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Word family
pitch1 /pɪtʃ/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun  
1 sports field 运动场地 [countableC] British EnglishBrEDSDS a marked out area of ground on which a sport is played 场地 SYN field
football/cricket/rugby etc pitch
 the world-famous Wembley football pitch
 He ran the length of the pitch and scored.
on the pitch (=playing a sport) 参加比赛
 Jack was on the pitch for his school in the Senior Cup Final.
2 strong feelings/activity 强烈的感情/活动 [singular, uncountableU]EMOTIONAL a strong level of feeling about something or a high level of an activity or a quality 〔感情或活动的〕激烈,强烈
 The controversy reached such a pitch (=become so strong) that the paper devoted a whole page to it.
a pitch of excitement/excellence/perfection etc (=a high level of excitement etc) 非常激动/极为优秀/十全十美等
 He screamed at her in a pitch of fury.
 The goal roused the crowd to fever pitch (=a very excited level).
3 music 音乐
a) APM[singular, uncountableU] how high or low a note or other sound is 音高
 Ultrasonic waves are at a higher pitch than the human ear can hear.
b) APM[uncountableU] the ability of a musician to play or sing a note at exactly the correct level 音准
 She’s got perfect pitch.
4 persuading 说服 [countableC] informalBBT the things someone says to persuade people to buy something, do something, or accept an idea 叫卖语,广告语;宣传
 an aggressive salesman with a fast-talking sales pitch
make a/somebody’s pitch (for something) (=try to persuade people to do something) (推销宣传 某事物)
 He made his strongest pitch yet for standardized testing in schools.
5 baseball 棒球 [countableC]DSB a throw of the ball, or a way in which it can be thrown 投球
 His first pitch was high and wide.
5 see picture at 见图 baseball
6 black substance 黑色物质 [uncountableU]TI a black sticky substance that is used on roofs, the bottoms of ships etc to stop water coming through 沥青
 The night was as black as pitch (=very dark).
pitch-black, pitch-dark
7 ship/aircraft/ 飞机 [uncountableU]TTATTS an up and down movement of a ship or an aircraft 〔船或飞机的〕颠簸 roll
 the pitch and roll of the ship
8 slope 斜坡 [singular, uncountableU]HORIZONTAL the degree to which a roof slopes or the sloping part of a roof 〔屋顶的〕斜度,坡度;屋顶的倾斜处
 the steep pitch of the roof
9 street/market 街道/市场 [countableC] British EnglishBrEDL a place in a public area where someone goes to sell things or where an entertainer goes to perform 〔街道小商贩的〕摆摊处;〔街头艺人的〕表演场地
 We found the boy at his usual pitch at the bottom of the Acropolis.
queer somebody’s pitch/queer the pitch for somebody at queer3
Examples from the Corpus
pitch2 ●○○ verb  
1 throw,, [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]THROW to throw something with a lot of force, often aiming carefully 〔通常仔细瞄准后〕用力投[扔,抛,掷]
 She crumpled up the page and pitched it into the fire.
see thesaurus at throw
2 pitch.jpg ball games 球类运动
a) [intransitiveI, transitiveT]DSB to aim and throw a ball in baseball 〔棒球中〕投(球)
pitch to
 Stanton pitched to two batters in the ninth inning.
b) [intransitiveI]DSCDSG if a ball pitches in cricket or golf, it hits the ground 〔板球或高尔夫球〕落地,击地
c) [transitiveT]DSG to hit the ball in a high curve in golf 〔高尔夫球中〕把〔球〕击成高球
d) [transitiveT]DSC to make the ball hit the ground when you are bowling in cricket 〔板球中投球手〕使球击地[触地]
4  See picture of 见图 pitch5 see picture at 见图 baseball
3 fall 跌倒 [intransitiveI, transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]FALL to fall or be moved suddenly in a particular direction, or to make someone or something do this (使)跌倒;(使)猛然移动
4. ship/plane/ 飞机 [intransitiveI]TTATTW if a ship or an aircraft pitches, it moves up and down in an uncontrolled way with the movement of the water or air 〔船或飞机〕颠簸 roll2(4), → yaw
5 set a level 确定水平 [transitiveT]
6 aim product 确定产品目标 [transitiveT] to aim a product at a particular type of organization, group of people etc, or to describe it in a particular way, in order to sell it 使〔产品〕针对,面向
7 business deals 交易 [intransitiveI, transitiveT] informalSELL to try to persuade someone to do business with you, buy something etc 竭力推销
8 voice/music 声音/音乐 [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]CSAPM if you pitch your voice or another sound at a particular level, the sound is produced at that level 的音高
9 pitch a tent/pitch camp DLOto set up a tent or a camp for a short time 〔临时〕搭帐篷/扎营
10 slope 斜坡 [intransitiveI always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]HORIZONTAL to slope down 向下倾斜
11 pitch somebody a line American EnglishAmE informalTELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something to tell someone a story or give them an excuse that is difficult to believe 给某人编造荒诞无稽的故事[令人难以相信的借口]
Examples from the Corpus
12pitch in phrasal verbphr v informal 
Examples from the Corpus
13pitch into somebody/something phrasal verbphr v British EnglishBrE informal 
Examples from the Corpus
14pitch up phrasal verbphr v British EnglishBrE spoken ARRIVEto arrive somewhere 到达 SYN turn up
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
pitchpitch1 /pɪtʃ/ noun [countableC]
1 (also sales pitch) informalMARKETING what a sales person says about a product to persuade people to buy it
2MARKETING an attempt by an ADVERTISING AGENCY to persuade a company to use its services to advertise a product
Each agency made its pitch.
3British EnglishBrECOMMERCE a place in a public area where a street trader goes to sell things
pitchpitch2 verb
1[transitiveT]FINANCE to set prices at a particular level
Prices for the new trucks are pitched very competitively.
2[intransitiveI, transitiveT] informalMARKETING to try to make a business agreement, or to sell something in a particular way
sales reps pitching the latest gadgets
The resort is being pitched as a conference venue.
pitch for
The luxury clothing retailer has invited a number of agencies to pitch for its estimated £1.5 million international business.
Origin pitch1
1. (1400-1500) → PITCH2
2. Old English pic, from Latin pix
(1100-1200) Origin unknown


