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Word family
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lift1 /lɪft/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  
1 lift.jpg move STH upwards 将某物上移 [transitiveT] (also lift up)LIFT to move something or someone upwards into the air 抬起;提起;举起
 Sophie lifted the phone before the second ring.
 He lifted the lid on the pot of soup.
 The lumber was lifted by crane and dropped into the truck.
lift somebody/something onto/into/out of etc something
 They lifted Andrew onto the bed.
lift somebody from something
 The driver was lifted from the wreck.
4  See picture on 见图 Page A11 Where to stay 住的地方
2 part of the body 身体部位 [intransitiveI, transitiveT] (also lift up)LIFTUP to move part of your body up to a higher position 抬起〔某一身体部位〕 SYN raise
lift your hand/arm/leg etc
 She lifted her hand to knock on the door once again.
 Pam lifted her shoulders in a little shrug.
lift your head/eyes (=move your head or eyes up so that you can look at something) 抬起头/眼睛
 She lifted her head to gaze at him.
 He heard a scream and the hairs on the back of his neck began to lift.
3 controls/laws 控制措施/法律 [transitiveT]LAW to remove a rule or a law that says that something is not allowed 解除〔某项规定或法规〕,撤销〔限制〕
lift a restriction/an embargo/sanctions etc
 The government plans to lift its ban on cigar imports.
4 by plane 用飞机 [transitiveT always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]TAKE/BRING to take people or things to or from a place by aircraft 空运〔人或物〕
 More troops are being lifted into the area as the fighting spreads.
5 not lift a finger (to do something) informalHELP to do nothing to help 一点都不帮忙(做某事)
 He never lifted a finger to help me with the kids.
Examples from the Corpus
6. lift somebody’s spirits HAPPYto make someone feel more cheerful and hopeful 使某人开心起来,使某人振奋
7. clouds/mist/ [intransitiveI]DISAPPEAR if cloud or mist lifts, it disappears 消散
8 sad feelings 悲伤的情绪 [intransitiveI]FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETC if feelings of sadness lift, they disappear 〔悲伤〕消失
 Jan’s depression seemed to be lifting at last.
9 use SB’s ideas/words 使用某人的观点/话语 [transitiveT]COPY to take words, ideas etc from someone else’s work and use them in your work, without stating where they came from and as if they were your own words etc 剽窃,抄袭
lift something from somebody/something
 The words were lifted from an article in a medical journal.
10 steal [transitiveT] informalSTEAL to steal something 偷盗〔某物〕
lift something from somebody/something
 They had lifted dozens of CDs from the store.
11. voice 嗓音 [transitiveT] (also lift up) literaryLOUD/NOISY if you lift your voice, you speak, shout, or sing more loudly 提高〔嗓音〕 SYN raise
12 increase 增加 [transitiveT]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT to make prices, profit etc increase 增加,提高〔价格、利润等〕
 The U.S. may use tax cuts to lift the economy.
13 vegetables 蔬菜 [transitiveT]TADLG to dig up vegetables that grow under the ground 挖出〔长在地下的蔬菜〕
14.lift off phrasal verbphr v UPif an aircraft or spacecraft lifts off, it leaves the ground and rises into the air 〔飞机〕起飞;〔航天器 〕升空
Examples from the Corpus
lift (up) to move something or someone upwards to a higher position, especially something heavy, either by using your hands or a machine 〔用手或机器〕抬起,提起,举起〔尤指重物〕
You shouldn’t lift anything heavy if you have a bad back.
nShe lifted the lid from a huge pot and took a sniff.
nThey lifted me onto a stretcher and took me to the ambulance.
He lifted the girl up onto his knee.
They used a crane to lift the carriages back onto the rails.
nThe massive bull lifted him bodily into the air and shook him repeatedly.
raise to lift something to a higher position for a short time before lowering it again. Raise is more formal than lift 〔暂时〕抬起,提起,举起〔比lift正式〕
The bridge can be raised to allow ships to pass under it.
‘Cheers, everyone!’ said Larry, raising his glass.
pick up to lift something up from the ground, from a table etc, especially something small or light 拾起,拿起〔尤指小或轻的物体〕
She picked up her bag and left the room.
Tom picked the papers up off the floor.
Why don’t you just pick up the phone and call him?
nMaurin picked up the gun and put it in his pocket.
nThe lioness picked her cub up by its neck.
nThere are papers all over the floor – could you pick them up and put them away?
nThe little girl’s mother laughed and bent down to pick her up.
nThe vacuum cleaner won’t pick this stuff up.
scoop up to lift someone or something quickly from the ground, from a table etc, using your hand or arm 〔迅速〕抱起,捧起
She bent down and scooped up the little dog.
hoist to lift up something which is heavy and difficult to carry 提升,抬高〔重物〕
Joe picked up the sack and hoisted it onto the truck.
nThe crowd hoisted him onto their shoulders and carried him triumphantly down the main street.
elevate technical to lift something to a higher position and keep it there 抬高,举高
The doctor advised me to rest and elevate my ankle.
put your hand up to lift your arm into the air, for example because you want to speak in a class or when voting 举手
Put your hand up if you know the answer.
Examples from the Corpus
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lift2 ●●● S3 W3 noun  
1 in a building 在建筑物内 [countableC] British EnglishBrETD a machine that you can ride in, that moves up and down between the floors in a tall building 电梯,升降机 SYN American English elevator
2 in a car 在汽车内 [countableC]DRIVE if you give someone a lift, you take them somewhere in your car 搭便车 SYN ride
3 give somebody/something a lift HAPPY
Examples from the Corpus
4 lifting movement 抬升的动作UP [countableC] a movement in which something is lifted or raised up 抬;提;举
5. wind/aircraft/飞机 [uncountableU]TTA the pressure of air that keeps something such as an aircraft up in the air or lifts it higher 〔空气的〕升力,浮力,提升力
chairlift, ski lift
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
liftlift /lɪft/ verb [transitiveT]
1to make prices, profits etc rise
Improving international demand lifted product prices.
The interim dividend to shareholders has been lifted from 2.7p to 3.02p.
2LAWto remove a law or rule
After the exchange controls were lifted, Swedes rushed to invest abroad.
the decision to lift economic sanctions against the country
lifting noun [uncountableU]
the lifting of a ban on trade with the country
Origin lift1
(1100-1200) Old Norse lypta
lift1 verb →THESAURUS1lift2 noun
LDOCE Online


