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Word family
Related topics: Geography, Gardening
bor·der1 /ˈbɔːdə $ ˈbɔːrdər/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countableC]   boarder
1 SGthe official line that separates two countries, states, or areas, or the area close to this line 国界,边界;边境地区
 To cross the border, you will need a valid passport.
border between
 the border between the US and Mexico
border with
 regular patrols along the border with France
on the border
 a market town on the border of England and Wales
across the border
 He helped them to get across the border.
south/north etc of the border
 The coach took us south of the border to Tijuana.
2 EDGEa band along or around the edge of something such as a picture or piece of material 边,边饰
 writing paper with a black border
5 see picture at 见图 edge1
3 DLGan area of soil where you plant flowers or bushes, along the edge of an area of grass 〔草坪边缘的〕狭长花坛,灌木带
 a flower and shrub border
4 something that separates one situation, state etc from another 〔区分两种情形、状态等的〕界线
 new scientific discoveries that are stretching the borders of knowledge
cross the border 穿越边境
The army crossed the border and advanced on Warsaw.
flee/escape across the border 逃过边境
Over 100,000 civilians fled across the border.
form the border 形成边界
The river forms the border between the two countries.
close the border (=prevent people from crossing) 关闭边境
nThe government moved quickly to close the border.
open the border (=start allowing people to cross) 开放边境
nAfter fifty years the border was finally opened.
nstraddle the border (=cover land on both sides of it)
This small village straddles the border between the West Bank and Jerusalem.
the Welsh/Mexican etc border 威尔士/墨西哥等边境
I had reached the Swiss border.
the southern/eastern etc border 南部/东部等边境
They renewed their attacks on Ethiopia’s northern border.
nthe Austro-Hungarian/Hong Kong–China etc border
The village is on the Oxfordshire-Warwickshire border.
a common border (=that countries share) 共同边境,交界
nIndia and Pakistan each withdrew troops from their common border.
border + NOUN
a border dispute (=a disagreement about where the border should be) 边境纠纷
a long-running border dispute between Iraq and Iran
a border town 边境城镇
nthe Chinese border town of Shenzhen
a border area/region 边境地区
nThe Afghan border area is open and wild.
a border crossing (=a place where you cross a border) 过境处
nThere are problems of delays at border crossings.
a border guard 边境卫兵
nthe North Korean border guards
border controls (=controls on who crosses a border) 边境管制
nHungary tightened its border controls.
this/the other side of the border 边境的这边/那边
Her friend lives on the other side of the border.
border the official line that separates two countries, or the area close to this line 国界,边界;边境地区 国界,边界;边境地区
The town lies on the border between Chile and Argentina.
Strasbourg is very close to the German border.
nborder guards
frontier especially British EnglishBrE the border 国界,边境
They crossed the Libyan frontier into Egypt.
line the official line that separates states and counties in the US 〔美国各州、县的〕边界
His family lived across the state line in West Virginia.
boundary the line that marks the edge of an area of land that someone owns, or one of the parts of a country 〔某人领地的〕分界线;边界
The fence marks the boundary between the two properties.
The Mississippi River forms the boundary between Tennessee and Arkansas.
nA road runs along the western boundary of the site.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Geography
border2 verb  
1 SGP[intransitiveI, transitiveT] if one country, state, or area borders another, it is next to it and shares a border with it 接壤,与毗邻
 countries that border the Mediterranean
border on
 The area borders on the Yorkshire Dales.
2 EDGE[transitiveT] to form a border along the edge of something 的边界,毗邻
 a path bordered by a high brick wall
3border on something phrasal verbphr v RICHto be very close to being something extreme 近似,接近〔极端〕
 His confidence bordered on arrogance.
Examples from the Corpus
Origin border1
(1300-1400) Old French bordure, from border to border, from bort border


1line that divides two countries國界ADJECTIVE | VERB + BORDER | BORDER + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEopen開放的邊境closed封閉的邊境porous防衞鬆懈的邊境common接壤的邊境Brazil has a common border with most South American countries.巴西和大多數南美國家接壤。disputed有爭議的邊界northern, southern, etc.北部、南部等邊界international, national國界;邊境VERB + BORDERarrive at, reach, stop at到達邊境;在邊境停留cross, drive across, drive over, slip across, slip over穿越邊境;開車越過邊境;偷越邊境They slipped across the border at nightfall.他們在日暮時分偷越國境。escape across, escape over, flee across, flee over逃越國境;逃離邊境form, mark成為邊境線A river forms the border.一條河流成為兩國的邊境線。draw, draw up, establish, fix劃分邊界;確立邊界guard, patrol守衞邊境;在邊境巡邏open開放邊境close, seal封鎖邊境secure保衞邊境的安全share接壤Ethiopia shares its longest border with Somalia.埃塞俄比亞與索馬里接壤的邊界最長。BORDER + NOUNcrossing, post邊境過境處/哨卡region, town邊境地區;邊陲小鎮control, guard, troops邊界控制;邊防哨兵;邊防軍clash, dispute, war邊境衝突/爭端/戰爭raid邊境襲擊clash, incident, skirmish邊境衝突;邊境事件;小規模邊境衝突PREPOSITIONacross a/the border, over a/the border穿越邊境to smuggle goods across the border穿越邊境走私貨物along a/the border沿着邊境There has been fighting along the border.邊境沿線一直有戰爭。at a/the border, on a/the border在邊境處;在邊境上We were stopped on the border.我們在邊境被攔住了。on the border of在⋯邊境a farm on the border of Cumbria and Yorkshire坎布里亞郡和約克郡交界處的農場up to the border直到邊境He drove us right up to the Russian border.他開車一直把我們送到俄羅斯邊境。border between, border of⋯之間的邊境the border between Austria and Switzerland奧地利和瑞士之間的邊境border with和⋯接壤的邊境the border with Mexico與墨西哥接壤的邊境PHRASESnorth of the border, south of the border邊境以北/以南on both sides of the border, on one side of the border在邊境的兩端/一端There has been fighting on both sides of the border.邊境兩端一直有戰鬥。


