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IELTS BNC: 1070 COCA: 869


Word family
Related topics: Geology, Nature, Music, Food
rock1 /rɒk $ rɑːk/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  
1 stone 石头
a) [uncountableU]HEG the hard substance that forms the main surface of the Earth 岩石 stone
 To build the tunnel, they had to cut through 500 feet of solid rock.
 Most of the country is desert and bare rock.
 massive rock formations (=shapes made naturally from rock)
 ancient dark volcanic rock
b) [countableC]DN a piece of rock, especially a large one that sticks up from the ground 〔尤指凸出地面的〕岩块,大石块
 Jack stood on a rock for a better view.
 During the storm a ship had been driven onto the rocks (=a line of rocks under or next to the sea).
4  See picture of 见图 STONE 1
2 music 音乐 [uncountableU] (also rock music)APM a type of popular modern music with a strong loud beat, played using guitars and drums 摇滚乐
rock band/group
 Komuro formed a rock band with some friends while in college.
 the late rock star, Freddie Mercury
 The stadium has hosted numerous rock concerts.
hard rock, → punk rock at punk(1)
3 (as) solid/steady as a rock 
a) STRONG OBJECTvery strongly built or well supported and not likely to break or fall 坚如磐石/稳如磐石
 a large sofa, solid as a rock
b) STRONG PERSONsomeone who is as solid or steady as a rock is very strong and calm in difficult situations and you can depend on them 〔指人面对困难时〕坚定镇静的 rock-solid
Examples from the Corpus
4 [singular] someone who always gives you support and who you can depend on 可靠的人
 My sister has always been my rock.
5 be on the rocks informalFAIL a relationship or business that is on the rocks is having a lot of problems and is likely to fail soon 〔关系〕濒临破裂;〔企业〕濒临破产 SYN in trouble
 I’m afraid Tim’s marriage is on the rocks.
Examples from the Corpus
6. scotch/vodka etc on the rocks informalDFD an alcoholic drink that is served with ice but no water 加冰块的苏格兰威士忌/伏特加等
7 sweet food 甜食 [uncountableU] British EnglishBrEDF a hard sweet made in long round pieces 棒形硬糖
 a stick of rock
8 drug 毒品
a) [uncountableU] a very pure form of the illegal drug cocaine that some people use for pleasure 石毒〔结晶体可卡因〕
b) [countableC] a small amount of this drug 少量石毒
9. be (stuck) between a rock and a hard place CHOOSEto have a choice between two things, both of which are unpleasant or dangerous 左右为难,进退维谷
10. get your rocks off informal not politeSEX/HAVE SEX WITH if a man gets his rocks off, he has sex 〔男人〕发生性行为
Examples from the Corpus
11. jewel 珠宝 [countableC usually plural] old-fashioned informalHEG a diamond or other jewel 钻石;宝石
solid rock
Steps had been carved out of the solid rock.
bare rock (=not covered by soil)
Here there was only bare rock and gravel.
volcanic rock
The fossils are sandwiched between two layers of volcanic rock.
molten rock (=rock that is so hot it is liquid)
Molten rock flowed into these cracks.
rock + NOUN
a rock formation
There are marvellous views of impressive rock formations.
rock forms/is formed
From the texture of the rock we can tell how it was formed.
something erodes rock (=it gradually removes the surface of the rock)
Rainwater drained away, forming streams and rivers that began to erode the rock.
rock erodes (away) (=its surface is gradually removed because of the action of water, wind etc )
The rocks had eroded away over the years.
a lump/piece of rock
His leg was trapped under a large lump of rock.
a layer of rock
You can see six layers of rock in the cliff.
an outcrop of rock (=a mass of rock that sticks up above the ground)
The gulls nested on a outcrop of rock.
rock a piece of the hard substance that forms the main surface of the Earth. In British English, rocks are too large to pick up, but in American English, they can either be large or small
the rocks along the riverbanks
stone a small piece of rock, found on the ground or near the surface of the ground. Speakers of American English are more likely to use the word rock than stone
The children were throwing stones into the water.
boulder a large round piece of rock
She climbed over a few boulders at the edge of the sea.
pebble a small smooth stone found especially on a beach or on the bottom of a river
The beach was covered with smooth white pebbles.
fossil a rock which has the shape of an animal or plant that lived many thousands of years ago
fossils of early reptiles
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Earth sciences
rock2 ●○○ verb  
1 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION to move gently backwards and forwards or from side to side, or to make something do this (使)来回摆动,(使)摇摆 sway
 She covered her face, rocking to and fro in her grief.
 The waves rocked the boat from side to side.
 Paul sat gently rocking the child in his arms.
 Jim rocked with laughter when he heard what had happened.
see thesaurus at move
2 [transitiveT]SHOCK
3 rock the boat informalPROBLEM to cause problems for other members of a group by criticizing something or trying to change the way something is done 〔通过批评某事或试图改变做事方式而〕生事;找麻烦
Examples from the Corpus
4 [transitiveT]HE if an explosion or earthquake rocks an area, it makes it shake 〔爆炸或地震〕使剧烈震动
5. somebody/something rocks spoken informal said to show that you strongly approve of someone or something 某人/某事很有道理
Examples from the Corpus
6. rock somebody’s world informal to cause someone to think about something or someone in a completely new way 动摇某人的世界〔使其以全新方式考虑某事物或某人〕
n7 rock a trend/look etc to look good when wearing something fashionable – used especially in magazines
Examples from the Corpus
Origin rock1
1. (1300-1400) Old North French roque, from Vulgar Latin rocca
2. (1900-2000) → ROCK2
Old English roccian

