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ac·tion1 /ˈækʃən/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  
1 doing STH 做某事 [uncountableU] the process of doing something, especially in order to achieve a particular thing 行动
 The government must take action (=do something) now to stop the rise in violent crime.
action on
 Environmental groups want tougher action on pollution from cars.
 She was looking forward to putting her ideas into action (=doing the things she had planned).
 Ambulance crews are ready to spring into action (=suddenly start doing something) if anything goes wrong during the race.
2 STH done 所做的事DO [countableC] something that someone does 行为,作为
quick/swift/prompt action
 Her prompt actions probably saved my life.
 The child could not be held responsible for his actions (=he was too young to be blamed for them).
defend/justify your action(s)
 The chief of police tried to justify his actions.
3 in action DOsomeone or something that is in action is doing the job or activity they are trained or designed to do 在工作;在活动;在运转
 photos of ski jumpers in action
see/watch something/somebody in action
 I’d like to see the new computer system in action.
Examples from the Corpus
4 out of action BROKEN
a) broken and not working 失灵,发生故障
 The photocopier is out of action again.
b) injured and unable to do anything 〔受伤而〕不能做事
put/keep somebody out of action
 The injury will keep him out of action for a month.
Examples from the Corpus
5 fighting 战斗WAR [uncountableU] fighting during a war 战斗
 There have been reports of widespread enemy action in the area.
killed/wounded in action (=killed or wounded while fighting) 阵亡/战斗中负伤
 His father was killed in action in Vietnam.
 530 servicemen were reported missing in action (=they were never seen again after a battle).
 The men were sent into action with little or no training.
n He had seen action (=been involved in fighting) in Korea.
5He had seen action (= been involved in fighting ) in France.
see thesaurus at war
6 legal 法律上的 [countableC, uncountableU] a legal or formal process to decide whether someone has done something wrong 诉讼
 They are threatening to take legal action against the hospital (=start a court case against them).
 The director faces disciplinary action (=official action to punish him).
 The matter is now the subject of a court action (=a court case).
 The students agreed to drop their action (=decided not to continue with a court case or an official complaint).
 The sisters brought a libel action against the newspaper (=started a court case).
7 excitement 激动 [uncountableU]
8 the events in a story/film etc 故事/电影等中的情节the action STORYthe events in a story, film, play etc 情节
Examples from the Corpus
9 movement 活动MOVE/CHANGE POSITION [countableC, uncountableU] the way something moves or works 动作;功能
10 effect 作用EFFECT/INFLUENCE [uncountableU] the effect that a substance, especially a chemical, has on something 〔尤指化学物的〕作用
11 action group/committee etc SSOa group formed to change a social or political situation – often used in names 行动小组/委员会等〔常用于名称〕
Examples from the Corpus
12 a piece/slice of the action informal an opportunity to be involved in an event or activity, especially one that will be enjoyable or will make money 参与,插手〔尤指为了玩乐、赚钱〕
Examples from the Corpus
13. actions speak louder than words DOused to say that you are judged by what you do, and not by what you say 行动胜于言辞
Examples from the Corpus
n14. action!
affirmative action
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the process of doing something, especially in order to achieve a particular thing 行动
take action (=do something to deal with a problem) 采取行动
The government must take action to control inflation.
demand/call for action (=ask forcefully) 强烈要求采取行动
Voters are demanding tougher action on gun crime.
swing/spring/leap into action (=suddenly start doing something) 突然行动起来
nThe fire crew immediately swung into action.
put something into action (=start doing something you have planned to do) 将某事付诸实施
She was looking forward to putting her plans into action.
nThe committee uses the expertise of local organisations to put these ideas into action.
immediate/prompt/swift action 迅速的行动
The public wants immediate action to stop the terrorists.
urgent action (=that needs to be done immediately) 紧急行动
The Opposition called for urgent action to reduce unemployment.
firm/tough action 坚决/严厉措施
We need firm action to deal with the problem.
decisive action (=that has a big effect on the way something develops) 决定性的措施
nWe are urging the international community to take decisive action on debt relief.
drastic action (=that has a very severe effect) 严厉措施
nThe president decided to take drastic action.
further action 进一步措施
nNo further action is necessary.
direct action (=that is aimed at making a government or company do something) 直接行动
nIn a bid to stop whale hunting, Greenpeace have threatened direct action.
political action 政治行动
nSome forms of political action are more effective than others.
industrial/strike action (=that workers take in order to protest about pay, working conditions etc) 劳工/罢工行动
nThe miners voted in favour of industrial action.
joint action (=that two or more countries, organizations etc take together) 联合行动
nCommunity leaders agreed to take joint action on scientific, social and environmental issues.
a course of action 行动步骤
Have you decided on a course of action?
a plan of action 行动计划
The General outlined his plan of action for the campaign.
nEnvironmental groups have put forward an action plan.
