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sight1 /saɪt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun   cite, site
1 ability to see 视力 [uncountableU]SIGHT/ABILITY TO SEE the physical ability to see 视力,视觉 SYN vision
 Anne’s sight is very good for someone of her age.
 He began to lose his sight six years ago.
 an emergency operation to save his sight
 You will get a free sight test if you are under 16.
2 act of seeing 看见 [singular, uncountableU]SEE the act of seeing something 看到,看见
sight of
 Just the sight of him made her go all weak.
at the sight of something
 Marcie will faint at the sight of blood.
 The house is hidden from sight behind trees.
3 thing you see 所见之物 [countableC]
a) SEEsomething you can see 景物,景象
familiar/common/rare etc sight
 Street dentists are a common sight in Pakistan.
 As he reached the front door, he saw a strange sight.
 the sights and sounds of the forest
not a pretty sight at pretty2(3), → sorry sight at sorry(8)
b) the sights [plural]DLT famous or interesting places that tourists visit 名胜,景点
 In the afternoon, you’ll have a chance to relax or see the sights.
sight of
 So, Maria’s showing you the sights of Copenhagen, is she?
4 in/within sight 
a) SEEinside the area that you can see 在视野内,看得见
 I glanced around me quickly. There was no one in sight.
 They burned every house in sight.
 The boys get home and eat everything in sight.
 Since my hotel was within sight, I told him he could go.
b) PROBABLYlikely to happen soon 可能即将发生
 Six months from the start of the strike, there is still no end in sight.
 Peace is now in sight.
Examples from the Corpus
5 within/in sight of something 
a) SEEin the area where you can see something 在看得见某物的地方
 We camped within sight of the lake.
 At last they came in sight of the city.
b) PROBABLYin a position where you will soon be able to get something or achieve something 即将得到[成就]某事
 Dan was now within sight of the championship.
Examples from the Corpus
6 in your sights if you have someone or something in your sights, you intend to achieve it or get it for yourself, or to attack them 瞄准,盯住〔以期取得、得到或攻击〕
Examples from the Corpus
7 out of sight outside the area that you can see 在视野外,看不见
Examples from the Corpus
8. out of sight, out of mindout of mind out of sight FORGETused to say that people soon stop thinking about something or someone if they do not see them for a while 眼不见,心不想
Examples from the Corpus
9 disappear/vanish from sight APPEARDISAPPEARto disappear 消失不见
Examples from the Corpus
10 come into sight to appear 出现
Examples from the Corpus
11 on sight as soon as you see someone 一看到,一看见
Examples from the Corpus
12 not let somebody out of your sight NEARto make sure that someone stays near you 不让某人离开你的视线
Examples from the Corpus
13 be sick of/can’t stand/hate the sight of somebody/something DON'T LIKEto dislike someone or something very much 非常不喜欢某人/某物
14 a sight for sore eyes spoken
Examples from the Corpus
15 a (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etc informalVERY a lot more, a lot better etc 多得多/好得多等
Examples from the Corpus
16 be a sight  (also look a sight)UNTIDYSTRANGE to look very funny or stupid, or very untidy or unpleasant 看起来滑稽[愚蠢,脏乱,难看]
Examples from the Corpus
17 sight unseen if you buy or choose something sight unseen, you do it without looking at the thing first 事先未看;事先未检查
Examples from the Corpus
18 be a (beautiful/strange/frightening etc) sight to behold formal used to emphasize that something or someone looks very unusual, for example because they are very beautiful, strange, or frightening 看起来非同一般(的漂亮/奇怪/人等)
19. gun [countableC usually plural]PMW the part of a gun or other weapon that guides your eye when you are aiming at something 〔枪等武器的〕瞄准器,准星
at first sight at first1(6), → know somebody by sight at know1(3), → lose sight of something at lose(1), → set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) something at set1(13)
good sight
Many types of fish have good sight.
poor sight
His sight was quite poor.
failing sight (=becoming worse)
He ran the business until failing sight forced him to retire.
lose your sight
As the result of a severe illness, she lost her sight at the age of twelve.
save somebody’s sight
Surgeons believe they can save her sight.
somebody’s sight fails (=gets much worse)
He was in his seventies when his sight began to fail.
sight + NOUN
a sight test
If your sight test shows that you need glasses, the optician will give you a prescription.
something that you see 所见之物
sight something that you see 景物,景象
A herd of elephants is a magnificent sight.
Even Charles cheered up at the sight of the food.
view the area you can see from a window or place, especially when it is beautiful 景色,美景
The view from the top of the mountain is amazing.
The hotel has great views of Lake Windermere.
We had a good view of the firework display.
panorama an impressive view of a very large area that stretches a long way across in front of you 全景
a panorama of snow-covered hills and mountains
vista written a view of a large area of beautiful scenery – used in written descriptions 美丽的景色
The road around the island offers some spectacular vistas.
scene what you see in a place, especially where people are moving around and doing things 景象;场面
Reporters described the horrific scenes which followed the bombing.
His pictures are mainly of local scenes.
spectacle something that you see that is very unusual, surprising, or strange 奇异的景象
It must have been an unusual spectacle.
I leaned over the balcony to get a look at the spectacle below.
visuals [plural] pictures or parts of a film, video etc that people can see, as opposed to the parts you can hear 〔电影、录像等的〕画面,图像
Good visuals will help keep your audience’s attention.
Examples from the Corpus
sight2 verb [transitiveT]  
SEEto see something from a long distance away, or see something you have been looking for 〔从很远处或经过一番寻找后〕看见,发现
 The sailors gave a shout of joy when they sighted land.
 Several rare birds have been sighted in the area.
see thesaurus at see
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
sightsight /saɪt/ noun
1at sightBANKINGFINANCE words written on a BILL OF EXCHANGE or PROMISSORY NOTE to show that it must be paid as soon as it is shown to the ACCEPTOR
The more usual situation is where payment is at sight, meaning when the paying bank has examined the documents and found them to be in order.
2after sightBANKINGFINANCE words written on a BILL OF EXCHANGE or PROMISSORY NOTE to show how much later it will be paid after it has been given to the payer, usually 30,60, or 90 days later
3payable at sightFINANCE a financial document that is payable at sight must be paid when it is received by the person who is responsible for paying it
4payable after sightFINANCE a financial document that is payable after sight must be paid on a stated number of days after it is received by the person who is responsible for paying it
Origin sight1
Old English gesiht