1 (BrE) for taking people/goods between floors電梯 see also elevator ADJECTIVE | VERB + LIFT | LIFT + VERB | LIFT + NOUN ADJECTIVEprivate, service私用/員工用電梯The hotel has a private lift linking it to the beach.旅館有一部私用電梯與海灘相連。baggage, goods, passenger, wheelchair運行李/載貨/載客/輪椅可進入的電梯electric, hydraulic電動/液壓升降機VERB + LIFTgo down in, go up in, take乘電梯下去;乘電梯上去;乘電梯We took the lift down to the ground floor.我們乘電梯下到一樓。operate操作電梯LIFT + VERBserve sth電梯為⋯服務The lift serves the top four floors of the building.這部電梯為大樓最上面的 4 個樓層服務。arrive電梯到達LIFT + NOUNbutton電梯按鈕doors電梯門shaft電梯井attendant, operator電梯服務員/操作員


2for taking people up mountains, etc.載人登高ADJECTIVE | VERB + LIFT | LIFT + NOUN ADJECTIVEski(運送滑雪者的)上山吊椅chair (usually chairlift) , gondola (BrE) 升降椅;廂式纜車VERB + LIFTtake坐纜車operate操作纜車LIFT + NOUNcar升降車operator纜車操作員pass纜車通行證You'll need your lift pass for the ski lifts.乘坐上山吊椅需要通行證。


3 (BrE) free ride in a car, etc.搭便車 see also ride ADJECTIVE | VERB + LIFT | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfree免費搭車VERB + LIFTask for, hitch, thumb請求搭便車;免費搭順風車;豎起拇指攔便車We stood by the roadside and thumbed a lift.我們站在路邊豎起拇指請求搭便車。give sb, offer sb讓某人搭便車accept接受搭便車Don't accept lifts from strangers.不要搭乘陌生人的便車。PHRASESa lift back, a lift home搭便車回去/回家He offered us a lift home.他讓我們坐他的便車回家。


4feeling of increased happiness/excitement振奮ADJECTIVE | VERB + LIFT ADJECTIVEbig, great, huge, real極大的振奮;巨大的鼓舞;真正的鼓舞Winning the semi-final gave the team a huge lift.贏了半決賽令該隊大受鼓舞。emotional感情上的振奮VERB + LIFTgive sb使某人振奮get得到鼓舞


1raise/move sb/sth升起;移動ADVERB | VERB + LIFT | PREPOSITION ADVERBalmost, half幾乎舉起;半舉起He hugged her, almost lifting her off the ground.他緊緊擁着她,幾乎把她抱起來了。fractionally, a little, slightly稍稍提起;提起一點兒;略微提起slowly慢慢舉起sharply突然抬起Her head lifted sharply.她突然抬起頭。carefully, gently, gingerly小心地抬起;輕輕提起Carefully lift the cake off the tray and cool on a wire rack.把蛋糕小心地從托盤上拿起,放到金屬架上冷卻。easily, effortlessly毫不費力地提起bodily整個兒抬起She was lifted bodily aboard by two sailors.兩名水手將她整個兒抱起抬到了船上。back, down, out, up向後提;拿下來;向外提;向上提She lifted back the sheet.她把被單往後拽了拽。VERB + LIFTcan barely, can hardly幾乎不能提起The box was so heavy I could barely lift it.箱子太重了,我幾乎拎不起來。try to盡力舉起manage to設法舉起be too heavy to太重而不能抬起PREPOSITIONabove抬到上面He stood, legs apart, arms lifted above his head.他站着,兩腿分開,胳膊舉過頭頂。down抱下來She leaned on him and he half lifted her down the stairs.她靠在他身上,他幾乎是把她抱下樓的。from從⋯提起He felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from his shoulders.他感到如釋重負。into放進去The heavy beams were lifted into place.沉重的橫梁已經放到位了。off拿開She lifted the book up off the table.她從桌上拿起書。out of拿出來He lifted the baby out of its cradle.他把嬰兒從搖籃裏抱出來。over抬過She lifted the child over the fence.她把小孩抱過籬笆。to抬向Juliet nodded, lifting her face to David's.朱麗葉點點頭,抬起頭看着戴維的臉。


2remove a law/rule撤銷法規ADVERB | VERB + LIFT ADVERBcompletely完全解除partially部份撤銷The police managed to restore calm and the curfew was partially lifted.警方設法恢復了平靜,宵禁部份解除。VERB + LIFTagree to, decide to, vote to同意/決定/表決解除The government decided to lift the ban on arms exports.政府決定解除武器出口的禁令。refuse to拒絕撤銷
lift noun
lift verb
cancel (lift a ban) pick sb/sth up (lift a suitcase) lift/raise sb's spirits encourage1

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