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IELTS BNC: 1070 COCA: 869


1hard, stony part of the earth岩石ADJECTIVE | ... OF ROCK | VERB + ROCK | ROCK + VERB | ROCK + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhard, solid堅硬的岩石Solid rock is broken down by weathering.堅硬的岩石因風化而分解。soft軟的岩石jagged, rough, sharp凸凹不平的/粗糙的/鋒利的岩石smooth光滑的岩石flat扁平的岩石slippery滑溜的岩石The rocks were slippery as I tried to climb them.我試圖攀上這些岩石,但發現很滑。weathered風化的岩石bare, barren, exposed裸露的岩石Ahead the vegetation broke into bare rock.前方的植被長入裸露的岩石中。sheer, steep峻峭的岩石The river runs between walls of sheer rock.小河從峻峭的岩壁中間流過。overhanging懸垂的岩石liquid, molten岩漿;熔岩crushed碎岩石loose鬆散的岩石an avalanche of loose rock大量鬆散岩石的崩落falling滾落的岩石Signs warn of the perils of falling rock.標牌警告有岩石滾落的危險。igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary, volcanic火成岩;變質岩; 沉積岩;火山岩permeable, porous滲透性岩石... OF ROCKchunk, lump, piece, slab一塊岩石;一片岩石VERB + ROCKform形成岩石climb, skip, skip over攀岩;跳過岩石Lars taught me to skip rocks.拉斯教我如何跳過岩石。ROCK + VERBform岩石形成rocks that formed beneath the sea海下形成的岩石jut out岩石突出A great rock jutted out into the water.一塊大岩石伸出水面。ROCK + NOUNtype岩石類型formation, structure岩石構造layer, strata岩層cliff, ledge, outcrop, outcropping (NAmE) 岩崖;岩架;岩石露頭face, surface, wall岩石表面;岩壁crevice岩石裂縫debris, dust, fragment, sample, specimen岩石碎片;岩粉;岩石樣本fall, slide岩崩;岩滑The path had been blocked by a rock fall.道路被崩塌的岩石擋住了。crystal, salt水晶;岩鹽climber, climbing攀岩者;攀岩pool (especially BrE) (usually tide pool in NAmE) 岩石區潮水潭Children were looking for crabs in the rock pools.孩子們正在潮水潭裏找螃蟹。quarry採石場pile石堆art, carvings, painting岩石藝術;石刻;岩畫garden假山花園PHRASESas hard as a rock, as hard as rock (especially BrE) 堅如磐石a layer of rock, an outcrop of rock一層岩石;一塊突出的岩石The castle is perched on a massive outcrop of rock.城堡建於一塊突出的巨大岩石上。sleep like a rock (NAmE) 睡得很死You slept like a rock last night.你昨晚睡得很死。


