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BNC: 464 COCA: 273


Word family
game1 /ɡeɪm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  
1 activity or sport 活动或体育运动 [countableC]
a) DGDSan activity or sport in which people compete with each other according to agreed rules 〔有规则的〕游戏;体育活动
 We used to love playing games like chess or backgammon.
b) DGDSan occasion when a game is played 〔一场〕游戏;比赛 match
 Did you see the game on TV last night?
a game of tennis/football etc
 Would you like to have a game of tennis?
game against/with
 England’s World Cup game against Holland
ball game, board game, video game, war game
2 games [plural]
a) DSa large organized sports event 大型运动会
 the Olympic Games
b) British EnglishBrEDSSES organized sports as a school subject or lesson 体育课 SYN PE
 We have games on Thursdays.
 a games lesson
Examples from the Corpus
3 part of a match 比赛的一部分 [countableC]DGDS one of the parts into which a single match is divided, for example in tennis or bridge1(4) 局;盘
 Graf leads, two games to one.
4 children 儿童 [countableC]DLSSC a children’s activity in which they play with toys, pretend to be someone else etc 游戏
game of
 a game of hide-and-seek
 The boys were playing a game in the backyard.
5 SKILL 技能somebody’s game DGDShow well someone plays a particular game or sport 某人的比赛技巧,某人的运动技能
improve/raise your game
 Liam’s taking lessons to improve his game.
 the strongest aspect of his game
Examples from the Corpus
6 give the game away TELL A SECRETto spoil a surprise or secret by doing or saying something that lets someone guess what the secret is 〔因行为或言语而〕泄露秘密
 Lynn gave the game away by laughing when Kim walked in.
Examples from the Corpus
7. beat somebody at their own game  (also play somebody at their own game British English)COMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEAT to beat someone or fight back against them by using the same methods that they use 以其人之道还治其人之身
8 NOT SERIOUS 不严肃的be a game PRETENDto be something that you do to enjoy yourself rather than for a serious purpose 是个游戏,是儿戏
 It’s just a game to them. They don’t care what happens.
Examples from the Corpus
9 play games (with somebody) 
a) TRICK/DECEIVEto behave in a dishonest or unfair way in order to get what you want 欺骗(某人),(跟某人)耍花招
 Are you sure he’s really interested, and not just playing silly games with you?
b) to not be serious about doing something (跟某人)玩游戏,(跟某人)闹着玩
 We want a deal. We’re not interested in playing games.
Examples from the Corpus
10 animals/birds 动物/ [uncountableU]HBDSO wild animals, birds, and fish that are hunted for food, especially as a sport 野禽,野味〔尤指猎物〕
11 the only game in town used to say that something is the only possible choice in a situation 唯一的选择
12 business 行业 [singular] informalBOJOB/WORK an area of work or business 行当,行业
13 what’s her/your etc game? British EnglishBrE spokenREASON used to ask what the true reason for someone’s behaviour is /你等为什么这样做?她/你等在搞什么名堂?
14 the game’s up spokenFIND OUT used to tell someone that something wrong or dishonest that they have done has been discovered 戏该收场了,事已败露
15 a game of chance DGGa game in which you risk money on the result 碰运气的游戏,赌钱的游戏
Examples from the Corpus
16. somebody got game American EnglishAmE informal used to say that someone is very skilful at doing something, especially a sport 某人很在行〔尤指体育运动〕
17. be on the game British EnglishBrE informalSYSEX/HAVE SEX WITH to be a prostitute 干那种行当,当妓女,卖淫
Examples from the Corpus
18. game on spoken said when the balance of a sports match or competition changes, and both sides suddenly have a chance of winning 〔体育比赛或竞赛中因形势突变〕输赢尚未见分晓,胜负难料
19. game over informal said to emphasize that an event or activity is completely finished 游戏结束了〔用于强调某个事件或活动已全部结束〕
20. make game of somebody old-fashionedLAUGH to make fun of someone 取笑某人,跟某人开玩笑
fair game, → fun and games at fun1(5), → the name of the game at name1(10), → a mug’s game at mug1(5)
play a game 玩游戏,打比赛
They explained how to play the game.
see/watch a game 看比赛
Did you see the game last night?
have a game British EnglishBrE 打比赛
They were having a game of pool.
win/lose a game 拿下/输掉比赛
A.C. Milan won the game with a last-minute goal.
nArsenal lost the game because of a mistake by their goalkeeper.
the game is tied (=both teams or players had the same score) 比分打平
The game was tied 10-10 at halftime.
draw a game British EnglishBrE (=end the game with the same score as the opposing team or player) 打成平局
nWe played badly and were lucky to draw the game.
NOUN + game
a computer/video game 电脑/电子游戏
He was up all night playing computer games.
a card game 纸牌游戏
Bridge is a card game for four people.
a board/ball game 棋盘/球类游戏
board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble
a team game 团队游戏
I wasn't very good at team games when I was at school.
a party game 聚会游戏
What's your favourite party game?
a basketball/baseball etc game 篮球/棒球等比赛
nHe was watching a baseball game on TV.
a home game (=played at a team's own sports field) 主场比赛
nNext Saturday Liverpool have a home game against Manchester United.
an away game (=played at an opposing team's sports field) 客场比赛
nWe didn't win any away games last season.
a league game (=played as part of a league competition) 联赛
nThere's a big league game against Chelsea on Saturday.
a cup game (=played as part of a cup competition) 杯赛
nHe hopes to play in the cup game on Wednesday.
na playoff game American EnglishAmE (=one of a series of games played by the best teams in a competition to decide the final winner )
This is the first of their five playoff games.
na play-off game British EnglishBrE (=played to decide the winner after a previous game ended with both teams having equal points)
nan indoor game
There is a hall for indoor games and social functions.
nan outdoor game
Outdoor games are affected by the weather.
the rules of the game 比赛规则
It's against the rules of the game to pick up the ball.
Examples from the Corpus
game2 adjectiveadj  
1 WILLINGwilling to try something dangerous, new, or difficult 愿意尝试〔危险、新鲜或困难的事〕的
2. game leg old-fashionedMI an injured or painful leg 受伤的腿;疼痛的腿
Examples from the Corpus
gamely adverbadv
Examples from the Corpus
game3 /ɡeɪm/ verb American EnglishAmE  
game the system to use rules or laws to get what you want in an unfair but legal way 钻制度的空子
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
gamegame /geɪm/ noun
1[countableC] an activity in which people compete with each other according to agreed rules
The market is a game which creates wealth through the process of production exchange.
business game
2the advertising/public relations etc game informal the profession of advertising, public relations etc
The company is certainly not new to the publishing game.
3beat/play somebody at their own game to beat someone or fight back against them by using the same methods that they use
The computer manufacturer, Compaq, built its reputation by beating IBM at their own game.
see also zero-sum game
Origin game1
Old English gamen
1. (1700-1800) → GAME1
2. (1700-1800) Perhaps from Old French gambi bent
BNC: 464 COCA: 273


