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BNC: 1269 COCA: 1409


Word family
re·ac·tion /riˈækʃən/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL noun  
1 to a situation/event 对某一情形/事件 [countableC, uncountableU]REACT something that you feel or do because of something that has happened or been said 反应 response
 What was Jeff’s reaction when you told him about the job?
reaction to
 the government’s reaction to the fuel crisis
in reaction to something
 An emergency fund was set up in reaction to the famine.
2 MOVING QUICKLY 快速行动reactions [plural]REACT your ability to move quickly when something dangerous happens suddenly 〔突发危险时的〕反应能力
 a skilled driver with very quick reactions
Examples from the Corpus
3 to food/drugs 对食物/药物 [countableC]MIMD if you have a reaction to a drug or to something you have eaten, it makes you ill 〔药物或食物引起的〕不良反应
reaction to
 a reaction to the immunization
have/suffer a reaction
 She had a severe allergic reaction to the drug.
cause/bring on/trigger a reaction
 Certain foods are more likely than others to cause allergic reactions.
4 science 科学 [countableC, uncountableU]
a) HCa chemical change that happens when two or more substances are mixed together 化学反应
 a chemical reaction in the soil
b) HPa physical force that is the result of an equally strong physical force in the opposite direction 反作用力
5 change 变化 [singular]REACT a change in people’s attitudes, behaviour, fashions etc that happens because they disapprove of the way in which things were done in the past 〔对过去的态度、行为、时尚等的〕抗拒;改变
reaction against
 a reaction against the traditional values of the nineteenth century
6 against change 反对变革 [uncountableU] formalPPPCHANGE YOUR MIND strong and unreasonable opposition to all social and political changes 〔对一切社会政治变革的〕反对,反动
 The revolutionary movement was crushed by the forces of reaction.
chain reaction
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: something that you feel or do because of something that has happened or been said 反应
somebody’s first/initial/immediate reaction 某人的第一/最初/即时反应
His first reaction was to laugh.
somebody’s gut reaction informal (=what they feel or decide immediately, before thinking) 某人的本能反应
You must trust your gut reactions.
somebody’s instinctive reaction (=what they do immediately, before thinking) 某人的本能反应
Often your instinctive reaction is to blame someone else.
a natural reaction 自然反应
Anger is a natural reaction if you feel undervalued.
a knee-jerk reaction (=an immediate reaction that happens without sensible thinking) 不假思索的反应
Environmentalists have a knee-jerk reaction against any development.
an emotional reaction (=showing strong emotion, especially by crying) 情绪化的反应〔尤指哭泣〕
I was surprised by her emotional reaction to the news.
a positive/favourable reaction (=showing that someone agrees or likes something) 积极的/赞许的反应
nThere has been a positive reaction to the campaign.
a negative reaction (=showing that someone disagrees or dislikes something) 消极的反应
nWe are concerned about the negative reaction of some of our customers.
mixed reactions (=some positive and some negative reactions) 褒贬不一的反应
nThe book met with mixed reactions.
a violent/angry reaction 暴力的/愤怒的反应
nThe artists were surprised by the violent reactions to their work.
a delayed reaction (=a reaction that comes some time after an event) 延时反应
nYou’re suffering a delayed reaction to the accident.
the public reaction (=what the public think about something that happens) 公众反应
nThe public reaction was less than encouraging.
provoke/produce/bring a reaction 激起/产生/带来某种反应
The decision provoked an angry reaction from the local tourist industry.
get a reaction 得到某种反应
We didn’t know what kind of reaction we would get.
gauge somebody’s reaction (=judge or find out someone’s reaction) 判断某人的反应
nHe watched Jane’s face, trying to gauge her reaction.
njudging by somebody’s reactions
Judging by the audience’s reactions, the show will be a great success.
reaction someone’s feelings, and how they behave, because of something that has happened or been said
I was stunned by the news, and my initial reaction was anger.
What was her reaction, when you told her that you were leaving?
response what you say or do when someone says or does something to you
The government’s immediate response was to reject the proposal.
The decision was made in response to requests from local residents.
We are still waiting to see if there is any response.
reception a particular type of reaction to someone’s ideas, work etc – used especially in the following phrases
The plan received warm reception from conference delegates (=they liked it).
The film received a mixed reception and commercially it was not successful (=many people did not like it).
The Association of Chief Police Officers gave the idea a cool reception (=they did not like it very much).
Alford’s views met with a hostile reception (=people were very disapproving).
feedback advice, criticism, praise etc that you give to someone, telling them how well they are working
Our English teacher gave us some feedback on our essays.
The feedback we have had from our customers has all been positive.
negative feedback
backlash an angry or violent reaction by a group of people to the actions or decisions of others
There has been a growing backlash against the government from angry voters.
fears of a right-wing backlash
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: if you have a reaction to a drug or to something you have eaten, it makes you ill 〔药物或食物引起的〕不良反应
an allergic reaction
If you develop an allergic reaction to your sunscreen, change it.
a bad reaction
She had a bad reaction to the medicine.
an adverse reaction formal (=a bad reaction)
The patient died after having an adverse reaction to the drug.
a severe reaction
A severe allergic reaction to the drug has killed five Americans.
a slight/mild reaction
A spider’s venom usually causes only a slight reaction.
have/suffer a reaction
People who eat these products could have an allergic reaction.
cause/bring on/trigger a reaction (=make someone ill)
Wheat is one of the foods that are most likely to cause a reaction.
Examples from the Corpus
BNC: 1269 COCA: 1409


