决
 MPs forced a division on the bill.
 Some members supported the opposition in the division lobbies (=the rooms where the vote takes place).
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
divisiondi·vi·sion /dəˈvɪʒən/ noun [countableC]ORGANIZATIONS
one of the large parts into which a large organization or company is divided
Each division has its own editorial, production, and marketing sales staff.
Thomson acquired the TV manufacturing division of America’s General Electric.
Origin division
(1300-1400) Old French Latin divisio, from dividere; → DIVIDE1
di·vi·sion noun
TOEFL BNC: 891 COCA: 1849


1dividing sth into separate parts劃分ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIVISION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear, simple清楚的/簡單的劃分Sometimes there is no simple division between good and evil.有時候不能簡單地劃分善與惡。complex複雜的劃分rigid嚴格的劃分broad, rough大致的劃分;粗略的劃分equal, fair平均/公平分割unequal不均等的分割an unequal division of the cake不平均的蛋糕切分conventional, traditional習慣的/傳統的劃分the traditional division of language into grammar and vocabulary把語言分為語法和詞彙的傳統劃分hierarchical等級劃分hierarchical division between 'workers' and 'management'“工人”和“管理層”之間的等級劃分threefold, three-way, tripartite三分cell細胞分裂nuclear核分裂VERB + DIVISIONmake進行劃分You can make a rough division of his music into 'light' and 'serious'.你可以把他的音樂粗略地分為輕音樂和嚴肅音樂。PREPOSITIONdivision among在⋯中的分配His will detailed his assets and gave instructions for their division among his children.他的遺囑詳述了遺產情況並說明了如何在子女之間分配。division between在⋯之間的分配the division of the money between the members錢款在成員之間的分配division into分成In selling there is a broad division into direct and indirect methods.銷售可大致分為直接銷售和間接銷售。PHRASESthe division of labour/labor分工the division of wealth財富分配


2differences between two groups, things, etc.差異ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIVISION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbitter, deep, great, sharp深刻的分歧;巨大的差異;尖銳的分歧There are sharp divisions within the party over the proposals.對於那些提案黨內存在着尖銳的分歧。fundamental根本的分歧factional, internal派系/內部分歧factional divisions within the party黨內派系分歧north-south南北差異class, cultural, ethnic, gender, ideological, political, racial, sectarian, social階層/文化/民族/性別/意識形態/政治/種族/宗派/社會差異VERB + DIVISIONcause, create, provoke引起差異;產生差異;挑起分歧exploit利用分歧deepen, exacerbate, reinforce加深分歧;激化分歧;強化差異heal彌合裂隙The speech is intended to heal divisions within the party.講話旨在彌合黨內的裂隙。overcome, transcend克服分歧;超越分歧faith and love which transcends every division and prejudice超越一切分歧和偏見的信念與愛PREPOSITIONdivision among在⋯中的分歧There are reports of serious divisions among senior party members.有報道說,資深黨員中存在着嚴重分歧。division between⋯之間的差異division within⋯內的分歧division within the government政府內部分歧


3section of an organization組織的一部份ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIVISION | DIVISION + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEregional地區部門international, multinational國際/跨國部門manufacturing, marketing, news, retail, sales, training, wholesale製作部;營銷部;新聞部;零售部;銷售部;培訓部;批發部administrative行政部門the administrative divisions of the empire帝國的行政機構airborne, armoured/armored, infantry空降師;裝甲師;步兵師VERB + DIVISIONcommand, head, lead, oversee, run指揮某部門;領導某機構;監督某機構;管理某部門establish, form建立/組成機構launch設立機構The company recently launched its publishing division.公司最近新成立了出版部門。deploy (= an army division) 部署某師DIVISION + NOUNchief, commander (= in the army) , director, head, leader, manager, president (especially NAmE) 部門主管;師長;部門總監;部門領導;部門經理;部門總裁headquarters師部PREPOSITIONin the... division在⋯部門She works in the marketing division.她在營銷部任職。


4in sports體育ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIVISION | DIVISION + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfirst, high, junior, low, premier, second, senior, top, etc.甲級、高級別、初級、低級別、超級、乙級、頂級等He's now playing in the higher divisions.他現在參加較高級別的比賽。heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight, etc.(= in boxing, etc.) 重量級、輕量級、中量級等VERB + DIVISIONclinch, win (both NAmE) 贏得某級別的勝利The Ravens finished 10-6 and won the division.烏鴉隊以 10 比 6 取得所在組的勝利。dominate在某級別中佔主導地位DIVISION + NOUNchampionship, crown, title級別冠軍/桂冠/第一名The team won its tenth consecutive division title.該隊連續第 10 次贏得了所在級別的冠軍。competition, game, series (all NAmE) 同級別的競賽/比賽/系列賽champ (informal) , champion, winner級別冠軍;級別勝者
rivals級別對手lead (NAmE) 在某級別中處於領先地位The team have a three game division lead.該隊以 3 個勝場的優勢在它所處級別中領先。PREPOSITIONin the... division在⋯級別中They compete in the senior division of the chess league.他們參加國際象棋聯賽高級組比賽。


