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IELTS BNC: 1420 COCA: 1474


Word family
Related topics: Tourism, Performing, Sport
tour1 /tʊə $ tʊr/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countableC]  
1 DLTTRAVELa journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns, areas etc 〔观光〕旅游,旅行
tour of/around/round
 a 10-day tour of China
a walking/cycling/sightseeing etc tour
 a cycling tour of Cornwall
 We met on a coach tour in Italy.
package toursee thesaurus at journey
2 DLTTRAVELa short trip through a place to see it 〔短暂的〕参观,游览
tour of/around/round
 a guided tour around the Kennedy Space Center
 Kim worked as a tour guide in Cambridge last summer.
3 APDSa planned journey made by musicians, a sports team etc in order to perform or play in several places 巡回演出;巡回比赛
tour of
 the England cricket team’s tour of India
on tour
 The Moscow Symphony Orchestra is here on tour.
 the first leg of the band’s European tour (=the first part of it)
4 PERIOD OF TIMEa period during which you go to live somewhere, usually abroad, to do your job, especially military work 〔尤指军人在外地、通常是国外的〕服役期;任职期
 his third tour in Northern Ireland
5. tour of inspection an official visit to a place, institution, group etc in order to check its quality or performance 〔正式的〕视察访问,巡察
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Tourism
tour2 ●●○ verb  
1 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]DLTTRAVEL to visit several parts of a country or area 旅游,游历,观光
 We’re touring the Greek islands this summer.
see thesaurus at travel
2 [transitiveT] to go round or be shown round a place 巡视;参观
 The minister had been invited to tour the new factory.
Examples from the Corpus
Origin tour1
(1300-1400) Old French tour, tourn circular course, turn; → TURN1
tour1 nountour2 verb
IELTS BNC: 1420 COCA: 1474


1trip旅行ADJECTIVE | ... OF TOUR | VERB + TOUR | TOUR + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEforeign, international, national, nationwide, overseas, world國外/國際/全國性的/全國範圍的/海外/世界旅遊American, European, UK, etc.美國、歐洲、英國等旅行two-city, three-country, etc.兩個城市、三個國家等的旅遊The group will shortly go on a ten-city European tour.這個團即將赴歐洲 10 座城市旅遊。whirlwind, whistle-stop旋風式旅行;走馬觀花的觀光The band completed a whirlwind tour of North America in two months.這支樂隊在兩個月內完成了在北美的旋風式巡迴演出。gruelling/grueling, lengthy, long令人筋疲力盡的/漫長的旅行official正式旅行the couple's first official overseas tour夫妻倆的首次正式海外旅遊grand(舊時上層社會年輕人的)環歐洲旅行He took his degree in 1665 before embarking on the grand tour (= a tour of Europe lasting several months).他於 1665 年拿到學位後便開始了他的環歐洲之旅。package包價旅行an all-inclusive package tour of Austria費用全包的奧地利包價旅遊mystery (= where the destination is not known) (BrE, often humorous) 神秘之旅We set off on a magical mystery tour in search of tea.我們開始了奇妙而神秘的尋茶之旅。bike, bus, coach, cycle, walking騎自行車/乘巴士/乘長途公共汽車/騎車/步行之旅camping露營之旅cricket, rugby (both BrE) 板球/英式橄欖球巡迴比賽pro, senior (both in golf均用於高爾夫球) 職業/常青巡迴賽book, concert, lecture, speaking, study, theatre/theater巡迴書展;巡迴音樂會;巡迴報告;巡迴演講;觀光學習之旅;戲劇巡演sell-out, sold-out, successful場場爆滿的巡演;成功的巡演The band is just back from a sell-out Asian tour.樂隊結束了在亞洲場場爆滿的巡演,剛剛返回。comeback, farewell, reunion復出/告別/重組巡演Simon and Garfunkel's 2003 reunion tour西蒙和加豐克爾的 2003 年重組巡演promotional, publicity巡迴宣傳a promotional tour for her new book為她的新書進行的巡迴宣傳... OF TOURleg, part, stage一段路程;一階段的巡迴He was now on the last leg of his book tour.現在他到達了為他的書做巡迴宣傳的最後一站。VERB + TOURdo, go on, make, undertake (especially BrE) 旅行;巡迴演出;巡迴比賽embark on, set off on (especially BrE) 開始旅行TOUR + NOUNcompany, operator旅遊公司;旅遊經營商date, schedule巡演日期;巡演日程安排details of the band's tour dates樂隊巡演的具體日程安排stop巡演的間歇leader, manager領隊;巡演經紀人Our tour leaders are all fluent in English.我們的領隊英語都很流利。The team's tour manager called a press conference.樂隊巡演的經紀人召開了記者招待會。party, squad (both BrE) 旅行團He wasn't selected for England's tour party to Australia.他未被選入英格蘭赴澳大利亞的旅行團。player, pro (both in golf均用於高爾夫球) 巡迴賽選手;職業球員bus, van旅遊巴士;旅遊車Dolly Parton's tour bus多莉・帕頓的旅遊車PREPOSITIONon (a) tour旅行We met a group of Italians on a tour in Peru.我們在秘魯旅遊時碰上了一群意大利遊客。The band is currently on tour in the States.該樂隊目前在美國巡迴演出。tour of⋯旅行I'd like to do a tour of Belgium on foot.我想徒步遊覽比利時。PHRASEStour of duty服役期The soldiers were returning from a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.在阿富汗服役 6 個月後,士兵們正在返回。


