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Word family
Related topics: Geography, Building
sur·vey1 /ˈsɜːveɪ $ ˈsɜːr-/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun [countableC]  
1 ASK A QUESTIONa set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour 调查 poll
carry out/conduct a survey (=do a survey) 进行调查
 We conducted a survey of parents in the village.
survey of
 a survey of US businesses
survey shows/reveals (that)
 The survey showed that Britain’s trees are in good health.
2. SGan examination of an area of land in order to make a map of it 〔绘制地图前对某地的〕勘测,测量,测绘 surveyor
3. TBBBT British EnglishBrE an examination of a house or other building done especially for someone who wants to buy it 〔尤指为购房者作的〕房屋鉴定[查勘] surveyor
4 DESCRIBEa general description or report about a particular subject or situation 〔对某一专题或形势的〕概论,概述
 a survey of modern English literature
carry out/do a survey
The survey was carried out by Warwick University.
conduct a survey formal (=do a survey)
a survey conducted by the British Medical Association.
a survey shows/reveals something
Our survey showed that many women are afraid to go out alone at night.
a survey finds something
A survey found that 37 percent of students were born outside the country.
a survey suggests something
Recent surveys suggest that these are the foreign languages most in demand by employers.
a recent/new survey
According to a recent survey, students buy an average of 11.33 books a year for their courses.
an annual survey
Every council will be required to conduct an annual survey of residents.
a national survey
A national survey revealed that one in four 15-year-olds smokes regularly.
an extensive survey
We conducted an extensive survey asking patients to suggest ways in which the service could be improved.
a detailed survey
The author carried out a detailed survey of 32 organizations in Japan and Korea.
an opinion survey
Opinion surveys showed consistently that unemployment remained a matter of concern.
a customer survey
They have begun to listen carefully to their customers, through customer surveys, focus groups, etc.
the results of a survey
The results of the survey have not yet been analysed.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Building, Geography
sur·vey2 /səˈveɪ $ sər-/ ●○○ AWL verb [transitiveT]  
1 ASK A QUESTIONto ask a large number of people questions in order to find out their attitudes or opinions 调查
 Of the 100 companies surveyed, 10% had a turnover of £50m to £99m.
被调查的 100 家公司中,10% 的公司营业额在 5,000 万到 9,900 万英镑之间。
Survey is often passive in this meaning.
2 LOOK ATto look at or consider someone or something carefully, especially in order to form an opinion about them 〔尤指为形成某种意见而〕审视,仔细考虑
 She turned to survey her daughter’s pale face.
 They got out of the car to survey the damage.
3. British EnglishBrETBBBT to examine the condition of a house or other building and make a report on it, especially for people who want to buy it 〔尤指为购房者〕鉴定〔房屋〕
4 SGto examine and measure an area of land and record the details on a map 测量,勘测,勘定
 There were many voyages to survey the ocean depths in the nineteenth century.
19 世纪有过多次勘测海洋深度的航行。
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
surveysur·vey1 /ˈsɜːveɪˈsɜːr-/ noun [countableC]
1a set of questions given to a group of people to find out about their opinions or behaviour
People are becoming more pessimistic about the economy, according to the latestconsumer survey.
market survey
2PROPERTY an examination of the condition of a building or area of land, done by a specialist for someone who is considering buying it
marine insurance survey
surveysur·vey2 /ˈsɜːveɪ, səˈveɪˈsɜːr-, sər-/ verb [transitiveT]
1to ask a group of people a set of questions to find out about their opinions or behaviour
The agency surveys executives in about 300 companies around the country.
Only 15% ofrespondents surveyed would admit to leaving the workplace early.
2PROPERTY to examine and report on the size, condition etc of a building or area of land for someone who is considering buying it
surveying noun [uncountableU]
It doesn’t take a qualification in surveying to see damp patches or loose tiles.
a specialist surveying instrument firm
Origin survey2
(1400-1500) Old French surveeir to look over, from sur- ( → SURCHARGE) + veeir to see


