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IELTS BNC: 213 COCA: 294


Word family
set1 /set/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tensepst and past participlepp set, present participle setting)   sett
1 put 放置 [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]PUT written to carefully put something down somewhere 〔小心地〕放置,放下
set something (down) on something
 She set the tray down on a table next to his bed.
 Mark filled the pan and set it on the stove.
set something down/aside
 The workmen set the box down carefully on the floor.
 Remove the mushrooms and set them aside.
2 put into surface 嵌入表面 [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep] to put something into a surface 嵌入〔表面〕
be set into something
 Gates should be hung on sturdy posts set well into the ground.
be set into the wall/floor/ceiling etc (=be built into the surface of something so that it does not stick out) 嵌入墙里/地板里/天花板里等
 an alarm button set into the wall beside the door
Set is usually passive in this meaning.
3 story 故事 [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep] if a film, play, story etc is set in a particular place or period, the action takes place there or then 〔电影、戏剧、故事等〕以为背景
be set in something
 The novel is set in France.
be set against something
 All this romance is set against a backdrop of rural Irish life.
Set is usually passive in this meaning.
4 consider 考虑 [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep] to consider something in relation to other things 作对比,把放在一起考虑
set something against/beside something
 These casualty totals have to be set against the continuing growth in traffic.
 This debate should be set in an international context.
5 establish STH 确立某物START something/MAKE something START [transitiveT] to establish a way of doing something that is then copied or regarded as good 制定,确立,确定
set the pattern/tone/trend etc (for something)
 Art and literature flourished and this set the pattern for the whole of Europe.
 The prime minister’s fierce speech set the tone for the rest of the conference.
 It is important that parents set an example (=behave well).
 The outcome of the case will set a legal precedent.
 His photographs set the standard for landscapes.
 Freud’s views on sexuality set the agenda for much of the century (=people paid attention to the subjects he dealt with).
6 start STH happening 使某物开始 [transitiveT] to make something start happening or to make someone start doing something 使开始;使〔某人〕开始做
7 decide STH 确定某事 [transitiveT] to decide and state when something will happen, how much something should cost, what should be done etc 确定,安排〔某事〕
8 start working 开始工作 [intransitiveI, transitiveT] to start doing something in a determined way, or to tell someone to start doing something 〔坚决地〕开始做;使〔某人〕开始做
9 machine/clock etc 机器/钟等 [transitiveT]START something/MAKE something START to move a switch on a machine, clock etc so that it will start or stop working at the time you want, or in the way you want 设置,调整
10 liquid/glue/cement etc 液体/胶水/水泥等 [intransitiveI]HARD to become hard and solid 凝固,凝结
11. sun 太阳 [intransitiveI]DNDOWN when the sun sets, it moves down in the sky and disappears 落下,下山 OPP rise
12 set (somebody) a goal  (also set (somebody) a task/challenge British EnglishBrE)TRY TO DO OR GET something to say what you or someone else will or must try to achieve 给某人定下目标[布置任务]/向某人提出挑战
Examples from the Corpus
13 set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) something WANTDETERMINEDto want very much to have or achieve something, or to be determined to do something 一心想/决心要得到[]某事物
Examples from the Corpus
14 set a record BESTto achieve the best result in a sport, competition etc that has ever been achieved, by running fastest, jumping highest etc 〔在体育竞赛中〕创造纪录
Examples from the Corpus
15. set the table DFDHto arrange plates, knives, cups etc on a table so that it is ready for a meal 摆好餐具〔准备开饭〕 SYN British English lay the table
Examples from the Corpus
16 set a trap 
Examples from the Corpus
17 set somebody free/loose FREE/NOT IN PRISONto allow a person or an animal to be free 放走某人[某动物]
Examples from the Corpus
18 set somebody straight/right TALK TO somebodyto tell someone the right way to do something or the true facts about something 纠正某人的做法[想法]
Examples from the Corpus
19 face [intransitiveI] written if your face or mouth sets into a particular expression, you start to have an angry, sad, unfriendly etc expression 摆出,显出〔某种表情〕
20. set your jaw to move your lower jaw forward in a way that shows your determination 表现出很坚决的样子
Examples from the Corpus
21 bone 骨头
22 class work 课堂作业 [transitiveT] British EnglishBrEGIVE to give a student in your class a piece of work to do 布置〔作业〕
23 examination 考试 [transitiveT] British EnglishBrESEEXAM/TEST to write the questions for an examination 出〔考题〕
24 printing 印刷TCN [transitiveT] to arrange the words and letters of a book, newspaper etc so it is ready to be printed 〔为书、报纸等〕排字,排版
25. hair 头发 [transitiveT]DC to arrange someone’s hair while it is wet so that it has a particular style when it dries 把〔某人的湿头发〕梳理成某种发型,做〔头发〕 set somebody at (their) ease at ease1(2), → set your face against something at face1(21), → set something to music at music(5), → set the pace at pace1(7), → set pen to paper at pen1(3), → set sail at sail2(2), → set the scene at scene(9), → set the stage for something at stage1(7), → set great store by/on something at store1(6), → set the world on fire/alight at world1(26), → set the world to rights at world1(27)
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: to establish a way of doing something that is then copied or regarded as good
set an example (=behave well in a way that other people can copy)
Parents should try to set a good example to their teenagers.
set a precedent (=do something that later actions or decisions may be based on)
This legislation would set a most dangerous precedent.
