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IELTS BNC: 676 COCA: 1017


Word family
ldoce_251_epat·tern1 /ˈpætən $ ˈpætərn/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countableC]  
1 REGULARthe regular way in which something happens, develops, or is done 〔事情发生、发展、完成的〕模式,方式,形式
 Weather patterns have changed in recent years.
pattern of
 changing patterns of behaviour among students
 The child showed a normal pattern of development.
pattern in
 They noticed patterns in the data.
 A general pattern began to emerge.
 Their descriptions seemed to follow a set pattern (=always develop in the same way).
 His behavior fits a pattern of violent acts.
5  See picture of checked 方格纹, floral 花卉, paisley 佩斯利涡旋纹 ...
a) ALCa regularly repeated arrangement of shapes, colours, or lines on a surface, usually as decoration 图案,花样,式样
 a black and white striped pattern
pattern of
 a pattern of dots
b) Aa regularly repeated arrangement of sounds or words 〔声音或词汇有规则排列的〕模式
 A sonnet has a fixed rhyming pattern.
3 [usually singular]EXAMPLE a thing, idea, or person that is an example to copy 模范,典范,榜样
 The book set the pattern for over 40 similar historical romances.
4 DLHa shape used as a guide for making something, especially a thin piece of paper used when cutting material to make clothes 〔用以制作某物的〕模型;〔服装的〕纸样
 a dress pattern
5. DTIMa small piece of cloth, paper etc that shows what a larger piece will look like 〔布、纸等的〕样品 SYN sample
a pattern of behaviour
It's easy to get stuck in the same old pattern of behaviour.
a pattern of development
Regular checks help to ensure that the child is following the normal pattern of development
the same/a similar pattern
Each of the murders has followed a similar pattern.
a different pattern
There are different patterns of social life in urban areas.
the basic pattern
The basic pattern of her working day rarely changed.
the general pattern
The general pattern of change has been one of upward mobility.
the normal/usual pattern
As soon as she could, she resumed the normal pattern of her life.
a set/fixed pattern (=one that does not change)
These incidents followed a set pattern.
a weather pattern
Rising global temperatures are affecting weather patterns.
a behaviour pattern
He studied animal behaviour patterns.
a sleep pattern
Disturbed sleep patterns may be a symptom of depression.
a speech pattern
Computers are now able to produce acceptable speech patterns.
a spending pattern
The bank’s computer can detect unusual spending patterns.
a pattern emerges (=can be seen when something is studied)
Although the numbers are small, a pattern began to emerge.
follow a pattern
Her headaches did not seem to follow any particular pattern.
fit a pattern (also conform to a pattern formal) (=match a particular pattern)
Last week’s bombing fits this pattern.
establish a pattern
You should try to establish a pattern of working that suits you.
pattern a regularly repeated arrangement of shapes, colours, or lines on a surface
Some of his pictures use patterns of dots.
The lines formed a regular pattern.
design a pattern used for decorating something, especially cloth or paper
curtains with a floral design (=based on flowers)
markings the coloured patterns and shapes on an animal’s fur, feathers, or skin
the tiger’s black and orange markings
motif formal a single shape that is regularly repeated to form a pattern which decorates something
A triangle within a square is a very common motif in Muslim art.
The shield motif in the frescoes at Knossos is a religious, not a military, symbol.
Examples from the Corpus
pattern2 verb [transitiveT]  
1 be patterned on/after something LIKE/SIMILARto be designed or made in a way that is copied from something else 模仿某物
 The exam system is patterned after the one used in Japan.
2 literary to form a pattern on something 构成图案
 Tiny white flowers patterned the ground like confetti.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
patternpat·tern1 /ˈpætənˈpætərn/ noun [countableC]
1the regular way in which something happens, changes, or is done
The standards are expected toset a pattern for cleaner, more expensive fuels.
pattern of
a survey on the spending patterns of various nationalities
2pattern agreement/settlement/contract etc American EnglishAmEHUMAN RESOURCES an agreement etc between a company and a union based on other agreements with similar companies
He disputed that the contract was a pattern settlement because it doesn’t match contracts at foreign steel plants.
Some executives are grumbling thatpattern bargaining is making competition with Japanese auto makers very difficult.
3be in a holding patternECONOMICS to be in a period of time when very little trading, spending etc is taking place because people are not sure what to do next
Investors are in a holding pattern waiting for clear signals about the economy’s direction.
patternpattern2 verb [transitiveT]
be patterned on/after if one thing is patterned on another, it is very similar to it because it has been copied from it
Credit Mobilier of America, a finance company patterned after a French venture
a model of economic development patterned on Japan’s
Origin pattern1
(1300-1400) Old French patron, from Medieval Latin patronus; → PATRON
IELTS BNC: 676 COCA: 1017


