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BNC: 91 COCA: 94


Word family
man1 /mæn/ ●●● S1 W1 noun (plural men /men/)  
1 male person 男人 [countableC]MAN an adult male human 成年男子,男人 woman
 There were two men and a woman in the car.
 He’s a very kind man.
 a man’s watch
 Don’t keep Hansen waiting – he’s a busy man.
2 strong/brave 强壮的/勇敢的 [countableC usually singular]MAN a man who has the qualities that people think a man should have, such as being brave, strong etc 男子汉,大丈夫
 Come on, be a man now. No more crying.
 He wasn’t man enough (=strong or brave enough) to face up to his responsibilities.
make a man (out) of somebody (=make a boy or young man start behaving in a confident way) 使某人成为一个男人
 Running his own business has really made a man out of Terry.
3 person [countableC]PERSON/PEOPLE a person, either male or female – used especially in formal situations or in the past 人〔尤用于正式场合或过去〕
 All men are equal in the eyes of the law.
 a man’s right to work
4 people 人们 [uncountableU]GROUP OF PEOPLE people as a group 人类
 This is one of the worst diseases known to man.
 the evolution of man
prehistoric/Stone Age/modern man (=people who lived at a particular stage of human development) 史前人/石器时代的人/现代人
5 worker 工人WORKER
a) [countableC usually plural] a man who works for an employer 男雇员
 Why were there no protests from the men at the factory?
b) BO[countableC] a man who does a job for you, especially repairing something 提供服务的工人;修理工
 Has the man been to fix the TV?
gas man/rent man etc
 I waited all day for the gas man.
c) the man from something a man who works for a particular company or organization 为某个公司[组织]工作的人
 Was that the man from the PR agency?
6 particular kind of man 特定类别的人 [countableC]
a) MANa man who comes from a particular place, does a particular kind of work, or is connected with a particular organization, especially a university or company 〔来自某个地方,从事某种工作,或与大学、公司等机构有联系的〕人
 I think she married a Belfast man.
 I’ve been a military man all my life.
 Even a Harvard man has a lot to learn about politics.
b) LIKE somebody OR somethinga man who likes, or likes doing, a particular thing 喜欢某物[做某事]的人
 I’m more of a jazz man myself.
 Are you a betting man?
n7. man!
8 soldier 士兵 [countableC usually plural]PM a soldier or sailor who is under the authority of an officer 〔某个军官手下的〕士兵
9 husband 丈夫 [countableC] informalSSF a woman’s husband or boyfriend 男人〔指某女子的丈夫或男友〕
10 the man spoken
Examples from the Corpus
11 somebody’s your man spokenBEST used to say that a particular man is the best person for a job, situation etc 某人最合适
12. you da man!  you’re the man! American EnglishAmE spoken used to praise someone for having done something well 真不赖!好家伙!〔用于称赞某人某事干得好〕
13 our man spokenGUILTY used by the police to refer to a man that they are watching or trying to find, especially because they think he is responsible for a crime 我们的目标〔警察用语,指正在监视或寻找的犯罪嫌疑人〕
Examples from the Corpus
14 our man in/at something REPRESENTATIVEa man who is the representative of a country or organization in a particular place 〔某组织或某国家〕在某地的代表
Examples from the Corpus
15. men in (grey) suits informal the men who control businesses, organizations etc, considered as a group, especially when you think they are boring 穿得一本正经的大人物们,头头们〔指掌控企业、机构等的人,尤用于你认为他们很乏味时〕
Examples from the Corpus
16 a man of his word TRUSTa man you can trust, who will do what he has promised to do 守信用的人,靠得住的人
Examples from the Corpus
17 a man of few words TALK TO somebodya man who does not talk very much 沉默寡言的人
Examples from the Corpus
18 be your own man INDEPENDENT PERSONto behave and think independently without worrying about what other people think 自己做主,独立自主
Examples from the Corpus
19 the man of the moment/hour/year a man who has recently done something important 当时的/当年的重要人物
Examples from the Corpus
20 it’s every man for himself spokenINDEPENDENT PERSON used to say that people will not help each other 自顾自,不愿互相帮忙
Examples from the Corpus
21 the man in the street  (also the man on the Clapham omnibus British EnglishBrE old-fashioned)ORDINARY the average man or the average person 老百姓,普通人,常人 SYN Joe Bloggs/Schmo
