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Word family
Related topics: Measurement
me·di·um1 /ˈmiːdiəm/ ●●● S3 AWL adjectiveadj  
1 TMMIDDLEof middle size, level, or amount 〔大小、水平或数量〕中等的;中号的
 What size shirt does he wear – small, medium or large?
(of) medium height/length/build
 She’s of medium height.
 hair of medium length
 Fry the onions over a medium heat until they are golden.
 medium to large companies
Use average, not ‘medium’, when you want to say that someone’s level of skill or ability is neither high nor low: students of average ability (NOT students of medium ability)
当想表达某人的技能和能力不高也不低时,用 average,不用 ‘medium’: students of average ability (不说 students of medium ability) 能力一般的学生
2. (also medium rare) meat that is medium or medium rare is partly cooked but still slightly pink inside 半熟的,五分熟的 rare, well-done
3. medium dry medium dry wine is slightly sweeter than dry wine 〔葡萄酒〕半干的
Examples from the Corpus
4 medium brown/blue etc CCa colour which is neither light nor dark 中褐色/蓝色等
 His jacket’s a medium brown colour.
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
medium2 ●○○ AWL noun (plural media /-diə/ or mediums) [countableC]  
1 TCa way of communicating information and news to people, such as newspapers, television etc 传播媒介〔如报纸、电视等〕 media
 Advertising is a powerful medium.
2 AWAY/METHODa way of expressing your ideas, especially as a writer or an artist 〔尤指作家或艺术家表达思想的〕方法,手段;艺术形式
medium for
 the novel as a medium for satire
 the visual media (=painting and films)
3 medium of instruction SLLa language that is used for teaching 教学媒介语言
 English is still the main medium of instruction in Nigeria.
4. medium of exchange PECmoney or other ways of paying for things 交换媒介,交易媒介〔指钱或其他的支付方法〕
Examples from the Corpus
5 technicalSUBSTANCE a substance or material in which things grow or exist 培养基
 a good growing medium for tomatoes
6. technicalHPT a substance through which a force travels 媒质,媒介物;传导体
magnetic media, → a happy medium at happy(8)
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Occult
medium3 noun (plural mediums) [countableC]  
ROsomeone who claims to have the power to receive messages from dead people 灵媒,巫师,通灵的人
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
mediumme·di·um1 /ˈmiːdiəm/ adjectiveadj
of middle size, between small and large
Disposable nappies come in small, medium and large sizes.
Small and medium firms will benefit most from the new rules.
mediummedium2 noun (plural mediums or media /-diə/) [countableC]
a way or means of communicating or trading
Television is still the favourite medium for advertisers.
The US currency often serves as a medium for transactions in other currencies.


1means of expressing/communicating sth表達或交流的手段ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEadvertising, broadcast, communication廣告媒介;廣播媒介;通信工具Radio is an important communication medium in many countries.無線電是許多國家的重要通信工具。mass大眾傳播媒介digital, electronic, interactive, print, printed, visual, written數字媒介;電子媒介;交互式媒介;印刷媒介;視覺媒介;書面媒介recording, storage記錄/存貯介質He believes tape will eventually be eliminated as a recording medium.他認為磁帶作為錄音介質終究會消亡。An optical disk is just another kind of electronic storage medium.光盤只是另一種電子存貯介質。PREPOSITIONthrough the medium of通過⋯媒介The government communicates through the medium of television.政府通過電視媒介傳達信息。medium for作為⋯的媒介She used her novels as a medium for encouraging political debate.她把自己的小說作為鼓勵政治辯論的手段。She experimented with the blog as a new medium for exploring issues.她嘗試把微博作為探究問題的新媒介。PHRASESa medium of communication通信工具a medium of instruction (= a language used for teaching) 教學語言English is the medium of instruction in many African countries.英語是許多非洲國家的教學語言。


2material/form that an artist, etc. uses藝術材料或形式ADJECTIVEartistic藝術形式Oil paint is her preferred artistic medium.她偏愛用油畫顏料表現藝術。photographic攝影表現方式The gallery has been committed to the photographic medium for 25 years.這家美術館 25 年來一直致力於攝影藝術。mixed media複合媒材藝術形式mixed-media artwork用複合媒材藝術創作的藝術品


medium ♦︎ vehicle ♦︎ channel ♦︎ catalyst ♦︎ instrumentThese are all words for a person, thing or system that makes sth happen or allows sth to happen. 这些词均表示使某事得以发生的手段、工具、方法。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a medium / a vehicle / a channel / a catalyst / an instrument of / for sththe / a / an main / important / major / effective medium / vehicle / channel / catalyst / instrumenta powerful medium / vehicle / catalyst / instrumenta useful medium / vehicle / channel / catalyst / instrumentthe ideal / perfect medium / vehicle / instrumenta key / great catalyst / instrument(a / an / the) appropriate / proper / right medium / vehicle / channels(a) political vehicle / channels / catalyst / instrumenta medium / a vehicle / channels / an instrument of communication / expressionto see / use sb / sth as a medium / a vehicle / a catalyst / an instrumentto regard sb / sth as a medium / a vehicle / an instrument medium (plural media) [countable] (rather formal) a way of communicating information or ideas to people (传播信息或思想的)媒介,手段,方法The internet is the modern medium of communication.互联网是现代传媒。The classes look at various electronic and audio-visual media.这些课会探讨各种电子和视听媒体。English is the medium of instruction (= the language used to teach other subjects).授课语言是英语。 vehicle [countable] (rather formal) something that can be used to express your ideas or feelings or as a way of achieving sth (表达思想或感情,或达到目的的)手段,工具Art may be used as a vehicle for propaganda.艺术可用作政治宣传的工具。The play is an ideal vehicle for her talents.这部戏是她施展才华的理想机会。 channel [countable] ( channels [plural]) a method or system that people use to get information, to communicate, or to send sth somewhere; a way of expressing ideas and feelings 途径;渠道;(表达思想和感情的)方式,手段Complaints must be made through the proper channels.投诉必须通过正当途径进行。The company has worldwide distribution channels.这家公司拥有遍布全世界的经销网络。Music is a great channel for releasing your emotions.音乐是宣泄情感的好方法。NOTE 辨析 Vehicle or channel? Channel is used especially to talk about a method or system used to give information, or to direct feelings and ideas, that might otherwise become dangerous or difficult to deal with. Vehicle is used more to talk about a way of getting creative and political ideas or other beliefs across to the general public. * channel尤指用以传递信息的途径或体系,或是调节感情和思想的方法-若不加以调节,这些感情和思想有可能变得危险或难以处理。vehicle较多指将创造性的思想、政治理念或其他信仰传达给大众的手段、工具。 catalyst ˈkætəlɪst [countable] (rather formal) a person or thing that causes a change 促使变化的人;引发变化的因素I see my role as being a catalyst for change.我认为我的作用是促成变革。The riots were later seen as the catalyst for the new political developments.这些骚乱后来被视为新的政治发展的催化剂。 instrument [countable] (formal) something that is used by sb in order to achieve sth; a person or thing that makes sth happen 促成某事的人(或事物);手段The law is not the best instrument for dealing with family matters.法律并非处理家庭问题的最佳手段。Financial aid can become an instrument of control rather than a support.财政援助有时会成为实施操控的手段,而非单纯的支持。

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