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IELTS BNC: 347 COCA: 418


Word family
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course1 /kɔːs $ kɔːrs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun   coarse
1 of course 
a) KNOW somethingused to show that what you are saying is expected or already known and so not surprising 当然,自然〔用于提及你认为别人已经知道或应当知道的某事〕
 You can pay by cheque, assuming of course you have a valid cheque card.
 Of course there are exceptions to every rule.
b) AGREE (also course informal) spoken used to say yes or to give permission politely 当然,当然可以〔用于礼貌地同意或允许某人〕
 ‘Can I have a word with you?’ ‘Of course.’
 ‘Can you give me a lift?’ ‘Course, no problem.’
c) (also course informal) spokenEMPHASIZETRUE used to emphasize that what you are saying is true or correct 当然〔用于强调你所说的是真的或正确的〕
 Of course he’ll come!
well/but of course
 Well of course I love you.
Examples from the Corpus
2 of course not  (also course not informal) spokenUNTRUE used to say very strongly that something is not true or correct 当然不;决不
 He asked his father if it was true. ‘Of course not, ’ Jack said.
 ‘You don’t mind if I call her?’ ‘No, course not.’
Examples from the Corpus
3 LESSONSeducation 教育 [countableC]SEC
a) a series of lessons in a particular subject 课程 SYN American English class
 Andy’s doing a one-year journalism course.
course on/in
 a course on architecture
 I’m taking a course in graphic design.
b) British EnglishBrE a period of study in a particular subject, especially at university 〔尤指大学里某一门课的〕课程(时间) SYN American English program
 a degree course in photography
Course is never followed by ‘of’. Don’t say ‘a course of Business Studies’. Say ‘a course in Business Studies’.
Course 后面不可跟 of。不要说 ‘a course of Business Studies’,而要说 ‘a course in Business Studies’(商科课程)
4 time 时间 [singular]PERIOD OF TIME a period of time or process during which something happens 过程,进程,经过
during/in/throughout/over the course of something
 During the course of our conversation, it emerged that Bob had been in prison.
 Over the course of the next few years, the steel industry was reorganized.
in the course of doing something
 In the course of researching customer needs, we discovered how few families have adequate life insurance.
5 development 发展 [singular]NATURAL the usual or natural way that something changes, develops, or is done 自然的进展;通常的过程
course of
 forces that shape the course of evolution
 Meeting Sally changed the whole course of his life.
in the normal/natural/ordinary course of events
 In the normal course of events, a son would inherit from his father.
take/run its course (=develop in the usual way and reach a natural end) 自然地发展,持续到自然结束
 Relax and let nature take its course.
 It seems the boom in World Music has run its course.
 Gorbachev changed the course of Soviet history.
6 plans 计划 [singular, uncountableU] the general plans someone has to achieve something or the general way something is happening 方针,总方向
7 ACTIONSactions 行动 [countableC usually singular]DEAL WITH an action or series of actions that you could take in order to deal with a particular situation 〔处理事件的〕行动方式;处理方式
8 direction 方向 [countableC usually singular, uncountableU]TTWTTA the planned direction taken by a boat or plane to reach a place 〔船或飞机的〕航向
9 on course likely to achieve something because you have already had some success 〔因已取得一些成功〕可能成就〔某事〕
Examples from the Corpus
10 meal 菜肴 [countableC]DF one of the separate parts of a meal 一道菜
11 sport 体育 [countableC]DS an area of land or water where races are held, or an area of land designed for playing golf 〔陆上或水上的〕赛场,赛道;高尔夫球场
12 medical treatment 医治 [countableC] especially British EnglishBrESERIES an amount of medicine or medical treatment that you have regularly for a specific period of time 疗程
13 in (the) course of time EVENTUALLYafter some or enough time has passed 终于;总有一天 SYN eventually
Examples from the Corpus
14 river 河流 [countableC]SG the direction a river moves in 江河的流向
15 wall [countableC]TBC a layer of bricks, stone etc in a wall 〔墙中砖、石等的〕层
as a matter of course at matter1(20), → par for the course at par(3), → stay the course at stay1(7), → in due course at due1(4)
take a course (also do a course British EnglishBrE) 修读课程
I decided to do a course in Italian.
go on a course British EnglishBrE 参加课程
My company wanted me to go on a course in management skills.
pass/fail a course 通过/没有通过课程
If you pass the course, you get a diploma in psychology.
apply for a course 报读课程
The following year she applied for a nursing course.
enrol on a course/put your name down for a course British EnglishBrE (=to arrange to officially join a course) 报名读一门课程
