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Word family
approach1 /əˈprəʊtʃ $ əˈproʊtʃ/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun  
1 method 方法 [countableC]WAY/METHOD a method of doing something or dealing with a problem 方法,方式
approach to
 a new approach to teaching languages
 He decided to adopt a different approach and teach the Bible through story-telling.
 This book takes an unorthodox approach to art criticism.
 organizations which take a positive approach to creative thinking
see thesaurus at method, way
2 ask 请求 [countableC]ASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something a request from someone, asking you to do something for them 接洽,要求
 They made a direct approach to the minister of education.
3 the approach of something ALMOSTthe approach of a particular time or event is the fact that it is getting closer 某事的来临[临近]
 the approach of autumn
 It’s a sign of the approach of middle age.
Examples from the Corpus
4 movement towards 朝向的移动 [uncountableU]NEAR movement towards or near to something 靠近;接近
 Our approach frightened the birds.
5 path/road 小径/道路 [countableC]TOWARDS a road, path etc that leads to a place, and is the main way of reaching it (主要)通路
 Soldiers were guarding the approaches to the city.
 an approach road
6 aircraft 飞机 [countableC] the final part of a plane’s flight, before it lands at an airport 进场(着陆)
 It was clear to land so we made our approach.
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1 : a method of doing something or dealing with a problem
a new/different/fresh/alternative approach
a new approach to pollution control
a positive approach (=showing that you believe something can be done)
A positive approach is essential in beating pain.
a creative approach (=thinking of new ideas and methods)
International business requires a more creative approach.
a general/broad approach
Many governments have pursued this general approach to economic policy.
a direct approach
We would do better to adopt a direct approach and tackle the problem at its source.
a practical approach
Women often take a more practical approach.
a pragmatic approach (=dealing with problems in a way that is not limited by a strict set of principles)
a pragmatic approach to management problems
a balanced approach (=considering everything in a sensible way)
The president spoke in favour of a calm and balanced approach.
a tough approach (=dealing with something in a severe way)
The council adopted a tough approach to fighting crime.
a cautious approach
China has followed a more cautious approach.
a flexible approach (=using different methods if necessary)
We have a flexible approach to our clients’ requirements.
a traditional/conservative approach
This is different from the traditional approach to high school teaching.
an unorthodox approach (=not the same as people usually use)
It’s an unorthodox approach that her doctor doesn’t recommend for everyone.
a scientific/systematic approach
a scientific approach to the study of language
have an approach
In the US they have a somewhat different approach.
take/adopt an approach (=use an approach)
There were concerns that Beijing would take a tougher approach.
use an approach
This approach has been used for a number of major investigations.
try an approach
Some scientists have been trying an alternative approach.
prefer/favour an approach
I prefer a traditional approach.
Examples from the Corpus
ap·proach2 ●●● S3 W2 AWL verb  
1 move towards移动 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]TOWARDS to move towards or nearer to someone or something 走近;靠近;接近
 As I approached the house, I noticed a light on upstairs.
 She heard footsteps approaching.
2 ask 要求 [transitiveT]ASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO somethingCONTACT somebody to ask someone for something, or ask them to do something, especially when you are asking them for the first time or when you are not sure if they will do it 接洽;要求
approach somebody for something
 Students should be able to approach teachers for advice.
approach somebody/something about (doing) something
 The charity approached several stores about giving food aid.
 I have already been approached by several other companies (=offered a job, work etc).
3 future event 未来事件 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]NEAR if an event or a particular time approaches, or you approach it, it is coming nearer and will happen soon 临近
 She was then approaching the end of her career.
 The time is fast approaching when we will have to make a decision.
 With winter approaching, many animals are storing food.
4 deal with 对付 [transitiveT]DEAL WITH to begin to deal with a situation or problem in a particular way or with a particular attitude 〔以某种方式或态度〕对付,处理
approach a problem/task/matter etc
 It might be possible to approach the problem in a different way.
5 almost 几乎 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]ALMOST to be almost equal to something 接近
Examples from the Corpus
Origin approach1
(1300-1400) Old French aprochier, from Late Latin appropiare, from Latin ad- to + prope near
approach1 nounn COLLOCATIONS1ap·proach2 verb
LDOCE Online