Examples from the Corpus
22 a man of the people ORDINARYa man who understands and expresses the views and opinions of ordinary people 了解民意的人,民众的代言人
Examples from the Corpus
23 a man’s man MANa man who enjoys being with other men and doing sports and activities with them, and is popular with men rather than women 〔喜欢与其他男人在一起,参加运动或各种活动的〕受男人欢迎的男人
Examples from the Corpus
24 a ladies’ man POPULARa man who is popular with women and who likes to go out with a lot of different women 〔喜欢在女人中间厮混的〕受女人欢迎的男人
Examples from the Corpus
25 man and boy British EnglishBrELONG TIME if a man has done something man and boy, he has done it all his life 一辈子,从小到大
Examples from the Corpus
26 man and wife MARRYif a man and a woman are man and wife, they are married 夫妻,夫妇
Examples from the Corpus
27. live as man and wife MARRYif a man and a woman live as man and wife, they live together as if they are married, although they are not 〔未婚男女〕像夫妻般生活,同居
28 as one man writtenWITH if a group of people do something as one man, they do it together 一致;全体
Examples from the Corpus
29 to a man/to the last man written used to say that all the men in a group do something or have a particular quality 所有人;无一例外地
30 man-about-town MANa rich man who goes out a lot to parties, clubs, theatres etc 活跃于社交场的男子,纵情享乐的富有男士
31 man of God/man of the cloth RRa priest 神职人员;牧师,神父
32 my (good) man British EnglishBrE old-fashioned spokenMAN used when talking to someone of a lower social class – do not use this phrase 老兄,老弟〔对社会阶层较低的人说话时的用语;勿用此短语〕
Examples from the Corpus
33 my man spokenMAN used by some men to greet a friend 朋友〔某些男子向朋友打招呼的用语〕
Examples from the Corpus
34 your/yer man spokenMAN used to talk about a particular man – used mainly in Ireland 那个人〔指某一特定的人;主要用于爱尔兰〕
Examples from the Corpus
35 servant 仆人 [countableC] old-fashionedBO a male servant 男仆
36. game 游戏 [countableC]DGB one of the pieces you use in a game such as chess 〔国际象棋等的〕棋子
37 every man jack old-fashionedPERSON/PEOPLE each person in a group 〔某一群体中的〕每一个人
38 kick/hit a man when he’s down CRUELto treat someone badly when you know that they already have problems 对某人落井下石
39. man’s best friend HBAa dog 人类最好的朋友〔指狗〕
40 the man of the house the most important male member of a family, who is responsible for doing things such as paying bills, making important decisions etc 男主人,一家之主
Examples from the Corpus
best man, man-to-man, New Man, old man, → be a man/woman of the world at world1(21)
man an adult male human 成年男子,男人
a young man
Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest.
guy (also bloke/chap British EnglishBrE) informal a man 男人,家伙
She’d arranged to meet a guy in the bar.
Alex is a really nice bloke.
gentleman formal a man – used as a very polite way of talking about a man 先生〔指某男子,是非常礼貌的说法〕
an elderly gentleman
Please could you serve this gentleman?
boy a young male person, usually a child or a teenager 男孩;少年
a teenage boy
lad old-fashioned informal a boy or young man 男孩;男青年,小伙子
When I was a young lad, I wanted to join the army.
youth a teenage boy or young man – used especially in news reports to show disapproval 青少年;青年〔尤用于新闻报道,含贬义〕
Gangs of youths roam the streets.
male formal a man – used especially by the police or in science and research contexts. The adjective male is much more common than the noun 男人,男子〔尤为警方使用或用于科学研究语境中;形容词male要比名词常用得多〕
We are investigating the death of an unidentified male.
The condition is usually found only in males.
ndude American EnglishAmE informal a man – a very informal use
You could tell there was something creepy going on with that dude.
relating to men 与男性有关的
male adjectiveadj a male teacher, singer etc is a man. Male jobs are the kind of jobs that men typically do 男的;〔工作〕男性专属的
Most science teachers are male.
a male nurse
We are trying to recruit more women to do traditionally male jobs such as engineering.
masculine considered to be more typical of a man than of a woman 男人的;男子气概的
He had a very masculine face.
masculine aggression
manly having the qualities that people expect and admire in a man, such as being brave and strong 有男子气概的;勇敢而强壮的
He took off his shirt, revealing his manly chest.
