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Word family
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re·gis·ter1 /ˈredʒɪstə $ -ər/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun  
1 official list 正式名单 [countableC]PGLIST an official list of names of people, companies etc, or a book that has this list 名册;登记簿,注册簿
register of
 the official register of births, deaths, and marriages
 Have you signed the hotel register?
 Police want a national register of DNA samples.
the electoral register (=official list of voters) 选民登记册
call/take the register British EnglishBrE old-fashioned (=say the names of the students in a class, to check who is there) 〔上课时〕点名
2 language style 语言风格 [countableC, uncountableU] technicalSL the words, style, and grammar used by speakers and writers in a particular situation or in a particular type of writing 语体;语域
formal/informal register
 letters written in a formal register
3 music 音乐 [countableC] technicalAPM the range of musical notes that someone’s voice or a musical instrument can reach 〔嗓音或乐器的〕音域;声区;音区
the upper/middle/lower register
 the upper register of the cello
4. machine 机器 [countableC]x-ref a cash register 现金出纳机,现金收入记录机
5. heating control 加热控制装置 [countableC] American EnglishAmETPCONTROL a movable metal plate that controls the flow of air in a heating or cooling system 〔供暖或制冷设备上控制气流的〕调风器,节气门 SYN vent
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Citizenship, Mail
register2 ●●○ S3 W3 AWL verb  
1 on a list 列在名单上 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]PGCLIST to put someone’s or something’s name on an official list 记录,登记
 The tanker is registered in Rotterdam.
register for
 How many students have registered for English classes?
register with
 You must bring your insurance card with you when you register with a dentist or doctor.
register a birth/death/marriage
 The baby’s birth was registered this morning.
be registered (as) unemployed/disabled etc British EnglishBrE (=be on an official list of a particular group) 登记为失业者/残疾人等
2 state your opinion 发表意见 [transitiveT] formalSAY/STATE to officially state your opinion about something so that everyone knows what you think or feel 正式表达,说明
 The delegation registered a formal protest with US embassy officials Wednesday.
3 realize 意识到 [intransitiveI usually in negatives, transitiveT]REALIZE if something registers, or if you register it, you realize or notice it, and then remember it 受到注意;注意到,记住
 She had told me her name before, but I guess it didn’t register.
 I’d been standing there for several minutes before he registered my presence.
4 measurement 度量 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]TM if an instrument registers an amount or if something registers on it, the instrument shows that amount 〔仪器或读数〕显示;记录
 The thermometer registered 98.6°.
 The earthquake registered 7.2 on the Richter scale.
5 show a feeling 流露感情 [transitiveT] formalSHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDE to show or express a feeling 流露,表露
 Her face registered shock and anger.
6 mail 邮件 [transitiveT] British EnglishBrETCM to send a package, letter etc by registered post 以挂号寄送
 Did you register the parcel?
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
registerre·gis·ter1 /ˈredʒəstə-ər/ noun [countableC]
an official list containing the names of all the people, organizations etc of a particular type
The Secretary of State maintains a register of those who have been disqualified from being company directors.
charges register companies register directors register Land Charges Register Lloyd's Register members register property register proprietorship register share register transfer register see also cash register
registerregister2 verb [transitiveT]
1to record a name or details about someone or something in an official list
Transfers of shares will not normally be registered after the close of business on the record date.
be registered (as something)
people who are registered as unemployed
register somebody/something for something
Are you registered for VAT?
register somebody/something with something
A new share issue must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
2to show or record an amount
Hays Allen registered a 2.7% drop in fee income to £6.8 million for the year to 30 April.
Origin register1
(1300-1400) Old French registre, from Medieval Latin registrum, from Latin regerere to bring back
re·gis·ter1 nounregister2 verb


