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IELTS BNC: 2933 COCA: 2263


Word family
Related topics: Household
dust1 /dʌst/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  
1 DH[uncountableU] dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of dirt that is in buildings on furniture, floors etc if they are not kept clean 灰尘,尘埃
 All the furniture was covered in dust.
 a thick layer of dust
 There’s not a speck of dust in the kitchen.
gather/collect dust (=become covered with dust) 积尘
 Her old trophies were collecting dust on the shelves.
 Dust particles floated in the sunlight.
 A sudden breeze sent motes of dust (=small bits of dust) dancing in the air.
4  See picture on 见图 Page A3 Cleaning 清洁;打扫
2 DH[uncountableU] dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of earth or sand 沙土,尘土
 The wind was blowing dust and leaves up from the ground.
 A car sped past in a cloud of dust.
3 TIH[uncountableU] powder consisting of extremely small bits of a particular substance 粉末,粉尘
coal/brick/chalk etc dust 煤灰/砖粉/粉笔灰等
4 a dust DHC British EnglishBrE the act of dusting something 掸灰,去尘
 I need to give the sitting room a dust.
Examples from the Corpus
5. let the dust settle/wait for the dust to settle CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDto allow or wait for a confused situation to become clear 让尘埃落定/等待情况明朗
bite the dust at bite1(8), → dusty, → leave somebody in the dust at leave1(15), → not see somebody for dust at see1(35)
be covered in dust
Everything was filthy and covered in dust.
gather/collect dust (=become covered with dust)
Piles of old books lay on the floor gathering dust.
a layer of dust
I brushed away the thin layer of dust which covered the picture.
a speck of dust (=a tiny piece of dust)
By the time I'd finished cleaning, there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere.
a particle of dust/a dust particle (=a small piece of dust)
The air is full of dust particles.
motes of dust/dust motes literary (=small pieces of dust)
Glittering motes of dust hung in the sunlight.
Examples from the Corpus
Related topics: Cleaning
dust2 ●●○ verb  
1 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]DHC to clean the dust from a surface by moving something such as a soft cloth across it (给)擦灰尘
 Rachel dusted the books and the bookshelves.
 I was dusting in the bedroom when the phone rang.
5 see picture at 见图 clean2
2 [transitiveT] (also dust down, dust off)DC to remove something such as dust or dirt from your clothes by brushing them with your hands 〔用手〕掸(衣服上的灰尘或脏物)
 He got to his feet and dusted his knees.
dust yourself (down/off)
 Corbett dusted himself down and walked off.
3 [transitiveT]SPREAD to put a fine powder over something 将〔粉状物〕撒于
dust something with something
 Dust the biscuits with icing sugar.
4dust something ↔ off phrasal verbphr v 
a) DHCto remove something such as dust or dirt from your clothes by brushing them with your hands 〔用手〕掸去〔衣服上的灰尘或脏物〕
 They were dusting off leaves and twigs.
dust yourself off
 He got to his feet and dusted himself off.
b) PREPAREto get something ready in order to use it again, after not using it for a long time 把〔长期不用的东西〕备好待用,准备重新使用
 The government is dusting off schemes for supporting creative industries.
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
Origin dust1
Old English
dust1 nounn COLLOCATIONS1dust2 verb
LDOCE Online
IELTS BNC: 2933 COCA: 2263


ADJECTIVE | ... OF DUST | VERB + DUST | DUST + VERB | DUST + NOUN ADJECTIVEfine細塵airborne浮塵radioactive放射性塵埃house, household室內塵埃desert (especially NAmE) 沙塵cosmic, moon宇宙塵;月塵brick, chalk, coal, gold, etc.磚灰、粉筆灰、煤灰、砂金等fairy, magic, pixie (especially NAmE) 仙塵;魔塵;精靈之塵... OF DUSTcloud, layer一團塵土;一層灰塵The tractor came up the track in a cloud of dust.拖拉機捲着一團塵土沿着小路開了過來。There was a layer of fine dust on the table.桌子上有一層細細的灰塵。particle, speck灰塵顆粒;灰塵微粒Remove any particles of dust on the surface of the paint.去除油漆表面的灰塵顆粒。microscopic specks of dust顯微鏡下的粒粒塵土VERB + DUSTcollect, gather聚積灰塵Her chess set lay on a shelf gathering dust.她的一副國際象棋放在架子上積了灰塵。be covered in, be covered with塵封brush, remove, shake, sweep, sweep up, wipe刷掉/清除/抖去/掃掉/撣去/擦拭灰塵He brushed the dust off his clothes.他刷掉了衣服上的灰塵。She shook the dust from her hair.她抖去了頭髮上的灰塵。blow颳起灰塵The wind was blowing dust through the streets of the city.風颳得滿城街道上塵土飛揚。DUST + VERBlie灰塵積於The dust now lay in a thick layer on her piano.現在她的鋼琴上積了厚厚的一層灰。coat sth, cover sth灰塵覆蓋⋯Dust covered the whole shelf.整個架子都積了一層灰。settle灰塵落於The dust settled on everything in the kitchen.廚房裏每一樣東西上都落了灰。I waited for the dust to settle from her resignation before talking to her about it. (figurative) 我等到關於她辭職的消息塵埃落定之後才跟她談論此事。blow, float, fly, swirl灰塵吹起來/飄浮起來/飛起來/盤旋起來Dust swirled around them like a misty cloud.灰塵就像一團霧靄般盤旋在他們周圍。fall, rise灰塵落下/揚起fill sth灰塵填滿某物He started coughing as dust filled his lungs.因為粉塵填滿了肺部,他開始咳嗽起來。clear塵埃散盡The dust cleared and Hari could see a tiger.塵埃散盡後哈里看見了一隻老虎。DUST + NOUNcloud塵雲grain, mote (old-fashioned) , particle塵粒storm塵暴ball, bunny (= a mass of dust and small pieces of hair, thread, etc.) (informal, both NAmE) 塵球;積塵devil (= a small column of dust over land, caused by the wind) 塵捲風bowl風沙侵蝕區mite塵蟎a house dust mite一隻家塵蟎cover (especially NAmE) , sheet (BrE) (= for furniture, etc.) 防塵罩;防塵布cover, jacket (= of a book) (圖書的)護封mask防塵面罩
IELTS BNC: 2933 COCA: 2263
dust noun
dirt (covered with dust) soil (a cloud of dust rises)
dust verb
IELTS BNC: 2933 COCA: 2263
Dirt: dirt, dust, grime...
Soil and earth: alluvium, clay, clod...
Small amounts or pieces of something: bit, piece, fragment...

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