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BNC: 1104 COCA: 1127


Word family
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cor·ner1 /ˈkɔːnə $ ˈkɔːrnər/ ●●● S1 W2 noun  
1 where two lines/edges meetWHERE TWO LINES/EDGES MEET [countableC]CF the point at which two lines or edges meet
 He pulled a dirty handkerchief out by its corner and waved it at me.
corner of
 Their initials were sewn on the corner of every pillow.
in the corner (of something)
 The TV station’s name appears in the corner of the screen.
on the corner (of something)
 Jessie sat on the corner of her bed.
three-cornered/four-cornered etc
 a three-cornered hat
2 road 道路ROADS [countableC usually singular]
a) CFthe point where two roads meet 〔两道路相交处的〕街角,拐角(处)
corner of
 Ruth walked with her as far as the corner of the road.
on the corner
 The hotel is on the corner of 5th and Maine.
at the corner
 Several women were standing at the corner, talking to two police officers.
 kids hanging around on street corners
b) TTRBENDa point in a road where it turns sharply 〔路上的〕急转弯
 He had tried to take the corner too quickly, and had lost control of the car.
 The petrol station is around the corner.
3 corner of a room/box 房间/箱子的角落CORNER OF A ROOM/BOX [countableC usually singular]CF the place inside a room or box where two walls or sides meet 〔房间、箱子内部的〕角落
in the corner (of something)
 There was an old piano in the corner of the living room.
corner table/seat
 I reserved a corner table in my favourite restaurant.
4 mouth/eye/眼睛MOUTH [countableC]HBH the sides of your mouth or eyes 嘴角;眼角
 A tear appeared in the corner of his eye.
5 difficult situation 困境DIFFICULT SITUATION [singular] a difficult situation that you cannot easily escape from 困境;绝路
back/box/force/push somebody into a corner (=put someone into a situation where they do not have any choices about what to do) 把某人逼入困境
 Don’t let your enemies back you into a corner.
 The writers have painted themselves into a corner by killing off all the most popular characters in the first series.
 He found himself in a tight corner (=a very difficult situation) looking for a way to get out.
6 sports 体育SPORT [countableC]
7 distant place 远方DISTANT PLACE [countableC]FAR a distant place in another part of the world 远方;天涯海角
8 see something out of the corner of your eye NOTICEto notice something accidentally, without turning your head towards it or looking for it 偶然看到某物,不经意看到某物
Examples from the Corpus
9 (just) around/round the corner SOON
Examples from the Corpus
10 turn the corner IMPROVEto start to become successful or to feel better or happier, after a time when you have been unsuccessful, ill, or unhappy 渡过难关,脱离危险,好转
Examples from the Corpus
11 fight your corner/fight somebody’s corner British EnglishBrE to try very hard to defend yourself in a discussion or argument, or to do this for someone else 〔讨论、争辩时〕为自己/某人据理力争
12 cut corners SPEND MONEYto save time, money, or energy by doing things quickly and not as carefully as you should 〔为了节省时间、金钱或精力而〕马虎从事
Examples from the Corpus
13. cut a corner CROSSto go across the corner of something, especially a road, instead of staying next to the edges 抄近路,走捷径
Examples from the Corpus
14 have/get a corner on something BBTSELLto be the only company, organization etc that has a particular product, ability, advantage etc 对某物进行垄断
Examples from the Corpus
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the point at which two lines or edges meet
the top/bottom corner
The ball flew straight into the top corner of the net.
the left/left-hand corner
We followed the path to the left-hand corner of the field.
the right/right-hand corner
Put your address in the top right-hand corner of the page.
the southeast/northwest etc corner of something
I was staying in the southwest corner of the island.
the four corners of something
Each team was based in one of the four corners of the pool.
the far/opposite corner of something (=furthest from where you are)
Something was moving in the far right corner of the garden.
a quiet corner
He sat on his own in a quiet corner of the library.
a shady corner (=protected from the sun – used about outdoor places)
Plant the herbs in a shady corner of the garden.
a tight/sharp corner (=very curved and difficult to drive around)
Go slowly because there’s a sharp corner up ahead.
a blind corner (=one that you cannot see around)
The car had come speeding around a blind corner much too fast.
a street corner
There’s a newspaper shop on the street corner.
turn the corner (=go around a corner)
I walked on and turned the corner into Church Road.
come/go around a corner
At that moment, a police car came around the corner.
round a corner (=come around it)
A tall good-looking man rounded the corner.
take a corner (=go around a corner in a car)
He took the corner too fast and crashed into a tree.
disappear around a corner
We watched the two boys disappear around the corner.
cut a corner (=not go all around the edge of a corner)
I crashed into a motorcyclist who had cut the corner.
stand on a corner
She stood on the corner saying goodnight to Michael.
Examples from the Corpus
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corner2 verb  
1 [transitiveT]CATCH to force a person or animal into a position from which they cannot easily escape 把〔人或动物〕困住,把逼入困境
2 [transitiveT] to go to someone who is trying to avoid you, and make them listen to you 强求与面谈
3 corner the market BBTSELLto gain control of the whole supply of a particular kind of goods 垄断市场
Examples from the Corpus
4. [intransitiveI]TTC if a car corners, it goes around a corner or bend in the road 〔车辆〕转弯
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
cornercor·ner /ˈkɔːnəˈkɔːrnər/ verb
corner the marketCOMMERCE to gain control of the whole supply of a particular type of goods or services
Singapore has made significant efforts to corner the market in this type of specialised service company.
Origin corner1
(1200-1300) Old French cornere, from corne horn, corner, from Latin cornu horn, point
BNC: 1104 COCA: 1127