1 (BrE) sports field運動場 see also field ADJECTIVE | VERB + PITCH | PITCH + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEall-weather, grass, synthetic全天候球場;有草坪的球場;人造草皮球場waterlogged泥濘的球場cricket, football, hockey, rugby板球場;足球場;曲棍球場;橄欖球場VERB + PITCHinvade, run onto湧入/跑到球場The pitch was invaded by angry fans.憤怒的球迷湧入球場。PITCH + NOUNinvasion衝入球場Police could do nothing to stop the pitch invasion.警察無力阻止人群衝進球場。PREPOSITIONoff the pitch離開球場The players have just come off the pitch.選手們剛從球場下來。Negotiations about his transfer are continuing off the pitch.關於他轉會的談判仍在球場外繼續進行。on a/the pitch在球場上He was the best player on the pitch today.他是今天場上表現最好的選手。


2strength of feeling情感強度ADJECTIVE | VERB + PITCH | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfever, high (especially BrE) 狂熱;高度興奮Excitement rose to fever pitch the day before the game.比賽的前一天人們興奮到了極點。Excitement rose to a fever pitch the day before the game. (NAmE) 比賽的前一天人們興奮到了極點。VERB + PITCHreach, rise to達到/升到⋯程度PREPOSITIONpitch of⋯的程度to reach a high pitch of excitement達到極其興奮的程度


3of a musical note音符ADJECTIVE | VERB + PITCH | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhigh, low高音;低音correct正確的音高The instrument is not tuned to the correct pitch.樂器的音高沒有調準。VERB + PITCHfall in, rise in音高下降/上升Her voice fell in pitch as she grew older.她的音高隨年齡的增長而下降。change改變音高PHRASEShave perfect pitch (= be able to recognize or produce any given note) 有完全音高感


4talk/proposal宣傳;促銷ADJECTIVE | VERB + PITCH | PITCH + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEsales推銷宣講good, strong有效/大力推銷VERB + PITCHdeliver, do (informal) , give, make發表推銷廣告;進行推銷
a strong pitch delivered by advertising executives廣告主管發表的強有力的推銷言辭Marcelo will be making his pitch to a small number of potential clients.馬塞洛將向少數的潛在客戶進行推銷。PITCH + NOUNmeeting推銷會議PREPOSITIONpitch for推銷宣傳⋯The executives listened open-mouthed as she seamlessly delivered a pitch for their business.她滔滔不絕地推銷業務,讓高管們聽得目瞪口呆。pitch to向⋯推銷Farley was about to make a pitch to a big client.法利即將對一個大客戶進行推銷。His pitch to the business community was based on common sense.他對商界的推銷是以常識為基礎的。


5in baseball棒球ADJECTIVE | VERB + PITCH ADJECTIVEwild暴投VERB + PITCHdeliver, hit, make, throw投球;擊球miss未擊中call(裁判)叫停


1throw sb/move suddenly拋;跌ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBviolently猛烈地拋The explosion pitched her violently into the air.爆炸將她猛烈地拋向空中。The boat pitched violently in a heavy swell.船在洶湧的海浪中劇烈顛簸。forward, headlong向前栽下;一頭栽倒PREPOSITIONfrom從⋯拋出There was a loud bang and he was pitched from his seat.一聲巨響,他被從座位上拋了起來。into扔進⋯裏If they hit any unseen obstacle they would be pitched headlong into the snow.如果撞上任何沒看見的障礙,他們就會被一頭拋進雪裏。out of拋離


2set sth at a particular level確定水平ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBdeliberately故意定位Estimates have been deliberately pitched on the conservative side.有意作了保守的估計。PREPOSITIONat定在⋯水平The test is pitched at a high standard.測試是按照高標準制訂的。PHRASESpitch sth high, pitch sth low把⋯定得高;把⋯定得低The price has been pitched very high.價格定得相當高。Her voice was pitched low.她把聲音放低了。