nHow about enrolling on a sailing course?
attend a course formal (=take part in a course) 参加课程
nYou’ll have to attend a course on how to deal with customers on the phone.
withdraw from a course/drop out of a course (=leave it without finishing it) 退出课程
nShe had to withdraw from the course because of illness.
teach a course 教一门课程
nShe is teaching an introductory course in Russian.
run a course 开设课程
nThe course is run by the British Council.
noffer a course
The course is offered on a part-time basis.
nchange (your) course (=at university or college)
Some students choose to change their course after the first year.
a language/art/design etc course 语言/艺术/设计等课程
The school runs ten-week language courses three times a year.
a full-time/part-time course 全日制/兼读制课程
There are also part-time courses for mature students.
an elementary/intermediate/advanced course 初级/中级/高级课程
an advanced course in art and design
a one-year/two-year etc course 一年期/两年期等课程
She did a one-year teacher training course.
a short course 短期课程
nI did a short course on website design.
an intensive course (=in which you learn a lot in a short time) 强化课程,密集课程
nAn intensive course in Russian is provided for those who do not already know the language.
a crash course informal (=in which you learn a great deal in a very short time) 速成课程
nA husband was given a crash course in how to deliver a baby by a midwife on the phone.
a training course 培训课程
nIf you are offered the job, you will attend a two-week training course.
a vocational course (=that trains you to do a particular job) 职业教育课程
na vocational course in architecture
na college/university course
students who fail their college courses
na degree course British EnglishBrE (also an undergraduate course) (=a first course at a university, which usually lasts three years)
a three-year degree course
na postgraduate course British EnglishBrE (=one you do after your first degree course)
a correspondence course (=in which you work at home, sending work to a teacher by post) 函授课程
an introductory course (=for people who have never done a particular subject or activity before) 入门课程
nan induction course (=that you do when you start a new job or position)
a refresher course (=short and intended to teach you about new developments in a subject) 进修课程
na foundation course British EnglishBrE (=a general course that students do in the first year at some universities)
a sandwich course British EnglishBrE (=that includes periods of work in industry or business) 工读交替制课程
na tailor-made course (=one that is specially designed for someone)
a tailor-made course to help senior staff develop their negotiation skills
course + NOUN
a course tutor British EnglishBrE: 课程指导老师
I discussed it with my course tutor.
course material 课程资料,课程教材
Teachers are provided with course material.
the course syllabus (=the plan of what is taught on a course) 课程纲要
nThe school has recently introduced a new course syllabus.
COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘make a course’. Say do or take a course.
不要说make a course’. 而要说 do or take a course.
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: the usual or natural way that something changes, develops, or is done 自然的进展;通常的过程
something takes a course (=develops in a particular way)
He felt that events were taking the wrong course.
something takes/runs its course (=develops in the usual or natural way)
There was nothing we could do except watch the illness run its course.
change/alter the course of something
The incident changed the course of the election.
influence/shape the course of something
The result of this battle influenced the whole course of the war.
determine/decide the course of something
Don’t let chance decide the course of your career.
in the normal/ordinary course of something
His bravery was far more than was required in the normal course of duty.
the course of history/somebody’s life etc
Changing conditions shape the course of evolution.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Sport
course2 verb  
1 [intransitiveI always + adverbadv/prepositionprep] literaryLIQUID if a liquid or electricity courses somewhere, it flows there quickly 奔流,快速流动
2 [intransitiveI always + adverbadv/prepositionprep] literaryTHINK SO/NOT BE SURE if a feeling courses through you, you feel it suddenly and strongly 〔感情、思想〕涌动
3. [intransitiveI, transitiveT]DS to chase rabbits with dogs as a sport 〔用猎犬〕追猎〔兔子〕
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
coursecourse /kɔːskɔːrs/ noun [countableC]
especially British EnglishBrE a series of classes or studies in a particular subject
a one-year journalism course
correspondence course refresher course sandwich course

