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TOEFL BNC: 1776 COCA: 3265


Word family
per·suade /pəˈsweɪd $ pər-/ ●●● S3 W2 verb [transitiveT]  
1 PERSUADEto make someone decide to do something, especially by giving them reasons why they should do it, or asking them many times to do it 说服,劝服
persuade somebody to do something
 I finally managed to persuade her to go out for a drink with me.
persuade somebody into doing something
 Don’t let yourself be persuaded into buying things you don’t want.
try/manage/fail to persuade somebody
 I’m trying to persuade your dad to buy some shares.
attempt/effort to persuade somebody
 Leo wouldn’t agree, despite our efforts to persuade him.
little/a lot of/no persuading
 He took a lot of persuading to come out of retirement (=it was hard to persuade him).
 He was fairly easily persuaded.
2 PERSUADEto make someone believe something or feel sure about something 使相信,使信服 SYN convince
 I am not persuaded by these arguments.
persuade somebody (that)
 She’ll only take me back if I can persuade her that I’ve changed.
persuade somebody of something
 McFadden must persuade the jury of her innocence.
persuade to make someone decide to do something, especially by giving them reasons why they should do it, or asking them many times to do it 劝说,说服
I persuaded her to change her mind.
Do you think you can persuade him to lend us the money?
talk somebody into (doing) something to persuade someone to do something, especially something they do not really want to do 说服某人做某事〔尤指不愿意做的事〕
Why did I let you talk me into this?
He finally talked her into going on a date with him.
get somebody to do something to make someone do something by persuading or asking them 劝说[要求]某人做某事
If we can’t get a taxi I’ll get Joe to pick us up.
I know how to get you to kiss me.
convince to persuade someone that they should do something, because it is the best or the right thing to do. Some British speakers think this use is incorrect, and prefer to use persuade 说服,劝说〔部分英国人认为这种用法不正确,他们倾向于用persuade
It would be difficult to convince him to move.
encourage to try to persuade someone to do something, especially because you think it will be good for them 鼓励,激励
Children should be encouraged to read all kinds of books.
influence to have an effect on what someone decides to do 影响,起作用
What influences you to buy clothes?
coax to persuade someone to do something by talking gently and kindly ,劝诱
I tried to coax him to eat a little.
cajole /kəˈdʒəʊl $ -ˈdʒoʊl/ to persuade someone to do something by praising them or making promises to them 劝诱,哄骗
He hoped to cajole her into selling her house.
put somebody up to something to persuade or encourage someone to do something wrong or stupid 鼓动某人做某事〔指错事或傻事〕
Who put you up to this?
dissuade formal to persuade someone not to do something 劝阻
How do you dissuade young people from experimenting with drugs?
Examples from the Corpus
Origin persuade
(1500-1600) Latin persuadere, from suadere to advise
per·suade verb →THESAURUS1
TOEFL BNC: 1776 COCA: 3265


ADVERB | VERB + PERSUADE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBsuccessfully成功說服almost幾乎說服eventually, finally, ultimately最終說服quickly很快勸服easily容易說服She was easily persuaded to accompany us.她很容易就被說服陪我們一起去。gently溫和地說服Dictators can sometimes be gently persuaded to leave power with special deals that guarantee their safety.在達成確保安全的特別協議的情況下,獨裁者有時可以被溫和地說服交出權力。somehow通過某種方式說服He somehow persuaded the studio to let him make the movie.他不知用什麼方法說服了電影公司讓他來拍攝這部影片。VERB + PERSUADEattempt to, seek to, try to, work to試圖說服;努力勸說;盡力說服hope to希望說服be able to, be unable to, can能夠說服;無法說服manage to設法說服He eventually managed to persuade the caretaker to let him in.他最終成功地說服了看守讓他進去。help (to)幫助說服be difficult to難以說服fail to沒有說服PREPOSITIONinto說服做⋯She was persuaded into buying an expensive dress.她在勸說之下買了一條昂貴的連衣裙。of使相信⋯We must persuade the government of the need for change.我們必須使政府相信需要變革。out of (especially BrE) 勸說脫離⋯There was no way to persuade him out of it.沒有辦法說服他放棄。Why not invite Larry, if he can be persuaded out of hibernation?如果可以說服拉里出來活動活動,為什麼不邀請他?PHRASESan attempt to persuade sb, an effort to persuade sb勸說某人的嘗試/努力an unsuccessful attempt to persuade her colleagues勸說她的同事未果be fully persuaded完全被說服I am not fully persuaded by these arguments.這些論點沒有充分說服我。be reluctantly persuaded勉強被說服I was reluctantly persuaded to join the committee.我勉強被說服加入了委員會。have difficulty (in) persuading sb說服某人有困難They had difficulty in persuading the two sides to sit down together.他們在說服雙方坐下和談時遇到了困難。
TOEFL BNC: 1776 COCA: 3265
persuade verb
persuade (Persuade her to come.) convince (No one was persuaded by his argument.)


