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Word family
Related topics: Finance, Trade
rent1 /rent/ ●●● S2 W3 verb  
1 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]BORROW to regularly pay money to live in a house or room that belongs to someone else, or to use something that belongs to someone else 租房;租用,租借
 Most students rent rooms in their second year.
 I’d rather have my own house than rent.
rent something from somebody
 Some farmers rent their land from the council.
2 (also rent out) [transitiveT]BFLEND to let someone live in a house, room etc that you own, or use your land, in return for money 出租〔房屋、房间、土地等〕 SYN British English let
rent something (out) to somebody
 She rents out two rooms to students.
3 [transitiveT] especially American EnglishAmEBBTBORROW to pay money for the use of something for a short period of time 〔短期〕租用 SYN British English hire
 Will you rent a car while you’re in Spain?
4rent at/for something phrasal verbphr v if a house rents at or for an amount of money, that is how much you must pay to use it 的价格出租;租金为
 Houses here rent for at least $1,500 a week.
Examples from the Corpus
to pay money to use something
rent to pay money to use a house, room, vehicle, piece of equipment, area of land etc
He rented a room in a house on the Old Kent Road.
They flew out to New York and rented a car at the airport.
hire British EnglishBrE to pay money to use a car or a piece of clothing or equipment for a short period of time
Why don't we hire a van for the day?
You can hire suits for weddings.
lease to have a legal agreement under which you pay money to a person or company in order to use a building, area of land, vehicle, piece of equipment etc for a fixed period of time
They leased the offices from an American company.
The car is leased from BMW.
to allow somebody to use something for money
rent/rent something out to allow someone to use a house, room, vehicle, piece of equipment, area of land etc in return for money
She rents the flat out to students.
let/let something out to allow someone to use a room, house, building etc in return for money
Some people don't want to let rooms to foreigners.
They let the house out while they were on holiday.
lease/lease something out to make a legal agreement which allows a person or company to use something that you own for a fixed period of time
Santa Clara ' s Redevelopment Agency leased the existing city golf course to developers.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Business, Trade
rent2 ●●● S2 W3 noun  
1 [countableC, uncountableU]BCOST the money that someone pays regularly to use a room, house etc that belongs to someone else 房租
 I pay the rent at the beginning of every month.
rent of
 an annual rent of £8,000
see thesaurus at cost
2 [countableC, uncountableU] especially American EnglishAmEBBTCOST an amount of money that you pay to use a car, boat etc that belongs to someone else 〔汽车、船等的〕租金,租用费
 The rent was only $20 an hour.
3 for rent available to be rented 出租,招租
 Luxury villas for rent.
4 [countableC]HOLE formal a large tear in something made of cloth 〔布料上的〕破裂处,裂缝
 huge rents in the curtains
high 高的
Rents in the city centre are very high.
low 低的
Our workers get low rents and other advantages.
exorbitant (=extremely high) 过高的
Some landlords charge exorbitant rents.
fixed 固定的
The rent is fixed for three years.
affordable (=which people can easily pay) 付得起的
The government plans to provide more homes at affordable rents.
the annual/monthly/weekly rent 年租金/月租金/周租金
nOur annual rent is just over $15000.
ground rent British EnglishBrE (=rent paid to the owner of the land that a house, office etc is built on) 地租
nThere is an additional ground rent of £30 per month.
na peppercorn rent British EnglishBrE (=an extremely low rent)
The colonel let us have the cottage for a peppercorn rent.
nback rent (=rent you owe for an earlier period)
Mrs Carr said she is still owed several thousand dollars in back rent.
nthe rent is due (=it must be paid at a particular time)
The rent is due at the beginning of the week.
pay the rent 支付租金
She couldn’t afford to pay the rent.
increase/raise the rent (also put up the rent British EnglishBrE) 提高租金
The landlord wants to put up the rent.
fall behind with the rent/get behind on the rent (=fail to pay your rent on time) 拖欠租金
nYou could be evicted if you fall behind with the rent.
collect the rent 收租
nHis job is to collect the rents from the tenants.
the rent increases/goes up 租金上涨
nThe rent has gone up by over 50% in the last two years.
rent + NOUN
a rent increase 租金上涨
How can they justify such big rent increases?
rent arrears British EnglishBrE (=money that you owe because you have not paid your rent) 租金欠款
nThe most common debts were rent arrears.
a rent book British EnglishBrE (=a book that shows the payments you have made in rent) 租金账本,租金登记簿
Examples from the Corpus
1.x-refthe past tense and past participle of rend rend的过去式和过去分词
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
rentrent1 /rent/ verb
1[intransitiveI, transitiveT]PROPERTY to pay a regular amount of money for the use of something such as a house or office
The company had been renting for seven years before buying a 13,000-square-foot headquarters.
Businesses can rent PCs to alleviate peak workloads.
rent something from somebody
Who do you rent the shop from?
2[transitiveT] (also rent something → out)COMMERCE to allow someone to use something in return for payment
video stores that rent Nintendo games
the lucrative business of renting out trailers and trucks
rent something to somebody
A New York dealer rented an Avis car to an unauthorized driver.
Many people trying to sell their second homes have decided to rent them out to tourists instead.
3[transitiveT] especially American EnglishAmECOMMERCE to pay money for the use of something owned by someone else for a short period of timeSYN BrE hire
Travelers prefer to rent cars with low mileage.
4[intransitiveI]PROPERTY if a house, office etc rents at or rents for a particular amount of money, that is how much it costs to use it
The new units are renting for £350 a month or less.
rented adjectiveadj [only before a noun]
living inrented accommodation
rentrent2 nounPROPERTY
1[countableC, uncountableU] money paid for the use of a house, office etc
Commercial rents have decreased significantly over the last few years.
fair rent ground rent net rent peppercorn rent rack rent
2for rent available to be rented
There is a lack of affordable housing for rent.
Origin rent2
1. (1100-1200) Old French rente, from Vulgar Latin rendita, from Latin reddere; → RENDER
2. (1500-1600) rend

