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TOEFL BNC: 970 COCA: 1309


Word family
op·e·rate /ˈɒpəreɪt $ ˈɑːp-/ ●●● S3 W2 verb  
1 machine 机器
a) [transitiveT]TCONTROL to use and control a machine or equipment 使用,操作,操纵〔机器或设备〕
 The Lewis family operated a number of boats on the canal.
 Clive was experienced in operating the computers.
b) [intransitiveI always + adverbadv/prepositionprep] if a machine operates in a particular way, it works in that way 〔机器〕运转,运作
operate in/at
 Check that the equipment is operating in a safe manner.
 The bus is designed to operate in all weather conditions.
 Most freezers operate at below –18°C.
2 business/organization 企业/机构
a) BUSINESS[intransitiveI] if a business or organization operates in a particular place or way, it works in that place or way 〔企业或机构在某处或以某种方式〕经营,营业,活动
operate in/within/from
 a design company operating from offices in Seattle
 A playgroup operates on the campus.
 They were trying to reduce operating costs.
b) [transitiveT] to control a business or organization 经营,管理〔企业或机构〕
 Nuns are operating an emergency hospital.
3 system/process/service 系统/过程/服务 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]WAY/METHOD if a system, process, or service operates, or if you operate it, it works (使)运作,(使)运行,(使)工作
 The whole tax system is now operating more efficiently.
 The new law doesn’t operate in our favour.
 The car parks operate a pay-as-you-leave system.
 The bus company operates a Monday to Saturday service.
4 medical 医疗的 [intransitiveI]MH to cut into someone’s body in order to repair or remove a part that is damaged 开刀,动手术
 Doctors had to operate to remove the bullet.
operate on
 the surgeon who operated on Taylor’s knee
A doctor does not ‘operate’ a part of a person’s body. He or she operates on it: They need to operate on her stomach (NOT operate her stomach).
说医生给病人身体的某部位动手术时,不要用 operate,而要用 operates on:They need to operate on her stomach (不说 operate her stomach). 他们要给她的胃部动手术。
5 work 做,干 [intransitiveI]WORK/DO WORK to do your job or try to achieve things in a particular way 做,干,行事
 Most people just can’t operate in noisy crowded conditions.
 Older children often like to operate independently.
6 soldiers/police 士兵/警察 [intransitiveI]WORK/DO WORK if soldiers or police officers are operating in an area, they are working in that area 〔士兵或警察在某地区〕行动,执行公务
operate in
 Security patrols now operate in some of the most dangerous parts of the city.
 enemy submarines operating in the Mediterranean
7 operate as something PURPOSEto have a particular purpose 作用,作
8 laws/principles 法则/原理 [intransitiveI]EFFECT/INFLUENCE to have an effect on something 起作用,产生影响
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
operateop·e·rate /ˈɒpəreɪtˈɑː-/ verb
1[transitiveT] to use and control a machine or equipment
the software necessary to operate the machine
2[intransitiveI]MANUFACTURING if a machine, factory etc operates in a particular way, it works in that way
operate in/at
The factory will operate at half capacity for about two months.
3[intransitiveI] if a business, system etc operates in a particular way, it works in that way
differences between the way the two countries’ economies operate
operate as
The company will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary.
4[intransitiveI] if a business, system etc operates in or from a particular place, it is based there or offers goods or services from there
operate in/from/out of
a discount chain operating in the Mid-Atlantic region
a new airline operating out of St Petersburg
5[transitiveT]COMMERCE if a person or organization operates a business, system etc, they manage it and make it work
He operates a trucking business in Norway.
the costs of operating the plant
Origin operate
(1600-1700) Latin past participle of operari to work, from opus; → OPUS
op·e·rate verb
TOEFL BNC: 970 COCA: 1309