See also: of course

IELTS BNC: 347 COCA: 418


1complete series of lessons or lectures課程ADJECTIVE | VERB + COURSE | COURSE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcomputer, psychology, Spanish, etc.計算機、心理學、西班牙語等課程crash, intensive速成/強化課程short短期課程two-day, two-week, etc.兩日、兩週等的課程advanced, beginners', intermediate, introductory高級/初級/中級/入門課程college-level, graduate-level (both NAmE) 大學水平的/研究生水平的課程day, evening, night (NAmE) 日間課程;夜間課程elective (NAmE) 選修課程Psychology is offered as an elective course.心理學作為一門選修課開設。required (NAmE) 必修課程Students take required courses in music theory and performance.學生們要學習音樂理論和表演方面的必修課程。refresher, remedial進修/補習課程He enrolled in a remedial mathematics course.他參加了一個數學補習班。induction (BrE) 入門課程training培訓課程correspondence, online, Web-based函授課程;網絡課程external (BrE) 校外課程in-house (especially BrE) 內部課程VERB + COURSEattend, do, take修讀課程He took a crash course in Spanish.他修讀了一門西班牙語速成課。enrol on, join, sign up for註冊修課;報名修課teach教課offer, run開設課程The school runs courses all year round.這所學校全年開設課程。design, develop設計/開發課程We have designed the course for students at all levels of ability.我們的這門課程是針對不同水平的學生設計的。complete, finish修讀完課程She has completed a course in first aid.她修完了一門急救課程。pass通過課程(考試)fail, flunk (informal, especially NAmE) 未通過課程(考試)COURSE + VERBrun課程上課日期為⋯The course runs from January till March.這門課程的上課日期為 1 月到 3 月。consist of sth, cover sth, focus on sth, include sth課程由⋯構成/涵蓋⋯/以⋯為重點/包括⋯The course consists of both lectures and practical workshops.這門課程由課堂講授和實踐研習組成。PREPOSITIONcourse in⋯課程a course in art history藝術史課程course on關於⋯的課程a course on the development of capitalism關於資本主義發展的課程


2 (especially BrE) period of study at a college/university大學學習期間ADJECTIVE | VERB + COURSE ADJECTIVEfull-time, part-time全日制/非全日制課程one-year, two-year, etc.一年制、兩年制等課程access, foundation (BrE) 高考資格補習班;基礎課程graduate, postgraduate, undergraduate研究生課程;本科生課程degree, diploma, honours/honors學位/文憑/榮譽學位課程a joint-honours course in French and Russian (BrE) 一門法語和俄語聯合榮譽學位課程mathematics, physics, psychology, etc.數學、物理、心理學等課程academic學術課程vocational職業課程sandwich (BrE) 工讀交替制課程VERB + COURSEoffer, run開設課程the only university in the UK to offer courses in computer games technology英國唯一一所開設電腦遊戲技術課程的大學complete, finish修完課程drop out of退出課程


3route/direction路線;方向VERB + COURSE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + COURSEalter, change, reverse (especially NAmE) 修改/改變/逆轉路線The boat altered course during the storm.船在暴風雨中改變了航線。chart, plot, set把航線繪入圖表;標繪路線;確定路線We set course for Vancouver Island.我們確定了去溫哥華島的路線。navigate, steer導航;領航follow沿路線而行The path follows the course of the river.小徑沿着河道延伸。resume恢復航線The plane resumed its original course.飛機重又按其最初的航線飛行。PREPOSITIONoff course偏離方向We're a long way off course.我們遠遠偏離了航向。on course航向正確We're on course for our destination.我們航向正確,正駛往目的地。PHRASESon a collision course在導致碰撞的航線上航行The two planes were on a collision course.這兩架飛機在會導致相撞的航線上飛行。be blown off course被吹離航線The boat was blown off course.這艘船被吹離了航線。