1arrangement of lines, shapes, sounds, etc.線條、形狀或聲音的排列形式ADJECTIVE | VERB + PATTERN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEintricate複雜的圖案abstract, geometric抽象/幾何圖案camouflage, floral, striped, etc.迷彩、花卉、條紋等圖案regular, repeated, repeating有規則的樣式;重複的圖案wallpaper with a repeating pattern of interlocking shapes帶有環環相扣圖案的壁紙random隨機圖樣drum, rhythmic, sound鼓點/節奏/聲音模式The music contains repeated rhythmic patterns.這首樂曲含有重複的節奏模式。VERB + PATTERNhave有圖案The sweater has a geometric pattern on it.這件毛衣上有幾何圖案。form, produce形成圖案The roof beams form a star-like pattern.房梁構成了一個星狀圖案。create, design, make, print, weave創造/設計/製作/印製/編織圖案PREPOSITIONin a/the pattern在圖案中He had arranged the glasses in a pattern on the table.他把桌子上的玻璃杯擺成了一個圖案。pattern on⋯上的圖案the pattern on the carpet地毯上的花樣pattern in⋯中的圖案She drew patterns in the sand.她在沙灘上畫圖案。


2usual manner通常的方式ADJECTIVE | VERB + PATTERN | PATTERN + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbasic, existing, familiar, normal, set, traditional, usual基本的/現有的/熟悉的/常見的/固定的/傳統的/通常的模式There is no set pattern for these meetings.這些會議沒有固定的模式。consistent, predictable, regular一致的/可預測的/規則的模式same, similar同樣的/相似的模式Portuguese colonial rule followed a similar pattern to that of other powers.葡萄牙的殖民統治遵循了與其他強權國家相似的模式。changing, ever-changing變化着的/不斷變化的模式complex複雜的模式clear清晰的模式The pattern is clear: obesity is associated with lower incomes.模式很清楚:肥胖與低收入有關。main主要模式overall整體模式The overall pattern of our life changes little.我們生活的整體模式沒什麼變化。behaviour/behavior, behavioural/behavioral行為模式speech講話模式Her speech patterns are very distinctive.她的講話方式很有特色。breathing, sleep呼吸/睡眠模式voting投票模式consumption, spending, usage消費/花錢/使用模式They analyzed employees' email usage patterns.他們分析了員工的電子郵件使用模式。migration, settlement遷移/定居模式employment就業模式weather天氣模式VERB + PATTERNdiscern, identify, notice, recognize, trace辨別/識別/注意/確認/跟踪模式We can trace a familiar pattern to these events.對這些事件我們可以追溯到一個熟悉的模式。establish, set建立模式follow, repeat遵循/重複模式Their actions follow a very predictable pattern.他們的行為遵循一個十分容易預測的模式。fall into, fit into屬於⋯模式;符合⋯模式ideas that do not fit neatly into his patterns of thought不完全符合他的思維模式的觀點exhibit, show顯示出⋯模式67% of patients showed a similar pattern of improvement.67% 的病人病情出現了類似的好轉。alter, change改變/更換模式People have changed their spending patterns in response to changing conditions.人們已根據條件的變化改變了自己的消費模式。PATTERN + VERBdevelop, emerge模式形成/顯露Similar patterns are emerging all over Eastern Europe.相似的模式出現在東歐各地。change模式變化PREPOSITIONpattern for⋯的模式the normal pattern for a boy / girl relationship男孩/女孩關係的一般模式pattern in⋯中的模式the main patterns in English spelling英語拼寫中的主要模式pattern of⋯的模式patterns of behaviour / behavior行為模式
IELTS BNC: 676 COCA: 1017
pattern noun
pattern1 (sleeping patterns) pattern2 (a diamond pattern) model (set a pattern)


an irregular sleeping pattern 不规律的睡眠模式a pattern of diamonds and squares 菱形和正方形构成的图案pattern ♦︎ cycle ♦︎ rhythmThese are all words for the regular way in which sth happens or is done. 这些词均表示模式、规律。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a / an regular / irregular pattern / cycle / rhythma natural cycle / rhythmto break a pattern / cycle / rhythmthe cycle / rhythm of the seasons pattern [countable] the regular way in which sth happens or is done 模式;方式changing patterns of behaviour / work / weather行为/工作/天气变化模式an irregular sleeping pattern不规律的睡眠模式The murders all seem to follow a (similar) pattern (= happen in the same way).这些凶杀案似乎同出一辙。There is no set pattern for these meetings.这些会议没有固定模式。 cycle [countable] the fact of a series of events being repeated many times, always in the same order 循环They could not break the cycle of harvest failure, food shortages, price increases and misery.他们无法打破从粮食歉收、食品短缺、物价上涨、直至穷困凄惨这一循环。This cycle of events continually repeats itself.这些事件循环往复,周而复始。the life cycle of the butterfly (= the series of forms into which it changes as it develops) 蝴蝶的生命周期 cyclic ˈsaɪklɪk, ˈsɪklɪk ( cyclical)


