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IELTS BNC: 889 COCA: 941


Word family
Related topics: Measurement
ldoce_221_emea·sure1 /ˈmeʒə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  
1 [transitiveT]TMMEASURE to find the size, length, or amount of something, using standard units such as inches, metres etc 量,测量
 The rainfall was measured over a three-month period.
measure somebody for something (=measure someone in order to make clothes for them) 给某人量(衣服)尺寸
 She was being measured for her wedding dress.
measure something in something
 We can measure the energy that food provides in calories.
measuring jug/cup/tape (=one used for measuring) 量壶/量杯/卷尺
2 [transitiveT]JUDGE to judge the importance, value, or true nature of something 估量,衡量〔某物的重要性、价值或真正性质〕 SYN assess
 Doctors say it is too early to measure the effectiveness of the drug.
measure something by something
 Education shouldn’t be measured purely by examination results.
3 [linking verb]TMMEASURE to be a particular size, length, or amount 〔某物的〕体积[长度,数额]
 The room measures 6 x 6 metres.
 The earthquake measured 6.5 on the Richter scale.
4 [transitiveT]TM if a piece of equipment measures something, it shows or records a particular kind of measurement 显示;记录
 An odometer measures the number of miles your car travels.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Government, Measurement, Drink
measure2 ●●○ W2 noun [countableC]  
1 action 行动PGDO BADLY an action, especially an official one, that is intended to deal with a particular problem 措施,办法 SYN step
 Measures are being taken to reduce crime in the city.
drastic/tough/extreme etc measures
 drastic measures to reduce traffic problems
 New safety measures were being demanded after last night’s horrific train crash.
 The new bridge was erected as a temporary measure to replace the one which was destroyed by floods.
precautionary/preventative measure (=something done to stop something bad from happening) 预防措施
 He was kept in hospital overnight as a precautionary measure.
5  See picture of thermometer 度计, kitchen scales BrE 【英】/kitchen scale AmE 【美】厨房秤, stopwatch 秒表 ...4  See picture of 见图 measure
2 half measures GOOD ENOUGHthings done to deal with a difficult situation that are not effective or firm enough 〔处理困难情况时〕不彻底的办法,不痛不痒的办法
Examples from the Corpus
3 SIGN/PROOF 标记/证明be a measure of something formalIMPORTANT be a sign of the importance, strength etc of something, or a way of testing or judging something 的体现;是的评判标准
Examples from the Corpus
4 AMOUNT 数量a measure of something LITTLE/NOT MUCHan amount of something good or something that you want, for example success or freedom 一定程度的
Examples from the Corpus
5 unit of measurement 度量单位TMMEASURE
6 in large measure/in some measure AMOUNTa lot or quite a lot – used when talking about the reason or cause of something 在很大/某种程度上〔用于谈论原因或事由〕
7 in equal measure used when the amount of one thing is the same as the amount of another thing 在同样程度上
Examples from the Corpus
8 for good measure ADDin addition to what you have already done, given, or included 〔在已做好或已给出的某物之外〕再增加,外加
Examples from the Corpus
9 beyond measure BIGvery much or very great – used when you want to emphasize what you are saying 非常大;非常多;极其
Examples from the Corpus
10 the full measure of something formalALL/EVERYTHING the whole of something 某事物的全部
Examples from the Corpus
11 in full measure COMPLETELY formal if someone gives something back in full measure, they give back as much as they received 全部地〔回报所受之物〕
Examples from the Corpus
12. have/get the measure of something JUDGEto become familiar with something, so that you can control or deal with it 熟悉某事物〔以便控制或处理〕
Examples from the Corpus
13 have/get the measure of somebody British EnglishBrEJUDGE to know what someone’s strengths and weaknesses are, so that you are able to deal with them or defeat them 摸清某人的底细,掂出某人的分量〔以便对付或将其打败〕
Examples from the Corpus
14. thing used for measuring 量具TMMEASURE something used for measuring, for example a piece of wood or a container 量具,量器 tape measure
15. music 音乐 a group of notes and rests, separated from other groups by vertical lines, into which a piece of music is divided 小节 SYN British English bar
made-to-measure, → give somebody short measure at short1(23)
take measures (=do something in order to deal with a problem)
We are taking measures to improve the situation.
adopt/introduce a measure (=start using a particular way of dealing with a problem)
The countries agreed to adopt measures to reduce pollution.
a measure is aimed at doing something
The measures were aimed at reducing the speed of cars on the roads.
a safety measure
New safety measures were implemented after the rail crash.
a security measure (=something done to keep a place safe from danger or crime)
Video surveillance cameras have been installed as a security measure.
a preventative/precautionary measure (=something done to prevent something bad)
Vaccination against disease is a sensible preventative measure.
a extreme measure
The public would not be in favour of such an extreme measure.
a drastic measure (=an extreme measure)
Drastic measures are needed if we are to combat global warming.
a temporary measure (=something done for a limited period of time to deal with a problem)
The tents were used as a temporary measure to replace homes destroyed in the floods.
a necessary measure
The army will take all necessary measures to protect the public.
an appropriate measure (=a measure that is suitable for a particular situation)
In the event of an assault, staff will need to take appropriate measures to defend themselves.
a package/series of measures (=a set of measures used to deal with something)
A package of road safety measures has been announced.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
measuremea·sure1 /ˈmeʒə-ər/ noun
1[countableC] an official action, taken to deal with a particular problem
The company has had to take cost-cutting measures, including reducing spending on certain marketing programs.
austerity measure
2a measure of something a way of measuring or calculating something
Gross domestic product is the Commerce Department’s main measure of U.S. economic output.
Car sales are often seen as a measure of consumer confidence.
3[countableC, uncountableU] an amount or unit in a measuring system
a table of weights and measures
dry measure liquid measure
measuremeasure2 verb [transitiveT]
to find out or calculate the amount or level of something
ways to measure and improve service quality
This country has the third highest standard of living, as measured by per capita GDP.
measure something against something
All currencies have historically been measured against gold.
measure something in something
Overseas sales, measured in dollars, rose 18% last year.
Origin measure2
(1100-1200) Old French mesure, from Latin mensura, from metiri to measure
IELTS BNC: 889 COCA: 941