2short visit短暫訪問ADJECTIVE | VERB + TOUR | TOUR + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbrief, quick短暫拜訪Our host gave us a quick tour of the house.主人帶着我們快速地參觀了房子。extensive四處參觀grand (humorous) 隆重的造訪Come on, I'll give you the grand tour of the backyard.跟我來,我領你隆重參觀一下後院。conducted, guided, self-guided有導遊的遊覽;自導式遊覽bus, helicopter, etc.巴士之旅、直升機之旅等an open-top bus tour of the city敞篷巴士環城觀光遊city, factory城市觀光;工廠參觀sightseeing旅遊觀光ghost幽靈之旅She takes tourists on ghost tours of Edinburgh.她負責帶遊客對愛丁堡進行幽靈之旅。virtual虛擬旅遊A virtual tour is available on the Web.可以在網絡上進行虛擬旅遊。VERB + TOURdo, make進行短暫的訪問I made a quick tour of the office to say goodbye.我到辦公室匆匆轉了一圈與大家道別。conduct, lead導遊;引導旅遊give sb, take sb on帶某人參觀arrange, organize安排/組織參觀遊覽offer提供遊覽Garden tours are offered throughout the summer.整個夏天都可進行花園之旅。TOUR + NOUNguide導遊group旅行團boat, bus, etc.遊船、旅遊巴士等PHRASEStour of inspection視察The boss started his tour of inspection with my office.老闆視察之行從我的辦公室開始。


ADVERB | VERB + TOUR | PREPOSITION ADVERBextensively, widely到處旅遊internationally國際旅遊currently目前旅遊VERB + TOURplan to計劃旅遊PREPOSITIONall over遊遍⋯We plan to tour all over the country.我們計劃遊遍全國。in在⋯旅遊She has toured extensively in the US.她在美國許多地方旅遊過。with和⋯一起旅遊She is currently touring with her new band.目前她與她的新樂隊正在巡迴演出。
IELTS BNC: 1420 COCA: 1474
tour noun
trip (a coach/walking tour) visit (a tour of the castle)


tour ♦︎ explore ♦︎ backpackThese words all mean to spend time travelling around a place, for example for interest or pleasure. 这些词均表示旅游、旅行。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to tour / backpack in / around sthto tour / explore sth by carto go touring / exploring / backpacking tour [transitive, intransitive] to travel around a place or area, for example to perform sth or for interest and enjoyment (在某地)做巡回表演,旅游The band toured the UK last year.乐队去年在英国做了巡演。The town makes an ideal base for touring the Highlands.该镇是游览高地的理想据点。We spent six weeks touring in Australia.我们花了六个星期在澳大利亚各处游玩。 see also tour trip noun , tour visit noun , tourism travel explore [transitive, intransitive] to travel around an area or country in order to learn more about it 勘探;勘查;探索;考察The city is best explored on foot.考察这个城市最好的方式是步行。They explored the land to the south of the Murray River.他们勘查了墨累河以南的地区。Bicycles can be hired if you want to explore further afield.如果你想去逛更远的地方,可以租辆自行车。Canadian companies are exploring for (= searching for) oil in the region.加拿大公司正在该地区勘探石油。 see also explorer explorer backpack ( usually 通常作 go backpacking) [intransitive] to travel around an area, especially a large area, carrying your clothes and equipment with you in a backpack (尤指大范围地)背包旅行,自助旅行My son's backpacking in Thailand at the moment.我儿子此时正在泰国自助旅行。 see also backpack suitcase noun
IELTS BNC: 1420 COCA: 1474

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