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TOEFL BNC: 937 COCA: 1083


Word family
pre·vent /prɪˈvent/ ●●● S2 W1 verb [transitiveT]  
PREVENTto stop something from happening, or stop someone from doing something 阻止,阻挡;预防,防止
 The rules are intended to prevent accidents.
prevent somebody/something (from) doing something
 His back injury may prevent him from playing in tomorrow’s game.
 We were prevented from entering the site.
 Wrap small ornaments in paper to prevent them being damaged.
preventable adjectiveadj
 preventable diseases
 Every one of these deaths is preventable.
In everyday English, people usually say stop somebody/something (from) doing something rather than prevent somebody/something (from) doing something: 在日常英语中,人们一般说 stop sb/sth (from) doing sth ,而不说 prevent sb/sth (from) doing sth
This barrier is to stop people from coming in without a ticket.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
preventpre·vent /prɪˈvent/ verb [transitiveT]
to stop something happening, or someone doing something
government regulators working to prevent fraud
prevent somebody/something (from) doing something
The region’s huge economic problems will prevent it from realizing its potential.
Origin prevent
(1400-1500) Latin past participle of praevenire to come before
pre·vent verb →REGISTER1
TOEFL BNC: 937 COCA: 1083


ADVERB | VERB + PREVENT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBeffectively有效阻止This new legislation effectively prevents us from trading.這項新立法有效阻止了我們的買賣。reliably, successfully可靠地/成功地阻止a study to determine whether the brace can reliably prevent knee injuries一項旨在確定護膝是否能有效防止膝蓋受傷的研究possibly, potentially有可能阻止Better intelligence could have possibly prevented the attack.如果情報更靈通些,這次攻擊本來有可能避免。completely完全阻止These barriers completely prevent new companies from entering the market.這些障礙使新公司徹底無法進入市場。forcibly, physically強有力地/完全阻止thereby從而防止The drug inhibits the replication of cancer cells, thereby preventing their spread.這種藥可抑制癌細胞的複製,從而防止其擴散 。VERB + PREVENTbe able to, be unable to, can能阻止;不能阻止No one can prevent you from attending this meeting.沒人能阻止你參加這次會議。attempt to, seek to, take action to, take steps to, try to試圖阻止;採取行動預防;設法阻礙help (to)有助於預防A good sunscreen will help prevent sunburn.好的防曬霜有助於防止皮膚曬傷。be designed to旨在預防be nothing to, do nothing to沒有能力/不採取行動阻止There's nothing to prevent these guys from copying our idea.沒有任何辦法阻止這些傢伙抄襲我們的想法。The whole affair is an outrage and the authorities have done nothing to prevent it.整個事件駭人聽聞,而當局並沒有採取任何措施制止。PREPOSITIONfrom阻止⋯免於⋯They took action to prevent the disease from spreading.他們採取行動以防止疾病蔓延。PHRASESaimed at preventing sth旨在預防⋯new measures aimed at preventing accidents旨在預防事故發生的新措施action to prevent sth, measures to prevent sth預防⋯的行動/措施an attempt to prevent sth阻止⋯的嘗試in order to prevent sth為了預防⋯Action must be swift in order to prevent further damage.必須迅速採取行動以避免更大的損失。
TOEFL BNC: 937 COCA: 1083


 See also the entry for thwart 另见thwart条prevent ♦︎ stop ♦︎ avoid ♦︎ keep sb from sth ♦︎ avert ♦︎ preclude ♦︎ rule sb/sth out ♦︎ restrainThese words all mean to cause sth not to happen or sb not to do sth. 这些词均表示阻止、阻碍。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to prevent / stop / keep / preclude / restrain sb from doing sthto prevent sb / stop / avoid / preclude doing sthto prevent / stop / avoid / avert a / an crisis / accidentto prevent / avoid / avert a disaster / catastrophe / tragedy / conflictto prevent / stop the spread of sthto prevent / avoid / preclude / rule out the possibility of sthto prevent / avoid / preclude the need / necessity for sth / to do sthto forcibly / physically prevent / stop / restrain sb / sthto narrowly avoid / avert sthto prevent / avoid sth altogether / at all costs prevent [transitive] to cause sth not to happen or sb not to do sth, especially by taking action before it happens (尤指事先采取行动)阻止,阻碍,防止These strategies are aimed at preventing crime.这些部署目的在于防止犯罪。He is prevented by law from holding a licence.按照法律他不准持有执照。Nothing would prevent him from speaking out against injustice.什么也阻挡不了他站出来鸣不平。 see also preventive protective prevention


[uncountable] accident / crime prevention防止事故/犯罪the prevention of disease疾病的预防
stop (-pp-) [transitive] to prevent sb from doing sth; to prevent sth from happening 阻止;阻碍;防止I want to go and you can't stop me.我要走,你拦不住我。The activists failed to stop the tests from going ahead.活动人士没能阻止试验进行。There's nothing to stop you from accepting the offer.你尽可以接受那个提议。NOTE 辨析 Prevent or stop?In many cases you can use either word, although stop is less formal. Prevent is more likely to suggest action that sb plans in advance so that sth does not even start to happen; stop is used more to talk about immediate action that sb takes to end sth that is already in progress. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用,但是stop不如prevent正式。prevent较多指事先采取行动预防某事发生,stop较多指即刻采取行动使正在发生的事情不得继续。 avoid [transitive] to prevent sth bad from happening 避免,防止(坏事发生)The accident could have been avoided.这个事故本来是可以避免的。They narrowly avoided defeat in the semi-final.他们在半决赛中险遭失败。Getting involved in a court case is something to be avoided at all costs.有时要不惜一切代价避免卷入官司。 ˈkeep sb from sth

phrasal verb

(kept, kept)to prevent sb from doing sth that they want or need to do 阻止,防止,阻碍(某人做想做或该做的事)I hope I'm not keeping you from your work.我希望没有妨碍你工作。The church bells keep me from sleeping.教堂的钟声使我不能入睡。
avert əˈvɜːt; NAmE əˈvɜːrt [transitive] (written) to prevent sth bad or dangerous from happening, especially sth that was likely to happen soon 防止,避免(尤指即将发生的坏事或危险)A disaster was narrowly averted.及时避免了一场灾难。He did his best to avert suspicion.他尽量不引起怀疑。Talks are taking place in an attempt to avert a strike.正在进行谈判以避免出现罢工的局面。 preclude prɪˈkluːd [transitive] (formal) to prevent sth from happening or sb from doing sth; to make sth impossible 阻止;妨碍;排除Lack of time precludes further discussion.由于时间有限,不可能进行深入讨论。His religious beliefs precluded him serving in the army.他的宗教信仰使他无法服兵役。Circumstances and events, not people, preclude things. * preclude的主语是情况和事件,而不是人。 ˌrule sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

to prevent sb from doing sth or sth from happening, especially by making it impossible according to rules or practical considerations (尤指依规定或实际考虑)阻止,防止His age effectively ruled him out as a possible candidate.他的年龄使他根本不可能成为候选人。Common sense and logistics ruled out this option.基于常识和后勤组织安排方面的考虑,这一备选方案给排除了。
restrain rɪˈstreɪn [transitive] (rather formal, written) to prevent sb/sth from doing sth, especially by using physical force (尤指用武力)阻止,制止I had to restrain her from hitting out at passers-by.我得强行制止她袭击路人。
TOEFL BNC: 937 COCA: 1083
To prevent something from happening: prevent, stop, avoid...
To stop someone doing something: stop, prevent, check...

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