1response回應ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEextreme, strong, violent極端的/強烈的/激烈的反應favourable/favorable, positive有利的/肯定的反應adverse, hostile, negative負面的回應;敵對的反應;消極的反應mixed多種不同的反應The speech got a mixed reaction.人們對該演講褒貶不一。angry憤怒的回應first, immediate, initial第一/即刻的/最初的反應delayed延遲的反應Her outburst was a delayed reaction to an unpleasant letter she'd received that morning.她大發雷霆,是那天早上收到一封令她不快的信件的延時反應 。chain連鎖反應The change of plan set off a chain reaction of confusion.計劃的變更引起了一連串的混亂。common, general, public共同的/普遍的/公眾的反應natural, normal, understandable自然的/正常的/可以理解的反應His reaction is completely understandable.他的反應完全可以理解。automatic, gut, instinctive, knee-jerk, spontaneous自動的反應;本能的反應;下意識的反應The incident calls for a measured response, avoiding knee-jerk reactions.這一事件需要慎重對待,不要不動腦子就回應。nervous緊張的反應emotional, visceral情緒上的/出自內心的反應critical評論的反應The critical reaction to his first novel has been positive.評論界對他的第一部小說反響不錯。VERB + REACTIONget, have, meet with得到回應;有反應The play met with a mixed reaction from the critics.評論家對這齣戲褒貶不一。experience經歷反應I believe she is experiencing a post-traumatic stress reaction.我想她正在經受創傷後的應激反應。bring, cause, elicit, induce, produce, provoke, set off, spark, spark off, trigger, trigger off帶來反應;產生反應;引發反應She was surprised at the reaction brought by the mention of his name.提到他的名字後產生的反應使她很驚訝。gauge, judge對反應作出評估/判斷He eyed her cautiously, trying to gauge her reaction.他謹慎地打量着她,估摸着她的反應。judge by, judge from(從⋯)判斷反應Judging by her reaction, she liked the present.從她的反應來看,她是喜歡這件禮物的。PREPOSITIONin reaction to作為對⋯的反應There's been a drop in ticket sales in reaction to the review.評論發表後,票房下降了。reaction against反抗Her rebellious attitude is just a reaction against her strict upbringing.她叛逆的態度正是對自己嚴格家教的一種反抗。reaction to對⋯的反應the public reaction to the news公眾對這一新聞的反應


2(usually reactions) ability to react quickly快速反應的能力ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACTION | REACTION + NOUN ADJECTIVEfast, good, lightning, quick快速的/良好的/閃電般的/迅速的反應能力Keenan showed lightning reactions.基南顯示出了閃電般的反應能力。slow緩慢的反應VERB + REACTIONhave有反應能力She has very quick reactions.她反應很快。speed up加速反應slow down放慢反應Alcohol has the effect of slowing down your reactions.酒精會使人反應遲鈍。REACTION + NOUNtime反應時間Your reaction time increases when you are tired.疲勞會使你反應變慢。


3chemical reaction化學反應ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACTION | REACTION + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEchain連鎖反應chemical, nuclear, thermonuclear, etc.化學反應、核反應、熱核反應等fission, fusion裂變/聚變反應reversible可逆反應VERB + REACTIONcause, initiate, produce, start, trigger引起/啟動/產生/開始/引發化學反應catalyse/catalyze (science科學) 催化反應stop停止化學反應slow down, speed up減慢/加速化學反應REACTION + VERBoccur, take place化學反應出現/發生PREPOSITIONduring a/the reaction, in a/the reaction在化學反應過程中the energy given out during the reaction化學反應中釋放的能量reaction between⋯之間的化學反應I am studying the reactions between certain gases.我正在研究某些氣體之間的化學反應。reaction with和⋯的化學反應the fuel's chemical reaction with the surrounding water燃料和周圍的水之間的化學反應


4physical reaction生理反應ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEadverse, bad, severe不良反應;嚴重的不良反應mild, slight輕微反應delayed遲發型反應a delayed reaction to the drugs對藥物的延遲的不良反應allergic變態反應inflammatory炎性反應VERB + REACTIONexperience, have, suffer經歷不良反應;有不良反應;過敏She had a very bad allergic reaction to the peanuts.她對花生嚴重過敏。cause, induce, produce引起過敏;產生不良反應PREPOSITIONreaction to對⋯的不良反應A small minority of patients suffer an adverse reaction to the treatment.少數病人對該療法有不良反應。
BNC: 1269 COCA: 1409
reaction noun
BNC: 1269 COCA: 1409
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