1activity/sport活動;體育運動ADJECTIVE | VERB + GAME | GAME + NOUN ADJECTIVEball, board, card球類運動;棋盤類遊戲;牌類遊戲computer, online, PC, video電腦遊戲;線上遊戲;電子遊戲adventure, role-playing, war冒險活動;角色扮演遊戲;戰爭遊戲guessing猜謎遊戲good, great有益的/很棒的活動This is a good game for getting people to mix.這是一項促進人們相互交流的有益活動。entertaining, fun娛樂活動competitive競技性活動competitive games in which there is always a winner and a loser總會有輸贏的競技性活動team團隊活動How I hated team games at school!我上學時曾經那麼痛恨團體活動!party聚會遊戲children's兒童遊戲children's party games like Musical Chairs隨音樂聲搶椅子之類的兒童聚會遊戲indoor, outdoor室內遊戲;戶外活動It's hard to find indoor games for children.很難找到適合兒童的室內遊戲。VERB + GAMElearn學習遊戲Children love learning new games.孩子喜歡學着玩新遊戲。create, design, develop, invent創作/設計/開發/發明遊戲The company is developing games to play on mobile phones.這家公司正在開發可在手機上玩的遊戲。release發行遊戲GAME + NOUNplayer玩遊戲的人designer, developer遊戲設計者/開發者games company, games industry遊戲公司/行業game room, games room (BrE) 遊戲室