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: fighting during a war 战斗
be killed/wounded in action (=killed or wounded while fighting)
Four of her sons have been killed in action.
be missing in action (=used to say that a soldier has not returned after a battle and their body has not been found)
A further 9,000 allied military personnel are still officially listed as missing in action.
see action (=be involved in fighting)
By the time he was 20 he’d seen action in the Gulf War and Bosnia.
go into action
American soldiers are going into action against the Mujahadin.
be sent into action
He declared that French soldiers will not be sent into action in Iraq.
military action
America is not ruling out military action against Iran.
enemy action
The ship was damaged by enemy action.
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 6: a legal or formal process to decide whether someone has done something wrong 诉讼
legal action
The singer threatened legal action against the magazine.
court action
The couple are still considering whether to take court action.
a libel action (=taken against someone who has written or printed untrue statements about you)
Judge Johan Kreigler dismissed a libel action brought against two newspapers.
a civil action (=involving business or property, rather than a crime)
The victim can seek damages in a civil action.
take legal action
He is within his rights to take legal action.
face legal action
The council demanded that we remove the posters, or face legal action.
bring a legal action
Justice Mayor ruled that she cannot bring a legal action for damages against the plaintiff.
nTHESAURUSMeaning 2: something that someone does
action noun [countableC] something that someone does
He is responsible for his own actions.
They refused to give a reason for their actions.
act noun [countableC] a particular type of action
violent acts
| act of violence/kindness/defiance etc
I believe the killing was an act of desperation.
activities noun [plural] things that people do, especially for enjoyment or to achieve an aim
leisure activities
political activities
Surveys may not give a true picture of people’s activities.
behaviour British EnglishBrE, behavior American EnglishAmE noun [uncountableU] the things that someone does and the way they behave
Do you think that advertisements really influence people’s behaviour?
The man’s behaviour seemed rather odd.
move noun [countableC] something that you do in order to achieve something
Her decision to sell the shares had been a smart move.
It’s a bold move to start a business in the current economic climate.
He needed time to figure out his next move.
step noun [countableC] one of a series of things that you do in order to deal with a problem or to succeed
The first step is to make sure we have got funding for the project.
We must take steps to make sure that this does not happen again.
This is an important step towards peace.
measure noun [countableC] an official action that is intended to deal with a particular problem
There are increased security measures at airports.
The school was closed as a precautionary measure following a chemical leak.
gesture noun [countableC] something that you do to show how you feel about someone or something
Do you think it would be a nice gesture to send her some flowers?
| gesture of goodwill/solidarity/defiance
The company gave us £100 as a gesture of goodwill.
deed noun [countableC] especially literary an action, especially one that is very good or very bad
evil deeds
heroic deeds
This is my good deed for the day.
exploits noun [plural] formal exciting or brave actions
daring exploits
His exploits were legendary.
feat noun [countableC] something someone does that people admire because you need a lot of skill, courage, or strength to do it
Completing a marathon is a remarkable feat for a six-year-old.
The bridge is a great feat of engineering.
Examples from the Corpus
AMFused by film directors to give the instruction to begin filming 开拍!〔电影导演下令开始拍摄时用语〕
 Lights, camera, action!
action2 verb [transitiveT] formal  
to do a specific thing that needs to be done, especially after discussing it 进行处理,对采取行动
 How are we actually going to action these objectives?
From Longman Business Dictionary
actionac·tion /ˈækʃən/ noun
1[countableC, uncountableU] when someone does something in order to deal with a problem or difficult situation
The government’s action was prompted by shortages of foreign exchange.
We must take action to make our shares accessible to a broader segment of the investing public.
see also right of action
affirmative action direct action industrial action job action secondary action strike action
2[uncountableU] when important things happen, for example when there is a lot of buying or selling or prices rise or fall
The tax cut was intended to restore some market action in the banking and real-estate sectors.
3[countableC, uncountableU]LAW the process of taking a case or a claim against someone to a court of law
They began an action to repossess the house.
When the loan was not repaid, he threatened legal action.
