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Word family
Related topics: Economics, Government
bud·get1 /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countableC]  
1 SPEND MONEYthe money that is available to an organization or person, or a plan of how it will be spent 预算
budget of
 a welfare program with a budget of $2 million
budget for
 The budget for photography has been cut.
 We had a really tight budget.
on/within budget (=not using more money than planned) 在预算内
 The project was completed within budget.
under budget (=using less money than planned) 低于预算
 If you come in under budget, everyone will be very impressed.
over budget (=using more money than planned) 超出预算
 Feature movies always run over budget.
2 on a budget if you are on a budget, you do not have much money to spend 钱不多的,控制预算的
 Travellers on a budget might prefer to camp.
 a book which offers great ideas for decorating on a budget
 families on a tight budget
Examples from the Corpus
3. PEPG (also Budget) British EnglishBrE an official statement that a government makes about how much it intends to spend and what taxes will be necessary 〔政府的〕预算案
an annual/monthly/weekly budget 年度/月度/周预算
The organization has an annual budget of $24 million.
the national/federal/state budget 国家/联邦/州预算
He has a plan to balance the federal budget.
the defence/education etc budget 国防/教育等预算
We had to make cuts in the defence budget.
the family/household budget 家庭预算
Often the husband and wife contribute equally to the family budget.
a big/large budget 庞大的预算
The club does not have a large budget for new players.
a small/low/limited budget 小额的/低的/有限的预算
It was a project with a low budget.
a tight budget (=small and limited) 紧缩的预算
nMost young people have to live within a tight budget.
a fixed budget 固定的预算
nOur clients usually have a fixed budget.
a shoestring budget (=a very small budget) 小额的/低的/有限的预算
nThe film had been made on a shoestring budget.
na total budget
The National Institute of Health had a total budget of $11. 3 billion.
nan overall budget (=total)
There has been an increase in the overall budget made available by the Government for training.
have a budget 有预算
Hospital caterers have a budget of about £20 per person per week.
overspend your budget 超出预算
The Metropolitan Police has overspent its budget by £70 million.
keep within a budget (=spend only the money that is available) 控制在预算内
nFurther cuts are needed in order to keep within the budget.
balance the budget (=spend only the money that is available) 平衡预算
nthe importance of balancing the budget and cutting taxes
budget + NOUN
a budget deficit (=when a government has spent more money than it has) 预算赤字
The country has a budget deficit of over $4 billion.
a budget surplus (=when a government has more money than it spends) 预算盈余
A huge budget surplus of over £16 billion was recorded.
budget cuts (=reductions in the amount of money that is available) 预算削减
nThe department has suffered severe budget cuts.
Examples from the Corpus
budget2 verb [intransitiveI, transitiveT]  
1 SPEND MONEYto carefully plan and control how much money you spend and what you will buy with it 编制预算;把编入预算;按计划花钱
 We’ll have to budget more carefully.
 This scheme enables you to budget the cost through fixed monthly payments.
budget for
 We’ve budgeted for a new car next year.
2. PLANif you budget something such as time, you decide how much of it you will need (为)作出安排
budgeting noun [uncountableU]
Examples from the Corpus
budget3 adjectiveadj [only before noun]  
1 CHEAPvery low in price – often used in advertisements 经济的,特价的,便宜的〔常用于广告中〕 SYN cheap
 budget flights
see thesaurus at cheap
2 low-budget/big-budget used for saying how much money has been spent on doing something, especially making a film 〔尤指拍摄电影〕低预算/高预算的
 low-budget movies
Examples from the Corpus
the BudgetBudget, then  
nin the UK, a plan for how the government will collect all the money it needs, which is announced each year by the chancellor of the exchequer (=the minister in charge of financial matters). The Chancellor is always shown going to Parliament carrying a special red case that contains the Budget speech. The speech is broadcast on television and radio, and most people take an interest in the effects of the Budget on taxes and on the price of things like petrol, alcohol, and cigarettes.
From Longman Business Dictionary
BudgetBud·get /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ noun [countableC]ECONOMICS
an official statement that a government makes about how much it intends to spend and what the rates of taxes will be for the next year or six months
There is a great deal in the Budget to help investment.
This year’s Budget is expected to include measures to help small businesses.
budgetbudget1 noun [countableC]
1ACCOUNTINGFINANCEa detailed plan made by an organization or a government of how much it will receive as income over a particular period of time, and how much it will spend, what it will spend the money on etc
Each year business managers draw up a budget and suggest a series of financial targets.
The President has promised to balance the government’s budget (=make sure that no more is spent than is received as income) within three years.
advertising budget austerity budget balanced budget capital budget cash budget sales budget unbalanced budget
2COMMERCEFINANCEthe amount of money that an organization has to spend on a particular activity in a given period of time, usually a year
Hospital caterers have a budget of about £10 per person per week.
The service operates on a very tight budget (=with very little money to spare).
The film was made on a shoestring budget (=a very small budget).
see also mini-budget
3on a budget if you are on a budget, you have to do something with as little money as possible
Our self catering apartments are popular with those on a budget.
budgetbudget2 verb [intransitiveI, transitiveT]ACCOUNTINGCOMMERCE
to carefully plan and control how much you spend
budget (something) for something
$100 million has been budgeted for fees and expenses.
budgeted adjectiveadj
The group has been trading slightly below budgeted levels.
the gap between budgeted sales and turnover
Origin budget1
(1400-1500) Old French bougette small leather bag, from bouge leather bag, from Latin bulga; from the idea of bringing your spending plan out of its bag