2competition競爭ADJECTIVE | VERB + GAME | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig (= important) 大賽;重要比賽The guys are in training for their big game.這些人正在備戰一場大賽。close, tight, tough勢均力敵的/旗鼓相當的/艱苦的比賽It's going to be a close game.這將是一場勢均力敵的比賽。evenly contested, keenly contested (both especially BrE) 不相上下的/激烈的比賽play-off季後賽;加時賽away, home客場/主場比賽championship, league錦標賽;聯賽their first league game of the season他們本賽季的首場聯賽title冠軍爭奪賽exhibition表演賽baseball, basketball, football, soccer (NAmE) , etc.棒球賽、籃球賽、橄欖球賽、足球賽等VERB + GAMEhave, play進行比賽Last night he played the final game of his career.他昨晚打了自己職業生涯的最後一場比賽。The team is playing a home game this week.該隊本週在主場比賽。have, play進行比賽Shall we have a game of chess?咱們下一盤國際象棋怎麼樣?lose, win輸掉/贏得比賽We won the first game and lost the second.我們贏了第一場,輸了第二場。draw, tie (especially NAmE) 打成平局level (BrE) 將比分扳平The team fought back to level the game.該隊進行了反擊,將比分扳平。attend參加比賽see, watch觀看比賽dominate控制比賽The early stages of the game were dominated by the home team.主隊控制了比賽的前幾個階段。decide, seal決定/鎖定比賽(的結果)abandon, postpone放棄/推遲比賽PREPOSITIONgame against, game with (BrE) 和⋯對陣的比賽this week's game against the Titans本週對陣巨人隊的比賽next week's game with Liverpool下週對利物浦隊的比賽game of⋯的比賽To pass the time, we played a game of cards.為了消磨時間,我們玩起了紙牌。a game of tennis網球比賽


3how sb plays競技狀態ADJECTIVE | VERB + GAME | GAME + NOUN ADJECTIVEfine, good, great, perfect打得好That girl plays a great game of bridge.那個女孩打得一手好橋牌。VERB + GAMEhave, play擁有比賽狀態;打出競技水平Trevor had a good game.特雷弗打得很好。pitch, throw (both NAmE) 打出競技水平He pitched a perfect game at Atlanta.他在亞特蘭大比賽中的表現堪稱完美。Tibble threw a perfect game.蒂布爾表現完美。improve, lift, raise改進比賽技巧;提高競技狀態;提升水平Hendry raised his game to become the champion.亨得利提升了自己的水平,成為冠軍。GAME + NOUNwinner (especially NAmE) 比賽獲勝者


4games sports competition運動會ADJECTIVE | VERB + GAMES ADJECTIVECommonwealth, Olympic, etc.英聯邦運動會、奧林匹克運動會等VERB + GAMEScompete in, participate in, take part in (especially BrE) 在運動會上角逐;參加運動會She's hoping to participate in the next Olympic Games.她希望參加下一屆奧運會。host主辦運動會Chicago's bid to host the Olympic Games芝加哥申辦奧運會hold舉行運動會The Olympic Games are held every four years.奧運會每 4 年舉辦一次。


5business/activity行業;活動VERB + GAME | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + GAMEbe in從事⋯行業How long have you been in this game?你幹這一行有多久了?enter進入⋯行業Lufthansa entered the game with a 25% stake in the company.漢莎航空公司進入該行業時持有這家公司 25% 的股份。PREPOSITIONgame of⋯活動the game of life / politics人生;政治PHRASESall part of the game活動的全部意義Getting dirty was all part of the game to the kids.對孩子們來說,把自己弄髒是樂趣所在。new to this game對這一行業陌生I'm new to this game myself.我本人對這一行業很陌生。


