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TOEFL BNC: 1150 COCA: 1484


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fair1 /feə $ fer/ ●●● S1 W2 adjectiveadj   fare
1 reasonable and acceptable 合理并可接受的FAIR a fair situation, system, way of treating people, or judgment seems reasonable, acceptable, and right 适当的,合理的 OPP unfair
 All we are asking for is a fair wage.
 £150 is a fair price.
fair trial/hearing
 the right to a fair trial
 What do you think is the fairest solution?
 The report is a fair summary of the issues facing us.
it is fair to do something
 It seems fair to give them a second chance.
it’s only fair (that) (=used to say that it is right to do something) 才合理
 It’s only fair that we tell him what’s happening.
it’s fair to say (that) (=used when you think what you are saying is correct or reasonable) 恰当地说
 It’s fair to say that by then he had lost the support of his staff.
it’s not fair on somebody
 I can’t carry on working such long hours. It’s not fair on my family.
2 treating everyone equally 一视同仁FAIR treating everyone in a way that is right or equal 公正的,公平的 OPP unfair
 Why does Eric get to go and I don’t? It’s not fair!
 Life isn’t always fair.
fair to
 The old law wasn’t fair to women.
it’s only fair (that) 才合理
 You pay him $10 an hour – it’s only fair that I should get the same.
 My boss expects a lot – but he’s very fair.
3 QUITE LARGE 很大的a fair size/amount/number/bit/distance etc especially British EnglishBrEBIG quite a large size, number etc 很大/很多/很远等
 I’ve still got a fair amount of work left to do.
 We had travelled a fair way (=quite a long distance) by lunch time.
there’s a fair chance (that)/of something (=it is quite likely that something will happen) 某事发生的可能性很大
 There’s a fair chance we’ll be coming over to England this summer.
Examples from the Corpus
4. hair/skin 头发/皮肤COLOUR/COLOR someone who is fair, or who has fair hair or skin, has hair or skin that is very light in colour 浅色的;白皙的 OPP dark
5. according to the rules 根据规则RIGHT/JUSTIFIED a fair fight, game, or election is one that is played or done according to the rules 〔拳击、比赛、选举〕公平的,根据规则进行的 OPP unfair
6 level of ability 能力水平ORDINARY neither particularly good nor particularly bad 中等的,普通的 SYN average
 Her written work is excellent but her practical work is only fair.
7 weather 天气DN weather that is fair is pleasant and not windy, rainy etc 晴朗的 SYN fine
 It should be generally fair and warm for the next few days.
8 have had more than your fair share of something MORE THAN something OR somebody ELSEto have had more of something, especially something unpleasant, than seems reasonable 遇到某事太多了〔尤指不愉快之事〕
Examples from the Corpus
9. give somebody a fair crack of the whip British EnglishBrE informalFAIR to give someone the opportunity to do something, especially so that they can show that they are able to do it 给某人一个机会〔尤为了让他们证明有能力〕
10 give somebody/get a fair shake American EnglishAmE informalFAIR to treat someone, or to be treated, in a way that gives everyone the same chances as everyone else 给某人/获得公平的待遇[均等的机会]
Examples from the Corpus
11. by fair means or foul DETERMINEDusing any method to get what you want, including dishonest or illegal methods 不择手段,千方百计
12. all’s fair in love and war RIGHT/PROPERused to say that in some situations any method of getting what you want is acceptable 情场和战场,两者皆不厌诈〔指在某些情况下可以为达到目的而不择手段〕
Examples from the Corpus
13 pleasant/attractive 悦人的/吸引人的 old use or literaryNICEBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING pleasant and attractive 漂亮的,迷人的
fair treating people equally or in the way that is right 公平的,公正的
It’s not fair that she gets paid more than me.
Everyone has the right to a fair trial.
just formal morally right and fair 公正的,正义的
a just punishment
a just cause
a just society
Do you think it was a just war?
reasonable fair and sensible according to most people’s standards 正当的,合理的
a reasonable request
Lateness, without a reasonable excuse, will not be tolerated.
balanced giving fair and equal treatment to all sides of an argument or subject 全面公正的
Balanced reporting of the news is essential.
even-handed giving fair and equal treatment to everyone, especially when it would be easy to favour one particular group 不偏不倚的
The drama takes an even-handed look at the consequences of violent crime, both on attackers and their victims.
nThe film is even-handed and does not try to make you support either side.
equitable /ˈekwətəbəl/ formal giving equal treatment to everyone involved 公平的
We need an equitable solution to this problem.
a more equitable distribution of wealth
Examples from the Corpus
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fair2 ●●○ noun [countableC]  
1. (also funfair British English) a form of outdoor entertainment, at which there are large machines to ride on and games in which you can win prizes 露天游乐场 SYN American English carnival
2 American EnglishAmETA an outdoor event, at which there are large machines to ride on, games to play, and sometimes farm animals being judged and sold 集市〔有大型可骑乘的游戏设施、各式游戏,有时还对牲畜进行评比并出售〕
3 book/antiques/craft/trade etc fair BBMan event at which people or businesses show and sell their products 书展/古玩展/手工艺品展销会/交易会等
Examples from the Corpus
4. job/careers fair an event where people go to get information about different kinds of jobs 职业介绍会,招聘会
Examples from the Corpus
5. British EnglishBrEDLO an outdoor event with games and things to eat and drink, usually organized to get money for a school, club etc 一般为学校、俱乐部等筹款的〕义卖会 SYN fête
6 British EnglishBrE old-fashionedTA a market where animals and farm products are sold 〔出售牲畜和农产品的〕市场,集市
Examples from the Corpus
fair3 adverbadv  
1. win (something)/beat somebody fair and square STRAIGHTto win a competition, sports match etc honestly and without cheating 正大光明地赢得(某物)/打败某人
2 play fair HONESTto do something in a fair and honest way 公平办事,按规则做
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
fairfair1 /feəfer/ adjectiveadj
a situation or arrangement which is fair is reasonable, honest, and acceptable
The committee takes seriously the need to be fair and just in everything it does.
fair voting procedures
All we are asking for is a fair wage.
fairfair2 noun [countableC]MARKETINGCOMMERCE
a large show where business people producing a particular product or service can meet to advertise or sell their products
the Frankfurtbook fair
Many businesses deal less formally, for example at trade fairs.
job fair trade fair
Origin fair1
Old English fæger beautiful
(1200-1300) Old French feire, from Latin feriae holidays
TOEFL BNC: 1150 COCA: 1484