[usually before noun] the cyclic processes of nature自然界的循环过程Economic activity often follows a cyclical pattern.经济活动常常遵循周期性模式。
rhythm [countable] a regular pattern of changes or events 规则变化;规律the rhythm of the tides潮汐的变化规律Lack of sleep can upset your daily rhythm.缺少睡眠可能扰乱生活节奏。My body rhythms had not yet adapted to the ten-hour time difference.我的生物钟还没有适应十个小时的时差。 see also rhythm rhythm NOTE 辨析 Pattern, cycle or rhythm?A cycle is the most regular of these and a pattern is the least regular and most likely to change over time. * cycle一词所表示的规律性最强,pattern最弱而且最可能随时间而改变changing cycles/rhythms of behaviour/work/weather Pattern is used especially to talk about people's work and behaviour; cycle is used especially to talk about events in the natural world; rhythm is used especially to talk about how people's bodies adapt to changing conditions. * pattern尤指人的工作模式和行为模式;cycle尤指自然界事件发生的规律;rhythm尤指人体随条件变化进行调节的模式。


an irregular sleeping pattern 不规律的睡眠模式a pattern of diamonds and squares 菱形和正方形构成的图案pattern ♦︎ design ♦︎ motifThese are all words for an arrangement of lines and shapes, or a simple picture, especially one that is used to decorate sth. 这些词均表示图案、式样。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a pattern / design / motif on sthin a pattern / designa simple / floral pattern / design / motifa / an elaborate / intricate / abstract / geometric / symmetrical pattern / designto have / make a pattern / design / motifto print / produce / weave a pattern / designto design a pattern / motif pattern [countable] a regular arrangement of lines, shapes and colours, either used to decorate sth or made or formed by chance 图案;花样;式样a pattern of diamonds and squares菱形和正方形构成的图案He wore a shirt with a floral pattern.他穿了件花衬衫。He had arranged the glasses in a pattern.他用玻璃杯摆成一个图案。The ice formed patterns on the windows.窗上结了冰花。 see also decoration decoration design [countable] an arrangement of lines and shapes, used as a decoration on an object or in a building 装饰图案;花纹The building has intricate geometric designs on several of the walls.这座建筑的几面墙上都有复杂的几何图案。The tiles come in a huge range of colours and designs.瓷砖有各种各样的颜色和图案。 see also decoration decoration NOTE 辨析 Pattern or design?A pattern is a design that is repeated in a regular way. It is usually made up of lines, shapes and colours, rather than pictures of things, although simple pictures can form part of a pattern. * pattern是规则的图案,通常由线条、形状和颜色构成,一般不是图片,尽管可能有简单的图片构成部分图案a leaf / flower / floral pattern叶子/鲜花/花卉的图案A pattern can be deliberately created as a decoration or accidentally formed by the way things come together. A design is always deliberately created as a decoration. It can be a repeated pattern or a single decoration; it can be simple or complicated, made up of lines and shapes, or including pictures of things; but it is always deliberately created as a decoration. * pattern可以是特意设计作装饰用的,也可以是偶然形成的。design总是特意设计出的装饰,可以是一种图案的重复,也可以是单个装饰图案,可简可繁,可由线条、形状或图画构成,但无一例外是特意设计出来作装饰用的。 motif məʊˈtiːf; NAmE moʊˈtiːf [countable] a design used as a decoration 装饰图案;装饰图形The rug was decorated with a simple flower motif.地毯上有简单的鲜花图案。The jacket has a rose motif on the collar.上衣领子上有个玫瑰花图案。A motif is often a small, simple picture of sth that is used once, or repeated in different places or parts of sth. * motif常常是单次使用的事物形象的简单小图,也可多次用在不同地方或不同部分。
IELTS BNC: 676 COCA: 1017
Series of events or occurrences: pattern, process, train...
Patterns and arrangements: arabesque, argyle, arrangement...
To make a copy of something: copy, reproduce, duplicate...

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