1official action to deal with a problem處理問題的正式行動ADJECTIVE | ... OF MEASURES | VERB + MEASURE | MEASURE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEappropriate, effective, necessary, practical適當的/有效的/必要的/實際的措施We urge you to adopt all necessary measures to guarantee people's safety.我們敦促你們採取一切必要措施以保證人民的安全。key關鍵步驟extraordinary, special非常規/特別措施We had to resort to extraordinary measures to find employees.我們不得不採取非常規措施來尋求雇員。simple簡單的步驟desperate, draconian, drastic, extreme, harsh, radical, repressive, strong, tough極端的措施;嚴酷的措施;高壓措施;強硬的措施emergency, urgent (especially BrE) 應急/緊急措施interim, short-term, stopgap, temporary臨時措施;短期措施;權宜措施additional附加措施defensive, precautionary, preventative, preventive防禦措施;預防措施disciplinary, punitive懲戒措施;懲罰手段corrective, remedial糾正/補救措施protective, safety, security防護措施;安全措施New security measures were implemented to prevent further violence.實施了新的安保措施以防止更多暴力事件發生。conservation, control保護/控制措施Development of new water sources needs to be combined with conservation measures.新水源的開發需要與節約措施相結合。austerity, cost-cutting, economy, efficiency緊縮/縮減開支的/節約/提高效率的措施economic, policy經濟/政策措施government政府舉措... OF MEASURESpackage, raft, range, series, set (especially NAmE) 一攬子/一大堆/一整套/一系列/一套措施a package of measures aimed at cutting pollution旨在減少污染的一攬子措施VERB + MEASUREemploy, implement, impose, institute, introduce, take, use採取措施;實施措施;推行措施Special measures are being taken to protect the local water supplies.現正採取特別措施以保護當地的供水。The authorities are using increasingly repressive measures.當局在實施越來越嚴厲的遏制措施。adopt, approve, enact, pass採取/批准/制訂/通過措施The Committee unanimously approved the measure.委員會一致批准了這項措施。defeat, oppose, veto擊敗/反對/否決措施The mayor threatened to veto a measure passed by the city council.市長揚言要否決市議會通過的一項舉措。propose, suggest提出措施MEASURE + VERBbe aimed at sth, be designed to, be intended to措施旨在⋯;措施意在⋯PREPOSITIONmeasure against反對⋯的措施tougher measures against racism反對種族主義的更為強硬的措施measure for用以⋯的措施measures for reducing delays減少延誤的措施


2amount/quantity of sth數量ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbroad, considerable, fair, generous, great, significant, substantial, wide相當大的量;大量;可觀的數量PREPOSITIONmeasure of⋯數量的⋯He poured me a generous measure of gin.他給我倒了一大杯杜松子酒。PHRASESin considerable, large, some, etc. measure在相當大、很大、一定等程度上His success was due in large measure to your help.他的成功很大程度上歸功於你的幫助。in equal measure在相同程度上He's been praised and condemned in equal measure.他得到的讚揚和指責各佔一半。in no small measure在很大程度上