5dividing one number by another除法ADJECTIVE | VERB + DIVISION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVElong長除法VERB + DIVISIONdo做除法運算Can you do long division?你會做長除法運算嗎?PREPOSITIONdivision by被⋯除division by three用 3 除
TOEFL BNC: 891 COCA: 1849
division noun
division1 (a clear division between things) division2 (a political division between people) department (the sales division)


a clear division between things 事物间的明显差别a political division between people 人与人之间的政治分歧division ♦︎ separation ♦︎ isolation ♦︎ segregation ♦︎ quarantine ♦︎ split ♦︎ partition ♦︎ dissolutionThese are all words for the act or result of dividing things or people. 这些词均表示分离、分隔、隔开。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配division / separation / isolation / segregation from sb / sth(a) division / separation / segregation / split between sth and sth else(a) division / separation / segregation / split into parts(a) division / isolation / segregation within sthstrict division / separation / isolation / segregation / quarantine(a) clear division / separation / splitcomplete separation / isolation / segregation division [uncountable, singular] the act or result of dividing, or of dividing sth into separate parts 分开;分隔;分配The organism begins as a single cell and grows by cell division.这种生物始于单细胞,并通过细胞分裂而生长。We need to ensure a fair division of time and resources.我们需要确保时间和资源的合理分配。In many traditional societies, the division of labour between the sexes is strict.在许多传统社会里,男女分工非常严格。 see also divide share verb separation [uncountable, singular] the act of separating people or things; the state of being separate 分开;分割;分离Many years passed before the state's eventual separation from the federation.过了许多年那个州才最终脱离了联邦。He argued for the need for a clear separation between Church and State.他据理力争政教彻底分离的必要性。 see also separate separate verb 1 2 , separate disperse isolation ˌaɪsəˈleɪʃn [uncountable] complete separation from other people, groups or things 隔离;孤立The country has been threatened with complete isolation from the international community unless the atrocities stop.这个国家已经受到了完全被国际社会孤立的威胁,除非其暴行得以遏止。He lives in splendid isolation (= far from, or in a superior position to, everyone else).他过着超然不群的生活。 see also isolate isolate NOTE 辨析 Separation or isolation? Separation is the more general of these words. Isolation is used when discussing a country or its politics: collocates include diplomatic, geographical, political and international. This kind of isolation is usually seen as a bad thing; separation (for example between Church and State or between the executive and the judiciary in government) is often seen as a good thing. Isolation is also used in the context of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. 这两个词中separation较为宽泛;isolation用来谈论国家或政治,搭配词包括diplomatic、geographical、political和international。isolation用于此义时通常被看作是坏事;separation between Church and State(政教分离)或separation between the executive and the judiciary(行政与司法分离)等则常被看作是好事。isolation也指隔离以防传染病扩散an isolation hospital / ward隔离医院/病房 segregation ˌsegrɪˈgeɪʃn [uncountable] the act or policy of separating people of different races, religions or sexes and treating them differently 隔离政策;(对不同种族、宗教或性别的人采取的)隔离并区别对待The social structure was based on the policy of racial segregation.这种社会结构是依照种族隔离政策建立的。Segregation by sex and age is relatively common in these societies.按照性别和年龄而实施隔离的做法在这些社会中是比较常见的。In formal language segregation can also be the act of separating people or things from a larger group. 在正式语言中,segregation也可指把人或事物从较大的群体中分离出来的做法the segregation of smokers and non-smokers in restaurants把餐馆中的吸烟者与非吸烟者分隔开的做法 see also segregate isolate , discrimination , apartheid discrimination quarantine ˈkwɒrəntiːn; NAmE ˈkwɔːrəntiːn, ˈkwɑːrəntiːn [uncountable] a period of time when an animal or person that has or may have a disease is kept away from others in order to prevent the disease from spreading (为防止疾病传染而实施的)隔离期,检疫期The dog was kept in quarantine for six months.这只狗被检疫隔离了六个月。Quarantine regulations have been introduced.检疫的规定已经实施。 see also quarantine isolate split [singular] (rather informal) a division between two or more things; one of the parts that sth is divided into 划分;分割;份额He demanded a 50-50 split in the profits.他要求利润对半分。 see also split share verb partition pɑːˈtɪʃn; NAmE pɑːrˈtɪʃn [uncountable] the division of one country into two or more countries 分割(国家);分治;瓜分The effects of the partition of Germany can still be seen today.对德国的分割所造成的影响如今依然可见。 see also partition separate verb 2 dissolution ˌdɪsəˈluːʃn [uncountable] (rather formal) the act of breaking up an organization, institution or other group 解体;瓦解;分裂The company was set up following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.这家公司是在苏联解体之后成立的。division2