ADJECTIVE | VERB + BUDGET | BUDGET + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfixed, limited, low, modest, shoestring, small, tight固定的/有限的/低額的/適度的/極少的/小額的/吃緊的預算The film was made on a shoestring budget.這部電影是小成本製作。big, generous, huge, large大額預算annual, monthly, weekly, etc.年度預算、每月預算、週預算等overall, total總預算entire總體預算operating經營預算The museum's operating budget for 2008 is just over $2 million.該博物館 2008 年的運營預算只有 200 多萬美元。family, household, personal家庭預算;個人預算city, council, federal, government, municipal, national, state城市預算;政務會預算;聯邦預算;政府預算;市政預算;國家預算;州預算Military spending accounts for around 17% of the federal budget.軍費支出佔聯邦預算的 17% 左右。defence/defense, education, health, housing, intelligence, military, social-security, welfare國防/教育/醫療保健/住房/情報/軍費/社會保障/(社會)福利預算ad, advertising, marketing, research, training廣告預算;營銷預算;研究預算;培訓預算school學校預算capital資本預算draft預算草案VERB + BUDGETget, have有預算The organization has a large annual budget.這個組織年度預算數目很大。allocate, draw up, plan, set分配/擬定/計劃/編制預算The city has drawn up its budget for next year.該市已擬定了明年的預算。present, propose, submit提交預算approve, pass (NAmE) 批准/通過預算balance平衡預算The school has a struggle to balance its budget.這所學校得費點兒周折才能達到預算平衡。adhere to, keep to, meet, stick to遵循/嚴格執行/滿足/堅守預算Work out a weekly budget and stick to it.編制一個每週預算並嚴格執行。control, manage控制/管理預算The IT department manages its own budget.信息技術部門管理支配自己的預算。strain, stretch精打細算用預算blow, bust, exceed, go over, overspend超出預算cut, reduce, slash, trim削減預算boost, double, increase提高/增加一倍/增加預算fit符合預算a product to fit all budgets符合所有預算的產品spend花費預算They spent their entire budget on a new kitchen.他們把整個預算都花在新廚房上了。BUDGET + NOUNexpenditure預算支出deficit, shortfall預算赤字/差額The annual budget deficit for 2008 could run as high as $12.8 billion.2008 年的年度預算赤字可能會高達 128 億美元。surplus預算盈餘constraint, limit預算限制cuts預算削減plans, proposals預算計劃allocation預算撥款request (NAmE) 預算申請crisis預算危機Budget Day (= when the British government announces its budget) (英國的)預算發佈日director (NAmE) 預算主管PREPOSITIONover budget, under budget超出預算;低於預算The project is now well over budget.該項目現在已大大超出預算。Costs have been held under budget.成本一直保持在預算之內。on budget, within budget按照預算;在預算之內All his projects are on time and on budget.他的所有工程都是按時間、按預算進行的。to keep within budget保持在預算之內in the budget在預算中Is there any money left in the budget?預算中還有尚未動用的款項嗎?on a budget按照預算This hotel caters for people on a tight budget.這家賓館適合預算不多的遊客。budget for為⋯的預算The budget for next year has not yet been set.下一年的預算還沒有編制。budget of(某數額)的預算a budget of $5 0005,000 美元的預算


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBcarefully, sensibly精打細算;合理編制預算If we budget carefully we should be able to afford a new car.如果我們精打細算,應該能買得起一輛新車。PREPOSITIONfor將⋯編入預算We have budgeted $10 000 for advertising.我們已經在廣告方面編制了 1 萬美元的預算。
budget noun
budget verb
budget adj.

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