2decorative band/strip around the edge of sth裝飾邊ADJECTIVE | VERB + BORDER | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEwide寬飾邊narrow窄飾邊decorative裝飾邊VERB + BORDERhave有飾邊The tablecloth has a narrow lace border.這條桌布有一條窄花邊。draw畫飾邊PREPOSITIONwith a/the border帶有花邊a white handkerchief with a blue border飾有藍邊的白手絹border around, border round (especially BrE) 環繞⋯的花邊She drew a decorative border around the picture.她在圖畫周圍畫了一圈飾邊。
border noun
border (on the northern border) garden2 (herbaceous borders)
border verb


border ♦︎ boundary ♦︎ line ♦︎ frontierThese are all words for a line that marks the edge of sth and separates it from other areas or things. 这些词均表示分界线。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配across / along / on / over a / the border / boundary / line / frontierinside / within / beyond / outside the borders / boundaries / frontiersat the boundary / frontierthe border / boundary / line / frontier between one place and anotherthe border / boundary / frontier with a placenorth / south / east / west / one side / both sides of the border / boundary / line / frontierthe northern / southern / eastern / western border / boundary / frontiera national / common border / boundary / frontierto form / mark / cross a / the border / boundary / line / frontierto arrive at / reach / stop at a / the border / boundary / frontierto share a border / boundary / frontier border [countable] the line that separates two countries or areas; the land near this line 国界;边界;边疆;边界地区They spent a week in a national park on the border between Kenya and Tanzania.他们在位于肯尼亚和坦桑尼亚边界的国家公园度过了一星期。The treaty fixed Denmark's new border with Germany.该条约确定了丹麦和德国之间新的国界线。I live in a small town in the US, near the Canadian border.我住在靠近加拿大边界的一个美国小镇。Thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border every day.每天都有数千非法移民穿越边界。 boundary ˈbaʊndri [countable] a line that marks the edges of an area of land and separates it from other areas 边界;界限;分界线After the war the national boundaries were redrawn.战后重新划定了国界。Three settlers were killed in a boundary dispute last week.三个移民上周在边界争端中遇害。The fence marked the boundary between my property and hers.那道篱笆曾是我和她的房产之间的界线。 line [countable] a long thin mark on the ground to show the limit or border of sth, especially of a playing area in some sports; an imaginary boundary between one area of land and another; a line on a map that shows this (尤指运动场地的)界线,场界;(假想的或地图上标示的)分界线,边界线The ball went over the line.球出界了。 (BrE) The two horses crossed the finishing line together.那两匹马同时越过终点线。 (NAmE) the finish line终点线He was convicted of illegally importing weapons across state lines.他被判犯有非法越州偷运武器罪。Lines of longitude and latitude are marked on the map.地图上标有经线和纬线。 frontier ˈfrʌntɪə(r); NAmE frʌnˈtɪr [countable] (BrE) the line that separates two countries or areas; the land near this line 国界;边界;边疆;边境The river formed the frontier between the land of the Saxons and that of the Danes.这条河曾是撒克逊人与古斯堪的纳维亚人土地的分界线。There were very few border controls on the south-western frontier.西南边疆的边境管制极少。 The frontier [singular] is used in both British and American English to talk about the edge of land where people live and have built towns, beyond which the country is wild and unknown, especially in the Western US in the 19th century. * the frontier在英式和美式英语中均指有人居住并开发了城镇的边陲地带,以外便是荒芜的未知乡野,尤指19世纪美国西部的边远地区a remote frontier settlement位于荒僻边远地区的定居点 (figurative) Is space the final frontier?太空是最后的边疆吗? NOTE 辨析 Which word?The point where you cross from one country to another is usually called the border. In British English it can also be called the frontier, but this is often in a context of wildness, danger and uncertainty. 国界线通常叫border,英式英语中亦称frontier,但frontier常与荒芜、危险和不确定因素联系在一起The rebels control the frontier and the surrounding area.叛乱分子控制了边疆一带地区。The line on a map that shows the border of a country can be called the boundary but 'boundary' is not used when you cross from one country to another. 地图上标示的国界线可叫boundary,但穿越国界不用boundaryAfter the war the national boundaries were redrawn.战后重新划定了国界。Thousands of immigrants cross the boundary every day. Boundary is used for the borders between counties in Britain, both on the map and on the ground. 在英国,boundary既指地图上标示的郡界,也指地面上的郡界We crossed the county boundary into Devon.我们越过郡界进入德文了。States and counties in the US are separated by lines but 'line' is not used for national borders. 在美国,州界和县界用line,但国界不用linecrossing state / county lines跨越州界/县界national lines Boundary can also be a physical line between two places, for example between property belonging to two different people, marked by a fence or wall. * boundary亦可指两地间有形的分界线,如用篱笆或墙隔开分属于两个人的土地分界线the boundary fence / wall between the properties地产间的篱笆/墙分界线
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