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IELTS BNC: 381 COCA: 479


Word family
de·ci·sion /dɪˈsɪʒən/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  
1 [countableC]DECIDE a choice or judgment that you make after a period of discussion or thought 决定,抉择
 Do you ever wonder if you made the right decision?
decision to do something
 She refused to discuss her decision to quit the group.
decision about/on
 We finally came to a firm decision on the matter.
decision as to which/whether/who etc
 Viewers make the final decision as to who should be eliminated from the competition.
 The judges’ decision is final (=it will not be changed).
2 [uncountableU]DECIDE the quality someone has that makes them able to make choices or judgments quickly and confidently 果断,决断力 OPP indecision
 the ability to act with speed and decision
3 [uncountableU]DECIDE the act of deciding something 决定;判决,裁决
 The Court has the ultimate power of decision.
make a decision 作出决定
I want to think about it a bit longer before I make a decision.
take a decision British EnglishBrE (=make an important or formal decision) 作出〔重要或正式的〕决定
I fully accept the decision taken by the committee.
reach/come to/arrive at a decision (=make a decision after a lot of thought) 〔反复考虑后〕作出决定
We hope they will reach their decision as soon as possible.
regret a decision (=wish you had not made a particular decision) 后悔一个决定
I was already regretting my decision to go on holiday with him.
reconsider a decision (=think about changing a decision you have made) 重新考虑一个决定
He said he wasn't prepared to reconsider his decision.
reverse a decision (=change a decision) 改变一个决定
They want him to reverse his decision to quit.
overrule/overturn a decision (=officially change a decision by another person or group) 推翻一个决定
A director of the company had overruled that decision.
postpone a decision (=not make a decision until later) 推迟作出决定
The government has postponed its decision about when to hold the election.
an important decision 重要决定
My father made all the important decisions.
a big decision (=an important decision) 重要决定
Marriage is a big decision.
a major decision (=very important) 重大决定
The government now has some major decisions to make.
a difficult/hard/tough decision 困难的决定
In the end I took the difficult decision to retire early.
a good decision 好的决定
It was a good decision to change the name of the product.
a bad decision 不好的决定
I think he made a bad decision.
the right decision 正确的决定
She chose to study Engineering and it was definitely the right decision.
the wrong decision 错误的决定
I thought I'd made the wrong decision marrying Jeff.
a conscious/deliberate decision (=one that you have thought about clearly) 慎重的/深思熟虑的决定
Belinda had made a conscious decision to have a baby.
a clear/firm decision (=a definite one) 明确的决定
It's now time to come to a clear decision on this.
a final decision (=one that will not be changed) 最终决定
The council will make a final decision in four months.
a snap decision (=one that you make extremely quickly) 快速的决定
Police officers often have to make snap decisions on how to act.
a controversial decision (=that people disagree about) 有争议的决定
The history of the law is full of controversial decisions.
a hasty decision (=one that you make without enough thought) 仓促的决定
Don't let yourself be forced into making hasty decisions.
a joint decision (=one that two people make together) 联合决定
Jo and I made a joint decision that we should separate.
乔和我共同作出决定: 我们应该分居。
na collective decision (=one that a number of people make together)
Society should take collective decisions about individual rights and responsibilities.
Examples from the Corpus
de·ci·sion noun →COLLOCATIONS1
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IELTS BNC: 381 COCA: 479