1where two lines/edges meetADJECTIVE | CORNER + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbottom, top底角;頂角left, right左邊的角;右邊的角left-hand, right-hand左邊的角;右邊的角back, front後面的角;前面的角lower, upper下角;上角southern, south-western, etc.南角、西南角等outer, outside外側的角;外角inner, inside內側的角;內角opposite對面的角sharp尖角rounded圓角Smooth rounded corners make cleaning easier.平滑的圓角清潔起來比較容易。awkward死角Make sure the staircase is well lit, with no awkward corners.確保燈光照亮樓梯所有的地方,不留死角。extreme, far, very盡頭的/遠處的/最裏面的角落He took a seat in the far corner of the cafe.他在咖啡館裏面靠邊上的一角坐了下來。CORNER + NOUNbooth, cupboard, office, seat, table角落裏的售貨亭;靠牆角的櫥櫃;牆角的辦公室;牆角的座位;角落裏的桌子The waiter led us to a corner table.侍者把我們帶到角落裏的一張桌子。cabinet角櫃pocket (= on a pool table, etc.) 底袋PREPOSITIONin a/the corner在角上Put your address in the top right-hand corner of the page.把你的地址寫在這頁的右上角。PHRASESthe four corners of sth⋯的四角the four corners of his bed他牀的四角right in the corner就在角落裏They chose a table right in the corner of the restaurant.他們在餐館的一角選了張桌子。


2of roads街道ADJECTIVE | VERB + CORNER | CORNER + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEstreet街角There were a lot of young men hanging around on street corners.很多年輕人在街角閒蕩。sharp, tight急拐彎It's a rather sharp corner and she took it a little too fast.這個彎相當急,她拐得有點兒太快了。blind(道路拐彎處駕駛者看不到的)死角I hate coming out of that lane because it's a blind corner.我討厭從那條小巷出去,因為那是個死角。VERB + CORNERround, take, turn拐過街角As they turned the corner all the bags slid to one side.他們拐過街角時,所有的包都滑到了一邊。approach接近拐角CORNER + NOUNbar, shop, store (NAmE) 街頭酒吧/小店/商店the local corner shop / store當地的街頭小店PREPOSITIONaround a/the corner, round a/the corner (especially BrE) 從拐角處A white van came around the corner.一輛白色麪包車拐過街角開了過來。at a/the corner在拐角處at the corner of West Street and Park Street在西街和公園街的交會處Turn right at the first corner.在第一個拐角向右轉。on a/the corner在拐角上the bank on the corner of Mount Street蒙特街拐角的那家銀行


