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BNC: 2266 COCA: 1992


Word family
Related topics: Weapons, Bombs & terrorism
bomb1 /bɒm $ bɑːm/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countableC]  
1 weapon 武器PMW a weapon made of material that will explode 炸弹
 The bomb went off at 9.30 in the morning.
 Enemy planes dropped over 200 bombs during the raid.
 He was killed in a bomb explosion.
smoke bomb, stink bomb
2 bad performance/event 不好的表演/事件 American EnglishAmE informal a play, film, event etc that is not successful 失败的电影[戏剧];失败的事件
 This is just another one of Hollywood’s bland and boring bombs.
3 be the bomb informal to be very good or exciting 非常好,很轰动
 That new P Diddy CD is the bomb.
Examples from the Corpus
4 the bomb PMWused to describe nuclear weapons, and especially the hydrogen bomb 核弹,核武器〔尤指氢弹〕
 Voices of dissent began to rise against the bomb.
Examples from the Corpus
5. cost a bomb EXPENSIVE British EnglishBrE informal to cost a lot of money 花费很多钱;值很多钱
6. make a bomb EARN British EnglishBrE informal to get a lot of money by doing something 挣大钱
Examples from the Corpus
n7. drop the c-bomb/f-bomb  informal to say a very rude word beginning with C or F
a bomb explodes/goes off 炸弹爆炸
Forty people were injured when the bomb exploded.
nA 200 pound bomb went off in the car park.
set off a bomb (also detonate a bomb formal) (=make a bomb explode) 引爆炸弹
The area was cleared and the police safely detonated the bomb.
drop a bomb (=from a plane) 〔从飞机上〕扔炸弹
Government forces began dropping bombs on rebel positions.
a bomb falls on something 炸弹掉在某物上
A bomb fell on the cathedral during the war.
plant a bomb (=put a bomb somewhere) 放置炸弹
nIt is thought that right-wing extremists planted the bomb.
a nuclear/hydrogen bomb 核弹/氢弹
5The country was developing a nuclear bomb.
nThe North Koreans were developing a nuclear bomb.
an atom/atomic bomb 原子弹
Oppenheimer was the father of the atomic bomb.
a neutron bomb (=that kills people but does not damage buildings much) 中子弹
a car bomb (=that makes a car explode) 汽车炸弹
nThe car bomb killed 21 shoppers.
a letter bomb (also a parcel bomb British EnglishBrE) (=sent in a letter or parcel) 邮件炸弹
nA second letter bomb was found among the unopened mail.
a time bomb (=that is set to explode at a particular time) 定时炸弹
nThe terrorists’ time bomb was planned to cause the maximum carnage.
a petrol bomb British EnglishBrE (=containing petrol) 【英】汽油弹
nA petrol bomb was hurled at police as they chased the car.
a nail bomb (=containing nails) 钉子炸弹
a cluster bomb (=that sends out smaller bombs when it explodes) 子母弹,集束炸弹
a dirty bomb (=that spreads radioactive material) 〔散布放射性物质的〕脏弹
a smart bomb (=that is guided to the right place) 智能炸弹
a terrorist bomb 恐怖分子的炸弹
nThe aircraft was blown apart by a terrorist bomb.
a suicide bomb (=the person carrying the bomb dies when it explodes) 自杀性炸弹
nEach time there is a suicide bomb it is a new blow to peace.
a homemade bomb 土制炸弹
nOfficers discovered several homemade bombs in the trunk of his car.
an unexploded bomb 未爆炸弹
nThe workmen found an unexploded bomb.
bomb + NOUN
a bomb blast/explosion 炸弹爆炸
The restaurant was destroyed in a massive bomb blast.
a bomb attack 炸弹袭击
No one has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb attack.
a bomb threat (=when someone leaves a message saying there is a bomb somewhere) 炸弹威胁
nHe delayed his flight home because of a bomb threat.
a bomb scare (=when people think there might be a bomb somewhere) 炸弹恐吓
nThe building was evacuated after a bomb scare.
nbomb disposal (=the job of dealing with bombs that have not exploded)
a bomb disposal expert
nbomb-making equipment
Police found guns and bomb-making equipment in the house.
bomb a weapon that explodes
The bomb exploded on a bus in Jerusalem during the city’s morning rush hour.
