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BNC: 3393 COCA: 4890


Word family
de·light1 /dɪˈlaɪt/ ●●○ noun  
1 [uncountableU]ENJOY/LIKE DOING something a feeling of great pleasure and satisfaction 高兴,快乐
with/in delight
 The kids were screaming with delight.
to somebody’s delight/to the delight of somebody
 To the delight of his proud parents, he has made a full recovery.
squeal/gasp/cry etc of delight
 She gave a little gasp of delight.
see thesaurus at pleasure
2 [countableC]HAPPY something that makes you feel very happy or satisfied 使人高兴[满意]的事
the delights of something
 a chance to sample the delights of nearby Vienna
it is a delight to do something
 It was a delight to see him so fit and healthy.
3 take delight in (doing) something ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingto enjoy something very much, especially something you should not do 以(做)某事为乐〔尤指做不该做的事〕
 Chris takes great delight in teasing his sister.
Examples from the Corpus
great delight
It gave her great delight to tease him about his various girlfriends.
sheer/pure delight (=very great)
She opened the present and laughed with sheer delight.
obvious/evident (=easy to see)
Spencer was staring at the girl with obvious delight.
take/find delight in something (=enjoy something a lot)
He took delight in entertaining guests in his apartment.
squeal/scream with delight
Lucy suddenly saw the sea and screamed with delight.
laugh with delight
‘That’s a brilliant idea’! she said, laughing with delight.
greet something with delight
His suggestion was greeted with delight.
a squeal/gasp/cry etc of delight
The child gave a squeal of delight.
a source of delight (=something that gives great pleasure)
It’s a beautiful park and a source of delight to most visitors.
much to somebody’s delight (also to somebody’s great delight) (=used to say that something gave someone a lot of pleasure)
The princess stopped to talk to people, much to the delight of the crowd.
Examples from the Corpus
delight2 ●○○ verb [transitiveT]  
1ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingto give someone great satisfaction and enjoyment 使愉快,使高兴
 Her fabulous recipes will delight anyone who loves chocolate.
delight somebody with something
 He is delighting audiences with his wit and humour.
2delight in something phrasal verbphr v [transitiveT] to enjoy something very much, especially something that other people think is not nice 为乐,喜欢〔尤指他人认为不好的事〕
5 She delighted in interesting conversation.
 He delights in complicating everything.
The verb delight in is not usually used to talk about things that people like doing. Use enjoy or love instead:
I really enjoy the countryside.
She loves watching old movies.
Examples from the Corpus
Origin delight2
(1200-1300) Old French delit, from Latin delectare to please greatly, from delicere to attract
BNC: 3393 COCA: 4890


1feeling of great pleasure欣喜ADJECTIVE | VERB + DELIGHT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat極大的快樂absolute, utter絕對/十足的快樂pure, sheer純粹的快樂mischievous, perverse搞惡作劇的/怪癖的快樂childish, childlike天真的/孩子般的快樂girlish (especially BrE) 少女般的喜悅evident, obvious明顯的快樂;顯然的喜悅aesthetic, sensory, sensual, spiritual, visual審美愉悅;感官愉悅;精神愉悅;視覺愉悅Flowering trees provide shade as well as visual delight.開花樹木在提供樹蔭的同時還給人帶來視覺上的愉悅。VERB + DELIGHTexpress表達喜悅find, take找到快樂;以⋯為樂She took evident delight in frightening the children with horror stories.很明顯她以講恐怖故事嚇唬孩子為樂。bring, give sb給某人歡樂laugh with, scream with, squeal with快樂地大笑/叫喊/尖叫Alice squealed with sheer delight when she saw the monkeys.艾麗斯看到猴子時高興得尖叫起來。PREPOSITIONin delight, with delight快樂地We danced around with childish delight.我們像孩子一樣高興地滿屋子跳舞。of delight快樂的⋯She gave a whoop of delight and dived into the water.她高興地大叫一聲,紮進了水裏。to your delight令某人快樂的是To my great delight, they offered me the job.他們給了我這個工作,令我非常高興。delight at因⋯的快樂He expressed his delight at seeing us all again.他表達了再一次見到我們所有人的喜悅之情。delight in⋯中的樂趣I find a perverse delight in listening to traffic.我從聽車流噪聲中找到一種怪異的樂趣。PHRASESa cry, gasp, squeal, etc. of delight快樂的叫喊/喘息/尖叫等much to sb's delight使某人十分高興的是Much to the delight of the crowd, the band came back and did three encores.使觀眾大為欣喜的是,樂隊返回台上又演奏了 3 首。


