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Word family
Related topics: Computers, Human
sys·tem /ˈsɪstɪm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  
1 related parts 相关部分 [countableC]SYSTEM a group of related parts that work together as a whole for a particular purpose 系统
 an alarm system
 a well-designed heating system
 the digestive system
 the railway system
2 method 方法 [countableC]WAY/METHOD an organized set of ideas, methods, or ways of working 体制,制度;一套办法,一套工作方法
system of/for doing something
 We’ve got a good system for dealing with complaints from customers.
 I don’t understand your filing system.
under a system
 Under the present system, we do not have any flexibility.
3 computers 计算机 [countableC]TD a group of computers that are connected to each other 〔计算机〕系统
 The system has crashed (=stopped working).
4 somebody’s system BODYsomeone’s body – used when you are talking about its medical or physical condition 某人的身体(状况) 〔用于谈论病情或身体状况〕
 All this overeating is not good for my system.
Examples from the Corpus
5. all systems go used, sometimes humorously, to say that you are ready to do something or that something is ready to happen 一切就绪〔有时为幽默用法〕
Examples from the Corpus
6 the system RULE/REGULATIONthe official rules and powerful organizations that restrict what you can do 〔限制个人自由的〕既成秩序,现行体制,制度
 You can’t beat the system.
Examples from the Corpus
7 get something out of your system informalGET RID OF to do something that helps you get rid of unpleasant strong feelings 消除强烈的不快情绪
 I was furious, so I went for a run to get it out of my system.
Examples from the Corpus
8 order 秩序 [uncountableU]ORGANIZE the use of sensible and organized methods 条理;秩序
 We need a bit more system in the way we organize our files.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a group of related parts that work together as a whole for a particular purpose 系统
a heating system (=in a building)
We’re waiting for the heating system to be repaired.
an alarm/security system
A new alarm system has been installed.
an air-conditioning system
The building hasn’t got an air-conditioning system.
the rail/road system (=all the roads or railways in a country)
Traffic problems are made worse by the country’s inadequate road system.
somebody’s digestive/reproductive/nervous system (=in someone’s body)
These vitamins are essential for a healthy nervous system.
somebody’s immune system (=they system which keeps your body healthy)
Some drugs can damage the immune system.
ninstall a system (=put it into a building)
Our security system is simple to install.
a system works 系统有效
nThe air-conditioning system isn’t working.
na system fails/breaks down
If your immune system breaks down, you will be vulnerable to infections.
system an organized set of ideas, methods, actions etc that you use to do something
the airport security system
the system for dealing with refugees
process a series of actions that are done in order to achieve a particular result
the process of teaching children to read
Repeat the same process, until all the sugar has dissolved.
procedure the official or usually agreed way of doing something
You must follow the normal complaints procedure.
Large companies have a standard procedure for informing new employees about conditions of work.
formula a method or set of principles that you use to solve a problem or make sure that something is successful
The team are hoping to use the same winning formula that they used last season.
There is no magic formula for success (=a method that is certain to succeed).
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: an organized set of ideas, methods, or ways of working 体制,制度;一套办法,一套工作方法
effective/efficient 有效的/高效的
It was a highly effective system of communication.
inefficient 低效的
He described the tax system as inefficient and unfair.
complex/complicated 错综复杂的
The Australian health care system is extremely complex.
nan elaborate system
The proposal has to get through an elaborate system of committees.
the current/existing system 现行/现存制度
nThe current system of taxation is unnecessarily complicated.
the political/legal/educational etc system 政治/法律/教育等体制
nThe country is rightly proud of its legal system.
the economic/banking system 经济/银行系统
nThere are fears that the whole banking system could collapse.
the health care system 医疗保健体系
nThe West should be helping these countries to develop modern health care systems.
develop a system (=create a new one) 开发一套系统
The Environment Agency has developed a new national flood warning system.
introduce a system (=start to use it) 实施制度
The government has introduced a system of student loans.
adopt a system (=decide to use it) 采用制度
They decided to adopt the electoral system used in Britain.
use/run/operate a system 运用/运行一个系统
They use a system of grades to evaluate each hospital’s performance.
nWe operate a booking system.
a system operates/works (=exists and is used) 系统运行/运作
He tried to explain how the planning system operates.
a system works (=is successful) 系统有效
nThe public needs to see that the complaints system works.
a system breaks down/fails 系统出故障/停止运行
nAn alarm sounds a warning before the system breaks down.
na system collapses (=fails completely)
The European Exchange Rate system collapsed in the 1970s.
modernize/reform a system 使系统现代化/改革系统
nWe need to reform the electoral system.
a system of government/education/justice etc 一套政府/教育/司法等体制
Why was Britain so slow to develop a national system of education?