2 (NAmE) small stone; stone that can be thrown石子;石塊ADJECTIVE | ... OF ROCKS | VERB + ROCK ADJECTIVElarge, small大石塊;小石子heavy很重的石塊... OF ROCKSmound, pile一堆石子VERB + ROCKpick up撿石子pelt sb with, throw朝某人扔石子;扔石子Protesters pelted the soldiers with rocks.抗議者向士兵投擲石塊。They used to throw rocks at neighborhood dogs.他們以前經常朝鄰居家的狗扔石子。


3music音樂ADJECTIVE | ROCK + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVElive實況轉播的搖滾樂表演acid, alternative, arena, blues, classic, country, folk, garage, glam, hard, heavy, indie, mainstream, modern, pop, progressive, psychedelic, punk, soft迷幻搖滾;另類搖滾;舞台搖滾;布魯斯搖滾;經典搖滾;鄉村搖滾;民謠搖滾;車庫搖滾;華麗搖滾;硬搖滾;重搖滾;獨立搖滾;主流搖滾;當代搖滾;流行搖滾;前衞搖滾;朋克搖滾;慢搖滾60s, 80s, etc. * 60 年代、80 年代等搖滾ROCK + NOUNanthem, ballad, number, riff, song, tune搖滾樂頌歌/民謠/曲目/連複段/歌曲/曲調lyrics, music搖滾歌詞/音樂album, CD, record, video搖滾樂專輯/光盤/唱片/錄像act, band, group, outfit搖滾樂隊;搖滾樂團concert, festival, gig (especially BrE) 搖滾音樂會/音樂節/演出musical, opera, show, soundtrack搖滾音樂劇/歌劇/演出/電影配樂club, venue搖滾俱樂部/演出地點scene搖滾樂演出現場one of the biggest bands on the rock scene搖滾演出現場最大的樂隊之一artist, drummer, guitarist, musician, singer搖滾樂藝人/鼓手/吉他手/音樂人/歌手guitar搖滾吉他hero, icon, idol, legend, star搖滾樂英雄;搖滾樂偶像;搖滾樂傳奇人物;搖滾樂明星stardom搖滾明星critic搖滾樂評人influential rock critics有影響的搖滾樂評人fan搖滾樂迷chick搖滾小妞She was a rock chick through and through.她是十足的搖滾小妞。culture, history搖滾樂文化/歷史radio, station搖滾樂電台Ryan changed the radio to a rock station.瑞安將這個電台變成了搖滾樂電台。PHRASESrock and roll搖滾樂the king of rock and roll搖滾樂之王


ADVERBviolently猛烈地晃動The boat rocked violently in the huge waves.小船在大浪中猛烈地搖晃。gently, slightly輕柔地擺動;輕輕地搖動She gently rocked the baby in her arms.她輕輕地晃着懷裏的嬰兒。The boat rocked slightly.小船輕柔地晃動着。slowly慢慢搖晃back and forth, backwards and forwards, from side to side, to and fro前後晃動;左右搖擺;晃來晃去He rocked back and forth in his chair.他躺在椅子裏前後晃動。
IELTS BNC: 1070 COCA: 869
rock verb
shake2 (rocked by the earthquake) shock (rocked by the scandal) swing (rock back and forth)
rock noun

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