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BNC: 4732 COCA: 4601


Word family
em·bar·rassed /ɪmˈbærəst/ ●●● S2 adjectiveadj  
1 EMBARRASSEDfeeling uncomfortable or nervous and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have made a silly mistake, or because you have to talk or sing in public 难堪的,尴尬的
 Lori gets embarrassed if we ask her to sing.
 He looked embarrassed when I asked him where he’d been.
very/deeply/highly/acutely embarrassed
 Michelle was acutely embarrassed (=very embarrassed) at having to ask for money.
embarrassed smile/laugh/grin etc
 Ken gave her an embarrassed grin.
 There was an embarrassed silence.
embarrassed to do something
 He was embarrassed to admit making a mistake.
embarrassed about/at
 I felt embarrassed about how untidy the house was.
2. financially embarrassed MONEYhaving no money or having debts 拮据的;负债的
terribly/deeply embarrassed (=very embarrassed)
I was deeply embarrassed to see my mother arrive in a very short skirt.
acutely/highly embarrassed (=extremely embarrassed)
The government must be acutely embarrassed by the minister’s behaviour.
slightly/a little embarrassed
Tom looked slightly embarrassed when his name was called out.
somewhat embarrassed (=slightly embarrassed)
His family seemed somewhat embarrassed to be there.
clearly/obviously embarrassed (=in a way that is obvious to other people)
He was clearly embarrassed about what had happened.
feel embarrassed
I felt embarrassed that he had seen me cry.
seem/look/sound embarrassed
The judge seemed embarrassed to be asking her such personal questions.
get/become embarrassed
Sometimes I get embarrassed, and I start to stutter.
an embarrassed silence
There was an embarrassed silence, then Gina laughed loudly.
an embarrassed smile/laugh/grin
Lucy gave an embarrassed smile and looked down at her feet.
embarrassed feeling uncomfortable or nervous and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have made a silly mistake, or because you have to talk or sing in public 难堪的,尴尬的
I was really embarrassed when I arrived at the party an hour early.
There’s no need to be embarrassed – you’ve got a lovely voice.
self-conscious embarrassed about your body or the way you look or talk 〔因顾虑自己的外表或谈吐〕忸怩的,害羞的,不自然的
Paul had always been self-conscious about his big feet.
uncomfortable unable to relax because you are embarrassed and not sure what to say or do 不自在的;不安的
There was a long silence and everyone at the table looked uncomfortable.
awkward /ˈɔːkwəd $ ˈɒːkwərd/ feeling embarrassed because you are in a situation in which it is difficult to behave naturally 紧张的,不自在的
Teenagers often feel awkward in formal social situations.
There were some awkward moments when neither of us knew what to say to each other.
sheepish slightly embarrassed because you know that you have done something silly or because you feel a little guilty 局促不安的,窘迫的,尴尬的
Nigel came in late looking sheepish and apologetic.
red-faced embarrassed or ashamed – used mainly in newspaper reports 尴尬的,羞愧的〔主要用于新闻报道〕
A judge was left red-faced when his mobile phone rang in court.
mortified [not before noun] extremely embarrassed and ashamed because you realize that you have done something very silly or wrong 失面子的;羞愧的;难堪的
He said he was mortified at the way his comments had been reported in the papers.
Examples from the Corpus

See also: embarrass

BNC: 4732 COCA: 4601


1shy/awkward/ashamed害羞;羞愧;慚愧VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, feel, look, seem, sound尷尬;感到窘迫;看上去難為情;好像不好意思;聽起來尷尬become變得尷尬ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常尷尬acutely, deeply, terribly極為尷尬;深感羞愧;特別窘迫almost幾乎不自然a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些尷尬faintly些許尷尬He looked faintly embarrassed.他看上去略顯尷尬。clearly, obviously, visibly明顯不自然;顯而易見地尷尬PREPOSITIONabout因⋯感到難堪She's embarrassed about her height.她因自己的身高感到難堪。at因⋯感到不自在He felt acutely embarrassed at being the focus of attention.成為大家注意的焦點使他感到非常不自在。by因⋯感到尷尬She seemed almost embarrassed by her own outburst.看起來她為沒有控制住自己的情緒幾乎有些難堪。for替⋯感到不自然Amy felt embarrassed for him.埃米替他感到羞愧。