1way of dealing with sb/sth待人處事方法ADJECTIVE | VERB + APPROACH | APPROACH + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEconventional, orthodox, traditional常規的/正統的/傳統的方法alternate, alternative, different, fresh, new, novel其他方法;不同方法;新式方法We need to try alternative approaches to the problem.解決這個問題我們需要嘗試其他方法。cautious, conservative謹慎的/保守的方法proactive積極的方法The company is taking a proactive approach to easing the energy crisis.公司正採取積極主動的方法緩解能源危機。creative, innovative富有創新精神的/革新的方法flexible靈活的方法eclectic折衷的方法balanced, common-sense, no-nonsense, positive, practical, pragmatic, problem-solving, rational, sensible, straightforward, useful折衷的/通情達理的/實事求是的/積極的/實際可行的/重實效的/解決問題的/合理的/明智的/簡單的/有用的方法a pragmatic approach to the role of religion in politics解決宗教在政治中的作用的務實方法direct, hands-on直接的/親身體驗的方法hands-off, indirect不干預的方法;間接的方法wait-and-see靜觀其變的方法step-by-step循序漸進的方法one-size-fits-all一刀切的方法He criticized the one-size-fits-all approach to learning.他批評一刀切的學習方法。piecemeal缺乏系統性的方法formal, informal正規的/不正規的方法aggressive積極進取的方法low-key低調的方法right, wrong正確的/錯誤的方法basic, general基本/一般方法analytical, disciplined, scientific, structured, systematic, theoretical分析/規範的/科學/有條理的/系統的/理論研究方法methodological系統性方法holistic, integrated整體的/綜合的方法The therapy takes a holistic approach to health and well-being.這種治療對身心健康採取整體療法。interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary跨學科的/多學科的方法two-pronged雙管齊下的方法bottom-up, top-down自下而上的/自上而下的方法simplistic過於簡單化的方法comprehensive綜合的方法VERB + APPROACHhave採用⋯的方法Some teachers have a more traditional approach to teaching.有些老師採用較為傳統的教學方法。adopt, apply, develop, employ, follow, implement, pursue, take, try, use, utilize採用/應用/形成/運用/沿用/實施/沿襲/採取/試用/使用/利用某方法We need to adopt a more pragmatic approach.我們需要採用一種更為實際的方法。pioneer倡導⋯方法The US army pioneered this approach.美國陸軍最先使用了這一方法。advocate, favour/favor, prefer提倡/偏愛/較喜歡某方法Next time I'd advocate the direct approach.下次我會提倡用直接的方法。change, modify, rethink改變/改善/反思方法He challenges teachers to rethink their approach.他要求老師們反思他們的方法。abandon放棄方法evaluate評價方法describe, outline描述/概述方法test檢驗方法I spent some time testing this approach.我花了些時間檢驗這種方法。extend推廣方法This approach can be extended to other fields.這個方法可推廣至其他領域。Extending this approach to the rest of the planet became the focus for our international negotiations.將這一方法推廣至全球其他地區成為我們進行國際談判的核心。APPROACH + VERBallow sth, enable sth方法允許⋯;方法使⋯成為可能This approach allows students to learn at their own pace.這個方法可使學生按照自己的進度學習。offer sth, yield sth方法提供⋯;方法產生⋯This approach offers many advantages.這種方法有許多優點。Taking a fresh approach often yields interesting results.採取新方法經常會產生有趣的結果。fail, work方法失敗/奏效This approach works for me.這個方法在我身上成功了。PREPOSITIONapproach to做⋯的方法I liked her approach to the problem.我喜歡她處理那個問題的方法。


2act of coming nearer靠近;接近ADJECTIVE | VERB + APPROACH | APPROACH + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEshallow, steep平緩/陡直逼近VERB + APPROACHmake靠近The aircraft had to make a steep approach to the landing strip.飛機不得不陡直降落到簡易機場。signal預示到來The swishing of the grass signalled the approach of a person.草葉發出的沙沙聲表明有人走過來了。APPROACH + NOUNspeed靠近的速度route走近的路線PREPOSITIONat the approach of⋯走近的時候The children fell silent at the approach of their teacher.老師一來,孩子們變得鴉雀無聲。with the approach of隨着⋯的來臨The weather turned warmer with the approach of spring.隨着春天的來臨,天氣變得更暖和了。approach to靠近⋯The plane crashed during its approach to the runway.飛機在接近跑道時墜毀。