1ability to see視力 see also eyesight VERB + SIGHT | SIGHT + VERB | SIGHT + NOUN | PHRASES VERB + SIGHThave有視力She has very little sight in her left eye.她左眼幾乎看不見。lose失明He's lost the sight of one eye.他一隻眼睛已經失明。regain重見光明save保住視力The surgeons battled to save her sight.外科醫生奮力保住她的視力。restore恢復視力SIGHT + VERBdeteriorate, fail, go (all especially BrE) 視力惡化;視力衰退I think my sight is beginning to go.我覺得我的視力開始衰退。return視力恢復His sight returned by degrees.他的視力逐漸恢復。SIGHT + NOUNtest (BrE) 視力檢查defects, problems視力缺陷/問題loss (BrE) 失明This disease is the main cause of sight loss among those aged 50 and over.該疾病是導致 50 歲及以上人群失明的主要原因。PHRASESthe/your sense of sight視力


2act/moment of seeing sth看到VERB + SIGHT | SIGHT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + SIGHTcatch, get, have看見;注意到She suddenly caught sight of the look on her mother's face.她突然注意到媽媽臉上的表情。We will soon get our first sight of the Statue of Liberty.我們很快就會首次看到自由女神像。keep看着She kept sight of him in her mirror.她一直在鏡子裏看着他。lose看不見SIGHT + NOUNgag引人發笑的形體表演The movie is filled with dozens of funny sight gags.影片中有幾十處搞笑動作的鏡頭。PREPOSITIONat the sight (of)一看見(⋯)Her knees went weak at the sight of him.她一看見他腿就發軟。on sight一看見Soldiers have been ordered to shoot looters on sight (= as soon as they see them).士兵接到命令,看見劫匪就開槍。PHRASESat first sight乍一看He looked at first sight like a tourist.乍一看他像是個遊客。It was love at first sight.那就是一見鍾情。cannot bear the sight of sth, cannot stand the sight of sth (= hate seeing sb/sth) 不能忍受看見⋯I can't stand the sight of blood.我見不得血。a clear sight of sth (especially BrE) 看清⋯He didn't shoot until he had a clear sight of the goal.他看清目標後才射擊。know sb by sight (= to recognize sb without knowing them well) 和某人只是面熟the mere sight of sb/sth, the very sight of sb/sth僅看到⋯就The mere sight of her sitting there made his heart beat faster.只是看到她坐在那兒,他就開始心跳加速。sick of the sight of sb/sth (especially BrE) 見到⋯就煩We've shared an office for too long and we're sick of the sight of each other.我們在一個辦公室裏工作時間太長了,彼此一見面就感到厭煩。sight unseen沒見到I bought it, sight unseen (= without seeing it).我沒見到東西就把它買下了。


