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Word family
chan·nel1 /ˈtʃænl/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL noun [countableC]  
1 television 电视TELEVISION/RADIO a television station and all the programmes that it broadcasts 频道
 the news on Channel 4
 The kids are watching cartoons on the Disney Channel.
 What channel is ‘ER’ on?
 He changed channels to watch the basketball game.
2 for getting information/goods etc 为了得到信息/商品等SYSTEM a system or method that you use to send or obtain information, goods, permission etc 〔传递或获得信息、商品、许可等的〕途径,手段,渠道
 The U.S. is working through diplomatic channels to find a solution.
 The new software will be sold through existing distribution channels.
channel of
 It is important that we open channels of communication with the police.
3 sea/river 海洋/河流
a) SGan area of water that connects two larger areas of water 海峡
 St George’s Channel
b) the Channel British EnglishBrE the area of water between France and England 英吉利海峡 SYN the English Channel
c) TTWthe deepest part of a river, harbour, or sea, especially where it is deep enough to allow ships to sail in 航道
4 waterDT a passage that water or other liquids flow along 水渠,沟渠
 an irrigation channel
5. radio 广播TCTTCB a particular range of sound waves which can be used to send and receive radio messages 〔发送和接收无线电信号的〕波段,频道
6 in a surface 在表面DHOLE a long deep line cut into a surface or a long deep space between two edges 槽,沟 SYN groove
 The sliding doors fit into these plastic channels.
7 way to express yourself 表达方式EXPRESS a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, or physical energy 〔表达思想、感情或发泄精力的〕方式,渠道,途径 SYN vehicle
channel for
 Art provides a channel for the children’s creativity.
types of channel
a television channel
NTV is Russia’s leading television channel.
a news/movie/sports etc channel
What’s on the movie channel tonight?
a satellite channel (=using signals sent from a machine in space)
CNN and other satellite channels
a cable channel (=using signals sent through a wire)
ABC announced its plans for a new cable channel.
a terrestrial channel (=not using satellite)
Channel 5 is the newest terrestrial channel in the UK.
a digital channel (=using electronic signals sent out in the form of numbers)
You can’t record one digital channel while watching another.
a commercial channel (=paid for by people advertising on it)
On commercial channels they have advertisement breaks.
change channels
Use the remote control to change channels.
switch channels
He kept switching channels.
launch a channel (=start a channel broadcasting on TV)
In 1994, SKY launched two new channels.
watch a channel
The kids are always watching the cartoon channel.
a channel broadcasts something
All the channels are broadcasting the match live.
channel-hop (=keep changing from one channel to another)
I usually start channel-hopping when the adverts are on.
Examples from the Corpus
channel2 ●○○ AWL verb (channelled, channelling British EnglishBrE, channeled, channeling American EnglishAmE) [transitiveT]  
1 CONTROLto control and direct something such as money or energy towards a particular purpose 把〔钱、精力等〕导向〔特定目的〕;引导;把用于 SYN direct
channel something into something
 Most of his energy was channeled into writing and lecturing.
channel something to somebody
 Profits are channelled to conservation groups.
channel something through something
 The famine relief money was channelled through the UN.
2 to control or direct people or things to a particular place, work, situation etc 输送,传送〔人或物〕
channel somebody/something into something
 Women were likely to be channeled into jobs as teachers or nurses.
 Drugs from government pharmacies were being channeled into illegal drug markets.
3 CUTto cut a long deep line in something 形成〔凹槽〕
 Water had channelled grooves in the rock.
4 SENDto send water through a passage 〔通过管道〕输送〔水〕
5 to allow a spirit to come into your body and speak through you, or to tell people a message that you have received in this way 使〔灵魂〕附身,为通灵
6 to look or sound like a famous person, especially someone who is dead 模仿〔名人,尤指已故名人〕
Examples from the Corpus
the ChannelChannel, then  
nthe english channel
From Longman Business Dictionary
channelchan·nel1 /ˈtʃænl/ noun [countableC]
1a system that is used for supplying information or goods
A direct marketing channel moves goods directly from manufacturer to consumer.
distribution channel sales channel
2a television station and all the programmes broadcast on it
a 24-hour channel devoted exclusively to football
pay channel
3COMPUTING a route along which computer signals can be sent, for example a CABLE
channelchannel2 verb (channelled, channelling British EnglishBrE, channeled, channeling) American EnglishAmE [transitiveT]
to control and direct something such as money or effort towards a particular purpose
channel something into something
The company wanted to channel all its financial resources into completing several major office buildings.
channel something through something
The International Finance Corp. will channel funds through Zivnobanka for other investment projects in the Czech republic.
Origin channel1
(1300-1400) Old French chanel, from Latin canalis; → CANAL


