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IELTS BNC: 681 COCA: 586


Word family
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catch1 /kætʃ/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tensepst and past participlepp caught /kɔːt $ kɒːt/)  
1 catch.jpg take and hold 接住HOLD
a) [intransitiveI, transitiveT]HOLD to get hold of and stop an object such as a ball that is moving through the air 接住〔在空中移动的物体〕 throw
 Stephen leapt up and caught the ball in one hand.
 ‘Pass me that pen, would you?’ ‘Here you are. Catch!’
 The kids were throwing and catching a Frisbee down on the beach.
b) [transitiveT]HOLD to suddenly take hold of someone or something with your hand 突然抓住
 He caught her elbow to steady her.
 Miss Perry caught hold of my sleeve and pulled me back.
2 STOP/TRAP somebodyfind/stop SB 抓住某人 [transitiveT]
a) CATCHto stop someone after you have been chasing them and not let them get away 抓住,捉住
 ‘You can’t catch me!’ she yelled, running away.
b) CATCHto find a criminal or enemy and stop them from escaping 捕获,逮住,抓住〔罪犯或敌人〕 SYN capture
 State police have launched a massive operation to catch the murderer.
 If you go back to the city, you’re bound to get caught.
3 see SB doing STH 看到某人在做某事FIND somebody DOING somethingCATCH [transitiveT] to see someone doing something that they did not want you to know they were doing 撞见,发现,当场抓住〔某人正在干不想让你知道的事〕
catch somebody doing something
 I caught him reading my private letters.
 Gemma turned around and caught the stranger looking at her intently.
catch somebody in the act (of doing something) (=catch someone while they are doing something illegal) 当场抓住某人(在做非法之事)
 The gang was caught in the act of unloading the cigarettes.
 He was caught red-handed (=as he was doing something wrong) taking money from the cash register.
catch somebody at it
 We knew he’d been cheating, but we’d never caught him at it before.
4 illness 疾病 [transitiveT]GET to get an infectious disease 患上〔传染病〕,感染上
 Anton caught malaria in Mali, and nearly died.
 Many young people are still ignorant about how HIV is caught.
catch something from/off somebody/something
 Typhoid and cholera are often caught from contaminated water supplies.
 I caught chicken pox off my friend at school.
catch your death (of cold) British EnglishBrE spoken (=get a very bad cold) 得重感冒
 Don’t stand out in the rain. You’ll catch your death.
5 catch somebody by surprise, catch somebody off guard, catch somebody napping/unawarescatch somebody off guard, catch somebody napping/unawares catch somebody by surprise  (also catch somebody on the hop British EnglishBrE)EXPECT to do something or to happen when someone is not expecting it or prepared for it 使某人吃惊,使某人措手不及
 Her question caught him off guard.
Examples from the Corpus
6 catch somebody with their pants/trousers down to discover that someone is doing something that they should not be doing or has not done something that they should have done 〔出其不意地做某事〕使某人猝不及防,令某人突陷窘境
7 animal/fish 动物/鱼类 [transitiveT]CATCH to trap an animal or fish by using a trap, net, or hook, or by hunting it 〔用陷阱、网、钩等〕捕捉
8 catch a train/plane/bus ON TIMEto get on a train, plane etc in order to travel on it, or to be in time to get on a train, plane etc before it leaves 赶上火车/飞机/公共汽车
Examples from the Corpus
9 not miss SB/STH 未错过某人/某物BE IN TIME [transitiveT]TCM to not be too late to do something, see something, talk to someone etc 及时赶上 OPP miss
10 get stuck 被卡住 [intransitiveI, transitiveT]NOT MOVING if your hand, finger, clothing etc catches or is caught in something, it gets stuck in it accidentally (被)夹住;(被)卡住;(被)钩住
11 catch somebody’s attention/interest/imagination etc NOTICEto make you notice something and feel interested in it 引起某人的注意/兴趣/想象等
12 not catch something HEAR spoken to not hear or understand what someone says 没听到某事,没听清某事;没听懂某事
13 hear 听到 [transitiveT] to manage to hear a sound 听到,听见
14 catch you later spoken used to say goodbye 再见
Examples from the Corpus
15 do/see STH/看见某事 [transitiveT] spoken especially American EnglishAmE to go somewhere in order to do or see something 去做〔某事〕;去看〔某物〕
16 catch a ride American EnglishAmE spoken to go somewhere in someone else’s car 搭便车
Examples from the Corpus
17 you won’t catch me doing something  (also you won’t catch me somewhere) spokenNEVER used to say that you would never do something 别指望我会做某事,我不可能做某事
Examples from the Corpus
18 catch it PUNISH informal to be punished by someone such as a parent or teacher because you have done something wrong 受罚,挨骂
Examples from the Corpus
19 catch a glimpse of somebody/something to see someone or something for a very short time 看一眼某人/某物
Examples from the Corpus
20 catch sight of somebody/something to suddenly see someone or something that you have been looking for or have been hoping to see 忽然看到〔一直在寻找或希望看到的〕某人/某物
