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BNC: 1698 COCA: 1292


Word family
Related topics: Nature, Cards
wild1 /waɪld/ ●●● S2 W2 adjectiveadj  
1 plants/animals 植物/动物 [usually before noun]HBNATURAL living in a natural state, not changed or controlled by people 野生的;未经栽培的;未经驯化的 OPP tame
 wild animals
 a field full of wild flowers
wild horse/dog/pig etc 野马/野狗/野猪等
 animals both wild and domesticated
wild mushroom/garlic/rose etc 野蘑菇/野蒜/野玫瑰等
2 land 土地 not used by people for farming, building etc 未开发利用的
 Nepal is stunning, with its wild, untamed landscape.
 the wild and lonely Scottish hills
3 emotions 感情CONTROL feeling or expressing strong uncontrolled emotions, especially anger, happiness, or excitement 感情强烈的〔尤指生气、高兴或激动〕
 wild laughter
wild with
 He was wild with rage.
4 behaviour 行为CRAZY behaving in an uncontrolled, sometimes violent way 野蛮的
 She was completely wild in high school.
 Donny could be wild and crazy.
 There was a wild look about her (=she seemed a little crazy).
5 go wild 
a) EXCITEDto behave in a very excited uncontrolled way 〔行为〕疯狂
 The crowd went wild as soon as the singer stepped onto the stage.
b) to get very angry 狂怒
 When Tony heard how much it was going to cost, he just went wild.
Examples from the Corpus
6 enjoyable 有趣的 informalENJOY/LIKE DOING something very enjoyable and exciting 十分有趣的;令人激动的
 ‘How was the party?’ ‘It was wild!’
7 be wild about something/somebody informalINTERESTED to like something or someone very much 对某物/某人极喜爱;对某物/某人很着迷
 My son’s wild about football.
 I’m not that wild about rap music, to be honest.
8 without careful thought 未经仔细考虑THINK ABOUT done or said without much thought or care, or without knowing all the facts 〔做事或说话〕轻率的,缺乏根据的
 wild accusations
 I’m just making a wild guess here, so correct me if I’m wrong.
9 beyond somebody’s wildest dreams EXPECTbeyond anything that someone imagined or hoped for 超出某人想象的
 an invention that was to change our lives beyond our wildest dreams
Examples from the Corpus
10 not/never in your wildest dreams used to say that you did not expect or imagine that something would happen, especially after it has happened 绝对想象不到地
 Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to win first place.
Examples from the Corpus
11 weather/sea 天气/大海DN violent and strong 猛烈的;狂暴的
12. card games 牌戏DGC a card that is wild can be used to represent any other card in a game 〔纸牌〕百搭的
13 wild horses would/could not ... used to say that someone is determined not to go somewhere, do something etc 任何事情都不能〔表示某人坚决不去某地、不做某事等〕
wildness noun [uncountableU]
wild card, → sow your wild oats at sow1(3)
Examples from the Corpus
wild2 adverbadv  
1 run wild 
2. grow wild if plants grow wild somewhere, they have not been planted by people 〔植物〕自发生长,野生
wild3 noun  
1 in the wild HBNATURALin natural and free conditions, not kept or controlled by people 处于野生状态
Examples from the Corpus
2. the wilds of Africa/Alaska etc FARareas where there are no towns and not many people live 非洲/阿拉斯加州等的偏僻地区
Examples from the Corpus
Origin wild1
Old English wilde
BNC: 1698 COCA: 1292


1animals/plants動物;植物VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, grow, live野生;自然生長The flowers grow wild in the mountains.這些花在山野裏生長。The dogs live wild on the streets.這些狗是野狗。ADVERBtruly真正天然This is truly wild and unspoilt countryside.這是真正天然、未遭破壞的鄉村。


2out of control失控VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSbe, look不安分;看上去難以約束He looked wild and dangerous.他看上去很不安分,十分危險。go, run興奮起來;恣意妄為When the band appeared, the crowd went wild.樂隊出現的時候,人群瘋狂起來。They let their children run wild.他們由着孩子不加約束。drive sb, make sb使某人瘋狂;令某人盛怒It makes me wild (= very angry) to see such waste.看見如此浪費的行為我生氣極了。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常凌亂Her hair was rather wild.她頭髮亂糟糟的。absolutely絕對狂熱a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些失控PREPOSITIONwith由於⋯而瘋狂The crowd was wild with excitement.人群欣喜若狂。PHRASESlet your imagination run wild讓想像自由馳騁I just let my imagination run wild and come up with as many ideas as I can.我只是信馬由繮地去想像,讓腦海裏冒出盡可能多的想法。
BNC: 1698 COCA: 1292
wild adj.
wild1 (wild behaviour) wild2 (wild with excitement)