2sth that gives great pleasure樂事ADJECTIVE | VERB + DELIGHT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEreal真正的樂事constant始終不變的樂趣The baby was a constant delight and source of amazement.這個嬰兒不斷給人帶來喜悅和驚奇。unexpected意想不到的樂事culinary, gastronomic烹飪的/美食的樂趣earthly人間的樂事He became deeply religious and turned away from earthly delights.他開始潛心信教,拋開一切塵世之樂。VERB + DELIGHTexplore, sample發掘/嘗試樂事enjoy, savour/savor享受/品味樂趣Savour the culinary delights of Morocco.體味一下摩洛哥烹飪的樂趣。PREPOSITIONdelight to對⋯而言的樂趣The old lady's reminiscences were a continual delight to Constance.這位老太太對往事的回憶總是為康斯坦絲帶來快樂。
BNC: 3393 COCA: 4890
delight noun
joy (squeal with delight) pleasure (culinary delights)


 See also the entries for interest verb and please 另见interest动词词条和please条delight ♦︎ charm ♦︎ captivate ♦︎ entrance ♦︎ enthral ♦︎ enchant ♦︎ bewitchThese are all words that can be used when sb/sth gives you great pleasure or makes you want it/them very much. 这些词均表示使人愉悦或着迷。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达使人快乐的程度
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to be delighted / charmed / captivated / enthralled / enchanted / bewitched by sb / sth delight [transitive, intransitive] to give sb great pleasure 使高兴;使愉快;带来欢乐This news will delight his fans all over the world.这个消息将使全世界崇拜他的人都感到高兴。 (written) She had a limitless capacity to astonish and delight.她总能带给人惊奇和欢乐。 see also delight joy , delight pleasure charm [transitive, intransitive] to please or attract sb in a way that makes them like you or be willing to do what you want 吸引;迷住He charmed his mother into letting him have his own way.他哄得妈妈让他为所欲为。Her words had lost their power to charm.她的话再也没有吸引力了。 see also charm charm noun , charming nice 2 captivate [transitive, often passive] (especially written) to get and keep sb's close attention by being extremely interesting or attractive 迷住;使着迷The children were captivated by her stories.孩子们被她的故事迷住了。Men were captivated by her charm.男人都被她的妩媚迷住了。 entrance ɪnˈtraːns; NAmE ɪnˈtræns [transitive, usually passive] (written) to get and keep sb's close attention by making them feel great pleasure or admiration 使狂喜;使入迷He listened to her, entranced.他听她说话听得出了神。I was entranced by the bird's beauty.我被那只鸟的美丽迷住了。 enthral (BrE) (NAmE enthrall) ɪnˈθrɔːl (-ll-) [transitive, often passive] (especially written) to get and keep sb's close attention by being extremely interesting or attractive 迷住;使着迷This book will enthral readers of all ages.这本书对所有年龄的读者都具有吸引力。The child watched, enthralled by the bright moving images.这孩子看着那些明亮的移动影像,着迷了。NOTE 辨析 Captivate, entrance or enthral?You can be captivated by another person-their looks, charm or what they say or do. You can be entranced by a person or by sth that appeals to your senses, such as music, art or beauty. You can be enthralled by sth that you see or sth that appeals to your imagination, such as a story. * be captivated表示被别人的外表、魅力或言行迷住;be entranced表示被带来感官愉悦的人或事物迷住,如音乐、艺术或美态;be enthralled则表示被所见之物,或能够激发想象力的事物迷住,如故事。 enchant ɪnˈtʃɑːnt; NAmE ɪnˈtʃænt [transitive] (especially written) to attract sb strongly and make them feel great pleasure or interest 使着迷;使陶醉The happy family scene had enchanted him.一家其乐融融的场面使他陶醉。 bewitch bɪˈwɪtʃ [transitive, often passive, intransitive] (written) to attract or impress sb so much that they cannot think in a sensible way 迷住;迷惑He was completely bewitched by her beauty.他被她的美貌彻底迷住了。
BNC: 3393 COCA: 4890
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