Examples from the Corpus
21 describe well 成功描述 [transitiveT]DESCRIBE to show or describe the character or quality of something well in a picture, piece of writing etc 〔图画、文章等〕成功地展现[描述] SYN capture
22 BURNburn 燃烧
23 catch somebody’s eye 
Examples from the Corpus
24 catch yourself doing something REALIZEto suddenly realize you are doing something 突然意识到自己在做某事
Examples from the Corpus
25 hit 击打 [transitiveT]HIT to hit someone in or on a particular part of their body 击中,打到
26 be/get caught in/without etc something DIFFICULTto be in a situation that you cannot easily get out of or in which you do not have something you need 处于困境/缺少某物等
Examples from the Corpus
27 catch your breath 
Examples from the Corpus
28 container 容器 [transitiveT]KEEP/STORE if a container catches liquid, it is in a position where the liquid falls into it 接住,盛住〔液体〕
29 shine 照射 [transitiveT]SHINY if the light catches something or if something catches the light, the light shines on it 照在;受的照射
30 catch the sun informalMI if you catch the sun, your skin becomes red and sometimes sore because of the effects of sunlight 皮肤被晒红[]
Examples from the Corpus
31 wind [transitiveT] if something catches the wind or the wind catches something, it blows on it 截住〔风〕,受〔风〕
32 sport 体育运动SPORT
catch to stop someone who is trying to escape, especially by running after them and then holding them 逮住,抓住〔试图逃跑的人〕
He raced after her, but he couldn’t catch her.
The police caught the bank robbers after a car chase through the city.
arrest if the police arrest someone, they take him or her to a police station because they think that person has done something illegal 逮捕,拘捕
Wayne was arrested for dangerous driving.
The police arrested him and charged him with murder.
apprehend formal if the police apprehend someone they think has done something illegal, they catch him or her 拘捕,拘押
The two men were later apprehended after they robbed another store.
The killers were never apprehended.
nAll of the kidnappers were apprehended and convicted.
capture to catch an enemy or a criminal in order to keep them as a prisoner 俘虏〔敌人〕;捕获〔罪犯〕
The French king was captured by the English at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.
The gunmen were finally captured after a shoot-out with the police.
take somebody prisoner to catch someone, especially in a war, in order to keep them as a prisoner 〔尤指在战争中〕俘虏〔某人〕
350 soldiers were killed and another 300 taken prisoner.
nEllison was taken prisoner by the Germans during the retreat to Dunkirk.
trap to make someone go to a place from which they cannot escape, especially by using your skill and intelligence 〔尤指用巧计〕把逼进,迫使进入
Police trapped the man inside a bar on the city’s southside.
corner to force someone into a place from which they cannot escape 困住,把逼入困境
He was cornered outside the school by three gang members.
Examples from the Corpus
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catch2 ●●○ noun  
1 [countableC]HOLD an act of catching a ball that has been thrown or hit 接球(动作)
2 [countableC usually singular] informalPROBLEM a hidden problem or difficulty 陷阱,隐患,圈套,诡计
3. [countableC]D a hook or something similar for fastening a door or lid and keeping it shut 锁钩;挂钩,吊扣
4. [countableC]TA a quantity of fish that has been caught at one time 〔一次的〕捕鱼量
5 [uncountableU]DG a simple game in which two or more people throw a ball to each other 接球游戏
6 a catch in your voice/throat a short pause that you make when you are speaking, because you feel upset or are beginning to cry 声音/喉咙哽咽,哽塞
Examples from the Corpus
7. a (good) catch MARRYWANTsomeone who is a good person to have a relationship with or to marry because they are rich, attractive etc – often used humorously 理想的对象,理想的配偶〔指富有、漂亮的对象,常为幽默用法〕
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
catchcatch /kætʃ/ verb (past tensepst and past participlepp caught /kɔːtkɒːt/) [transitiveT]
1be caught in something to be in a situation that is difficult to escape from
The government is caught in the middle of the dispute.
The yen was caught in a downward spiral.
2catch somebody by surprise/off guard etc British EnglishBrE to happen when you are not expecting it or not ready to deal with it
The sharp turn in share prices caught many investors by surprise.
Many oil companies were caught flatfooted when oil prices fell sharply with the start of the Gulf War.
3catch a cold British EnglishBrE informal if a business catches a cold, it begins to have financial problems
With the economic downturn, the recruitment industry will catch a cold.
Origin catch1
(1100-1200) Old North French cachier to hunt, from Vulgar Latin captiare, from Latin captare to try to catch, from capere to take
IELTS BNC: 681 COCA: 586