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
systemsys·tem /ˈsɪstɪm/ noun [countableC]
an arrangement or organization of ideas, methods, or ways of working
Deregulation has created worries about the stability of the country’s financial system.
All staff will benefit from a well-run performance appraisal system.
accelerated cost recovery system accounting system banking system card index system computer system database management system decision support system digital nervous system disk operating system economic system expert system filing system fixed instalment system Hay system imputation system information system just-in-time system kanban system legacy system legal system management information system monetary system open system operating system pull system push system reward system strategic information system see also European Monetary System, metric system
Origin system
(1600-1700) Late Latin systema, from Greek, from synistanai to combine, from syn- ( → SYN-) + histanai to cause to stand


1set of ideas/rules for organizing sth思想或制度體系ADJECTIVE | VERB + SYSTEM | SYSTEM + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcurrent, existing現行的/現有的制度We're looking to replace the existing system.我們希望能取代現有制度。modern, new現代制度;新的制度old-fashioned, outdated過時的制度traditional傳統制度standard標準體制complex, complicated, elaborate, intricate, sophisticated複雜的制度;錯綜複雜的體制The new system is overly complex.這個新制度過於複雜。simple簡單的制度comprehensive完備的制度coherent前後一致的制度integrated綜合系統an integrated transport system (BrE) 綜合交通系統an integrated transportation system (NAmE) 綜合交通系統effective, efficient有效的/高效的制度viable, workable可行的/切合實際的制度inefficient, wasteful低效的/造成浪費的制度flexible靈活的制度rigid僵化的制度stable穩定的體制foolproof簡單易懂的系統imperfect, perfect不完善的/完善的制度unique獨特的制度centralized, decentralized權力集中的/權力下放的制度closed, open封閉的/開放的體系a closed system with a rigidly defined set of choices一個嚴格限定選擇的封閉體系bureaucratic官僚制度hierarchical等級制度authoritarian, oppressive, repressive獨裁/高壓/專制制度equitable, fair公正的/公平的體制corrupt, unjust腐敗的/不公正的制度bankrupt完全缺乏⋯的制度The governor referred to a prison system that was bankrupt of compassion.州長指的是一個完全喪失同情心的監獄體制。public, state公共/國家體制schools within the state system (BrE) 國立學校schools within the public system (NAmE) 公立學校local-government, parliamentary, political地方政府/議會/政治體制electoral, voting選舉/投票制度banking, economic, financial, monetary銀行/經濟/金融/貨幣制度tax, taxation稅收制度;稅務體制educational, examination, school, university教育/考試/學校/大學體制court, criminal justice, judicial, justice, legal, penal, prison法院系統;刑事司法系統;司法系統;法律制度;刑罰制度;監獄體制benefit, benefits, health-insurance, pension, social-insurance, social-security, welfare福利制度;醫療保險制度;養老金制度;社保制度care, health, health-care保健制度;醫療體系rail, railway, subway, transport, transportation (especially NAmE) 鐵路系統;地鐵系統;運輸系統communication通信系統cable有線系統detection, monitoring, warning探測/監控/警報系統security, surveillance安全/監督系統backup, support後備/支持系統accounting, administrative會計/行政系統delivery配送系統control控制系統disciplinary懲戒系統agricultural農業系統commercial, market商業/市場體制cultural, social文化/社會體制scoring計分方法The game has a complex scoring system.該遊戲有複雜的計分方法。grammatical, language語法/語言系統classification, filing分類/歸檔系統storage貯存系統belief, value信仰/價值體系capitalist, caste, communist資本主義/種姓/共產主義制度multiparty, two-party多黨制;兩黨制two-tier雙重制度VERB + SYSTEMbuild, create, design, develop, devise, establish, set up建立制度;創建制度;設計制度;形成制度have擁有制度adopt, apply, deploy, implement, introduce採用/應用/利用/實施/引進體制We are implementing a new system of stock control.我們實施的是一種新的庫存管理制度。advocate擁護體制join加入體制be part of是體系的一部份They are all part of the corrupt system we need to change.它們全是我們需要改革的腐敗體制的組成部份。manage, operate, run管理/操作/運行系統maintain維護系統manipulate, play, use操控/利用/使用系統He played the legal system to his own advantage.他利用法律制度謀求個人利益。organize組織體系How is the system organized?這個體系是如何組織的?adapt, change, transform調整/改變/轉變體制tinker with對體制修修補補test檢測系統improve, modernize, overhaul, refine, reform, reorganize, simplify, streamline, strengthen改善制度;使制度現代化;改革制度;整頓制度;簡化制度;強化制度the need to modernize the judicial system司法制度現代化的需要perfect完善制度perpetuate使制度長期存在The so-called reforms merely perpetuate an unjust system.