They will bring an action against him if he does not repay the loan.
class action frivolous action personal action
Origin action
(1300-1400) Old French Latin actio, from agere; → ACT1


1process of doing sth做事的過程ADJECTIVE | VERB + ACTION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdecisive, effective, firm, strong, vigorous堅決的/有效的/果斷的/強硬的/有力的行動He urged the government to take decisive action against music piracy.他敦促政府採取果斷措施打擊音樂盜版。aggressive, violent侵略/暴力行動immediate, prompt, swift, urgent即時的行動;飛速行動;快速行動;緊急行動appropriate恰當的行動Unless appropriate action is taken, our sales will decline.如果不採取恰當的行動,我們的銷售額就會下降。drastic, emergency斷然的行動;應急行動The situation calls for drastic action.這種情況需要採取斷然行動。collective, concerted, joint, united (especially BrE) 集體行動;一致的行動;聯合行動;統一行動direct, positive, unilateral直接的/積極的/單方面的行動corrective, evasive, remedial糾偏/迴避/補救行動pre-emptive, preventative, preventive先發制人的行動;預防性的行動disciplinary, legal, military, strike懲戒性/合法/軍事/罷工行動Disciplinary action will be taken against students who cheat.對作弊的學生將予以懲戒。 (see also industrial action) congressional, government, governmental, legislative, political, state (especially NAmE) 國會的行動;政府行動;立法行動;政治行動;州採取的行動affirmative (especially NAmE) (支持或鼓勵聘用女性、少數族裔等受歧視者的)扶持行動Affirmative action was most successful in creating opportunities for college-educated women.在為受過高等教育的女性創造就業機會方面,扶持行動非常成功。VERB + ACTIONtake採取行動We'll take whatever action is necessary.我們將採取任何必要措施。call for號召行動;呼籲行動agree on同意採取行動The leaders have agreed on joint action to combat terrorism.各位領導人已同意採取聯合行動打擊恐怖主義。leap into, spring into, swing into迅速採取行動The emergency services swung into action as soon as the disaster was reported.災難一經報道,應急服務機構迅速採取了行動。carry out, perform採取行動;做事Only the priest can perform these actions.只有神父才能從事這些活動。galvanize sb into, prod sb into, spur sb into激勵/敦促/鞭策某人採取行動We have to galvanize people into action.我們得激勵人們行動起來。bring sth into, put sth into把⋯付諸實施We need to put these ideas into action.我們需要將這些想法付諸實施。keep sb/sth out of, put sb/sth out of使⋯停止工作;使⋯不再起作用A fire has put the factory out of action.一場火災使工廠陷入癱瘓。PREPOSITIONin action在運轉I have not yet seen the machines in action.我還沒有見過這些機器運轉。out of action不能工作He is out of action following an ankle injury.他腳踝受傷後就沒法工作了。action against針對⋯的行動action against drug dealers針對毒販的行動action on對⋯採取行動The government is taking strong action on refugees.政府正在對難民採取強硬措施。PHRASESactions speak louder than words (saying) 行動勝於語言a course of action行動方式Is this the best course of action to follow?這是可以採取的最好行動方式嗎?


2legal case訴訟ADJECTIVE | VERB + ACTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcourt法庭訴訟civil, criminal, libel, tort民事/刑事/誹謗/侵權訴訟class (NAmE) 集體訴訟VERB + ACTIONbring, file, initiate, take提起訴訟;發起訴訟I considered taking legal action.我曾考慮提起法律訴訟。They took out a libel action against the newspaper's owners.他們對這家報紙的所有人發起了誹謗訴訟。Her husband brought a civil action against her after their divorce.離婚後她丈夫對她提起民事訴訟。PREPOSITIONaction against對⋯提出的訴訟


3fighting戰鬥;作戰ADJECTIVE | VERB + ACTION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcombat, enemy戰鬥動作;敵方行動He was killed during enemy action.他在對敵作戰中陣亡了。terrorist恐怖主義行動covert秘密戰鬥paramilitary covert action teams working overseas在海外從事秘密戰鬥的準軍事化組織VERB + ACTIONsee經歷戰鬥I never saw action during the war.戰爭期間我從未參加過戰鬥。PHRASESkilled in action, missing in action, wounded in action在戰鬥中陣亡/失踪/受傷He was reported missing in action.有報道說他在戰鬥中失踪了。
action noun
action (take responsibility for your actions) activity (films with plenty of action) case (a libel action) effect (the action of sunlight on the skin) war (killed in action) take action act verb in action active adj. put sb/sth out of action disable verb


 See also the entry for process 另见process条action ♦︎ measure ♦︎ step ♦︎ act ♦︎ move ♦︎ gesture ♦︎ deed ♦︎ stunt ♦︎ doingThese are all words for a thing that sb does. 这些词均表示行为、行动。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an action / a measure / a step / an act / a move / a gesture / a deed / a stunt by sba step / move / gesture towards stha heroic / brave / daring action / step / act / move / gesture / deeda kind / charitable / generous action / act / gesture / deeda / an evil / terrible act / deedto take actions / measures / stepsto do an action / an act / a deed / a stuntto perform an action / an act / a deed / a stuntto make a step / move / gesture action [countable, uncountable] a thing that sb does; the process of doing sth in order to make sth happen or to deal with a situation 所做之事;行动;行为过程Her quick action saved the child's life.