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Word family
Related topics: Employment, Law, Cricket
dis·miss /dɪsˈmɪs/ ●●○ W3 verb [transitiveT]  
1 IDEAREJECT/NOT ACCEPTto refuse to consider someone’s idea, opinion etc, because you think it is not serious, true, or important 拒绝考虑,否定
 The government has dismissed criticisms that the country’s health policy is a mess.
dismiss something as something
 He just laughed and dismissed my proposal as unrealistic.
 It’s an idea that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand (=dismissed immediately and completely).
2 JOBBEto remove someone from their job 解雇,开除 SYN fire, sack
dismiss somebody from something
 Bryant was unfairly dismissed from his post.
dismiss somebody for something
 Employees can be dismissed for sending obscene emails.
In everyday British English, people usually say sack someone, and in everyday American English, people usually say fire someone, rather than use dismiss: 在日常英国英语中,开除人们一般用 sack ,在日常美国英语中一般用 fire ,而不用 dismiss
He was sacked (British EnglishBrE)/fired (American EnglishAmE) for being late all the time.
3 SEND AWAYLEAVE A PLACE formal to tell someone that they are allowed to go, or are no longer needed 离开,解散
 The class was dismissed early today.
4 IN A COURTSCLif a judge dismisses a court case, he or she stops it from continuing 〔法官〕驳回,不受理〔案子〕
 The case was dismissed owing to lack of evidence.
5. SPORTDSCto end the innings of a player or team in the game of cricket 〔板球比赛中〕使〔对方击球员或球队〕出局
dismiss an idea/suggestion
Both actors dismissed any idea of a romantic relationship between them.
dismiss a notion formal (=idea)
The Minister dismissed the notion that he had cut petrol tax because of the forthcoming by-election.
dismiss a possibility
The prime minister dismissed the possibility of an early election.
dismiss a claim
An industrial tribunal dismissed his claim of unfair discrimination.
dismiss an allegation/charge
She claimed that she was honest and dismissed the allegations against her.
dismiss a thought
Was he lying? I tried to dismiss the thought.
dismiss fears
The Transport Minister dismissed fears that the Cotswold railway line would close.
dismiss criticism
He dismissed criticism of the country's human rights record.
easily/lightly (=without much thought)
This is a question that cannot be dismissed lightly.
dismiss something out of hand (=immediately, without thinking about it)
It's an interesting idea so don't dismiss it out of hand.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
dismissdis·miss /dɪsˈmɪs/ verb [transitiveT]
1HUMAN RESOURCESto remove someone from their job, usually because they have done something wrong
He was dismissed from his job at a bank for repeatedly turning up to work late.
2LAW to state officially that a court case cannot continue because there is not enough evidence against the accused person
The prosecution offered no evidence and the case was dismissed.
Origin dismiss
(1400-1500) Latin dimissus, past participle of dimittere to send away
LDOCE Online


1decide sth is not important認為不重要ADVERB | VERB + DISMISS | PREPOSITION ADVERBquickly很快地不予考慮immediately, out of hand, summarily立刻/當即/即刻拒絕考慮He dismissed her suggestion out of hand.他一口拒絕考慮她的建議。blithely, casually, cavalierly, easily, lightly, readily, simply漫不經心地/若無其事地/隨隨便便地/輕易地/輕率地/立即/乾脆拒絕考慮Children's fears should never be dismissed lightly.對於兒童的恐懼千萬別不當回事兒。contemptuously輕蔑地不予考慮She contemptuously dismissed their complaints.她對他們的抱怨不屑一顧。completely, entirely, outright完全不予理會His plan was dismissed outright by his friends.他的朋友們完全不理會他的計劃。routinely通常不予理會Such reports are routinely dismissed as hysteria.這種報道通常被認為是大肆渲染,無須多慮。VERB + DISMISSbe unable to, cannot無法釋懷;不能不放在心上not be possible to不可能不放在心上It is no longer possible to dismiss the link between climate change and carbon emissions.不可能再無視二氧化碳排放與氣候變化之間的聯繫了。be difficult to, be easy to難以釋懷;易於摒除It is easy to dismiss him as nothing more than an old fool.很容易就會把他當成個“老糊塗”而已。try to試圖不加考慮PREPOSITIONas因認為⋯而不予考慮She dismissed their arguments as irrelevant.她認為他們的論據毫不相關而不予考慮。from從⋯中摒除She tried to dismiss the idea from her mind.她試圖把這種想法從頭腦中趕出去。