這個所謂的改革只是讓不公平的制度長期存在。clog, clog up阻礙體制運行a backlog of cases clogging up the system阻礙體制運行的積壓案件destabilize, disrupt, undermine, weaken動搖/破壞/削弱/弱化系統attempts to disrupt the rail system破壞鐵路系統的企圖dismantle逐步廢除制度abandon, do away with, scrap廢棄制度destroy, overthrow破壞/推翻制度replace取代體制restore恢復體制criticize, fight, rebel against批評/對抗/反抗制度She spent her years at school fighting the system.她在學校期間一直對抗這個制度。defend, support捍衞/支持制度understand理解體制beat, buck打敗/抗擊制度You can never beat the system!你永遠無法戰勝這個制度!bypass避開體制an attempt to bypass the bureaucratic system試圖繞過官僚體系blame指責制度It's not your fault-blame the system.不是你的過錯,怪就怪這個制度吧。SYSTEM + VERBexist制度存在be based on sth, rest on sth制度以⋯為基礎/建立在⋯之上Every political system rests on certain fundamentals.每一種政治制度都是根據某些基本原則建立起來的。be aimed at sth, be geared to sth制度以⋯為目標;調整體制以適應⋯allow sth, enable sth制度允許⋯/使⋯成為可能This system allows you to study at your own speed.在這種體制下,你可以按自己的速度學習。offer sth, provide sth制度提供⋯be in operation, be operational, function, operate, work制度處於運行中;制度發揮作用;制度有效This case proves that the system works effectively.此案例證明這個制度運轉有效。break down, collapse, fail體制瓦解/崩潰/失敗PREPOSITIONin a/the system在體制中at another point in the education system在教育制度的另一點上under a/the system在制度下Under the new system, all children will be monitored by a social worker.在新制度下,所有兒童都將由一名社會工作者監護。system for⋯的體系They devised an appropriate system for presenting the required information.為呈現所需信息他們設計了一套合適的系統。


2group of things/parts that work together系統;組合ADJECTIVE | VERB + SYSTEM | SYSTEM + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEsophisticated複雜的系統automated, automatic, computer, computer-based, computerized, electronic, manual, mechanical自動系統;計算機系統;基於計算機的系統;電子系統;手動系統;機械系統audio, sound, stereo音頻/音響/立體聲系統air-conditioning, alarm, electrical, exhaust, heating, life-support, plumbing, public address (abbreviated to PA) , sprinkler, ventilation空調/警報/電氣/排氣/供熱/生命維持/管道/擴音/灑水/通風系統
electronic mail, email, mail, phone, telephone, voicemail電子郵件系統;郵政系統;電話系統;語音信箱系統satellite人造衞星系統global positioning, guidance, navigation全球定位系統;導航系統propulsion推進系統missile, weapons導彈/武器系統drainage, irrigation排水/灌溉系統river, road水系;道路系統VERB + SYSTEMbuild, create, develop建立/創建/開發系統improve, streamline改進/精簡系統install安裝系統For this month only, installing the system is free.免費安裝系統僅限於本月。SYSTEM + VERBfunction, operate, work系統發揮功用/運行/起作用break down, fail系統發生故障/失靈The air-conditioning system failed.空調系統出故障了。PREPOSITIONin a/the system, with a/the system在系統中a fault in the sound system聲效系統中的差錯


3the body, or parts of it that work together身體;身體系統ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEauditory, biological, cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, immune, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, sensory, visual聽覺/生理/心血管/循環/消化/免疫/神經/生殖/呼吸/感官/視覺系統the central nervous system中樞神經系統PREPOSITIONin a/the system在系統中a valve in the circulatory system循環系統中的瓣膜PHRASESa shock to the system對身體的衝擊;對系統的衝擊Returning to work after a long break can be a terrible shock to the system.長時間休息後重新開始工作可能會使身體非常不適。


4workings of a computer計算機系統ADJECTIVE | VERB + SYSTEM | SYSTEM + VERB | SYSTEM + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEadvanced, powerful先進的/大功率的系統interactive交互式系統online在線系統digital, optical, wireless數字/光學/無線網絡系統compatible, incompatible兼容/不兼容系統computer, PC計算機/個人電腦系統operating, operational操作系統database, file, information, management數據/文件/信息/管理系統processing, recognition, retrieval, storage處理/識別/檢索/存貯系統an information retrieval system信息檢索系統server, software服務器/軟件系統parallel平行系統VERB + SYSTEMinstall安裝系統boot, boot up, reboot啟動系統;重新啟動系統Just reboot the system and try again.重新啟動系統再試試。build, design, develop建立/設計/開發系統We're designing a voice-recognition system.我們正在設計一套語音識別系統。launch推出系統upgrade升級系統SYSTEM + VERBrun系統運行The system runs on this workstation.該系統在本工作站運行。crash, fail, go down系統癱瘓/失靈/出故障The entire computer system went down.整個計算機系統出了故障。SYSTEM + NOUNsoftware系統軟件design系統設計performance系統性能administrator系統管理員failure系統失靈backup系統備份reboot系統重啟PREPOSITIONin a/the system在系統中faults in the data-processing system數據處理系統中的錯誤