a clear division between things 事物间的明显差别a political division between people 人与人之间的政治分歧division ♦︎ split ♦︎ rift ♦︎ alienation ♦︎ schism ♦︎ distance ♦︎ disunity ♦︎ estrangementThese are all words for disagreements or differences between people or groups of people. 这些词均表示人与人之间的分歧或差异。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配division / a split / a rift / a schism / distance / disunity / estrangement between people or groupsdivision / disunity among people or groupsdivision / a split / a rift / a schism / disunity within a groupa split / rift with sba split / alienation / distance / estrangement from sb(a / an) deep / serious / internal / ideological division / split / rift(a) growing division / split / rift / alienation / distance / estrangement(a) political division / split / rift / alienation / disunityto cause / lead to divisions / a split / a rift / alienation / a schismto create divisions / a rift / a distanceto heal divisions / a split / a rift division [countable, uncountable] a disagreement or difference in opinion or way of life, especially between members of a society or organization (尤指社会或组织成员之间的)分歧,不和,差异We need to work together to heal the divisions within society.我们需要共同努力来弥合社会内部的分歧。The party was weakened by division between various factions.该政党因不同派系之间的分歧而被削弱。 split [countable] (rather informal) a disagreement that divides a group of people or makes sb separate from sb else, usually permanently (通常指永久性的)分歧,分裂,分离A damaging split within the party leadership has occurred.该党的领导层内部已经出现了破坏性的分歧。He found it difficult to cope in the years following his bitter split with his wife.在与妻子痛苦分手后的那些年他觉得很艰难。 rift [countable] a disagreement that divides people or makes sb separate from sb else, not always permanently (未必永久性的)分歧,分裂,分离The rift within the party deepens.该党内部的分歧加深了。Efforts to heal the rift between the two countries have failed.弥合两国间分歧的各种努力都已失败。NOTE 辨析 Split or rift?A rift is a serious disagreement that often leads to a split, when two people or groups, or the members of a group actually separate. A rift is more likely to be healed than a split. * rift所指的分歧十分严重,常会导致两个人、两个群体或群体成员分道扬镳(split)。rift比split更有可能被弥合(heal)。 alienation ˌeɪliəˈneɪʃn [uncountable] a situation in which sb becomes less friendly or sympathetic towards you; a situation in which sb feels that they do not belong in a particular group 疏远;不友好;(与某群体)格格不入The new policy resulted in the alienation of many voters.新政策导致许多选民疏远了。Many immigrants suffer from a feeling of alienation.许多移民因感到不能融入当地社会而苦恼。 schism ˈskɪzəm, ˈsɪzəm [countable, uncountable] (formal) a split within an organization, especially a religious one, that makes its members divide into separate groups 分裂;宗派活动;(尤指)教会分裂The disagreement eventually led to a schism within the Church.这一分歧最终导致了教会内部的分裂。By 1914 the party was dangerously close to schism.到1914年,该党已濒临分裂的危险境地。 distance [uncountable, countable] a situation in which there is a lack of friendly feelings or of a close relationship between two people or groups of people 冷淡;疏远He worried about the increasing distance between his children and himself.他对自己与子女之间关系的日益疏远感到担忧。The coldness and distance in her voice took me by surprise.她话语中透出的冷淡和疏远使我感到意外。 see also distant cold 2 disunity dɪsˈjuːnəti [uncountable] (formal) a lack of agreement between people 不统一;不团结;不和Disunity among opposition groups will prevent real change from happening.各反对党之间的不和将妨碍推行真正的变革措施。 OPP unity agreement 2 estrangement ɪˈstreɪndʒmənt [uncountable, countable] (formal) the situation of being estranged (= no longer living with, friendly with or involved with sb/sth that used to be important to you) 疏远;分居(期)A period of estrangement from his wife had left him feeling isolated and alone.与妻子分居的生活使他感到孤独和寂寞。The misunderstanding had caused a seven-year estrangement between them.那场误会使他们有七年时间不相往来。 see also estranged single
TOEFL BNC: 891 COCA: 1849

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