set the pattern/trend (=do something in a way that is later repeated)
That first day seemed to set the pattern for the following weeks.
set the tone (=establish a general mood or feeling)
The gloomy first chapter sets the tone for the rest of the novel.
set the standard (=be very good, and so show how good other people or things should be)
They wanted to set the standard for software.
set the agenda (=establish what subjects should be discussed)
We are not attempting to set the agenda for other women’s groups.
set the pace (=move or change quickly, so that others try to do the same)
With regard to industrialization, Britain set the pace in the first half of the nineteenth century.
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 7: to decide and state when something will happen, how much something should cost, what should be done etc
set a date/time
No date has been set for the election.
set a price
We set the price at £30.
set standards/guidelines (=decide on standards, rules etc)
The government has set new food quality standards for all school canteens.
set limits
Set strict limits on your spending.
Examples from the Corpus
set2 ●●● S1 W1 noun  
1 group of things 一组事物 [countableC]GROUP OF THINGS a group of similar things that belong together or are related in some way 〔物品的〕一套,一副,一组
2 television/radio 电视机/收音机 [countableC]TCB a television, or a piece of equipment for receiving radio signals 电视机;收音机
3 film 电影 [countableC]AMF a place where a film or television programme is filmed 〔电影或电视节目的〕拍摄场地,片场,摄影场
4. stage 舞台 [countableC]APT the scenery, furniture etc used on a stage in a play or in the place where a film or television show is being made 布景,场景〔如自然景色、家具布置等〕
5 sport 体育运动 [countableC]DS one part of a game such as tennis or volleyball 〔网球等的〕一盘;〔排球等的〕一局
6 people 人们 [singular]FRIEND a group of people who are similar in some way and spend time together socially 〔趣味相投的〕一群人
7 the set of somebody’s face/jaw/shoulders etc the expression on your face or the way you hold your body, which tells people how you are feeling 某人脸部的表情/下巴的姿势/肩膀的姿势等
Examples from the Corpus
8 music 音乐 [countableC]APM a performance by a singer, band, or disc jockey 〔歌手、乐队或音乐节目主持人的〕连续表演
9 maths 数学 [countableC] technicalHMN a group of numbers, shapes etc in mathematics 〔数学中的〕集,集合
10 students 学生 [countableC] British EnglishBrESESCLASS/GROUP OF STUDENTS a group of children who are taught a particular school subject together because they have the same level of ability in that subject 〔在某个科目上水平相当因而一同上课的〕一班学生 SYN stream
11 onion 洋葱 [countableC]DLGHBP a small onion that you plant in order to grow bigger ones 〔种植用的〕洋葱球茎
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Food, Leisure
set3 ●○○ adjectiveadj  
1 placed 位于某处的PLACE [not before noun] being in the position that is mentioned 位置的,位于
2 background 背景 used to say that something is in front of a particular background, especially in a way that is attractive 为背景的,由衬托的
3 fixed 固定的CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT [only before noun] a set amount, time etc is fixed and is never changed 〔数量、时间等〕固定的
4 ready 准备好的 [not before noun] informalREADY someone who is set for something is ready for it 准备就绪的
5 set on/upon/against (doing) something DETERMINEDdetermined about something 一心想/决心要/坚决反对(做)某事
Examples from the Corpus
6 opinions/habits etc 观点/习惯等CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT# not likely to change 顽固的,固执的;固定的
7 have your heart/sights set on something DETERMINEDWANTto want to do something very much, or to be aiming to do something 决心/定下目标做某事
Examples from the Corpus
8 set to do something PROBABLYlikely to do something 很可能做某事
9. deep-set/wide-set/close-set eyes eyes whose position is deep in the face, far apart on the face, or close together on the face 深陷的眼窝/分得很开的眼睛/靠得很近的眼睛
10 be set with gems/jewels etc to be decorated with jewels 镶有宝石/珠宝等
11 meal [only before noun] British EnglishBrEDFDL a set meal in a restaurant has a fixed price and a more limited choice than usual 〔价格固定、菜式选择有限的〕套餐
12. set book/text etc British EnglishBrESEEXAM/TEST a book that must be studied for an examination 考试必读的书/课文等
Examples from the Corpus
13 fixed expression 凝滞的表情 literaryPRETENDDETERMINED if your face is set, it has a fixed expression on it, especially one that is angry, worried etc 〔表情〕僵硬的,凝滞的
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
Related topics: Computers
SETSET noun [uncountableU]
computing (secure electronic transfer) a way of buying and paying for goods on the Internet that allows the safe exchange of personal and financial information
setset1 /set/ verb (past tensepst and past participlepp set, present participle setting)
1[transitiveT] to decide that something should happen on a particular date, cost a particular amount, be done in a particular way etc
We haveset a deadline of 31 December for the receipt of bids.
The initialprice is set at $6 a share.
The OPEC agreementset aproduction ceiling (=limit) of 22.5 million barrels of oil a day.
2set standards/aims/targets/goals to establish standards, aims etc for doing something
The new Chief Executive will be under pressure to maintain the growth targets set by his predecessor.
Twenty-one computer companies met to set a standard for advanced computers.
3set somebody a goal/challenge/target to decide that someone should try to achieve something, especially something that needs a lot of effort
The sales force was set a challenge — to find three good ideas for improving profit levels.
setset2 adjectiveadj [only before a noun]
set amount/date/price etc an amount, date etc that is fixed and cannot be changed
These bonds pay investors a set sum on a set date in the future.
The subcontractor employs the workforce for aset wage.
see also commercial set
Origin set1
Old English settan
1. (1300-1400) Old French sette, from Latin secta; → SECT
2. (1300-1400) → SET1
(1200-1300) Past participle of → SET1