1television/radio station電視台;電台ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHANNEL | CHANNEL + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEradio, television, TV, video無線廣播頻道;電視頻道;視頻頻道cable, digital, satellite, terrestrial有線電視頻道;數字頻道;衞星頻道;地面信道commercial, independent商業/獨立頻道film, movie, news, sports, etc.電影頻道、新聞頻道、體育頻道等pay-per-view收費頻道VERB + CHANNELchange, flip, flip through, switch轉換頻道;快速瀏覽頻道;切換頻道I changed channels when the news came on.新聞節目一開始我就換了頻道。change to, switch over to, switch to, tune in to, tune to轉換到某頻道;切換到某頻道;調到某頻道watch觀看某頻道He was watching the cartoon channel.他在看卡通頻道。surf瀏覽頻道Lily surfed the channels on the television.莉莉瀏覽了電視頻道。launch開辦新頻道Last year, the company launched its own TV channel.去年該公司開辦了自己的電視頻道。CHANNEL + VERBbroadcast頻道播放This channel broadcasts 24 hours a day.這個頻道全天 24 小時播放節目。PREPOSITIONon a/the channel在某頻道There's an interesting documentary on Channel 9 tonight.今晚第 9 頻道播放一部很有意思的紀錄片。


2route for sending information信息通道ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHANNEL | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdirect, indirect直接/間接渠道Journalists always have indirect channels for getting information.記者們總有得到消息的間接渠道。formal, official正式/官方渠道She first tried to get a doctor's certificate through official channels.一開始她嘗試通過正式途徑獲得醫生資格證書。informal非正式渠道appropriate, conventional, normal, proper, right, usual適當的渠道;通常渠道;正常渠道;正當渠道effective有效渠道an effective channel for communication有效的溝通渠道diplomatic外交途徑communication, distribution溝通/分銷渠道worldwide distribution channels全球範圍的分銷渠道VERB + CHANNELgo through, use通過/使用⋯渠道If you want a visa, you will have to go through the proper channels.你想取得簽證,就必須通過適當的途徑。establish, open, open up建立渠道;打開渠道attempts to open up new channels of communication打開新交流渠道的嘗試PREPOSITIONthrough a/the channel通過⋯渠道The government hopes to settle the dispute through diplomatic channels.政府希望通過外交途徑解決這一糾紛。PHRASESa channel of communication溝通渠道channels of distribution分銷渠道


3narrow area of water狹窄的水面ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHANNEL ADJECTIVEdeep深水道narrow窄水道drainage, irrigation排水道;灌溉水渠Irrigation channels supply the crops with water.灌溉水渠為農作物提供水源。river, water河道;水道The garden has fountains and water channels.花園裏有噴泉和水道。shipping航道VERB + CHANNELform形成水道block阻塞水道
channel noun
channel (a TV channel) ditch (drainage channels) medium (a channel of communication)


channel ♦︎ station ♦︎ network ♦︎ frequencyThese are all words for television and radio companies, the shows they broadcast, or the radio waves used for broadcasting them. 这些词均表示电视台或电台、电视或广播节目、频道或波段等。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a television channel / station / networka radio station / network / frequencyto tune to a channel / station / frequencyto watch a channel / stationto change / switch channels / stations channel [countable] a television company and the shows it broadcasts; a band of radio waves used for broadcasting television or radio shows 电视公司;电视节目;(电视或广播的)频道,波段What's on Channel 4 tonight?第4台今晚放什么节目?a movie / sports channel电影台;体育台terrestrial / satellite / cable / digital channels地面/卫星/有线/数字频道 station [countable] (often in compounds 常构成复合词) a radio or television company and the shows it broadcasts 电台;电视台;(广播或电视)节目a local radio / TV station地方广播电台/电视台He tuned to another station.他换了一个台。 network [countable] a group of radio or television stations in different places that are connected and that broadcast the same shows at the same time 广播网;电视网the four big US television networks美国四大电视网 frequency ˈfriːkwənsi [countable, uncountable] (technical 术语) the number of radio waves for every second of a radio signal 频率(无线电信号每秒电波数)There are only a limited number of broadcasting frequencies.只有数量有限的广播频率。a frequency band频带

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