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Word family
bond1 /bɒnd $ bɑːnd/ ●●○ AWL noun [countableC]  
1 moneyBFS an official document promising that a government or company will pay back money that it has borrowed, often with interest 债券;公债
 My father put all his money into stock market bonds.
 furious trading on the bond market
see also junk bond, premium bond, savings bond5 see picture at 见图 junk bond
2 relationship 关系RELATIONSHIP something that unites two or more people or groups, such as love, or a shared interest or idea 〔两个或更多人或团体之间的〕纽带,联系,契合,关系 tie
bond between
 the emotional bond between mother and child
bond with
 the United States’ special bond with Britain
bond of
 lifelong bonds of friendship
3 bonds [plural] literary something that limits your freedom and prevents you from doing what you want 枷锁,桎梏,羁绊
bonds of
 the bonds of fear and guilt
Examples from the Corpus
4 with glue 用胶水STICK the way in which two surfaces become attached to each other using glue 结合,黏合
 Use a glue gun to form a strong bond on wood or china.
5 HCchemistry 化学 technical the chemical force that holds atoms together in a molecule
 In each methane molecule there are four CH bonds.
6. SCLwritten agreement 书面协议 a written agreement to do something, that makes you legally responsible for doing it 契约,盟约 contract
7. my word is my bond formalPROMISE used to say that you will definitely do what you have promised 我的诺言就是契约,我言出必行
8. in/out of bond PET technical in or out of a bonded warehouse 〔进口货物〕存入关栈中以待完税/已完税出关
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: something that unites two or more people or groups, such as love, or a shared interest or idea
a close/strong bond
A strong bond had developed between them.
a common bond (=one that people share)
They shared a common bond – a love of literature.
a special bond
There was a special bond between him and his mother.
an emotional bond
As soon as we met we felt an emotional bond.
form/forge a bond (=make a bond)
Frequently horses form a strong bond with their riders.
have a bond
Twins often have a very close bond.
feel a bond
The people of the island feel a strong bond with each other.
strengthen a bond
Sharing experiences strengthens bonds with friends.
break/destroy a bond
He didn’t want to do anything to break the bond between them.
a bond develops (=a bond of friendship developed between them)
Over six months of working together, a close bond developed.
Examples from the Corpus
bond2 AWL verb  
1 [intransitiveI]STICK if two things bond with each other, they become firmly fixed together, especially after they have been joined with glue 〔尤指用过胶水后〕黏合
 It takes less than ten minutes for the two surfaces to bond.
2 [intransitiveI]RELATIONSHIP to develop a special relationship with someone 〔与某人〕培养一种特殊的关系 bonding
bond with
 Time must be given for the mother to bond with her baby.
3. [transitiveT]PET technical to keep goods in a bonded warehouse 把〔货物〕存入关栈[保税仓库]
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
bondbond /bɒndbɑːnd/ noun [countableC]
1FINANCE an amount of money borrowed by a government or an organization. The government or organization produces a document promising that it will pay back the money that it has borrowed, usually with interest. The document, which can be bought and sold, is also called a bond
Many investors switched out of shares into bonds yesterday.
see also Premium Bond
active bond baby bond bearer bond bellwether bond bulldog bond callable bond called bond convertible bond corporate bond Eurodollar bond foreign bond government bond guaranteed income bond guaranty bond income bond indexed bond junk bond mortgage bond municipal bond par bond registered bond Samurai bond savings bond stabilized bond sterling bond super sinker bond sushi bond Treasury bond Yankee bond yearling bond zero-coupon bond
2LAW a contract in which someone agrees to pay a sum of money if they do not do something they have promised to do
Importers of Mexican cement must post bonds (=leave money with a court) to cover penalties that may apply later.
appeal bond bail bond bid bond contract bond indemnity bond performance bond surety bond
3in bondTAXCOMMERCE if imported goods are in bond, they are kept in a BONDED WAREHOUSE until tax has been paid on them
customs bond
4INSURANCE used to talk about certain types of insurance contract
commercial blanket bond completion bond fidelity bond
Origin bond1
(1200-1300) Old Norse band
bond1 nounn COLLOCATIONS1bond2 verb
LDOCE Online


1feeling of friendship友情ADJECTIVE | VERB + BOND | BOND + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclose, strong親密的聯繫;密切的關係common共同的紐帶special特別的聯繫natural天然的紐帶emotional, spiritual情感紐帶;精神上的紐帶A strong spiritual bond exists between them.他們倆在精神上緊密相通。VERB + BONDbe linked by, feel, have, share有紐帶相連;關係密切She felt a bond of affection for the other girls.她與其他女孩感情很深。create, develop, establish, forge, form建立聯繫;發展聯繫strengthen加強聯繫loosen, weaken放鬆/削弱聯繫break, sever切斷聯繫;斷絕關係BOND + VERBexist紐帶存在link sb紐帶連接某人the bond that links us連接我們的紐帶PREPOSITIONbond between⋯之間的聯繫We try to forge bonds between the different communities.我們努力在不同社區之間建立聯繫。bond of⋯的紐帶bonds of friendship友誼的紐帶