1machine機器ADVERB | VERB + OPERATE ADVERBeffectively, efficiently, reliably有效地/高效地/穩定地運轉normally, properly正常運轉The equipment was not operating properly.設備運轉出現異常。continuously連續運轉The machine can operate for 15 hours continuously at full power.這台機器能以最大功率連續運轉 15 個小時。electrically, electronically, hydraulically, manually, remotely (= by remote control) 靠電力運轉;電子操控;水力驅動;手動操作;遙控The doors can be manually operated in the event of fire.發生火災時,這些門可以手動開關。VERB + OPERATEbe designed to為運轉而設計systems designed to operate at the highest speeds為最高速運轉所設計的系統be easy to易於操作The machinery is easy to operate.這種機器容易操作。


2business/system生意;系統ADVERB | VERB + OPERATE | PREPOSITION ADVERBeffectively, efficiently, smoothly有效/高效/順利經營profitably, successfully盈利/成功經營normally正常運營The hospital was operating normally.這家醫院運營正常。currently目前經營The airline currently operates 115 routes to 39 airports in 13 countries.這家航空公司目前經營着飛往 13 個國家 39 個機場的 115 條航線。autonomously, independently自主/獨立經營differently個性化經營commercially商業化管理The laboratory is still owned by the government but is now commercially operated.這個實驗室仍為政府所有,但現在實行商業化運作。VERB + OPERATEbe able to能夠經營be allowed to獲准經營continue to繼續經營PREPOSITIONaccording to按照⋯運作The government does not operate according to fixed rules.政府並不按照固定規則運作。as作為⋯運作We operate as an advisory service for schools.我們為學校提供咨詢服務。under在⋯下運作The industry operates under rigid guidelines.該行業在嚴格的規則指導下運轉。within在⋯內運轉Local authorities operate within a wider political system.地方政府在一個較為寬鬆的政治體制內運作。
TOEFL BNC: 970 COCA: 1309
operate verb
operate (operate a machine) organize (operate flights) work3 (solar panels operate)


 See also the entry for work verb 3 另见work动词词条第3义operate ♦︎ run ♦︎ control ♦︎ work ♦︎ manipulateThese words all mean to use a machine or device, or make it function. 这些词均表示操作、控制、操纵机器或装置。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to operate / run / control / work a machineto operate / run / control a / an engine / motorto operate / run machineryto operate / manipulate the controls / levers operate [transitive] (rather formal) to use a machine or make it work 操作;控制;使运行What skills are needed to operate this machinery?操作这种机器需要什么技能? see also operate work verb 3 operation


[uncountable] Operation of the device is extremely simple.这个装置的操作极其简单。
run (-nn-; ran, run) [transitive] to make a machine or device work, especially an engine or computer program 使(尤指发动机或计算机程序)运行;操作Could you run the engine for a moment?你让发动机运行一会儿好吗?What applications were you running when the problem occurred?出现问题时你在运行什么应用程序? see also run work verb 3 control (-ll-) [transitive] to make a machine or system work 操纵,控制(机器或系统)This knob controls the volume.此旋钮调节音量。The traffic lights are controlled by a central computer.交通信号灯由中央计算机控制。 see also control button noun 1 NOTE 辨析 Operate, run or control?A person operates or runs a machine; machines are often controlled by the controls, such as a computer, knob, button, switch or lever. * operate或run指人操作机器;control常指由computer、knob、button、switch或lever等操纵装置控制机器。 work [transitive] (rather informal, spoken) to make a machine or device function, especially a piece of household equipment 开动,操作(尤指家用设备)Do you know how to work the coffee machine?你会使用咖啡机吗? see also work work verb 3 manipulate məˈnɪpjuleɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to control or use sth in a skilful way (熟练地)操作,使用I had to learn to manipulate the gears and levers of the machine.我得学会熟练操纵机器的排挡和变速杆。Computers are very efficient at manipulating information.计算机在处理信息方面效率极高。 manipulation məˌnɪpjuˈleɪʃn


[uncountable] data manipulation数据操纵
TOEFL BNC: 970 COCA: 1309

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