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IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380


Word family
Related topics: Measurement
foot1 /fʊt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun (plural feet /fiːt/) [countableC]  
1 body part 身体部位HBA the part of your body that you stand on and walk on 脚,足
 My foot hurts.
 I had blisters on the soles of my feet.
 I dropped a glass earlier, so don’t walk around in bare feet.
 The vet examined the horse’s hind feet.
 Don’t wipe your feet on the carpet!
 She stood on the platform, her suitcase at her feet.
2 measurement 尺寸 (plural feet or foot) (written abbreviation ft)TM a unit for measuring length, equal to 12 inches or about 30 centimetres 英尺
 He’s six feet tall, with blonde hair.
 Mark was standing just a few feet away from me.
 I’d say she’s about five foot three (=five feet and three inches).
a one-/two-/three- etc foot something
 a four-foot wall
square feet/cubic feet
 15,000 square feet of office space
3 BOTTOM PART 底部the foot of something BOTTOMthe lowest or bottom part of something 某物的底部,某物的下端
the foot of the stairs/ladder etc
 He walked to the foot of the stairs.
the foot of a mountain/cliff etc
 a small cottage at the foot of the hill
at the foot of something
 a large wooden trunk at the foot of his bed
 The date is shown at the foot of the page.
Examples from the Corpus
4 on foot WALKif you go somewhere on foot, you walk there 步行
 It takes about 30 minutes on foot, or 10 minutes by car.
Don’t say: by foot
Examples from the Corpus
5 get/jump/rise etc to your feet STANDto stand up after you have been sitting 直起身来/跳起来/站起身来等
 He leapt to his feet and ran outside.
Examples from the Corpus
6 on your feet 
a) STANDto be standing for a long time without having time to sit down 〔长时间〕站立着
 The worst thing about working in the shop is that you’re on your feet all day.
dead on your feet at dead1(8)
b) STANDto be standing up 站起来
 As soon as the bell rang the class were on their feet and out of the door.
c) to feel better again after being ill and in bed 〔生病卧床后〕恢复健康
 We’ll soon have you on your feet again.
Examples from the Corpus
7 be/get back on your feet to have enough money again, or to be successful again after having problems 重新富有;东山再起
Examples from the Corpus
8 off your feet sitting or lying down, rather than standing or walking 坐着;躺着
Examples from the Corpus
9 knock/lift etc somebody off their feet to make someone fall over 撞倒某人/使某人双脚离地
10 be rushed/run off your feet BUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DOto be very busy 非常忙碌,忙得脚不沾地
Examples from the Corpus
11 set foot in something ENTERto go to or enter a place 进入某处,踏进某处
Examples from the Corpus
12 be/get under your feet ANNOYto annoy you by always being in the same place as you and preventing you from doing what you want 在身边纠缠,妨碍
Examples from the Corpus
13 put your foot down 
Examples from the Corpus
14. put your feet up informalREST to relax, especially by sitting with your feet supported on something 搁起脚休息
Examples from the Corpus
15 put your foot in it especially British EnglishBrE, put your foot in your mouth especially American EnglishMISTAKE to say something without thinking carefully, so that you embarrass or upset someone 失言,讲错话,〔因说话随便而〕惹怒人
Examples from the Corpus
16 start/get off on the wrong/right foot START DOING somethingto start a relationship badly or well 开始时关系不好/
17. not put a foot wrong British EnglishBrECORRECT to do everything right and make no mistakes, especially in your job 〔尤指工作中〕做事正确无误
18 have/keep your feet on the ground SENSIBLEto think in a sensible and practical way and not have ideas or aims that will be impossible to achieve 实事求是,脚踏实地
Examples from the Corpus
19 fall/land on your feet to get into a good situation because you are lucky, especially after being in a difficult situation 逢凶化吉,化险为夷
Examples from the Corpus
20. get/have/keep your foot in the door CHANCE/OPPORTUNITYto get your first opportunity to work in a particular organization or industry 获得机会加入〔某机构〕,得以首次涉足〔某行业〕
21. have a foot in both camps BOTHto be involved with or connected with two opposing groups of people 脚踏两只船,骑墙
22 at your feet used to say that people admire or respect someone very much 令某人/某事物拜倒在某人脚下
Examples from the Corpus
23. have two left feet informalCLUMSY to be very clumsy 笨拙,笨手笨脚
24. have one foot in the grave OLD/NOT NEWILLto be very old or very ill – used humorously 〔老得或病得〕一只脚已踏进坟墓,离死不远〔幽默用法〕
Examples from the Corpus
25 ... my foot! British EnglishBrE old-fashionedBELIEVE used to show that you do not believe something that someone has just said 算了吧,去你的,得了〔表示不相信对方的话〕
26 leave feet first DIEto die before you leave a place or job – used humorously 还没离开[离职]就没命了〔幽默用法〕
27. feet of clay FAULT/something WRONGsomeone that you admire who has feet of clay has faults and weaknesses that you did not realize they had 〔偶像的〕不为人知的弱点,内在缺点
Examples from the Corpus
28. foot soldier/patrol PMAa soldier or group of soldiers that walks and does not use a horse or a vehicle 步兵/步兵巡逻队
Examples from the Corpus
29. foot passenger a passenger on a ship who has not brought a car with them 〔渡轮上的〕步行旅客,无车旅客
Examples from the Corpus
31. foot pedal/brake/pump etc Ta machine or control that you operate using your feet 踏板/脚刹车/脚踏泵等
Examples from the Corpus
32. SOCKthe foot DCCthe part of a sock that covers your foot 袜底
33. poetry technicalAL a part of a line of poetry in which there is one strong beat and one or two weaker ones 音步
the boot is on the other foot at boot1(6), → get/have cold feet at cold1(6), → underfoot, → drag your feet/heels at drag1(8), → find your feet at find1(18), → from head to foot at head1(1), → stand on your own (two) feet at stand1(31), → sweep somebody off their feet at sweep1(14), → have itchy feet at itchy(3), → not let the grass grow under your feet at grass1(6), → vote with your feet at vote1(8)
left foot
My left foot ached a bit.