wild behaviour 放荡不羁的行为wild with excitement 兴奋得发狂wild ♦︎ disruptive ♦︎ unruly ♦︎ disorderly ♦︎ rowdyThese words all describe people, behaviour or feelings that show a lack of control or are difficult to control. 这些词均表示缺乏管教的、难以控制的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配wild / disruptive / unruly / disorderly / rowdy behaviouran unruly / a disorderly / a rowdy crowd wild behaving in a way that lacks discipline or control and is sometimes violent 缺乏管教的;无法无天的There is a wild side to him.他有放荡不羁的一面。He had a wild look in his eyes.他眼神狂野。Those girls have been allowed to run wild (= behave as they like because nobody is controlling them).那些女孩儿因无人管教,肆意妄为。 disruptive dɪsˈrʌptɪv causing problems, noise, etc. so that sth is prevented from continuing or working in the normal way 引起混乱的;扰乱性的She was a disruptive influence on the rest of the class.她搅扰了班上的其他学生。Working such long hours can be extremely disruptive to home life.工作这么长时间会严重扰乱家庭生活。 see also disrupt disrupt , disruption disruption unruly ʌnˈruːli (rather formal) very difficult to control 难以控制的;难以驾驭的The police were attacked by an unruly mob.警察受到无法无天的暴民的袭击。He struggled hard to control his unruly emotions.他极力控制着自己那难以驾驭的情感。 disorderly [usually before noun] (formal) behaving in a noisy or violent way in a public place (在公共场所)闹事的,目无法纪的He has been charged with disorderly conduct.他被指控妨害治安。They were arrested for being drunk and disorderly.他们因酒后滋事被捕。OPP orderly efficient see also disorder trouble 1 rowdy ˈraʊdi (of a group of people) making a lot of noise and likely to cause trouble (一群人)吵闹的,捣乱的Some lads were getting a bit rowdy.几个小伙子变得不太安分。The meeting had been quite rowdy.这个会一直开得闹哄哄的。wild2


wild behaviour 放荡不羁的行为wild with excitement 兴奋得发狂wild ♦︎ frantic ♦︎ furious ♦︎ mad ♦︎ frenziedThese words all describe sth which involves a lot of energy, activity or strong feeling, but in a way that is not organized or controlled. 这些词均表示疯狂的、激烈的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a wild / frantic / furious / mad rusha wild / frantic / frenzied efforta frantic / furious / frenzied attempt / pacefrantic / frenzied activityto go wild / madwild / mad with excitement wild involving very strong feeling in a way that is not controlled 感情炽烈的;疯狂的Nothing could dull the sense of wild excitement that gripped them.他们兴奋得发狂,什么也不能让他们平静下来。His speech was greeted by wild applause.他的讲话赢得了热烈的掌声。The crowd went wild.人群情绪激昂起来。 wildly


She looked wildly around for an escape.她环顾四周,拼命寻找逃路。His heart was beating wildly.他的心狂跳着。
frantic done quickly and with a lot of activity, but in a way that is not organized 紧张忙乱的;手忙脚乱的They began a frantic search for the missing child.他们开始手忙脚乱地寻找走丢的孩子。Things are frantic in the office right now.现在办公室里忙作一团。 frantically


We worked frantically to finish on time.为了能按时完成,我们拼命地工作。
furious ˈfjʊəriəs; NAmE ˈfjʊriəsdone with great energy, speed or anger 激烈的;高速的;盛怒的A furious argument broke out.发生了激烈的争论。Play was fast and furious in the opening minutes of the game.在开始的几分钟内比赛打得紧张激烈。 furiously


They worked furiously all weekend, trying to get it finished on time.他们整个周末都在拼命工作,想方设法按时完成。
mad (rather informal) done without thought or control; wild and excited 不理智的;疯狂的;激动的Only a mad dash got them to the meeting on time.他们一阵狂奔,总算准时到了会场。 (especially BrE) The team won and the fans went mad.这个队赢了,球迷欣喜若狂。In American English it would be more usual to say the fans went wild. 在美式英语中,较常说the fans went wild。 madly


(only used after a verb 只用于动词后) She was rushing around madly trying to put out the fire.她疯了似的跑来跑去,试图把火扑灭。
frenzied ˈfrenzid [usually before noun] involving a lot of activity and/or strong feeling in a way that is not controlled and often violent or frightening 疯狂的;狂暴的He was the subject of a frenzied attack.他受到了疯狂的攻击。
BNC: 1698 COCA: 1292
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