6secret plan秘密計劃ADJECTIVE | VERB + GAME ADJECTIVElittle, silly, stupid小花招;無聊的把戲;愚蠢的計謀dangerous危險的計謀He was unwittingly caught up in a dangerous game of lies and betrayals.他無意中捲入了一場充滿謊言和背叛的危險計謀中。VERB + GAMEplay玩把戲I realized that he had been playing a stupid game with me.我意識到他一直在和我玩一個愚蠢的把戲。put an end to結束詭計I'll soon put an end to her silly little games.我會立刻制止她愚蠢的鬼把戲。give away露馬腳Don't let him talk to anybody or he'll give the game away.不要讓他和任何人談話,否則他會泄露秘密的。
BNC: 464 COCA: 273
game noun
game1 (a game of football/chess) game2 (ball/party games) fraud2 (So that's his little game.) interest2 (playing games with the dog) round (the opening game)


a game of football/chess/cards 足球/国际象棋/纸牌比赛ball/party games 球类运动;聚会游戏game ♦︎ match ♦︎ final ♦︎ test ♦︎ tie ♦︎ fixture ♦︎ play-off ♦︎ fight ♦︎ round ♦︎ replay ♦︎ boutThese are all words for sports events where people or teams compete against each other. 这些词均表示赛事、比赛。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a game / match / final / test / tie / fixture / play-off / fight / replay / bout against / between / with sban exciting game / match / final / tie / fighta tough game / match / tie / fixture / fight / bouta big game / matcha home game / match / test / tie / fixturean away game / match / tie / fixturea / an international / friendly game / match / fixturea football game / match / final / fixturea tennis game / match / finala rugby game / match / testa cricket match / testto win / lose a game / match / final / test / tie / play-off / fight / replay / boutto play a game / a match / in a final / a test / a tie / a fixture / a roundto go to / see / watch a game / match / final / test / tie / play-off / fight / replay game [countable] a sports event or other activity in which people or teams compete against each other 体育赛事;比赛a game of chess国际象棋比赛Will he be available for Saturday's game against the Bears?他能参加周六对熊队的比赛吗? match [countable] (especially BrE) a sports event in which people or teams compete against each other 体育比赛;竞赛They're playing an important match against Chelsea on Saturday.星期六他们和切尔西队有一场重要比赛。I'll probably watch the match on TV.我可能会在电视上看那场比赛。NOTE 辨析 Game or match? Game has a wider range of uses than match: it is used to talk about team sports, or activities in which individuals play against each other. * game的用法比match更为广泛,可指团队运动或个人间的对抗性活动a game of football / chess / cards足球/国际象棋/纸牌比赛However, it is not used so often in this meaning to talk about individual sports such as tennis: a game in tennis has a more particular meaning, as one part of a tennis match. In British English match is used to talk about individual or team sports but not other activities. 不过,表达此义时,game不常指网球等个人运动,而要用tennis match(网球比赛)。game在网球运动中有特定的意思,指比赛的一局。在英式英语中,match指个人或团队的体育运动,但不指其他活动a chess/cards match In American English match is used for individual sports, but game is preferred for team sports. 在美式英语中,match用于指个人运动,game更多指团队运动 (BrE) a football match足球比赛 (BrE, NAmE) a football game足球比赛You can say a game of football or a football game/match but nota match of football Chess game is less frequent than a game of chess; in British English a card game is a type of card game, such as bridge or poker, not an occasion when people play cards, but in American English it can be either. 可以说 a game of football或a football game/match,但不说a match of football。一般用a game of chess,较少用chess game。a card game在英式英语中指某种牌类比赛,如桥牌或扑克,而非众人玩牌的场合,但在美式英语中指二者皆可。 final [countable] the last in a series of games or competitions in which the winner is decided 决赛She reached the final of the 100m hurdles.她取得了100米跨栏的决赛资格。The players met in last year's final.这些选手在去年的决赛上相遇过。The country will stage next year's World Cup finals (= the last few games in the competition).明年的世界杯决赛将在该国进行。 test ( Test) ( ˈtest match) [countable] (BrE) (in cricket or rugby) a match played between the teams of two different countries, usually as part of a series of matches on a tour (板球或橄榄球的)国家队间的比赛(常为一系列巡回比赛的一部分)They played well in the first test against South Africa.他们在对南非的第一场国际锦标赛中打得不错。 tie [countable] (BrE) (in sport, especially football) a match that is part of a larger competition (尤指足球等运动的)淘汰赛It was the first leg of the Cup tie between Leeds and Roma.那是利兹队和罗马队在优胜杯淘汰赛中的第一轮比赛。 see also tie draw noun fixture ˈfɪkstʃə(r) [countable] (BrE) a sports event that has been arranged to take place on a particular date and at a particular place (定期定点举行的)体育活动,体育节There are plans to make the race an annual fixture.已有计划使该赛事成为一年一度的体育活动。It will be difficult to fit the match into an already crowded fixture list (= list of planned matches to be played).将该比赛纳入已经非常紧凑的赛程表会比较困难。 ˈplay-off (BrE) (NAmE playoff) [countable](in sport) a match or series of matches between two teams or players with equal points or positions to decide the winner (运动比赛中平分后决出胜负的)附加赛,季后赛Britain now face a play-off for the bronze medal against South Korea.英国现在将要进行一场和韩国角逐铜牌的附加赛。In many US sports the playoffs are the part of the season, after the regular sports season is over, when the best teams play each other for the title. 在美国的许多运动项目中,playoff是赛季的一部分,指常规赛季结束后成绩最好的运动队之间的争冠比赛It looks like the Red Sox and the Yankees will meet in the playoffs again this year.看来红袜队和扬基队今年又要在季后赛中相遇了。 fight [countable] a match between two people in a sport in which people fight with their hands or bodies, such as boxing or wrestling (拳击、摔跤等)搏击比赛He is unbeaten in 34 fights.他连续34场搏击比赛保持不败。He has lined up a world title fight against Lewis.他已经安排了一场和刘易斯对决的世界冠军争霸赛。 round [countable] a complete game of golf; a complete way around a course in some other sports, such as showjumping (= riding a horse and jumping over a set of fences) (高尔夫球、马术场地障碍赛等的)一轮比赛,一局We played a round of golf.我们打了一场高尔夫球。It was the first horse to jump a clear round.这是干净利落地完成整套跳跃表演的第一匹马。 replay ˈriːpleɪ [countable] (BrE) a match that is played again because neither side won in the previous match (因未决出胜负而进行的)重赛They scored a late goal to force a replay.他们终场前进了一球,不得不进行重赛。 bout baʊt [countable] a match between two people in a fighting sport such as boxing or wrestling (拳击、摔跤等)搏击比赛It was hailed as one of the best heavyweight bouts of recent times.这被誉为近年来最精彩的重量级拳击比赛之一。game2