system noun
system (a political system) authorities (fight the system) way2 (an effective system for storing data)


 See also the entry for structure 另见structure条system ♦︎ network ♦︎ organization ♦︎ web ♦︎ apparatus ♦︎ workingsThese are all words for the way sth is organized or the way the different parts of sth connect with each other. 这些词均表示系统、体系、体制。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a system / a network / an apparatus for sthin / within a system / a network / a web / the apparatusthe whole system / network / web / apparatusa / the complex system / network / organization / web / apparatus / workingsa social system / network / organizationan adminstrative system / network / apparatusto create a system / network / webto set up / establish a system / networkto improve a system / the organization of sthto understand / explain a system / the organization of sth / the workings of sth system [countable] the way in which sth is organized; a group of things or pieces of equipment that are connected or work together 体系;体制;系统the educational / justice system教育体制;司法体系a heating / computer system供热/计算机系统Their existing system of government seems to work reasonably well.他们现有的政府体制似乎运转良好。The alarm system had been switched off.警报系统已关闭。 network [countable] a closely connected group of people or companies that exchange information and help each other 关系网;人际网She has a supportive network of close friends.她有一群支持她的亲密朋友。The company has a network of regional offices.该公司有一个由各地方办事处构成的网络。They have one of the most efficient distribution networks in Europe.他们的分销网是欧洲最具效率的分销网之一。 organization (BrE also organisation) [uncountable] the way in which the different parts of sth are arranged, especially in a society or institution (尤指社会或机构中的)安排,配置,分配The report studies the organization of labour within the civil service.报告研究了政府行政部门内部的人力分配问题。They experimented with new forms of social organization.他们尝试实行一些新的社会组织形式。 web [countable] a complicated pattern of things that are closely connected, especially when they are difficult to deal with or understand 网状物;网络;错综复杂的事物An increasingly complex web of legislation has been considered.曾经考虑构建更加复杂的立法体系。We were caught in a tangled web of relationships.我们陷入了错综复杂的人际关系网络。She discovered a web of intrigue (= secret activities).她发现了一套阴谋诡计。a web of deceit / lies一套诈骗计划;连篇谎言Many of the collocates of the word web in this meaning make you think of the literal meaning of a spider's web. Collocates include tangled, caught (up) in, entangled in, drawn into, spin, weave and centre of. * web表达此义时,许多搭配词都会使人联想到蜘蛛网的字面意思,这些搭配词有tangled、caught (up) in、entangled in、drawn into、spin、weave和centre of。 apparatus ˌæpəˈreɪtəs; NAmE ˌæpəˈrætəs [countable, usually singular] the structure of a system or organization, especially that of a government or political party, including all the people working at different levels with different degrees of power (尤指政府或政党的)机构,组织,机关Under the new system there was to be no all-powerful central state apparatus.在新体制中,国家中央机关不再拥有至高无上的权力。the apparatus of government政府机构 workings [plural] the way in which a system or organization works (系统或机构的)运作方式,工作方法The classes give an introduction to the workings of Congress.这些课程介绍国会的运作方式。In the book he tries to give a complete description of the workings of the human mind.他力图在书中对人脑的活动方式作出全面描述。Workings is usually used in the phrases the workings (of sth) or sth's workings. * workings通常用于短语the workings (of sth)或sth's workings中。
Collections, stores and sets of things: agglomeration, arsenal, assemblage...
General regions and organs inside the body: apparatus, canal, cavity...
Computer programs and systems: add-on, applet, architecture...
Systems and methods for doing things: modality, method, system...
Moral rules and rules of behaviour: rule, convention, law...

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