3unit of size/quantity大小或數量單位ADJECTIVE | VERB + MEASURE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEaccurate, direct, fair, objective, precise準確的測算;直接的測量;如實的計量;精確的測量This figure alone is not a fair measure of our success.單憑這個數字不能公正地衡量我們的成功。broad寬泛的衡量指標GDP is considered the broadest measure of a country's economic activity.國內生產總值被認為是衡量一個國家經濟活動的最寬泛指標。indirect間接的測量important重要的指標The price of housing relative to income is an important measure of real income.房價與收入之比是衡量實際收入的一個重要指標。quantitative, statistical定量/統計測量They tried to formulate a quantitative measure of well-being.他們試圖制訂一套測量幸福感的定量指標。standard, standardized標準/標準化度量Higher scores on this standardized measure indicate greater creativity.在這套標準化測試中得分越高表明創造力越強。imperial, metric英制/公制計量behavioural/behavioral, performance行為準則;業績指標Companies can use their stock price as a performance measure.公司可以其股票價格作為一項業績指標。VERB + MEASUREcalculate, derive, obtain計算尺寸;得出指標This measure is obtained by dividing corporate profits by corporate bond yields.這項指標是企業利潤除以企業債券收益得出的。provide提供指標This figure provides an objective measure of risk.這個數字提供了客觀的風險指標。PREPOSITIONmeasure of⋯的度量an accurate measure of length精確的長度度量PHRASESweights and measures度量衡


4sign of sth標誌ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcrude, reliable, simple, true, useful, valid粗略的/可靠的/簡單的/真正的/有用的/有效的標準A reliable measure of progress is whether your children can do something they couldn't do before.衡量孩子是否有進步的一個可信標準是看他們能否做以前不會做的事情。important重要的標誌Accepting the lower salary was seen as an important measure of commitment.能夠接受低薪被認為是奉獻精神的重要體現。PREPOSITIONmeasure of⋯的標準Landed income was the true measure of the gentry.來自土地的收入是衡量是否是鄉紳的真正標準。


5 (NAmE) in music音樂 see also bar ADJECTIVE | VERB + MEASURE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfirst, opening第一/開頭的小節The band began playing the opening measures.樂隊開始演奏開頭幾個小節。VERB + MEASUREhear, play, sing聽到/演奏/演唱小節He placed his fingers on the keys and played a few measures.他把手指放到鍵盤上演奏了幾個小節。PREPOSITIONmeasure of⋯的小節the first few measures of Mozart's third violin concerto莫扎特第三小提琴協奏曲的開頭幾個小節per measure, to a/the measure每小節;一個小節a steady rhythm of four beats to a measure每小節 4 拍的穩定節奏


1find the size of sth求出尺寸ADVERB | VERB + MEASURE | PREPOSITION ADVERBaccurately, exactly, precisely, reliably精確地測量;可靠地測量empirically, objectively, quantitatively經驗性地/客觀地/定量測項目Education policy places too much emphasis on things that can be quantitatively measured.教育政策過於強調可定量測量的事項。carefully認真測量directly直接測量Any type of data that could not be directly measured was rejected.任何無法直接測量的數據都未採用。indirectly間接測量easily容易測量experimentally用實驗的方法測量up測量We need to measure up the room for a new carpet.我們需要量一下房間的尺寸,好買一塊新地毯。VERB + MEASUREbe able to, can能夠測量;能測量You can now measure its length more accurately.你現在可以更準確地測量它的長度了。be easy to, be possible to容易/有可能測量be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to難以測量;無法測量PREPOSITIONfor為⋯測量She's being measured for her wedding outfit.她正在量身訂做結婚禮服。in以⋯為單位計量Cloth is measured in yards.布料以碼來計量。


2judge the importance/value/effect of sth判斷重要性、價值或影響ADVERB | VERB + MEASURE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBeasily容易估量The policy's impact cannot be easily measured.這一政策的影響難以估量。effectively有效地衡量objectively客觀地衡量VERB + MEASUREcan能衡量be easy to, be possible to容易估量;有可能衡量be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to難以估量;無法衡量It is hard to measure the benefits to society of the system.很難估量這個制度的社會效益。be used to用來衡量the criteria that are used to measure performance用來衡量表現的標準PREPOSITIONaccording to根據⋯衡量Is it really possible to measure the skills of such jobs according to objective standards?真的可以用客觀的標準來衡量這類工作的技能嗎?against對照⋯衡量The school's performance is measured against a strict set of criteria.學校的工作業績是根據一套嚴格的標準來衡量的。by以⋯衡量The policy's effectiveness cannot be measured by numbers alone.這項政策的成效不能僅用數字來衡量。in terms of從⋯方面衡量Success cannot be measured merely in terms of the size of your salary.成功與否不能僅以工資的多少來衡量。PHRASESa method of measuring sth, a way of measuring sth衡量⋯的方法

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IELTS BNC: 889 COCA: 941
measure noun
action (emergency measures) criterion (a measure of success)
IELTS BNC: 889 COCA: 941
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