ADJECTIVE | VERB + DECISION | DECISION + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig, crucial, fateful, important, key, landmark (law法律) , major, momentous重大的/至關重要的/決定命運的/重要的/關鍵的/里程碑式的/主要的/有影響的決定
It was a big decision to make.作這個決定事關重大。In a landmark decision, the court agreed to hear evidence from twenty years earlier.在作出具有里程碑意義的判決時,法庭同意聽取 20 年前的證據。life-and-death, life-changing生死攸關的/改變人生的決定Presidents must make momentous life-and-death decisions while in office.總統在任時必須作生死攸關的重大決定。difficult, hard, tough困難的決定;艱難的決定the difficult decision of whether to go to college or nurse her sick mother是上大學還是照看生病的母親這一難作的決定easy容易作出的決定firm明確的決定We need a firm decision by Friday.我們最晚得在星期五作出明確的決定。prompt, snap, split-second迅速的/倉促的/剎那間的決定I had to make a snap decision about what to do with the money.我必須當即決定怎樣處理這筆錢。hasty, knee-jerk, rash匆忙的/下意識的/輕率的決定last-minute最後一刻作出的決定final, irreversible, irrevocable最終/不可反悔的/不可撤銷的決定Tomorrow the board will meet to make their final decision.明天董事會將開會作出最終決定。The decision is irreversible.這一決定不能撤銷。informed有根據的決定I need more facts before I can make an informed decision.我需要掌握更多的事實才能作出明智的決定。arbitrary武斷的決定good, intelligent, prudent, rational, right, sensible, smart, wise好的/聰明的/謹慎的/合理的/正確的/明智的/精明的/英明的決定timely及時的決定bad, poor, unwise, wrong糟糕的/很差的/不明智的/錯誤的決定unpopular不得人心的決定controversial, questionable有爭議的/可疑的決定fateful重大的決定He died after making the fateful decision to drive that evening.他作了當晚開車的要命決定,結果送了命。collective, joint, unanimous集體的/共同的/一致的決定In the end, the decision to scrap the project was unanimous.最後,大家一致決定放棄這一項目。majority, split多數人的決定;(拳擊中的)分歧判定court, government, etc.法庭裁決、政府決定等investment, policy, etc.投資、政策等決定clinical, ethical, political, tactical, etc.臨牀、倫理、政治、戰術等決定VERB + DECISIONarrive at, come to, make, reach, take (BrE) 作出決定Key decisions are always taken by the editor.關鍵性決定總是由編輯作出的。face面對決定She now faces the toughest decision of her life.她現在面臨着人生中最艱難的決定。affect, drive, guide, impact, influence, shape, sway影響決定;促成決定;指導決策;形成決定;動搖決定I didn't want to influence his decision.我不想影響他的決定。announce, give (sb), issue宣佈決定;告訴(某人)決定The committee will give us their decision tomorrow.委員會明天會把他們的決定告訴我們。abide by遵守決定The decision has been made, and we must all abide by it.決定已經作出,我們都必須遵守。respect尊重決定Her parents respected her decision not to marry.她父母尊重她不結婚的決定。affirm, uphold批准決議;支持決定The management committee upheld her decision to fire two of her staff.管理委員會支持她解雇兩名員工的決定。implement執行決定Failure to implement the decision would be a great shame.未能執行決定會令人遺憾。reconsider, rethink, review, revisit (especially NAmE) 重新考慮決定;複議決定defend, explain, justify為決定辯護;解釋決定;證明決定正當She defended her decision not to give him the job.她為自己不給他那份工作的決定進行辯解。regret後悔決定appeal, appeal against, challenge, oppose, protest, protest against就判決提出上訴;質疑判決;反對判決;抗議裁決plans to challenge this decision in the High Court向高等法院提出質疑判決的計劃criticize批評決定question質疑決定applaud, praise, support稱讚/表揚/支持決定override, overrule, overturn, quash, reverse駁回判決;推翻決定;宣佈判決無效;撤銷決定Nobody has the authority to overrule his decision.沒人有權力推翻他的決定。await等待判決defer, delay, postpone拖延/推遲/延期判決DECISION + NOUNprocess決策過程The most persuasive talker often dominates the decision process.最有說服力的發言者常常掌控決策過程。time作決定的時候It's decision time, and deciding is difficult.現在是作決定的時侯了,可是作決定很難。PREPOSITIONdecision about, decision on關於⋯的決定a decision on her future事關她前途的決定 topic at meeting
IELTS BNC: 381 COCA: 479
IELTS BNC: 381 COCA: 479
Choices and the process of choosing: choice, decision, selection...
To make a decision: decide, determine, arrive at...

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