It isn’t considered manly to cry.
nIn the portrait, the King looked manly and in control.
nHe was bronzed and athletic, with manly features and a steady gaze.
macho behaving in a way that is traditionally typical of men, for example by being strong and tough and not showing your feelings – used especially either humorously or to show disapproval 富有男子汉气概的;大男人的〔含幽默或贬损意味〕
nOn the outside he may seem to be very macho but inside he’s very sensitive.
Stallone always plays macho men.
He’s far too macho to drink mineral water.
Examples from the Corpus
a) MANused when speaking to an adult male, especially when you are excited, angry etc 老兄!老弟!〔用于称呼成年男子,尤在说话人激动、生气等时使用〕
 Stop talking nonsense, man!
b) MANused when speaking to someone, especially an adult male 老兄!老弟!〔尤用于称呼成年男子〕
 You look great, man!
man2 ●○○ verb (manned, manning) [transitiveT]  
1CONTROLto work at, use, or operate a system, piece of equipment etc 在〔某系统、设备等上〕工作;使用,操纵〔某系统、设备等〕
n2man up phrasal verbphr v informal if a man mans up, he makes an effort to behave bravely
Examples from the Corpus
man3 interjection especially American EnglishAmE  
1EMPHASIZEused to emphasize what you are saying, especially when you are angry, surprised, disappointed etc 喂,嘿,啊呀〔用于强调正在说的话,尤在生气、吃惊、失望等时使用〕
 Man, that was a lucky escape!
 Oh, man! I can hear the bullets.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
manman /mæn/ verb (manned, manning) [transitiveT]
if a person or group mans a vehicle, place, or system, they work there or operate the system
He has opened an office manned by two of his sons.
Can you man the phones (=answer any telephone calls) for an hour?
Origin man1
Old English

See also: Isle of Man, the

BNC: 91 COCA: 94


1male person男人ADJECTIVEelderly, middle-aged, old, older, young年長的/中年/老年/年紀較大的/年輕男人a little old man矮小的老頭兒a middle-aged, balding man開始脫髮的中年男人grown成年男人Although he is a grown man, everyone treats him like a boy.雖然他已是個成年人了,但大家還把他當個孩子。40-year-old, etc. * 40 歲等的男人attractive, good-looking, handsome美男子;英俊的男人ugly醜陋的男人short, tall矮個子/高個子男子lanky, thin, wiry瘦高個/瘦削的/精瘦的男人fat, portly, stocky, stout肥胖的/發福的/矮壯的/粗壯的男人big, burly, heavy-set, muscular, well-built大個子/魁梧的/粗壯的/肌肉發達的/體格健壯的男人I was helped by two burly men with tattoos.兩個身材魁梧紋有刺青的男人幫了我。little矮小的男人a nice little man和藹的小個子男人black, white黑人/白人男子dark, dark-haired, fair-haired, light-haired (especially NAmE) 膚色黝黑的/黑髮/金髮/淺髮色的男人bearded蓄着鬍子的男人bald, balding禿頂/開始脫髮的男人blind失明的男子cloaked, hooded, masked, suited, uniformed披着斗篷的/戴着風帽的/戴面具的/穿套裝的/穿制服的男人well-dressed衣着考究的男子naked裸體男子armed, unarmed帶武器的/手無寸鐵的男人able-bodied體格健全的男子sick, wounded生病的/受傷的男子dead, drowning, dying死去的/溺水的/垂死的男子homeless無家可歸的男子intelligent, wise聰明的/睿智的男子educated受過良好教育的男子great偉人Several people made speeches in honour / honor of the great man.幾個人發表演講紀念這位偉人。brave勇敢的男子charming, fine, good, kind, nice有魅力的男人;好男人;善良的男人;和善的男人honest誠實的男子honourable/honorable可敬的男人proud驕傲的男人quiet, soft-spoken (especially NAmE) 安靜的/說話溫文爾雅的男子macho, manly富有男子漢氣概的/陽剛的男子bad, horrible壞男人;可怕的男人What a horrible man!多麼可怕的男人!arrogant傲慢的男子mysterious, strange神秘的/古怪的男子hard, violent冷酷的/暴戾的男子drunken醉漢married, single已婚男人;單身漢family顧家的男人He's a family man who rarely goes out with his friends.他是個居家男人,很少跟朋友出去玩兒。bisexual, gay, heterosexual, homosexual, straight雙性戀男子;男同性戀者;異性戀男人;同性戀男子professional職業男性lucky幸運的男人He was a lucky man to have found such a partner.能找到這麼好的伴侶,他可真是個幸運的傢伙。poor窮困的男子rich, wealthy富有的男人betting, gambling賭徒I've never been a gambling man.我從不好賭。self-made白手起家的男子He was a self-made man who raised himself from poverty to success.他白手起家,從貧困走向成功。right-hand得力助手He found success hard to come by after losing his right-hand man.失去了得力助手後,他發現自己很難獲得成功。leading (= the most important male part) 男主角George Clooney's first role as leading man喬治・克魯尼的第一個男一號角色innocent無辜的男人free自由人He walked out of court a free man.他當庭獲得釋放。wanted (= sought by the police) 被通緝的男子Vincente is a wanted man back in his own country.文森特在自己的國家是個通緝犯。condemned被判(死)罪的人