See also: sett

IELTS BNC: 213 COCA: 294


1group of similar things一組相似物ADJECTIVE | VERB + SET | SET + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomplete, entire, full, whole完整的一套;整套broad, comprehensive, huge, large範圍廣泛的一組;大組common共有的一套These two species share a common set of characteristics.這兩個物種有一組共同特徵。standard標準的一套matched, matching相配的一套a necklace with a matching set of earrings項鏈和一副配套耳環unique獨特的一套closed, finite閉集;有限集We have a finite set of options.我們僅有幾種選擇。A grammatical choice is drawn from a closed set of options.語法選擇是在有限的範圍內進行的。open開放集complex, diverse複雜的/不同的集合data, instruction數據集;指令集a computer's instruction set計算機的指令集chemistry, chess, drum, train一套化學用具;一副國際象棋;一套鼓;一套玩具火車dinner, tea一套餐具/茶具box, boxed, DVD套盒;盒裝數字影碟two-disc/two-disk, three-CD, etc.兩張、三張等一套的光碟The series is available in a three-DVD box set.可以買到這個系列片的 3 碟套裝數字影碟。skill一套技能This job requires a completely different skill set.這份工作需要一套完全不同的技能。VERB + SETcomplete湊成一套She won a silver medal in the long jump to complete her set (= of all three types of medal).她獲得了一枚跳遠銀牌,這下她金銀銅牌就全有了。SET + VERBcomprise sth, consist of sth整套包含⋯;整套由⋯組成contain整套含有include整套包含PREPOSITIONin a/the set成套There are ten pictures in the set.這一組有 10 幅畫。set of一套⋯a set of clothes / doors / keys / stairs / tools一套衣服;一組房門;一套鑰匙;一段樓梯;一套工具a set of conditions / guidelines / instructions / principles / rules一組條件;一套指導原則;一組指令;一套原則;一套規定a set of beliefs / ideas / standards / values一套信念/想法/標準/價值觀a set of circumstances / challenges / issues / problems / questions一系列狀況/挑戰/議題/麻煩/問題a set of data / facts / figures / numbers / results一組數據;一系列事實;一組數字;一系列結果PHRASESone of a set, part of a set一組中的一個/一部份The plate is part of a set.這個盤子是一套中的一件。