right foot
He has broken a bone in his right foot.
front foot (=of an animal)
The tiger has five claws in each of its front feet.
back/hind foot (=of an animal)
The horse lifted its back foot.
He had small neat feet.
bare (=without any socks or shoes)
The marble floor felt cold under his bare feet.
flat (=having a medical condition in which someone’s feet rest flat on the ground, with no curved part)
We’ve both got slightly flat feet.
booted/sandalled feet (=wearing boots or sandals)
He put down his rucksack and stretched out his booted feet.
injure/hurt your foot
Simon injured his foot while playing rugby.
somebody’s foot hurts
She complained that her foot was hurting.
raise/lift your feet
He raised his foot off the floor and rested it on a chair.
drag your feet (=walk slowly in an unwilling way)
I was dragging my feet because I didn’t want to get there.
wipe your feet (=wipe your shoes on a mat to remove dirt)
Be sure to wipe your feet before coming into the house.
stamp your feet (=bang them noisily on the ground)
He stamped his feet in an attempt to keep warm.
tap your feet (=bang them gently on the ground)
She was tapping her feet in time with the music.
shuffle your feet (=make small movements with them, because you are nervous or impatient)
Ken shuffled his feet and looked down at the floor.
foot + NOUN
a foot injury
He suffered a foot injury during the match against Sporting Lisbon.
a foot massage
Would you like a foot massage?
the sole of your foot (=the base of your foot, that you walk on)
The soles of her feet were aching from the long walk.
the ball of your foot (=the rounded part of your foot at the base of the toes)
He has a blister on the ball of his foot.
the heel of your foot (=the curved back part of your foot )
He kicked his opponent with the heel of his foot.
at somebody’s feet (=on the ground, near your feet)
The dog was sitting at his master’s feet.
in your stockinged/stocking feet (=not wearing shoes)
She stood 5ft 6 inches tall in her stockinged feet.
my feet are killing me informal (=my feet are hurting)
Examples from the Corpus
foot2 verb  
foot the bill PAY FORto pay for something, especially something expensive that you do not want to pay for 付账〔尤指不情愿地为昂贵的东西付钱〕
 He ordered drinks and then left me to foot the bill!
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
footfoot1 /fʊt/ noun (plural feet /fiːt/)
1[countableC] ft a unit for measuring length, equal to 12 inches or 30.48 centimetres
2[singular] the lowest part of something
the foot of a page
footfoot2 verb
foot the bill to pay for something, especially something expensive that you do not want to pay for
Many customers had to foot the bill for installing the new water meters.
Who is going to foot the repair bill?