Fifty-five people were injured in a car bomb attack in Baghdad.
Morrow was convicted in 1998 of sending four letter bombs (=a small bomb hidden in a package and sent to someone in order to hurt or kill them) to government officials.
People were worried that terrorists would try to detonate a dirty bomb (=a bomb that contains nuclear materials )in the city centre.
explosives bombs or substances that can cause explosions
They used explosives to blow the door off the front of the building.
The car was packed with 1,000 lbs of high explosives (=powerful explosives).
device a bomb – used especially in news reports
Police found the device hidden in a suitcase.
A bomb threat was received and the building was evacuated, but no device was found.
IED a bomb that has been made using whatever materials are available, especially one used to blow up soldiers travelling through a place. IED is short for ‘improvised explosive device
Several soldiers were killed when an IED exploded as their convoy drove by.
mine a type of bomb that is hidden just below the ground or under water, and that explodes when it is touched
The fields are still full of landmines.
The ship struck a mine and sank.
grenade (also hand grenade) a small bomb that can be thrown by hand or fired from a special gun
He pulled the pin and threw a grenade toward the enemy’s position.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Military
bomb2 ●●● W3 verb  
1 [transitiveT]PM to attack a place by leaving a bomb there, or by dropping bombs on it from a plane 轰炸,向投炸弹,炸毁
 The town was heavily bombed in World War II.
 Government aircraft have been bombing civilian areas.
carpet-bomb, dive-bomb
2 [intransitiveI always + adverbadv/prepositionprep]TTCMOVE/CHANGE POSITION British EnglishBrE informal to move or drive very quickly 疾行,飞驶,快速前进
 Suddenly a police car came bombing down the high street.
3 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]FAIL American EnglishAmE informal to fail a test very badly 〔考试〕不及格,考砸
 I bombed my midterm.
4 [intransitiveI] American EnglishAmEFAIL if a play, film, event etc bombs, it is not successful 〔戏剧、电影等〕演砸;〔事情〕不成功
 His latest play bombed on Broadway.
5be bombed out phrasal verbphr v PMDESTROYif a building or the people in it are bombed out, the building is completely destroyed 被炸毁,被炸平
 My family were bombed out in 1941.
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
bombbomb1 /bɒmbɑːm/ noun
1cost a bomb British EnglishBrE informal to cost a lot of money
a new office development that must have cost a bomb
2make a bomb British EnglishBrE informal to make a lot of money
She made a bomb coaching movie stars in Palm Springs.
bombbomb2 verb [intransitiveI] American EnglishAmE informal
if a product or an activity bombs, it fails badly
His original computer design bombed because it lacked power and software applications.