1study of sth研究ADJECTIVE | VERB + SURVEY | SURVEY + VERB | SURVEY + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomprehensive, detailed, extensive, full, in-depth, large-scale, major, systematic全面的/詳細的/廣泛的/充分的/深入的/大規模的/重大的/系統的調查brief, quick簡短的/快速的調查informal非正式調查broad, general廣泛的/普遍的調查representative, sample代表性/抽樣調查a nationally representative survey of the US population conducted each year每年一度在全美國有代表性的人口典型抽樣調查The researchers undertook a sample survey of schools in the city.研究人員對該市的學校做了抽樣調查。regular定期調查annual, monthly, etc.年度、月度等調查follow-up後續調查The fifth follow-up survey provides the data for this study.第五次跟進調查為這項研究提供了數據。local, national, nationwide, regional地方性調查;全國性調查;區域性調查independent獨立調查historical歷史研究a historical survey of children's clothing對童裝歷史的研究mail, online, postal, questionnaire, telephone, Web-based郵件/在線/郵政/問卷/電話/網絡調查comparative比較調查field實地調查pilot試點調查attitude, consumer, customer, customer-satisfaction, opinion態度/消費者/顧客/顧客滿意度/觀點調查A recent customer survey showed widespread ignorance about organic food.最近的顧客調查顯示人們對有機食品普遍缺乏瞭解。market, market-research, marketing市場調查;市場研究調查;市場營銷調研household (especially NAmE) 家庭調查VERB + SURVEYadminister, carry out, conduct, do, make, perform, undertake (especially BrE) 實施調查;進行調查;展開調查The charity did a survey of people's attitudes to the disabled.該慈善機構就人們對殘疾人的態度進行了調查。commission委託調查participate in, respond to, take, take part in參與調查;回應調查;參加調查94% of people who took part in the survey said they agreed.參加這次調查的人中有 94% 表示同意。complete, fill in, fill out (NAmE) 填寫調查表return, send back交回調查表send out寄出調查表SURVEY + VERBcover sth, deal with sth, examine sth調查覆蓋⋯/涉及⋯/檢查⋯The survey covered 74 species.這次調查覆蓋了 74 個物種。ask sth調查詢問⋯claim sth, conclude sth, confirm sth, disclose sth, find sth, highlight sth, identify sth, indicate sth, report sth, reveal sth, say sth, show sth, suggest sth調查聲稱⋯/斷定⋯/確認⋯/揭露⋯/發現⋯/突出⋯/查明⋯/表明⋯/報告⋯/揭示⋯/指出⋯/顯示⋯/暗示⋯A customer-satisfaction survey highlighted the need for clearer pricing.顧客滿意度的調查突出表明產品定價需要更加透明。SURVEY + NOUNdata, results調查數據/結果method, technique調查方法/技巧participant, respondent調查參與者/回應者group調查小組questionnaire調查問卷question調查問題response對調查的回應PREPOSITIONaccording to a/the survey根據調查According to the survey, many young adults have experimented with drugs of some kind.根據此項調查,許多年輕人曾試吸過某種毒品。in a/the survey在調查中the questions used in the survey調查中的問題survey into對⋯的調查a survey into the state of English in universities對大學裏英語使用狀況的調查survey of⋯的調查a survey of adults對成人的調查survey on關於⋯的調查a survey on drivers' attitudes to the police關於司機對警察的看法的調查PHRASESthe findings of a/the survey, the results of a/the survey調查發現/結果


2of land or a building土地;建築ADJECTIVE | VERB + SURVEY ADJECTIVEfull全面勘察aerial空中勘測archaeological, geological, geophysical, land, seismic考古/地質/地球物理/土地/地震勘測structural (especially BrE) 結構勘察A structural survey of the property revealed serious defects.對該房產的結構勘察顯示其存在嚴重的缺陷。VERB + SURVEYcarry out, do, make做勘察;進行勘測


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBcarefully仔細審視calmly, critically冷靜地/挑剔地審視She surveyed his appearance critically.她挑剔地打量着他。briefly, quickly簡短地/迅速地審視PREPOSITIONfrom從⋯觀察I surveyed the scene from my window.我透過窗戶看到了這一幕。
survey verb
survey (87% of the companies surveyed employ part-time staff.) examine (This chapter surveys…) study (survey the damage)
survey noun
inspection (an aerial survey) investigation (a survey of people's attitudes) report1 (a survey of small businesses)


survey ♦︎ poll ♦︎ sample ♦︎ canvass ♦︎ ballotThese words all mean to find out about sth by asking a group of people questions. 这些词均表示作民意调查。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to poll / ballot sb on sthto canvass / ballot sb for sthto survey / canvass opinionto poll / ballot your members survey [transitive] to find out about the opinions or behaviour of a group of people by asking them a series of questions 对⋯作民意调查;对⋯进行民意测验We surveyed 500 smokers and found that over three quarters would like to give up.我们对500名吸烟者进行了调查,发现有超过四分之三的人愿意戒烟。The aim of the project is to survey public attitudes to disability.该项目旨在了解公众对残障的态度。 see also survey investigation noun poll pəʊl; NAmE poʊl [transitive, usually passive] to ask a large number of people, especially members of the public, what they think about sth 对⋯作民意调查Over 50% of those polled were against the proposed military action.民调中有超过50%的人反对拟议的军事行动。 see also poll investigation noun sample [transitive] (technical 术语) to test part of sth or question part of a group of people in order to find out what the rest is like 抽样检验;对⋯取样;对⋯采样The survey was done using a group of 100 children randomly sampled from the school population.在学校中随机抽取了100名儿童进行调查。 sample


[countable] Samples of the water contained pesticide.水样中含有杀虫剂。The interviews were given to a random sample of students.对随机抽选出的学生进行了采访。
canvass ˈkænvəs [transitive] to ask people about sth in order to find out what they think about it 调查民意;征求意见I quickly canvassed opinion on the issue among my colleagues.我很快就这一问题征求了同事们的意见。People are being canvassed for their views on the proposed new road.正在就计划修建的新道路征求人们的意见。 ballot ˈbælət [transitive] to ask sb to vote secretly in writing about sth, especially to find out the opinion of a group of people (尤指为征求意见)要求(某人)对某事作无记名投票The union balloted its members on the proposed changes.工会要求会员对所提议的变革进行无记名投票。 see also ballot election noun

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