2human beings人類ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEearly, prehistoric, primitive早期人類;史前人類;原始人Stone Age, etc.石器時代等的人類Neanderthal, etc.尼安德特人等fellow人的同類How could a human torture his fellow man?一個人怎能折磨他的同類?PREPOSITIONin man在人類身上In man the brain is highly developed.人的大腦高度發達。PHRASESknown to man人類所知的the most poisonous substance known to man人類所知毒性最強的物質man's inhumanity to man人類對人類的非人行徑It's a powerful indictment of the horrors of war and man's inhumanity to man.這是對戰爭的恐怖以及人與人之間非人行徑的強有力控訴。
BNC: 91 COCA: 94
man noun
man1 (a young man) man2 (the most poisonous substance known to man) partner2 (her new man)


a good-looking young man 英俊的小伙子the most poisonous substance known to man 人类已知的毒性最大的物质man ♦︎ guy ♦︎ gentleman ♦︎ male ♦︎ bloke ♦︎ dudeThese are all words for an adult male person. 这些词均表示成年男子、男人。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a / an young / old man / guy / gentleman / male / bloke / dudea / an middle-aged / older man / guy / gentleman / male / blokea / an elderly man / gentleman / malea big / little man / guy / bloke / dudea black / white man / guy / male / dudean ordinary man / guy / blokea handsome man / guy / gentleman / dudea good-looking man / guy / dudea nice man / guy / gentleman / bloke / dudea good / great / funny man / guy / bloke / dudea decent man / guy / blokea cool guy / dude man [countable] an adult male person 成年男子;男人He's a good-looking young man.他是个英俊的小伙子。He's a family man who rarely goes out with his friends.他是个顾家的男人,很少同朋友外出消遣。Over 150 men, women and children were killed.150多名成年男女和儿童遇害。 OPP woman woman guy [countable] (informal) a man 男人;家伙He seemed like a nice guy.他看上去像个好人。It was made by a guy called Alan Webster.那是一个叫艾伦•韦伯斯特的家伙制作的。At the end of the film, the bad guy gets shot.影片结尾时坏蛋被击毙。OPP girl girl gentleman [countable] (formal) a polite way of referring to a man, especially sb that you do not know (尤用作对不认识的男子的尊称)先生There's a gentleman here to see you.这里有位先生要见你。 Gentlemen [plural] is a polite way of addressing more than one man. 复数形式gentlemen用作对多位男士的尊称Ladies and gentlemen! Can I have your attention, please?女士们,先生们,请大家注意!Can I help you, gentlemen?诸位先生,你们要点儿什么?To address one man in this way, use sir. 尊称一名男子用sirCan I help you, sir?先生,您要点儿什么?In more informal speech, say 在非正式谈话中可说Can I help you?能为你效劳吗?There's someone to see you.有人要见你。 OPP lady woman male [countable] (formal or technical 术语) a man 男性;男人The body is that of a white male aged about 40.死者是一名40岁上下的白人男子。Haemophilia is a condition that mostly affects males.血友病患者大多是男性。The noun male is mostly used in formal, official, scientific or medical contexts. It is used especially to refer to men as opposed to women. 名词male主要用于正式、官方、科学或医疗语境,尤指相对于女性来说的男性。 OPP female woman bloke [countable] (BrE, informal) a man 男人;家伙I got chatting to a bloke in the pub.我开始跟酒馆里的一个男人聊起来。He was ever such a nice bloke.他是个非常好的人。 dude duːd, djuːd [countable] (especially NAmE, informal) a man 男人;家伙He's a real cool dude.他真是个帅哥。Hey, dude, what's up?嗨,哥们儿,怎么啦?NOTE 辨析 Guy, bloke or dude? Bloke is only used in British English; dude is used especially in American English; guy is used in both. Bloke suggests that sb is a nice but ordinary person. Dude can suggest that sb is attractive and fashionable. A guy can be either. * bloke只用于英式英语,dude尤用于美式英语,guy用于英式和美式英语均可。bloke暗指此人是个好心的普通人,dude有时暗指此人是个英俊的时髦人物,guy可兼具两义。man2