see also carpet bomb
Origin bomb1
(1600-1700) French bombe, from Italian bomba, probably from Latin bombus deep sound, from Greek bombos, from the sound
BNC: 2266 COCA: 1992


ADJECTIVE | VERB + BOMB | BOMB + VERB | BOMB + NOUN ADJECTIVEbig, huge, large, massive巨型炸彈;大規模殺傷炸彈small小型炸彈cluster, fire (usually firebomb) , high-explosive, incendiary, mortar, nail, petrol, smoke集束炸彈;火焰炸彈;高爆炸彈;燃燒彈;迫擊炮彈;長釘炸彈;汽油彈;煙幕彈atom, atomic, hydrogen, neutron, nuclear原子彈;氫彈;中子彈;核彈bouncing, flying彈跳式炸彈;飛彈terrorist恐怖分子使用的炸彈home-made自製炸彈unexploded未爆炸彈stray (especially BrE) 流彈Their truck was hit by a stray bomb.他們的卡車被一顆流彈擊中。dummy, fake假炸彈The suspect was apprehended for planting a fake bomb in a bus terminal.嫌犯因在公共汽車終點站放置假炸彈而被捕。a practice flight with dummy bombs用練習彈進行的飛行演習car, roadside汽車炸彈;路邊炸彈letter, parcel (BrE) 郵件/郵包炸彈dirty髒彈(含有放射性微粒的炸彈)smart (= one that is controlled by an electronic device) 激光制導炸彈suicide自殺性炸彈time (figurative) 定時炸彈He described global warming as 'an environmental time bomb'.他把全球變暖描繪成“環境定時炸彈”。VERB + BOMBplace, plant, put放置炸彈Police suspect terrorists planted the bomb.警方懷疑炸彈是恐怖分子放置的。carry攜帶炸彈The plane had been adapted to carry bombs.飛機經過改造可以攜帶炸彈。drop, release投彈Enemy planes dropped bombs on the airport.敵機向機場投擲炸彈。defuse, disarm拆除炸彈的引信detonate, explode, set off引爆炸彈build, construct, develop, test (These verbs are only used about countries.這些動詞僅用於指國家) 製造炸彈;研製炸彈;試驗炸彈India started to build a nuclear bomb.印度開始製造核彈。make製造炸彈He used a clock to make a home-made bomb.他用時鐘自製了一個炸彈。strap, strap on捆綁炸彈;把炸彈捆綁在⋯The bombs were strapped to their chests.炸彈綁在他們的胸前。BOMB + VERBfall, rain, rain down炸彈落下;炸彈雨點般落(下)Eighty people died when bombs rained down on the city's crowded streets.炸彈在城市擁擠的街道上雨點般落下,造成 80 人死亡。hit sth炸彈擊中某物detonate, explode, go off炸彈爆炸blow sb/sth to pieces, blow sth up, destroy sth, kill sb, rip through sth炸彈將⋯炸成碎片;炸彈炸毀某物;炸彈炸死某人;炸彈穿透某物Fifteen people were blown to pieces by the car bomb.15 人被汽車炸彈炸成碎片。A terrorist bomb ripped through the station.恐怖分子的炸彈穿透了車站。target sb/sth炸彈瞄準⋯be ticking away炸彈在滴答作響BOMB + NOUNattack, blast, explosion炸彈襲擊/爆炸氣浪/爆炸alert, scare, threat, warning (BrE) 炸彈威脅;炸彈警告plot炸彈陰謀hoax (BrE) 炸彈惡作劇disposal, squad未爆炸彈處理;排彈小組shelter防空洞crater彈坑The land was scarred with bomb craters.地面千瘡百孔,佈滿了彈坑。damage轟炸效果site轟炸後的廢墟factory炸彈工廠victim炸彈爆炸的受害者suspect放置炸彈的嫌疑人test炸彈試驗the fallout from atomic bomb tests原子彈試驗後的放射性墜塵


ADVERBheavily猛烈轟炸The city had been very heavily bombed.這座城市遭到了猛烈轟炸。accidentally, mistakenly誤炸
BNC: 2266 COCA: 1992
bomb noun
bomb (drop bombs) weapon (countries that have the bomb)


bomb ♦︎ missile ♦︎ explosive ♦︎ grenade ♦︎ device ♦︎ mine ♦︎ rocketThese are all words for weapons that explode. 这些词均表示爆炸性武器。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an unexploded bomb / missile / grenade / device / mine / rocketa home-made bomb / explosive / grenade / device / rocketto carry bombs / missiles / explosives / grenades / rocketsto plant / set off a bomb / explosives / a device / a mineto place / put / defuse a bomb / explosives / a deviceto fire / launch / intercept / shoot down missiles / rocketsa bomb / missile / grenade / rocket hits / misses sb / stha bomb / an explosive / a grenade / a device / a mine goes off / detonatesa bomb / missile / grenade / device / mine / rocket explodesa bomb / a missile / an explosive / a grenade / a device / a mine / a rocket kills sba bomb / a missile / an explosive / a device / a rocket destroys stha bomb / a missile / an explosive / a grenade / a device blows sth upa bomb / missile / rocket attack bomb [countable] a weapon designed to explode at a particular time or when it is dropped or thrown 炸弹Police suspect terrorists planted the bomb.