 See also the entry for convince 另见convince条persuade ♦︎ get ♦︎ convince ♦︎ win sb over ♦︎ coax ♦︎ talk sb into sth ♦︎ cajole ♦︎ get round/around sb ♦︎ convertThese words all mean to make sb agree to do sth, usually by talking to them and giving them good reasons why they should do it. 这些词均表示劝说、说服。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to persuade sb / get sb / convince sb / be coaxed / be cajoled to do sthto persuade / coax / talk / cajole sb into (doing) sthto try to persuade sb / get sb to do sth / convince sb to do sth / win sb over / coax sb / talk sb into sthto manage to persuade sb / get sb to do sth / convince sb to do sth / win sb over / coax sbto finally persuade sb / convince sb to do sth / win sb over persuade [transitive, intransitive] to make sb agree to do sth by giving them good reasons for doing it 劝说;说服Can you persuade him to come?你能劝他来吗?Please try and persuade her.请尽力说服她。He was fairly easily persuaded.他向来禁不住劝。I allowed myself to be persuaded into entering the competition.我禁不住人家劝说,就参加了比赛。OPP dissuade discourage 1 persuasion pəˈsweɪʒn; NAmE pərˈsweɪʒn


[uncountable] After a little gentle persuasion, he agreed to come.耐心劝他一会儿,他就同意来了。She has great powers of persuasion.她的游说能力极强。
get (getting, got, got; NAmE spoken getting, got, gotten) [transitive] (informal) to persuade sb to do sth 使,让(某人做某事)He got his sister to help him with his homework.他让姐姐帮他做作业。We had trouble getting enough people to sign up.我们没能说服足够多的人报名参加。It's not hard to get him talking-the problem is stopping him!让他说话并不难-难的是让他住口! convince sb to do sth [transitive] to make sb do sth by giving them good reasons for doing it 劝说,说服(某人做某事)I've been trying to convince him to see a doctor.我一直劝他去看病。NOTE 辨析 Persuade or convince?When followed by an infinitive with to, persuade and convince both mean that a person does sth because of sth you have said or done. You can persuade sb to do sth in many different ways, for example by making them believe it is right, by showing them that they will gain sth from it, or by giving them sth in return. 当后接带to的不定式时,persuade和convince均表示说服某人去做某事。persuade sb to do sth可以采取不同方式,如使人相信这件事是对的或有利可图,或给予某物作回报Nothing would persuade them to go back again.什么也不能让他们再回去了。Subsequently he was persuaded by bribes to reverse his judgement.后来还是贿赂让他改变了原来的意见。When you convince sb to do sth, you usually make them believe that it is the right or the best thing to do. * convince sb to do sth通常指使人相信这样做是对的或这样做最好He convinced me to get legal advice.他劝我去寻求法律咨询。The use of convince with this meaning is fairly recent and is more common in American English. Many speakers of British English prefer to use persuade and they use convince only with the meaning 'to make sb believe that sth is true'. * convince的这种用法是最新用法,在美式英语中较常见。说英式英语的人更喜欢用persuade,用convince只表示说服某人相信某事是真实的He convinced me that he was right.他说服我他没错。 see also convince convince ˌwin sb ˈover