2certificate for money you have lent債券ADJECTIVE | VERB + BOND | BOND + NOUN ADJECTIVEhigh-yield, long-term高收益/長期債券corporate, government, municipal, savings, treasury公司債券;公債;市政債券;儲蓄債券;國庫券convertible可兌換債券junk高風險債券the high yield on junk bonds高風險債券的高收益VERB + BONDbuy, invest in, purchase, put money into購買債券;投資債券I decided to invest in some government bonds.我決定投資一些政府債券。cash, cash in, redeem把債券兌現;償付債券The bonds were redeemed in 2002.這些債券已於 2002 年償付。issue, sell發行/出售債券BOND + NOUNmarket債券市場


 See also the entry for relationship 1 另见relationship条第1义bond ♦︎ rapport ♦︎ empathy ♦︎ affinityThese are all words for a close connection, friendship or understanding between people or groups. 这些词均表示人际间的紧密联系、亲善、理解。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a bond / a rapport / empathy / an affinity between A and Ba rapport / empathy / an affinity with sb / sthempathy / an affinity for / towards sb / stha close bond / rapport / affinity(a) great rapport / empathy / affinity(a) real bond / rapport / empathy / affinity(a) natural bond / empathy / affinitya special bond / rapport / affinityto feel / have a bond / a rapport / empathy / an affinityto develop a bond / a rapport / empathy bond [countable] something that forms a connection between people or groups, such as a feeling of friendship or shared ideas and experiences 纽带;联系;默契A bond of friendship had been forged between them.他们俩曾经结交成为朋友。The agreement strengthened the bonds between the two countries.该协定加强了两国间的联系。the special bond between mother and child母子间的独特关系 bond


[intransitive] Mothers who are depressed sometimes fail to bond with their children.患忧郁症的母亲有时无法和孩子建立亲子关系。
rapport ræˈpɔː(r) [singular, uncountable] a friendly relationship in which people like and understand each other 亲善;融洽;和谐Honesty is essential if there is to be a good rapport between patient and therapist.以诚为本,病人和治疗师才能建立默契。There was little rapport between the two women.这两个女人不和。NOTE 辨析 Bond or rapport? Rapport is more commonly used to describe a personal relationship between individuals; bond is more general and describes relationships between countries and groups as well. A rapport is based on understanding and liking each other; a bond can exist because of many different things, for example a shared interest, a family relationship, or financial reasons. If people or groups share a bond, they have a connection that is difficult to break and that affects the way they behave. It is stronger and more important than a rapport. A bond may be forged over a period of time; a rapport may need to be established but you can also have an instant rapport with sb, that just happens without effort. * rapport较常用于描述个体之间的私人关系;bond较笼统,还用于描述国家间、群体间的关系。rapport基于互相理解和喜欢;bond可以因许多不同的原因而产生,如共同的兴趣、家庭关系、经济联系等。bond所指的人际间的联系很难切断,而且这种联系会影响人们的行为方式。bond比rapport更牢固、更重要。bond可能经过一段时间才能形成,常与动词forge搭配;rapport可能需要逐渐建立,常与动词establish搭配,但也有可能无须努力便自然而然地产生,即所谓的“一见如故”(to have an instant rapport with sb)。 empathy ˈempəθi [uncountable, singular] the ability to understand another person's feelings or experience 同感;共鸣;同情the writer's imaginative empathy with his subject作者把想象中的感情投入到笔下的人物She shows a lack of empathy for other people's situations.她显得对其他人的处境缺乏同情。You feel empathy for sb because you are able to imagine what it is like to be that person and to share their feelings. It is sometimes confused with sympathy. * empathy指能够想象他人的处境且能感受他们的心情,有时会跟sympathy混淆Both authors have the skill to make you feel empathy with their heroines (= you understand and share their feelings).两位作者都有技巧让人对其女主角产生共鸣。I have great sympathy for the flood victims (= I feel very sorry for them).我对洪灾受害者抱有极大的同情。 see also sympathy sympathy see also empathize understand 2 affinity əˈfɪnəti [singular] (formal) a strong feeling that you understand and like sb/sth 喜好;喜爱Sam was born in the country and had a deep affinity with nature.萨姆在乡下出生,特别喜爱大自然。Humans have a special affinity for dolphins.人类格外喜爱海豚。

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