警方怀疑恐怖分子放置了那枚炸弹。Hundreds of bombs were dropped on the city.几百枚炸弹投到这座城市了。There was no warning of the bomb blast which ripped through the packed station.拥挤的车站发生猛烈的炸弹爆炸,事前并无警告。The building was evacuated after a bomb scare.遭到炸弹恐吓后这栋建筑里的人疏散了。 missile ˈmɪsaɪl; NAmE ˈmɪsl [countable] a weapon that is sent through the air and that explodes when it hits the thing it is aimed at 导弹All of the missiles missed their target.所有导弹均未命中目标。 explosive [countable, uncountable] a substance that is able or likely to cause an explosion 炸药;爆炸物They planted explosives in the tunnel.他们在隧道里放置了炸药。The bomb was packed with several pounds of high explosive.这枚炸弹装有好几磅烈性炸药。 grenade grəˈneɪd [countable] a small bomb that can be thrown by hand or fired from a gun 榴弹;手榴弹;枪榴弹The hijackers were carrying hand grenades.劫机者带有手榴弹。His vehicle was damaged by a rocket-propelled grenade.他的车毁于火箭榴弹。 device [countable] a bomb or weapon that will explode 炸弹;爆炸性武器;爆炸装置A powerful device exploded outside the station.一枚威力巨大的炸弹在车站外爆炸了。It was the world's first atomic device.那是世界上第一颗原子弹。 mine [countable] a type of bomb that is hidden under the ground or in the sea and that explodes when sb/sth touches it 地雷;水雷He was killed when his Jeep ran over a landmine.他因吉普车触雷而炸死了。 rocket [countable] a weapon that travels through the air, carries a bomb and is driven by a stream of burning gases 火箭武器;火箭(弹)A rocket smashed into the side of the building.一枚火箭弹击穿了大楼的侧面。Unlike a missile, a rocket cannot be controlled while it is in the air. * rocket不同于missile,在空中飞行时不能制导。 bomb


bomb ♦︎ blow sth up ♦︎ shell ♦︎ strafe ♦︎ bombardThese words all mean to attack sb/sth with explosives. 这些词均表示轰炸。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to bomb / blow up / strafe a buildingto bomb / shell / strafe / bombard a village / townto bomb / shell / bombard a / an city / areato bomb / shell sb's positionsaircraft bomb / strafe / bombard sthartillery / warships shell / bombard sthterrorists bomb / blow sth upto bomb / shell / bombard sth heavily bomb [transitive, intransitive] to attack sb/sth by leaving a bomb in a place or by dropping bombs from a plane 轰炸;对⋯投炸弹Terrorists bombed several army barracks.恐怖分子轰炸了几处兵营。Coventry was heavily bombed during the last war.考文垂在上次战争期间遭到了猛烈轰炸。 blow sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(blew, blown)to destroy sth by an explosion 炸毁The police station was blown up by terrorists.警察局被恐怖分子炸毁了。
shell [transitive, intransitive] to fire shells (= metal cases filled with explosives) at sth from large guns 炮击They shelled the city all night.他们整夜轰击那座城市。Just as they were leaving the rebels started shelling.他们正要撤离,叛军开始了炮击。 strafe strɑːf; NAmE streɪf [transitive] to attack a place with bullets fired from automatic weapons, especially from an aircraft flying low (尤指从低空飞行的飞机上)扫射Military aircraft strafed the village.军机从低空扫射这个村庄。 bombard bɒmˈbɑːd; NAmE bɑːmˈbɑːrd [transitive] to attack a place by firing large guns at it or dropping bombs on it continuously 轰击;轰炸Madrid was heavily bombarded for several months.马德里遭到了数月的猛烈轰炸。

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