2scenery for play or film/movie戲劇或電影場景ADJECTIVE | VERB + SET | SET + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfilm, movie, stage, studio電影場景;舞台佈景;攝影棚佈景VERB + SETdesign設計佈景build, construct搭建佈景SET + NOUNdesign, designer佈景設計/設計師The locations and set designs were fabulous.外景地和佈景設計都棒極了。PREPOSITIONoff set在戲外Off set, the two actors became close friends.這兩位演員在台下成了好朋友。on (the) set在拍攝場地The crew had a lot of fun on set.演職人員在拍攝現場工作很愉快。All the cast stayed on the set throughout.所有的演員一直都在拍攝現場。


3in tennis網球VERB + SET | SET + NOUN | PHRASES VERB + SETplay打一盤clinch, win贏一盤level (BrE) 在一盤比賽中扳平比分She had two break points to level the set.她那盤有兩個破發點可以追平比分。lose輸一盤SET + NOUNpoint盤點PHRASESin straight sets不失一盤Nadal won in straight sets (= his opponent won none).納達爾一盤未失,贏得比賽勝利。


1ready準備好VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, look, seem已經就位;看上去準備好;好像準備就緒get (used when starting a race起跑時) 預備Get set... Go!預備 - 跑!ADVERBall一切就緒Are you all set? Let's go!你們都準備好了嗎?咱們走!PREPOSITIONfor為⋯做好準備The Italian team looks set for victory.意大利隊看上去勝券在握。


2determined堅決VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe堅決ADVERBdead非常堅決PREPOSITIONagainst堅決反對⋯Her father is dead set against the marriage.她父親鐵了心地反對這門親事。on決心要⋯The government is now set on increasing taxes.政府現已下決心增稅。
IELTS BNC: 213 COCA: 294
set noun
class3 (in the top set for English) group1 (a set of chairs/novels) group2 (Berlin's smart set) round (play a set of tennis)
set verb
allocate (set sb a task) put1 (set the tray down) put2 (set sth in motion) schedule (set a date for sth)
set adj.
set (a set pattern/menu) deep-seated (set in your ways) ready (Inflation is set to rise.)


set ♦︎ fixed ♦︎ predetermined ♦︎ prearrangedThese words all describe sth that is planned or arranged in advance. 这些词均表示预先安排的、预定的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配set / fixed / predetermined rulesa set / fixed / predetermined number / level / quantity / patterna set / fixed price set [usually before noun] planned or not changing; (of a meal in a restaurant) having a fixed price and a limited choice of dishes 安排好的;确定的;固定的;(餐馆的饭菜)套(餐)Each person was given set jobs to do.每个人都分配了预先确定好的工作。New vehicles must comply with set safety standards.新车必须符合现有的安全标准。There are restaurants nearby that offer a set meal for just a few dollars.附近有些饭店供应价格仅几元钱的套餐。the set menu套餐菜单 fixed staying the same; not changing or that cannot be changed 固定的;不变的;不能变的These accounts offer a fixed rate of interest over a defined period.在一定期限内,这些账户有固定利率。The money has been invested for a fixed period.这笔款项已做定期投资。 predetermined ˌpriːdɪˈtɜːmɪnd; NAmE ˌpriːdɪˈtɜːrmɪnd (rather formal) decided or chosen in advance, so that it does not happen by chance 预先决定的;事先安排的An alarm sounds when the temperature reaches a predetermined level.温度一达到预设的度数,警报就会响起来。 OPP random random prearranged ˌpriːəˈreɪndʒd (rather formal) planned or arranged in advance, especially between two or more people (尤指两个或多个人之间)预先安排的,约定的,预定的He gave the prearranged signal to attack.他发出了事先约定的袭击信号。
IELTS BNC: 213 COCA: 294
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