2remove sb from a job解雇ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBfairly公正地解雇unfairly, wrongfully (especially BrE) 不公正地/非法解雇The court ruled that Ms Hill had been unfairly dismissed.法庭裁定解雇希爾女士是不公正的。constructively (BrE) 推定解雇summarily立即開除PREPOSITIONfrom解除⋯職務He was summarily dismissed from his job.他被立即開除了。
dismiss verb
dismiss (dismiss a suggestion) abolish (Case dismissed!) fire (dismiss sb from their job)


dismiss ♦︎ brush sb/sth aside ♦︎ shrug sth off/aside ♦︎ discount ♦︎ banish ♦︎ set sth aside ♦︎ laugh sth offThese words all mean to refuse to accept, talk about or think about sb/sth, especially because you think it is not important. 这些词均表示不理会。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to dismiss / brush sb / sth aside / shrug sth off / discount sth / set sth aside as irrelevant, unimportant, etc.to dismiss / brush aside / shrug off / discount / laugh off a suggestionto dismiss / brush aside / shrug off criticismto dismiss / brush aside / discount / banish / laugh off a fearto dismiss / brush aside / shrug off / banish a thoughtto dismiss / brush aside / discount / banish a / an ideato dismiss / brush aside / banish a / an memoryto dismiss / shrug off / banish a feelingto dismiss / discount / banish sth quicklyto dismiss / banish sth easily dismiss [transitive] (rather formal) to treat sth as if it is not important and not worth thinking or talking about; to put thoughts or feelings out of your mind 不理会;对⋯不屑一提;去除,摒除(思想或感情)I think we can safely dismiss their objections.我认为我们大可不必理会他们的异议。He dismissed the opinion polls as worthless.他认为民意测验毫无用处而不予考虑。The suggestion should not be dismissed out of hand (= without thinking about it).这个建议不应当草率地摒弃。Dismissing her fears, she climbed higher.驱走了恐惧之后,她朝着更高处攀登。He dismissed her from his mind.他摒除了对她的思念。 dismissal


[uncountable] Her casual dismissal of the threats seemed irresponsible.她对这些威胁漫不经心,不予理会,好像很不负责任。
ˌbrush sb/sth aˈside

phrasal verb

to ignore sb/sth; to treat sb's feelings, suggestions or protests as if they are not important 不理会;漠视(别人的感情、建议或抗议)I tried to protest, but he brushed me aside.我试图提出抗议,可他毫不理会。She brushed aside my fears.她漠视我的恐惧。
ˌshrug sth ˈoff ˌshrug sth aˈside

phrasal verb

(-gg-)to treat sth as if it is not important 不把⋯当回事;对⋯不予理睬Shrugging off her injury, she played on.她没把受伤当回事,继续进行比赛。He shrugged aside suggestions that he resign.对于要求他辞职的建议,他根本不理会。NOTE 辨析 Brush sth aside or shrug sth off?You brush aside concerns or fears that are important to sb else, you shrug off sth about yourself that other people expect you to be upset about. * brush sth aside指对别人的忧虑或恐惧不予理会,shrug sth off指对别人以为你会苦恼的事情满不在乎。
discount dɪsˈkaʊnt, NAmE also ˈdɪskaʊnt [transitive] (formal) to think or say that sth is not important or not true 认为⋯不重要;漠视;对⋯不全信We cannot discount the possibility of further strikes.我们不能漠视再次发生罢工的可能性。The news reports were being discounted as propaganda.人们认为这些新闻报道不过是宣传而已,不可全信。 banish ˈbænɪʃ [transitive] (written) to make a thought or feeling go away 赶走,排除(想法或感情)The sight of food banished all other thoughts from my mind.看到吃的,我别的什么都忘记了。He was determined to banish all feelings of guilt.他下定决心要排除内心所有的负罪感。 ˌset sth aˈside

phrasal verb

(setting, set, set)to not consider sth, because other things are more important (因有更重要的事)暂时不考虑,暂时搁置Let's set aside my personal feelings for now.目前咱们就不要顾及我的个人感情了。
ˌlaugh sth ˈoff

phrasal verb

(informal) to try to make people think that sth is not serious or important, especially by making a joke about it 一笑置之,付之一笑(尤指用笑话带过)He laughed off suggestions that he was going to resign.对于他要辞职的传闻,他一笑置之。

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