ADJECTIVE | VERB + FAIR | FAIR + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEannual一年一度的展覽會antiques, art, book, craft, horse, school, steam (BrE) 古董展銷會;藝術博覽會;書展;手工藝品展銷會;馬市;學校舉辦的義賣;蒸汽機車節career, job, science, trade職業招聘會;工作招聘會;科技博覽會;商品交易會fun (usually funfair) (BrE) (公共露天)遊樂場local, street當地的/街頭的集市county, state (both NAmE) 縣級/州級博覽會VERB + FAIRattend, go to, visit趕集;參觀博覽會have, hold, host舉行/舉辦/主辦展銷會The city is holding its annual trade fair in May this year.這座城市將於今年 5 月舉辦一年一度的商品交易會。organize籌備交易會She is organizing next year's book fair.她正在籌備明年的書展。FAIR + VERBtake place交易會舉行PREPOSITIONat a/the fair在交易會上I bought it at a local craft fair.這是我在當地的一次手工藝品展銷會上買的。


VERBS | ADVERB | PHRASES | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, seem公正;好像公平make sth使⋯公正I'll give you ten pounds each to make it fair.為公平起見,我給你們每人 10 英鎊。consider sth, think sth認為⋯/覺得⋯公平I didn't think it fair that the others should be allowed to go but not me.別人可以去而我卻不能,我認為這樣不公平。ADVERBscrupulously, very極其公正;非常公平It's important to be scrupulously fair when grading the final exam paper.在批閱期終試卷時,重要的是做到公正無私。absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, totally絕對/十分/完全/極其/相當/整體公平I don't care what he thinks. It seems perfectly fair to me.我不管他想些什麼,這在我看來是完全公平的。That doesn't seem quite fair.那似乎不是很公平。hardly, not really一點兒也不公平;真的不公平It's hardly fair that I should be working while everyone else is enjoying themselves!我得工作,而其他人卻在玩,這一點兒都不公平!pretty, reasonably頗為/還算公平PHRASESto be fair老實說To be fair, we hadn't really spent enough time on the job.老實說,我們在這項工作上花的時間不夠。PREPOSITIONto對⋯公平That seems fair to all sides.那似乎對每一方都公平。
TOEFL BNC: 1150 COCA: 1484
fair adj.
fine (a fair achievement) reasonable (a fair wage/trial)
fair noun
TOEFL BNC: 1150 COCA: 1484
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