4way of acting行動方式ADJECTIVE | VERB + COURSE | COURSE + VERB | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbest, better最好的/更好的行動方式prudent謹慎的舉動Taking action without knowing all the facts would not be a prudent course.未瞭解全部事實就採取行動不是謹慎之舉。VERB + COURSEadopt, choose, follow, pursue, steer, take採納/選擇/遵循/執行/引導/採取路線She shrewdly steered a middle course between the two factions.在兩派之間她精明地選擇了一條中間路線。It was the best course of action to take in the circumstances.這是在當時情況下能採取的最佳方法。COURSE + VERBbe open to sb某人可採取⋯It was the only course open to him.這是他可採取的唯一方法。PHRASESa course of action行動路線


5development of sth over a period of time進程ADJECTIVE | VERB + COURSE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEnatural, normal, usual自然的/正常的/平常的過程It's best to let things follow their natural course.最好讓事情順其自然。VERB + COURSEchange改變進程an event that changed the course of his life改變了他人生之路的一件事reverse (especially NAmE) 逆轉進程The dollar fell sharply for two days, and then reversed course.美元快速下跌兩天,然後開始反彈。affect, decide, determine, dictate, influence, shape影響進程;決定進程;確定進程;左右進程;主導進程War has determined the course of much of human history.人類歷史的進程大多由戰爭決定。follow, run, take遵循進程;任其自然發展Her career followed a similar course to her sister's.她的事業發展過程和她姐姐的很相像。We could do nothing but let the disease run its course.我們什麼也做不了,只能聽任這病自然發展了。resume恢復進程Prices resumed their upward course.價格恢復了上行勢頭。PREPOSITIONduring the course of在⋯期間during the course of the war在戰爭期間in the course of在⋯過程中In the course of time, I began to understand.終於我開始明白了。PHRASESthe course of history歷史的進程This was an event that changed the course of history.這是一次改變了歷史進程的事件。in due course (= at the appropriate time; eventually) 在適當的時候;最終in the normal course of events, in the ordinary course of events在一般情況下In the normal course of events, you should get a reply by Monday.按通常情況,你最遲在星期一就應該得到答覆。let nature take its course順其自然When the dog responded so badly to the treatment, we decided to let nature take its course (= stop treating it and let it die naturally).這條狗經過治療後也沒什麼起色,於是我們就決定放棄治療,聽其自然。


6part of a meal一道菜ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEmain主菜first, second, etc.第一道菜、第二道菜等PREPOSITIONfor a/the course作為一道菜We had chicken for our main course.雞肉是我們的主菜。


7in a sport/a race體育;競賽ADJECTIVE | VERB + COURSE ADJECTIVEgolf高爾夫球場nine-hole * 9 洞高爾夫球場obstacle, race (BrE) (usually racecourse) (racetrack in NAmE) 障礙賽跑賽場;賽馬場VERB + COURSEcomplete完成全程比賽Only ten yachts completed the course.只有 10 艘快艇賽完了全程。build, design修建/設計賽場


8series of medical treatments療程VERB + COURSE | PREPOSITION VERB + COURSEgive sb, put sb on讓某人接受療程治療She's been put on a course of injections.她接受了一個療程的針劑治療。prescribe (sb)(給某人)開療程處方take接受療程治療complete, finish完成療程治療If you are prescribed antibiotics, it's important to finish the course.如果給你開了抗生素,完成整個療程很重要。PREPOSITIONcourse of⋯療程a course of antibiotics一個療程的抗生素
IELTS BNC: 347 COCA: 418
course noun
class1 (a course of study) direction (let things take their natural course) way3 (The plane was off course.)
IELTS BNC: 347 COCA: 418
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