她行动迅速,救了小孩的命。Each of us must take responsibility for our own actions.我们每个人都必须对自己的行为负责。Only the priest can perform these actions.只有神父才能够做这些事。We shall take whatever actions are necessary.我们将采取任何必要的措施。Firefighters took action immediately to stop the blaze from spreading.消防员立即采取行动阻止火势蔓延。What is the best course of action in the circumstances?在这种情况下,最佳的应对方法是什么?She began to explain her plan of action to the group.她开始向小组成员讲解她的行动计划。 measure [countable] an official action that is done in order to achieve a particular aim (官方的)措施,方法Special measures are being taken to protect the local water supplies.正采取特别措施保护当地供水。Tougher measures against racism are needed.需要对种族主义采取更强硬的措施。This is just a temporary measure, while the emergency exists.这仅仅是在紧急情况下采取的临时措施。The government introduced emergency measures to stave off an economic crisis.政府推行了紧急措施来暂时纾缓经济危机。 step [countable] one of a series of things that you do in order to achieve sth 步骤;措施This was a first step towards a united Europe.这是向统一欧洲的目标迈进的第一步。We are taking steps to prevent pollution.我们正采取措施防止污染。This won't solve the problem but it's a step in the right direction.这虽不能解决问题,却是朝正确方向迈出的一步。The new drug is a major step forward in the treatment of the disease.研制出这种新药是治疗这一疾病的重大进展。 act [countable] a thing that sb does 行为;行动an act of kindness / generosity / love / aggression / desperation善行;慷慨之举;爱的表示;挑衅;铤而走险You have committed a serious criminal act.你已经犯下严重罪行。The very act of writing out your plan clarifies what you need to do.将计划写下来,这样做能厘清你要做的事。He was caught in the act of stealing (= caught stealing).他偷窃时当场被抓。NOTE 辨析 Action or act?These two words have the same meaning but are used in different patterns. An act is usually followed by of and/or used with an adjective. Action is not usually used with of but is often used with his, her, etc. 这两个词意义相同,但用于不同的句型。act通常后接of,并常与形容词连用。action通常不与of连用,但常与his、her等词连用a heroic act of bravery英雄壮举a heroic action of bravery his heroic actions / acts during the war他在战争中的英雄壮举 Action often combines with take but act does not. * action常与take搭配,act则不能We shall take whatever acts are necessary. move [countable] (especially journalism 尤用于新闻) an action that you do or need to do to achieve sth (为达目的而采取或需要采取的)行动This latest move by the government has aroused fierce opposition.政府最近采取的这一行动引起了强烈的反对。The management has made no move to settle the strike.资方还没有采取任何措施来解决罢工问题。If he wants to see me, he should make the first move.他要是想见我就得采取主动。Getting a job in marketing was a good career move.找份市场营销的工作是个不错的职业选择。 gesture ˈdʒestʃə(r) [countable] a thing that you do or say to show a particular feeling or intention (表明感情或意图的)姿态,表示It was a nice gesture (= it was kind) to invite his wife too.把他妻子也请来是友好的表示。Words and empty gestures are not enough-we demand action!讲空话或摆姿态是不够的-我们需要的是行动!We do not accept responsibility but we will refund the money as a gesture of goodwill / a goodwill gesture.我们不承担责任,但愿意退款,以表善意。 deed [countable] (formal or literary) a thing that sb does that is usually very good or very bad (善或恶的)行为,行动It's a stirring tale of heroic deeds.这是一则激动人心的英雄事迹。These were evil deeds perpetrated by wicked people.这些伤天害理的事都是坏人干的。 (rather informal, especially spoken) I took Sarah's children to school so I've done my good deed for the day.我送了萨拉的孩子去上学,所以今天已经做了善事。 stunt [countable] a dangerous and difficult action that sb does to entertain people, especially as part of a film (尤指电影中的)特技表演He did all his own stunts in the movie.影片中所有的特技都是他自己完成的。a stunt pilot / rider / team特技飞行员/骑手/表演队a stuntman / stuntwoman男特技演员;女特技演员 Stunt is also used, sometimes in a disapproving way, for sth that is done in order to attract people's attention. * stunt有时含贬义,指意在引起注意的花招或噱头They jumped off London Bridge as a publicity stunt.他们跳伦敦桥作为宣传噱头。 doing [countable, usually plural, uncountable] a thing done or caused by sb 所做的事;所作所为I've been hearing a lot about your doings recently.关于你的所作所为我最近听到很多。
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The process or activity of moving: movement, transit, motion...
Chemical reactions and processes: action, adsorb, aerate...
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