2not having any money沒有錢VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe拮据ADVERBfinancially窮困
BNC: 4732 COCA: 4601


embarrassed ♦︎ uncomfortable ♦︎ awkward ♦︎ self-conscious ♦︎ sheepishThese words all describe a person who feels anxious, ashamed or unable to relax, or sth which makes sb feel like this. 这些词均表示尴尬的、令人难堪的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配embarrassed / uncomfortable / awkward / self-conscious / sheepish about sthan embarrassed / uncomfortable / awkward silencean embarrassed / a self-conscious / a sheepish smileto feel / look embarrassed / uncomfortable / awkward / self-conscious / sheepisha little / a bit embarrassed / uncomfortable / self-conscious / sheepishslightly / somewhat / acutely / highly embarrassed / uncomfortable / self-conscious embarrassed shy, ashamed or unable to relax, especially in a social situation (尤指在社交场合)窘迫的,尴尬的,难堪的She's embarrassed about her height.她因自己的身高感到困窘。He felt embarrassed at being the centre of attention.自己成为众人注目的中心,他感觉很尴尬。Some women are too embarrassed to consult their doctor about the problem.有些女性太害羞,不愿就这个问题向医生咨询。Her remark was followed by an embarrassed silence.她的话讲完后,接下来便是难堪的沉默。 uncomfortable anxious or embarrassed and unable to relax; making you feel like this (令人)焦虑的,尴尬的,不自在的He looked distinctly uncomfortable when the subject was mentioned.提到这个话题,他显然局促不安起来。It was an uncomfortable situation for everyone.对每个人来说,这样的场合都令人不自在。OPP comfortable If you are comfortable in a situation you are confident and not worried or afraid. * comfortable形容在某一场合下充满自信、轻松自在I never feel very comfortable in her presence.在她面前我一向不太自在。 uncomfortably


I became uncomfortably aware that no one else was laughing.我尴尬地发现别人都没有笑。Her comment was uncomfortably close to the truth.她的评论逼近真相,令人很不安。
awkward embarrassed or anxious and unable to relax and behave naturally; making you feel like this (令人)焦虑的,尴尬的,不自在的She is awkward with people she doesn't know.和陌生人相处她感觉不自在。There was an awkward moment when they asked about his wife.他们问及他妻子,那一刻令人尴尬。 awkwardly


'I'm sorry,' he said awkwardly.“对不起。”他局促不安地说。
NOTE 辨析 Embarrassed, uncomfortable or awkward? Embarrassed is used especially to describe how sb feels, especially when they think everyone is looking at them, laughing at them or knows sth too personal about them. Uncomfortable is often used to describe a situation in which people are unsure how to behave, especially because there is a subject that people do not want to mention but do not know how to avoid. Awkward is often used to describe sb's personality or usual behaviour, not just their feelings on a particular occasion. However, in many cases any of these words can be used. * embarrassed尤形容所有人注视着自己、嘲笑自己或了解自己隐私时的尴尬感觉。uncomfortable常形容令人不知所措的场合,尤指面对不愿提及却又无法回避的话题。awkward常形容个性或行为习惯,不限于特殊场合的感受。但在很多情况下这几个词都可以用He felt embarrassed / uncomfortable / awkward about being the centre of attention.成为众人注目的中心,他感到很不自在。an embarrassed / uncomfortable / awkward silence令人尴尬的沉默
ˌself-ˈconscious nervous or embarrassed about your appearance or what other people think of you (因在意自己的外表或他人的看法)局促不安的,难为情的,不自然的He's always been self-conscious about being so short.他老是为自己身材矮小而觉得难为情。She was a shy, self-conscious girl.她是个胆小害羞的女孩。OPP unselfconscious If you are unselfconscious you are not worried about or not aware of what other people think of you. * unselfconscious意为不在意别人看法的、不怯场的、大方自然的。 ˌself-ˈconsciously


She was self-consciously aware of his stare.她意识到他在打量她,感到不自在。
sheepish looking or feeling embarrassed because you have done sth silly or wrong (因做了傻事或错事)窘迫的,难为情的,不好意思的He came into the room looking distinctly sheepish.他走进房间,显得很是窘迫。Mary gave a sheepish grin.玛丽难为情地咧嘴一笑。
BNC: 4732 COCA: 4601
Feeling ashamed or embarrassed: ashamed, embarrassed, guilty...
Making you feel ashamed or embarrassed: embarrassing, humiliating, painful...

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