phrasal verb

(winning, won, won)to get sb's support or approval, especially by persuading them that you are right when they disagreed with you before 赢得⋯支持;说服;把⋯争取过来She's against the idea but I'm sure I can win her over.她反对这一想法,但我肯定能把她争取过来。They were immediately won over by his famous charm.他们立即为他那久负盛名的魅力所折服。
coax kəʊks; NAmE koʊks [transitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) to persuade sb to do sth by talking to them in a kind and gentle way; to make an animal or machine do sth by treating it gently 哄劝,劝诱(人或动物);耐心地发动(机器)He was coaxed out of retirement to help the failing company.他退休之后又被力劝出山帮助濒临破产的公司。Police managed to coax him down from the ledge.警察好言相劝,他才离开了窗台。She coaxed the horse into coming a little closer.她哄着那匹马让它再靠近了一点。 ˌtalk sb ˈinto sth

phrasal verb

(rather informal) to persuade sb to do sth, especially sth they are not very enthusiastic about 说服⋯做(尤指不太感兴趣的事)I didn't want to go, but Bill talked me into it.我本不想去,但比尔说服了我。She tried to talk him into staying a bit longer.她设法说服他多待些时间。OPP talk sb out of sth discourage 1
cajole kəˈdʒəʊl; NAmE kəˈdʒoʊl [transitive, intransitive] to persuade sb to do sth by talking to them in a gentle way and being very nice to them 劝诱;哄骗;诱骗He didn't like the microphone and had to be cajoled into using it.他不喜欢麦克风,得哄着他用。He pleaded, cajoled, even offered bribes, but it was too late.他乞求、哄骗,甚至贿赂,但为时已晚。NOTE 辨析 Coax or cajole?In many cases you can use either word. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用He was coaxed / cajoled out of retirement.他退休后又被劝说出山。However, coax can suggest a kinder, gentler action than cajole: you coax sb to do sth that is good for them as well as you. 但是coax较cajole更和善、更温柔,表示劝诱某人做对双方都有益的事Police managed to cajole him down from the ledge. Cajole can suggest that sb is only pretending to be nice to sb else in order to get them to do what they want; cajoling is sometimes used along with other, less gentle methods, such as bullying, threatening, menacing and bribing. * cajole可以指假扮好意,其目的是哄骗别人做自己想要的事。cajole有时与bullying(恐吓)、threatening(威胁)、menacing(威胁)和bribing(贿赂)这些不太温和的方法一起使用。 ˌget ˈround sb (BrE) ( get aˈround sb, especially in NAmE)

phrasal verb

(getting, got, got; NAmE spoken getting, got, gotten) (rather informal) to persuade sb to agree to sth or to do what you want, usually by being very nice to them (用讨好卖乖的手段)说服⋯同意,哄骗⋯依顺She knows how to get round her dad.她知道怎么讨她爸爸的欢心。
convert kənˈvɜːt; NAmE kənˈvɜːrt [transitive] (rather informal) to persuade sb to change their opinion about sth or a habit 使改变(观点或习惯)I've never liked opera but you might convert me!我从未喜欢过歌剧,但也许你能改变我!Convert is also used when sb changes their religion or beliefs. When it is used to talk about persuading sb to change other ideas or habits, it is slightly informal and often humorous, and suggests that the change is quite dramatic and surprising, for example, changing from disliking sth to being enthusiastic about it. * convert还指改变宗教或信仰。当用convert表示说服某人改变观点或习惯时,略显非正式,常带有幽默色彩,表示这种改变具有戏剧性,令人惊讶。如从本来不喜欢某事变得对某事很热衷。
TOEFL BNC: 1776 COCA: 3265

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