3position where sth can be seen視野VERB + SIGHT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + SIGHTcome into進入視野Then the towers of the castle came into sight.隨後進入視野的是城堡的塔樓。disappear from, vanish from從視野中消失She watched until the car disappeared from sight.她一直看着這輛車,直到它在視線中消失。block, block out擋住視線hide (sth) from, remove sth from使看不到(⋯)I hid the papers from sight.我把文件藏在看不見的地方。PREPOSITIONin sight能看見Keep their car in sight for as long as you can.盡量盯住他們的車。The end is in sight (= will happen soon). (figurative) 很快就會結束。out of sight看不見He kept out of sight behind a pillar.他待在柱子後面,以免有人看見。You'd better stay out of sight until they go.他們走之前你最好別露面。within sight of在看得見⋯的地方Her staff of 30 work in an industrial loft within sight of Logan Airport.她的 30 名員工在一座舊廠房裏工作,在那兒能看到洛根機場。PHRASESin full sight of sb在某人能清清楚楚看見的情況下He tried to break into a car in full sight of a policeman.他就在警察眼皮子底下試圖撬車而入。in plain sight清楚看到They waited until the enemy was in plain sight.他們一直等到敵人清晰地出現在視野裏。be nowhere in sight不見了Her father was nowhere in sight.她的父親沒了踪影。come in sight of sb/sth看得見⋯At last we came in sight of a few houses.我們終於看到了幾幢房子。no end in sight看不到結束The violence continues with no end in sight.暴力事態持續,沒有絲毫要結束的跡象。not leave sb's sight不離開某人的視線He won't let the children leave his sight.他不讓孩子們離開他的視線。sb's line of sight某人的視線She was now standing just out of his line of sight.她現在正好站在他看不見的地方。not let sb/sth out of your sight不讓⋯離開自己的視線Whatever you do, don't let them out of your sight!無論你做什麼,別讓他們離開你的視線!


4sth that you see所見之物ADJECTIVE | VERB + SIGHT | SIGHT + VERB | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcommon, familiar, regular (especially BrE) 常見的景象Tom was a pretty familiar sight around the casino.賭場裏總能見到湯姆的身影。bizarre, odd, rare, strange, unexpected, unfamiliar, unlikely, unusual奇異的景象;罕見的景象;意想不到的景象;不熟悉的景物;難以置信的情景;不尋常的景象amazing, awe-inspiring, awesome, beautiful, breathtaking, extraordinary, fine, impressive, inspiring, magnificent, spectacular, splendid, unforgettable, wonderful令人驚歎的景象;攝人心魄的美景;美好的景象;激動人心的景象;令人印象深刻的景象;壯觀的景象;難忘的景象;奇妙的景象depressing, pathetic, pitiful, sad, sorry, unedifying (BrE) 令人沮喪的景象;悲慘的景象;可憐相;可悲的情景;令人厭惡的情景He really did look a sorry sight, with his clothes covered in mud.他的樣子確實看上去慘兮兮的,衣服上都是泥。disturbing令人不安的景象ghastly, gruesome, horrible, horrific, horrifying, terrible, terrifying可怕的景象;恐怖的景象;令人毛骨悚然的景象welcome令人愉悅的景象Dan's face was a welcome sight.丹的相貌討人喜歡。VERB + SIGHTbehold, see, witness看到景象This is a sight not often seen on concert stages in this country.這一情景在該國音樂舞台上不常見。I witnessed the awful sight of children drinking dirty water from puddles.我目睹了一個可怕的情景,孩子們居然在喝水坑裏面的污水。look (BrE, informal) 看上去滑稽You look a sight in that hat!你戴着那頂帽子,樣子夠滑稽的!enjoy欣賞景象Who does not enjoy the sight and sounds of birds in the country?誰會不喜歡鳥兒飛舞歡唱的鄉村景象呢?SIGHT + VERBgreet景象進入視線An appalling sight greeted her.一幅令人震驚的情景映入她的眼簾。PHRASESbe quite a sight壯觀的景象The military parade was quite a sight.閱兵式場面很壯觀。be spared the sight of sth免於看到⋯Thankfully, we were spared the sight of his naked body.幸好我們沒有看見他的裸體。not a pretty sight不好看I'm not a pretty sight when I get out of bed in the morning.早上起牀時我的樣子怪難看。sights and sounds景象和聲音The sights and sounds of the city distracted her from her work.城市裏的熱鬧景象和喧囂使她不能安心工作。