1act of catching sth抓住ADJECTIVE | VERB + CATCH ADJECTIVEawesome, brilliant, good, nice, spectacular接得棒極了;接得漂亮;接得好;接得棒;接得精彩clean (especially BrE) 抓得乾淨利落difficult, tough接得很難/費勁easy接得輕鬆game-winning (NAmE) 決定勝負的接球acrobatic, diving, one-handed, running雜技般/魚躍/單手/跑動接球slip (in cricket板球) 滑動接球touchdown (in American football美式橄欖球) 達陣得分接球fair, legal (both NAmE) 合法接球VERB + CATCHget, make, take (BrE) 接住球Roger made some brilliant catches at today's game.羅傑在今天比賽中接了幾個漂亮球。drop, miss沒接住;脫手


2number of fish that sb has caught魚捕獲量ADJECTIVE | VERB + CATCH | CATCH + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, good, huge, large, record捕魚很多;魚穫豐富;捕魚紀錄Fishermen have been landing record catches this season.本季以來漁民不斷刷新捕魚紀錄。poor, small捕魚量小annual, total年捕魚量;總捕魚量VERB + CATCHland, make捕魚CATCH + VERBdecline, fall魚穫減少;捕魚量下跌Catches fell because of the new dam.新水壩的修建使捕魚量下跌。go up, increase捕魚量上升/增加PREPOSITIONcatch of⋯的捕獲量a huge catch of tuna捕獲大量的金槍魚PHRASESthe catch of the day, the day's catch當天捕獲的魚a restaurant where you can sample the day's catch可品嚐當天捕獲鮮魚的一家餐館


3device for fastening sth拴繫設備ADJECTIVE | VERB + CATCH ADJECTIVEdoor, window門扣;窗鈎safety安全制動設備the safety catch on a gun槍上的保險栓VERB + CATCHrelease, undo, unfasten拔出/打開/鬆開插銷Fran released the catch on the door, then turned to say goodbye.弗蘭拉開門閂,然後轉身說再見。close插上門閂
IELTS BNC: 681 COCA: 586
catch verb
catch (catch a fish) arrest (catch the culprit) find2 (catch sb doing sth) flash (catch the light) get5 (catch the train) hear (catch what sb said) look1 (catch a movie) see (catch sight of sth) suffer from sth (catch a cold) take4 (catch a ball)
catch noun
button2 (a safety catch) disadvantage (What's the catch?)


catch ♦︎ trap ♦︎ captureThese words all mean to get hold of an animal that tries or would try to escape. 这些词均表示捕获或捕捉动物。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to catch / trap sth in sthto catch / trap a / an bird / animal catch (caught, caught) [transitive] to get hold of an animal that tries or would try to escape 捕获,捕捉(动物)Our cat is hopeless at catching mice.我们的猫捉老鼠根本不行。How many fish did you catch?你捕到几条鱼? trap (-pp-) [transitive] to catch an animal in a trap 设陷阱捕捉,用捕捉器捕捉(动物)Raccoons used to be trapped for their fur.人们过去经常捕捉浣熊,以取其毛皮。 capture [transitive] to catch an animal and keep it in an enclosed space 捕获并关起(动物)The animals are captured in nets and sold to local zoos.那些动物用网捕获后卖给当地的动物园。
IELTS BNC: 681 COCA: 586
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