3in baseball棒球ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBeffectively, well有效地/精彩地投球Perez has pitched effectively this spring.今年春天佩雷斯投球投得很好。poorly投球糟糕PREPOSITIONfor為⋯做投手My dream was to pitch for the Yankees.我的夢想是成為揚基隊的投手。
pitch verb
focus (The new software is being pitched at banks.) throw (pitch a fast ball)
pitch noun
pitch (a football pitch) note (high in pitch)


pitch ♦︎ court ♦︎ stadium ♦︎ arena ♦︎ field ♦︎ ground ♦︎ playing field ♦︎ park ♦︎ ballparkThese words all mean an area of land that is used for playing and watching sports such as football, cricket and baseball. 这些词均表示球场、赛场。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in the stadium / arena / ground / park / ballparkon / off the pitch / court / field / playing fielda sports pitch / stadium / arena / field / grounda football / cricket / rugby pitch / stadium / field / grounda baseball stadium / field / park pitch [countable] (BrE) an area of land specially prepared and marked for playing a sport such as football, rugby or cricket (足球、橄榄球或板球等的)球场,比赛场地The game ended in chaos with fans invading the pitch.球迷冲进赛场,球赛在一片混乱中结束。The rugby tour was a disaster both on and off the pitch (= they lost and there was trouble before / after the games).这次橄榄球巡回赛场内场外都是一场灾难。 court [countable] a place where games such as tennis are played (网球等的)球场a tennis / squash / badminton court网球场;壁球场;羽毛球场He won after only 52 minutes on court.他上场仅52分钟就赢得了比赛。 stadium ˈsteɪdiəm (plural stadiums or stadia) [countable] an enclosed area of land with rows of seats around the sides where people can watch sports and entertainment 体育场;运动场Thousands of football fans packed into the stadium to watch the game.数千足球迷涌进体育场看这场球赛。They're planning to turn the football ground into an all-seater stadium.他们正计划把足球场改建成全坐席体育场。 arena əˈriːnə [countable] a place or hall with a large flat open area in the middle and rows of seats around the sides where people can watch sports and entertainment 圆形体育场;圆形剧场The band is due to play at Wembley arena on the 9th September.这个乐队将于9月9日在温布利体育馆演出。 see also amphitheatre hall 1 NOTE 辨析 Stadium or arena?In many cases you can use either word. A stadium is usually open-air (= without a roof), but some modern stadiums have roofs that can extend over the playing area in bad weather. An arena may be open-air or inside a large building (for example for playing basketball or ice hockey). 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。stadium通常是露天的,但是一些现代体育场有可以覆盖比赛场地的顶棚,用于恶劣天气。arena也许是露天的,也许建在大型建筑物内,如篮球或冰球场地。 field [countable] (especially in compounds or fixed phrases 尤用于构成复合词或固定短语) an area of land used for playing a sport such as football, rugby, cricket or baseball (足球、橄榄球、板球或棒球的)场地Today they take the field (= play) against county champions Essex.今天他们上场和郡冠军队埃塞克斯队比赛。Players are only reselected if they retain their form on the field (= when playing).只有在场上保持良好状态的选手才能再次入选。 ground [countable] (BrE) (often in compounds 常用于构成复合词) an area of land that is used for a particular sport or activity (特定运动或活动的)场地The council is spending £30 000 on new equipment for the recreation ground.政务委员会要花3万英镑为公共娱乐场地购置新设施。NOTE 辨析 Pitch, field or ground? Pitch is the main word in British English but is not used in American English. Both words are used to talk about the area of land that a game is played on. Ground is used to talk about the area of land where a sport is played, including any buildings or areas where spectators (= people watching the game) sit or stand. In some sports pitch and field have different meanings. For example, in cricket the pitch is a small strip in the middle of the field, where most of the action takes place. 英式英语中主要用pitch,但该词不用于美式英语。pitch和field均指比赛场地。ground指体育活动场地,包括容纳观众的建筑物或看台。在某些体育运动中,pitch和field词义不同,如板球运动中pitch(三柱门之间的区域)指field(球场)中间一狭长区域,大部分场上活动在这个区域展开。 ˈplaying field [countable] a large area of grass, usually with lines marked on it, where people play sports and games (有草地的)运动场,操场The school's playing fields offer facilities for tennis, football, hockey and athletics.学校的运动场有网球、足球、曲棍球和田径等运动设施。 see also playground park park [countable] (NAmE) a piece of land for playing sports, especially baseball 运动场;(尤指)棒球场With a mighty swing he hit the ball right out of the park.他用力一挥把球打出了球场。 ballpark ˈbɔːlpɑːk; NAmE ˈbɔːlpɑːrk [countable] (especially NAmE) a place where baseball is played 棒球场Boston's Fenway Park remains the oldest major-league ballpark in use.波士顿的芬威公园仍然是目前正使用的历史最悠久的大联盟棒球场。
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