5sights places of interest名勝ADJECTIVE | VERB + SIGHTS ADJECTIVEfamous, historic著名景觀;歷史名勝VERB + SIGHTSsee, take in, visit欣賞風光;參觀名勝Let's get out of the hotel and see the sights.咱們去酒店外面遊覽一下吧。


6on gun/telescope槍炮;望遠鏡ADJECTIVE | VERB + SIGHT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgun (usually gunsight) 射擊瞄準具adjustable, fixed可調節/固定瞄準具optical, telescopic光學/望遠鏡瞄準具night, thermal, thermal-imaging夜視瞄準具;熱成像瞄準具laser激光瞄準具front, rear準星;後瞄準器VERB + SIGHTadjust, align調節/校準瞄準器to align the sights on the target將瞄準器對準目標PREPOSITIONin your sight在瞄準具裏He fixed the deer in his sights and pulled the trigger.他瞄準那頭鹿,扣動了扳機。


7sights your aim, attention, etc.目標;注意力VERB + SIGHTS | PHRASES VERB + SIGHTShave sb/sth in, have sb/sth within以⋯為目標Rossi has the defending champion in her sights in tomorrow's race.明天的比賽羅西的目標是衞冕冠軍。fix, train, turn確定/瞄準/轉移目標She turned her sights on Florida's adoption laws.她將注意力轉移到了佛羅里達州的收養法。lower, raise降低/提高目標After failing to get into college, he lowered his sights and got a job in a bar.他由於沒能進入大學讀書,便降低標準,在一家酒吧找了個差事。PHRASEShave your sights set on sth, set your sights on sth把目標定為⋯She has her sights set on becoming a writer.她的目標是成為作家。set your sights high, set your sights low目標定得高;目標定得低He says he wants to win the trophy, but I think he's setting his sights too high.他說他想贏得獎杯,但我認為他目標定得太高了。
sight noun
sight (nobody in sight) look (catch sight of sb/sth) view2 (a spectacular sight) set your sights on sth hope verb out of sight invisible adj.
sight verb


sight ♦︎ view ♦︎ visionThese are all words for the area or distance that you can see from a particular position. 这些词均表示视力范围、视野。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in / out of sight / viewin / within sight / view of sthin full / plain sight / viewto come into / disappear from sight / view / sb's visionto come in sight / view of sb / sthto block sb's view / visionsb's line of sight / visionsb's field of view / vision sight [uncountable] the area or distance that you can see from a particular position 视力范围;视野He looked up the street, but there was no one in sight.他朝街上望去,可一个人也没看见。He strode by, in full sight of the guards.他在卫兵的眼皮底下大步走过。At last we came in sight of a few houses.最后我们看到了几座房屋。A bicycle came into sight on the main road.大路上出现了一辆自行车。Leave any valuables in your car out of sight.把贵重物品放在车里看不见的地方。Don't let him out of your sight (= Make sure that you can always see him, wherever he goes).不要让他走出你的视线。 see also sight look noun , sight view 2 view [uncountable, singular] (especially written) the area or distance that you can see from a particular position 视力范围;视野The sun disappeared from view.太阳看不见了。The carriage was put on view for the public to see.那辆四轮马车被陈列出来让公众参观。The knife was in plain view on the kitchen table.那把刀就摆在厨房桌上,一眼就能看见。I didn't have a good view of the stage.我看不清舞台。 see also view view noun 2 , view look verb 1 vision [uncountable] the area that you can see from a particular position 视野The couple moved outside her field of vision (= total area you can see from a particular position).那对夫妻离开了她的视野。He glimpsed something on the edge of his vision.他眼角瞥见了什么东西。NOTE 辨析 Sight, view or vision? View is more literary than sight or vision. It is the only word for talking about how well you can see. * view比sight和vision更具文学色彩,是本组词中唯一表示视野清晰程度的词I didn't have a good sight/vision of the stage. Vision must always be used with a possessive pronoun. * vision总是与物主代词连用my / his / her, etc. (field of) vision我/他/她等的视野It is not used with the prepositions in, into and out of that are very frequent with sight and view. 但vision不与介词in、into和out of连用,而sight和view则经常与这些介词连用There was nobody in vision. A tall figure came into vision.
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