a good-looking young man 英俊的小伙子the most poisonous substance known to man 人类已知的毒性最大的物质man ♦︎ humanity ♦︎ mankind ♦︎ the human race ♦︎ humankindThese words all mean all people together considered as a group. 这些词均表示人类。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to save humanity / mankind / the human race / humankindto destroy humanity / mankind / the human raceto belong to mankind / the human raceall (of) / the whole of humanity / mankind / humankindthe rest of humanity / mankind / the human race / humankind man [uncountable] human beings as a group or from a particular period of history 人类;(特定历史时期的)人In man the brain is highly developed.人类的大脑高度发达。This is the most poisonous substance known to man.这是人类已知的毒性最大的物质。They uncovered tools used by prehistoric man.他们发现了史前人类使用的工具。 humanity hjuːˈmænəti [uncountable] all people considered together as one group 人类He was found guilty of crimes against humanity (= very serious and cruel crimes against many people).他被判犯有反人类罪。All the streets around the temple were just a mass of humanity (= filled with people).寺庙周围的街道上全都挤满了人。 mankind [uncountable] all people considered together as one group 人类Some described it as 'the greatest disaster in the history of mankind'.有人称其为“人类历史上最大的灾难”。These objects date back to the dawn of mankind.这些物品的年代可追溯至人类刚刚出现之时。 the ˌhuman ˈrace [singular] all people considered together as one group 人类Twenty-five percent of the entire human race could be affected by this disease.全人类中有百分之二十五的人可能感染此病。They are perhaps some of the most vulnerable members of the human race.他们大概是人类中最脆弱的一些成员。 see also race people 2 humankind [uncountable] all people considered together as one group 人类This could provide new clues about the origins of humankind.这可能为人类的起源研究提供新的线索。NOTE 辨析 Which word? Man is the most general of these words: it can be used to refer to people when compared with animals * man在这些词中含义最广,可指与动物相对而言的人the relationship between man and nature人与自然的关系to describe the development of people through history 也可指不同历史发展阶段的人early / Stone Age / modern man早期/石器时代的人;现代人or to talk about all the people, societies and cultures of the world. 或指世界上所有的民族、社会和文化all diseases known to man人类已知的所有疾病This last use is becoming old-fashioned, used mostly now in literary contexts. 最后一种用法已日渐过时,主要用于文学语境。 Humanity, mankind and humankind are used especially to talk about all people as part of human society and culture: humanity is often used when talking about general moral and ethical principles. * humanity、mankind和humankind尤指构成人类社会和文化的所有人。谈论普遍的道德和伦理原则时常用humanitycrimes against humanity反人类罪 Mankind or humankind is often used when talking about society and its development, as in the famous quotation of Neil Armstrong as he stepped onto the moon. 谈论社会及其发展时常用mankind或humankind,比如尼尔•阿姆斯特朗在踏上月球时所说的名言'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.'这是一个人的一小步,却是人类的巨大飞跃。 The human race is used especially to refer to people as a species when compared with animals or considered through history. Man and mankind have traditionally been used to mean 'all men and women', but some people now prefer gender neutral words which do not include the word 'man', such as humanity and humankind. * the human race尤指与动物相对而言或从历史的角度考虑的人类这一物种。man和mankind传统上指所有男人和女人,但现在有些人更喜欢用不含man这个词的性别中性词,如humanity和humankind。

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