3place/region地方;地區ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEempty, quiet, secluded沒人的/僻靜的/幽靜的地方He found a quiet corner and got on with his work.他找到一個僻靜的地方,繼續工作。little, small, tiny小地方Welcome to our little corner of Philadelphia.歡迎光臨我們在費城的這個小地方。distant, far, far-flung, remote遙遠的地方;偏遠地區a remote corner of Afghanistan阿富汗的一個偏遠地區picturesque風景如畫的地方dark, darkened, gloomy, shadowed, shadowy黑暗的地方;幽暗的地方;陰暗的地方She sat in a dark corner of the room.她坐在屋子裏一個黑暗的地方。shady, sheltered陰涼的/有遮蔽的地方a cool shady corner of the park公園裏一個有樹蔭的涼快地方forgotten, hidden, obscure, odd, private, secret被遺忘的地方;隱蔽的地方;秘密的地方The box had been tucked away in an odd corner of the attic.盒子藏在閣樓上一個隱蔽的地方PREPOSITIONin a/the corner在角落裏She tucked herself away in a corner and read all day.她躲在一個角落裏看了一整天的書。PHRASESa corner of your mind (figurative) 腦海深處He pushed the thought back into the darkest corner of his mind.他將這個想法藏在腦海的最深處。


4difficult situation困境ADJECTIVE | VERB + CORNER ADJECTIVEtight困境He's used to talking his way out of tight corners.他習慣了靠三寸不爛之舌擺脫困境。VERB + CORNERback sb into, drive sb into, force sb into置某人於困境get sb/yourself into, have sb in使某人陷入困境;讓自己陷入困境They had her in a corner and there was nothing she could do about it.他們已經把她逼得走投無路,她再也無能為力了。


5in football (soccer), hockey, etc.足球;曲棍球ADJECTIVE | VERB + CORNER | CORNER + NOUN ADJECTIVEpenalty, short短角球VERB + CORNERaward (sb)判(給某人)角球The referee awarded a corner.裁判員判了一次角球。take發角球Moore took the corner.穆爾發角球。force, win逼出/贏得角球He managed to force a corner.他設法逼出了一個角球。concede給對方一個角球James blocked the shot but conceded a corner.詹姆斯擋住了一記射門,但給了對方一個角球。miss角球未進clear解除角球威脅CORNER + NOUNkick角球
BNC: 1104 COCA: 1127
corner noun
corner (a street corner) mess2 (in a tight corner)
corner verb
take over


corner ♦︎ turn ♦︎ bend ♦︎ zigzag ♦︎ hairpin bend ♦︎ twistThese are all words for a curve where a road or a river changes direction. 这些词均表示道路或河流的拐弯处、弯道。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配around / round / at / on a corner / bend / hairpin benda left-hand / right-hand corner / turn / benda left / right corner / turna sharp corner / turn / bend / twista tight corner / turn / benda blind / dangerous corner / bendto negotiate a corner / turn / bend / hairpin bendto round / take a corner / bend / hairpin bendto come around / round a corner / bend / hairpin bend corner [countable] a place where two streets join; a sharp curve in a road 街角;(道路的)急转弯There was a large group of youths standing on the street corner.有一大群年轻人站在那条街的拐角。Turn right at the corner of Avalon Road and Radnor Street.在阿瓦隆路和拉德诺街的路口向右转。The wind hit him as he turned the corner.他在街角一拐弯,狂风就向他袭来。 turn [countable] a change in direction in a vehicle; a curve or corner in a road (车辆的)转向,转弯;(道路的)弯道,转弯处Make a right turn into West street.向右拐入西大街。The narrow lane was full of twists and turns.窄巷弯弯曲曲的。 see also turn curve verb bend [countable] a curve or turn, especially in a road or river (尤指道路或河流的)拐弯,弯道The two vehicles collided on a sharp bend in the road.两辆车在道路的急转弯处相撞。You took that bend very fast!你那个弯儿拐得太快了! see also bend curve verb , curve curve noun zigzag ˈzɪgzæg [countable] a line or pattern that looks like a series of letter W's as it bends to the left and then to the right again 锯齿形线条(或形状);之字形The path descended the hill in a series of zigzags.小路顺着山坡蜿蜒而下。 see also zigzag curve verb ˌhairpin ˈbend (BrE) (NAmE ˌhairpin ˈcurve, ˌhairpin ˈturn) ( hairpin, BrE , NAmE) [countable] a very sharp bend in a road, especially a mountain road (尤指山路的)急转弯The road winds uphill in a series of hairpin bends.道路沿山坡而上,一连串的急转弯。 twist [countable] a sharp bend in a road or river that makes it difficult or dangerous to travel on (道路或河流中造成困难或危险的)急转弯处,曲折处The car followed the twists and turns of the mountain road.汽车沿着弯弯曲曲的山路行驶。 see also twist curve verb

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