3discussion with sb in order to ask them for sth接洽VERB + APPROACH | PREPOSITION VERB + APPROACHmake進行交涉have, receive (especially BrE) 有接觸;有過接洽PREPOSITIONapproach from來自⋯的接洽We've received an approach from the director of a rival company.一家競爭公司的董事曾經接觸我們。approach to同⋯的接洽We'll have to make an approach to the chief executive.我們將不得不和總裁接洽。


1come nearer走近ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBslowly慢慢走近carefully, cautiously, warily, with caution小心翼翼地/謹慎地/警惕地/慎重地靠近PREPOSITIONfrom從⋯靠近The army approached from the south.軍隊從南面靠近。


2come nearer in time(時間上)接近ADVERBfast, quickly, rapidly, swiftly很快/迅速/快速/飛速到來The time is fast approaching when we will have to replace these old machines.我們將不得不更換這些舊機器的時刻很快就會到來。


3speak to sb, usually to ask for sth接洽ADVERB | VERB + APPROACH | PREPOSITION ADVERBdirectly直接交涉It's best to approach her directly.最好直接和她談。VERB + APPROACHbe easy to容易接近be difficult to難以接近She found her father difficult to approach.她覺得父親很難接近。PREPOSITIONabout就⋯接洽Have you approached John about doing a concert?開音樂會的事你和約翰談過了嗎?for為求⋯而接洽I approached the bank for a loan.我找銀行想貸一筆款。


4come close in amount/quality/style(在數量、質量、風格上)接近ADVERBclosely非常接近Here Wordsworth's verse movement closely approaches that of Gray.在這一點上,華茲華斯的詩歌韻律在風格上和格雷的非常接近。not remotely絲毫不接近There is no other player even remotely approaching her.其他選手遠遠趕不上她。
approach noun
arrival1 (the approach of winter) offer1 (make an approach to a local company for sponsorship) way1 (a different approach to the problem)
approach verb
approach (profits approaching $30 million) come1 (a train approaches) come2 (winter approaches) tackle (approach a problem)


approach ♦︎ touch ♦︎ approximate ♦︎ border on sth ♦︎ verge on sth ♦︎ be getting on for sthThese words all mean to come close to, or just reach, sth in amount, level or quality. 这些词均表示接近或刚好达到一定的数量、水平或质量。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to border on / verge on paranoia / hysteria / fanaticism / contempt / arroganceto border on / verge on the insane / obsessiveto approach / be getting on for midnight / three o'clock / tea time / lunchtime, etc. approach [transitive] (rather formal) to come close to sth in amount, level or quality (在数量、水平或质量上)接近They have just announced profits approaching $30 million.他们刚刚宣布了有近3 000万元的利润。Few writers approach his richness of language.他语言之丰富很少有作家能望其项背。 touch [transitive] to just reach a particular level 刚刚达到(某一水平)The speedometer was touching 90.速度表跳到了90。 approximate əˈprɒksɪmeɪt; NAmE əˈprɑːksɪmeɪt [transitive, intransitive] (formal) to come close to sth in nature, amount, level or quality (在性质、数量、水平或质量上)接近,近似The animals were reared in conditions which approximated the wild as closely as possible.这些动物是在尽量近似自然的条件下饲养的。His story approximates to the facts that we already know.他的陈述和我们已掌握的事实接近。 ˈborder on sth

phrasal verb

to come very close to being sth, especially an extreme or unpleasant quality or emotion 近乎,濒于(尤指极端或不愉快的特征或情绪)His devotion bordered on the obsessive.他专注到近乎痴迷的程度。She felt an anxiety bordering on hysteria.她感觉到一种近乎歇斯底里的焦虑。
ˈverge on sth

phrasal verb

to border on sth 近乎;濒于Some of his suggestions verged on the outrageous.他的一些建议都快到了荒唐的地步。She felt a dislike for him verging on contempt.她觉得自己对他的厌恶几乎到了鄙视的程度。NOTE 辨析 Border on sth or verge on sth?There is no real difference in meaning between these two words. Border on sth is about twice as frequent as verge on sth, which is slightly more literary. 这两种表达方式在含义上没有实质差别,border on sth的使用频率约是verge on sth的两倍,而后者文学性稍强。
be getting on for sth


(especially BrE, rather informal) to be nearly a particular time, age or number, especially a late time or old age 接近(某一时间、年龄或数目,尤指晚些时候或晚年)It must be getting on for midnight.一定快到午夜了。He's getting on for eighty.他差不多八十岁了。

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