Origin foot1
Old English fot
IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380


1part of the body身體部位ADJECTIVE | VERB + FOOT | FOOT + VERB | FOOT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEleft, right左腳;右腳back, front後腳;前腳He shifted his weight onto his back foot.他把重心轉移到後腳上。dainty, little, small, tiny秀氣的腳;小腳big, enormous大腳;巨足narrow, wide窄腳;寬腳flat(扁)平足He was excused military service because of his flat feet.他因為扁平足而免服兵役。bare赤足It's dangerous to walk on the beach in / with bare feet.赤腳在沙灘上走是很危險的。blistered, swollen起了水皰的腳;腫脹的腳broken摔斷的腳dirty, smelly髒腳;臭腳booted, stockinged穿了靴子的腳;穿了長襪的腳the rumble of many booted feet on the bridge許多穿靴子的腳踏在橋上發出的震響聲He padded across the room in his stockinged feet (= wearing socks but no shoes).他只穿着襪子輕輕走過房間。webbed長着蹼的腳Ducks' webbed feet help them to swim.鴨子的蹼足有助於游水。silent腳步輕輕He slipped across the corridor on silent feet.他腳步輕輕地穿過走廊。quick步伐迅速a player with quick feet and a great turn of pace一位步子迅速、善於變換節奏的選手leaden沉重的腳步He walked to the examination room with leaden feet.他步履沉重地走進考試室。winged (often figurative) 步履飛快She flew on winged feet (= ran fast) up the narrow stairway.她飛快地爬上狹窄的樓梯。VERB + FOOTget to, jump to, leap to, rise to, scramble to站起來;跳起來;突然站起來;爬起來He got shakily to his feet.他顫抖着站起來。be on站着I've been on my feet all day and I need to sit down for a rest.我已經站了一整天,需要坐下來休息一會了。place, plant, put站穩;放腳I planted my feet firmly on the chair and reached up to the top window.我穩穩地站在椅子上伸手去夠頂窗。She put her foot down on the accelerator and the car lurched forward.她踩了一腳油門,車歪歪斜斜地往前開去。lift, raise抬腳He raised his foot off the brake.他鬆開了剎車。stamp, stomp跺腳tap輕輕跺腳She was tapping her foot impatiently.她不耐煩地輕輕跺着腳。swing擺動腳He swung a foot at the ball but missed completely.他一腳向球踢去,卻踢了個空。kick踢腳shuffle拖着腳走drag拖着腳She dragged her feet as she reluctantly followed her parents.她不情願地跟在父母後面慢吞吞地走。wipe擦腳Wipe your feet when you come in from the street.從街上回來進門時要在擦鞋墊上蹭蹭腳。tread on (especially BrE) 踩腳That man trod on my foot and he didn't even apologize.那個人踩了我的腳,連對不起都沒說一聲。FOOT + VERBcatch腳絆到⋯His foot caught in the cable and he fell under the train.他腳絆到電纜,摔倒在火車下面。slip腳滑My foot slipped as I was about to shoot and I missed the ball.正當我要射門時,腳底一滑,未能踢到球。crunch, pound, shuffle腳步發出嘎吱嘎吱聲;腳步發出嗵嗵聲;拖着腳走I heard feet crunching over the gravel outside the house.我聽到屋外的砂石路上傳來嘎吱嘎吱的腳步聲。dangle腳懸着I sat by the river with my feet dangling in the water.我坐在河邊,雙腳垂在水中。kick用腳踢They carried him out of the room with his feet kicking.他們把一個勁兒踢蹬着腳的他抬出房間。sink腳往下陷My feet sank deep into the mud.我的腳深深地陷入泥裏。hit sth, touch sth腳踢中⋯/觸到⋯He shivered as his feet touched the cold floor.腳接觸到冰冷的地板時他不由得顫抖起來。FOOT + NOUNmassage腳部按摩injury腳傷passenger, soldier步行的乘客;步兵Foot passengers were allowed to leave the ferry before the vehicles.步行的乘客可以先於車輛離開渡船。traffic步行人流patrol步行巡邏soldiers on foot patrol步行巡邏的士兵pedal腳踏板PREPOSITIONbeneath your foot, under your foot在腳下The snow crunched beneath her feet.雪在她腳下嘎吱作響。from foot to foot雙腳換來換去They looked unsure and shifted uneasily from foot to foot.他們看上去沒有把握,在那兒不安地將雙腳換來換去。on foot步行The city is best explored on foot.探索這個城市最好的方法是步行。in the/your foot在腳裏He's broken several bones in his left foot.他左腳斷了幾根骨頭。with the/your foot用腳She kicked the ball with her right foot.她用右腳把球踢出去。PHRASESthe ball of the/your foot拇趾球I squatted down to speak to the boy, balancing on the balls of my feet.我蹲下來踮着腳和那個小男孩說話。from head to foot從頭到腳She was dressed from head to foot in green velvet.她從頭到腳都穿着綠色絲絨。put your feet up雙腳擱平He likes to put his feet up and watch TV when he gets home.他回到家裏喜歡把雙腳擱平舒舒服服看電視。set foot in sth, set foot on sth踏進⋯/踏上⋯the first European to set foot in Australia第一個踏上澳大利亞土地的歐洲人the sole of the/your foot腳底The soles of my feet were covered in blisters.我腳底起滿了皰。


2measurement度量標準 note at measure
IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380
foot noun
bottom (the foot of the stairs) set foot in/on sth enter verb put your feet up rest verb be on your feet, get to your feet stand verb1 stand on your own (two) feet take care of yourself verb drag your feet take your time verb
IELTS BNC: 459 COCA: 380
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