1list of names名單ADJECTIVE | VERB + REGISTER | REGISTER + VERB | REGISTER + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfull (especially BrE) 完整的登記表annual (especially BrE) 年度登記表central, federal, national, public (especially BrE) 總名冊;聯邦登記冊;公民登記冊statutory (BrE) 法定登記表professional, social職業註冊簿;社交界名人錄CEOs who were listed in a social register社交界名人錄中列出的首席執行官attendance (BrE) 出席人員登記表the keeping of an attendance register打考勤electoral (especially BrE) 選民登記名冊residents listed on the electoral register選民登記名冊中列出的居民medical (BrE) 醫療登記表Dr Shaw was struck off the medical register for misconduct.肖醫生因失職被取消了行醫資格。birth, marriage出生/結婚登記簿class, school (both BrE) 班級/學校名冊church, parish (both especially BrE) 教堂登記冊;教區登記簿guest, hotel (especially BrE) 客人/旅館登記冊check (NAmE) 支票登記簿ways of reconciling bank statements with check registers使銀行對賬單與支票登記簿賬目相符的方法land, share (BrE) 土地/股份登記簿sex offenders' (BrE) 性犯罪者登記名冊He has been placed on the sex offenders' register.他的名字已經記入了性犯罪者登記名冊。VERB + REGISTERappear on, be on (both especially BrE) 出現在登記簿上;在登記簿上All those appearing on the register must notify the authorities of any change of address.登記簿上地址的任何變更必須通知相關機構。join (especially BrE) 上登記簿remain on (BrE) 留在登記簿上keep, maintain保留記錄They keep a register of all those who have contributed to the fund.他們保存着完整的基金捐助人名單。call, take (both BrE) (take attendance in NAmE) 點名The teacher takes the register at the beginning of each class.老師每次上課前都點名。compile, create, draw up, establish (especially BrE) 編輯登記表;製作登記表;起草登記冊;設立登記冊She was asked to draw up a register of suitable sites.要求她編製一份合適地點的清單。add sb/sth to把⋯加進登記表enter sb/sth in, enter sb/sth on, register sth in, register sth on (all especially BrE) 把⋯寫進登記表Their names had been entered in the register as owners of the company.他們作為公司的所有權人已被記錄在冊。remove sb from, strike sb from, strike sb off (all BrE) 把某人從登記冊中去掉;從登記冊中刪去某人He was struck off the medical register for professional misconduct.他因失職被取消了醫生資格。sign (especially BrE) 登記註冊The bride and bridegroom signed the register.新郎新娘註冊登記了。REGISTER + VERBcontain sth, include sth登記冊包含⋯/包括⋯a register containing details of four million cars包含 400 萬輛汽車詳細資料的登記簿REGISTER + NOUNoffice (in the UK) 戶籍登記處The Leas married in a register office.利夫婦是在戶籍登記處登記結婚的。PREPOSITIONin a/the register在登記簿內It was the last entry in the register.那是登記表的最後一個登記事項。on a/the register在登記冊上There are 36 children on the register.名單上有 36 名兒童。PHRASESan entry in a register, an entry on a register (especially BrE) 登記簿的項目


2range of notes of a voice/an instrument音域;樂器的音區ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEhigh, low, middle, upper高音區;低音區;中聲區;高聲區the lower register of the piano鋼琴的低音區vocal聲區chest, head胸聲區;(發出高音的)頭聲區PREPOSITIONin a/the register在⋯聲區boy trebles singing in high registers演唱高聲部的童聲男高音


3level/style of a piece of writing/speech寫作/語言風格ADJECTIVE | VERB + REGISTER ADJECTIVEformal, informal正式/非正式語體VERB + REGISTERadopt (BrE) 採用⋯語體He has adopted an informal register so as not to alienate his audience.他採用了非正式的講話形式以拉近和觀眾的距離。


4 (NAmE) machine used for money in a shop/store收銀機 see cash register


1put sb/sth on an official list記入正式名單ADVERB | VERB + REGISTER | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBformally, officially正式登記properly正確地登記They had not properly registered as required by state law.他們沒有按照州法律要求進行正確的登記。legally依法註冊fully (especially BrE) 完全註冊On completion of the preregistration year, graduates become fully registered by the General Medical Council.預先登記期滿一年,畢業生就會成為醫學總會的正式註冊成員。duly按時註冊As I reached my eighteenth birthday I duly registered for military service.到我 18 歲生日那天,我按時進行了兵役登記。automatically自動註冊online網上註冊Players must register online before playing the game.玩遊戲之前玩家必須先進行網上註冊。VERB + REGISTERbe required to, have to, must, need to, should按要求須註冊;不得不註冊;必須登記;應該註冊You must register the death within three days.必須在死者死亡 3 日內登記。be eligible to有資格註冊fail to未能註冊refuse to拒絕登記PREPOSITIONas登記為⋯the number of people officially registering as unemployed正式登記的失業人數at在⋯註冊He registered at his local university.他在當地大學註冊了。for為⋯註冊There is still time to register for English classes.還有時間可以報名選修英語課。with向⋯登記Students living away from home are required to register with a local doctor.離家上學的學生須到當地醫生那裏註冊。PHRASESnewly registered新近註冊的the preferences of newly registered voters新近註冊的投票人的偏好


2notice sth注意ADVERB | VERB + REGISTER ADVERBbarely, hardly幾乎沒注意到She had barely registered his presence.她幾乎沒注意到他在場。dimly, vaguely模糊地記得He vaguely registered that the women had gone.他模糊地記得那幾名婦人已經走了。slowly慢慢記住The words registered slowly in her mind.這些話慢慢地留在了她腦海裏。VERB + REGISTERfail to, not seem to未能/似乎沒有注意到His eyes failed to register Susan's surprise.他沒注意到蘇珊吃驚的樣子。The pain that stung her hand did not seem to register.她似乎沒注意到手上的蜇痛。begin to開始注意到Slowly, my mind began to register where I was: in the hospital.慢慢地,我開始注意到我待的地方竟是一家醫院。
register verb
present3 (register a protest) record1 (be registered as unemployed)
register noun

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