See also: rend



ADJECTIVE | VERB + RENT | RENT + VERB | RENT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexorbitant, high過高的租金;高租金The tenants were not prepared to pay the higher rents demanded.房客不願意付更高的租金。affordable, cheap, low付得起的/便宜的/低廉的租金nominal, peppercorn (BrE) 名義上的/象徵性的租金free (especially NAmE) 零租金They get free rent in return for taking care of the house.他們無須交租金,但條件是要照看好房子。fair合理的租金reduced降低的租金increased提高的租金rising上漲的租金Discontent resulted from sharply rising rents.由於租金大幅提高而產生了不滿。fixed固定的租金market市值租金They weren't paying market rent on the properties.他們沒有按市值租金支付那些房產的使用費。annual, monthly, weekly (especially BrE) 年租;月租;週租initial首期租金The initial rent will be reviewed annually.首期租金每年都要審核。back, unpaid拖欠的/未付的租金apartment, ground (in the UK) , house, housing, land, office公寓租金;地租;房租;辦公室租金VERB + RENTpay付租金afford付得起租金He couldn't afford the rent by himself.他自己付不起租金。be behind with, fall behind with, owe拖欠租金;欠租金You put your tenancy at risk if you fall behind with the rent.如果你拖欠租金,就會有被拒租的危險。charge索要租金The rent charged depends largely on the size and locality of the property.租金的多少主要取決於房子的大小和所處位置。collect收租金The landlord came around to collect the month's rent.房東來收本月房租。receive收到租金The company receives rent on local property that it owns.該公司收取歸其所有的當地房產的租金。fix定租金The rent will be fixed at 18% of the market value of the property.該房屋的租金將定為市值的 18%。increase, push up, put up, raise提高租金;抬高租金;漲租金The large stores have pushed up the rents in the area.大商店抬高了這一地區的租金。The new lease will put her rent up to £200 a week.新租約將使她的租金漲到每週 200 英鎊。calculate, determine計算/確定租金RENT + VERBbe due, be payable (especially BrE) 租金到期;該付租金The rent is due on the last day of the quarter.租金在這個季度的最後一天到期。go up, increase, rise租金上升/增加/上漲Their rent has increased from $25 200 to $28 600 a year.他們一年的租金從 25,200 美元提高到了 28,600 美元。fall租金降低RENT + NOUNmoney, payment支付的租金book (BrE) 租金冊We gave tenants rent books.我們把租金冊交給租戶。arrears (BrE) 拖欠的租金levels (especially BrE) 租金水平They took the landlord to court over increasing rent levels.他們因房東提高租金而將其告上法庭。increase, rise (especially BrE) 租金增加/提高review (BrE) 租金審核allowance, rebate, subsidy (especially NAmE) 房租補貼;租金部份退款;租金補助control (especially in NAmE) 租金管制collection租金收取collector, man (BrE) 收租人strike抗租行動PREPOSITIONin rent以租金的形式The company has paid out a lot of money in rent.公司已經支付了大量租金。rent for⋯的租金The rent for the house is affordable.這棟房屋的租金付得起。rent from來自⋯的租金They earned rent from their property in London.他們出租倫敦的房子賺取租金。rent on⋯的租金the rent on a factory工廠的租金PHRASESarrears of rent (BrE, law法律) 租金拖欠to be liable for arrears of rent負有拖欠租金的法律責任for rent (especially NAmE) 供出租There was a sign saying 'Room for rent'.有個招牌上面寫着“房屋出租”。a month's, a year's, etc. rent月租、年租等the non-payment of rent, the payment of rent不付租金;付租金The movement advocated the non-payment of rent and taxes.這一運動主張不繳納租金和稅款。
rent verb
rent noun

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