a game of football/chess/cards 足球/国际象棋/纸牌比赛ball/party games 球类运动;聚会游戏game ♦︎ sportThese are both words for an activity with rules in which people or teams compete against each other. 这两个词均表示有规则的游戏或运动。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to play / take part in a game / sportteam games / sports game [countable] an activity or sport with rules in which people or teams compete against each other (有规则的)游戏,运动,体育项目ball / card / board / computer / video games球类运动;纸牌/棋类/电脑/视频游戏competitive games in which there is always a winner and a loser总有输赢的竞争性比赛children's party games like Musical Chairs抢座位之类的儿童集体游戏This is a good game for getting people to mix.这是一个不错的让人互相交流的游戏。Chess is a game of skill.国际象棋是讲究技巧的游戏。 Games [plural] is used for a large organized sports event. 复数形式games指有组织的大型体育活动the Olympic Games奥运会 see also game interest noun 2 sport [countable] an activity that you do for pleasure or to keep fit and that needs physical effort or skill, usually done in a special playing area and according to fixed rules 体育运动skiing, skating and other winter sports滑雪、滑冰和其他冬季运动Which is the country's most popular spectator sport (= which sport do the most people watch)?该国最受欢迎的观赏性体育运动是什么?I need to take up a sport to get fit.为了健康,我需要开始运动了。 (NAmE) Did you play any sports in high school?你上高中时做什么运动吗?In British English use do and the uncountable sport. 在英式英语中,用do和不可数形式的sport搭配 (BrE) Did you do any sport at school?你上学时做什么运动吗? see also sport sport

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