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TOEFL BNC: 102 COCA: 118


Word family
down1 /daʊn/ ●●● S1 W1 adverbadv , preposition , adjective  
1 to a lower position 向较低的位置移动DOWN to or towards a lower place or position 向下(的),往下(的) OPP up
 David bent down to tie his shoelace.
 Get down off the table.
 Tears were streaming down my face.
 The sun was going down and it would soon be dark.
 They came running down the stairs.
 She stood on a balcony looking down into the courtyard.
 Glancing down the list of runners, I noticed a familiar name.
 Her hair came down to her waist.
 Ken fell asleep face down (=with his face towards the ground) on the couch.
2 UNDER/BELOWin a lower place 在较低的位置 in a lower place or position 在下面(的) OPP up
 We heard the sound of laughter down below.
 The bathroom is down those stairs.
 Halfway down the page, there was the item I was looking for.
3 LIE DOWNto lie/sit/ into a sitting or lying position (坐)下;(躺)下
 Please sit down.
 I think I’ll go and lie down for a while.
4 NEXT TOalong 沿着 at or to a place that is further along something such as a road or path 沿着,顺着
 A young man came hurrying down the street.
 She looked down the road to see if anyone was coming.
 There is a pleasant little cafe bar a hundred yards down the road.
 The bus stop is a bit further down on the left-hand side.
5 SGDOWNsouth 南面 in or towards the south 在南方;向南方 OPP up
 They drove all the way down from Boston to Miami.
 They sailed down the east coast of Africa.
 Now he’s bought a villa down south.
 a trip down Mexico way
6 somewhere local 在当地某处 at or to a place that is not far away []附近(的),在[]不远处(的)
 She’s just gone down to the shops.
 I saw her down at the station this morning.
7 river away from the place where a river starts 顺河而下 OPP up
8 TIGHTfastened to a surface 固定在表面的 used with verbs that meanfasten’ to show that something is fastened firmly to the surface or object below it 固定在表面[下面的物体上]
9 LESSless 减少 at or towards a level or amount that is less 〔程度或数量〕处于低水平(的),减少(的),下降(的) OPP up
10 IN A GAMEDSlosing 落后 losing to an opponent by a certain number of points 〔以某一比分〕落后(的)
11 TCwritten 写下WRITE used with verbs that mean ‘write’ to show that you write something on paper or in a book (记)下,(写)下
12 LISTon a list 在名单上 if you are down for something, your name is on a list of people who want to do something or are intended to do something (登记)在名单上
13 FAMILYto later times 后来 from an earlier time in history to a later time or to people who are born in later times 后来(的),以后(的)
14 BBpaid immediately 当场支付 paid to someone immediately 当场支付
15 DOWNevery part 每一部分 from top to bottom 从顶部到底部
16 MIswallowed 咽下的 in or into your stomach as a result of swallowing (咽)下(的),(吞)下(的)
17 SADSAD/UNHAPPYsad 伤心 unhappy or sad 不开心的,伤心的
18. COMPUTERTDcomputer 计算机 if a computer is down, it is not working 停止工作的,停机的,不运行的 OPP upsee thesaurus at broken
19 be down to somebody RESPONSIBLEif an action or decision is down to you, it is your responsibility 由某人负责
Examples from the Corpus
20 be down to somebody/something RESULTto be the result of one person’s actions or one particular thing 是某人/某事的结果,归因于某人/某事
Examples from the Corpus
21 be down to your last pound/dollar/litre etc SMALLto be left with only a small amount of something 只剩下最后一英镑/一美元/一升等
22 down to something/somebody LOW POSITION OR RANKincluding everything or everyone, even the smallest thing or the least important person 下至〔最小的〕某物/〔等级低或职位低的〕某人
23 be/go down with something MIto have a particular illness 患某种疾病
Examples from the Corpus
24 Down with somebody/something spokenPPPAGAINST/OPPOSE used to say that you strongly oppose a government, leader etc and want them to lose their power 打倒某人/某物
25 be down on somebody/something informalAGAINST/OPPOSE to have a severe attitude towards someone or something, especially when this is unfair 对某人/某物态度恶劣
Examples from the Corpus
26 SECleaving university 离开大学 British EnglishBrE used to say that someone leaves or has left a university at the end of a period of study 毕业
27 completed 完成的 already done or completed 做完的,完成的
28. down under informalSANSG in or to Australia or New Zealand [前往]澳大利亚[新西兰]
n29. Down!
30. be down with somebody spoken informal to be friends with someone 与某人交上朋友
Examples from the Corpus
be down on your luck at luck1(17)
Examples from the Corpus
spokenDHPDOWN used to tell a jumping dog to get down 趴下!〔用于命令起跳的狗〕
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down2 verb [transitiveT]  
1 DFEATto drink or eat something quickly 大口喝下;快速吃下
2 HITto knock or force someone to the ground 将〔某人〕打倒在地
3. down tools British EnglishBrEBEL to stop working, especially because you are taking part in a strike (=protest about pay or conditions by stopping work) 停工;罢工
Examples from the Corpus
Examples from the Corpus
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down3 noun  
1. [uncountableU]DCB soft hair like a baby’s 柔毛,绒毛
2. [uncountableU]HBB the soft fine feathers of a bird 〔鸟的〕绒羽
3. [countableC]DSA one of the four chances that an American football team has to move forward when it is their turn to have the ball 〔美式橄榄球中的〕10码进攻〔进攻方必须累计推进10码的四次机会之一〕
4. the downs DNSGlow round hills covered with grass, as in the south of England 〔英格兰南部等的〕有草丘陵
Examples from the Corpus
5 have a down on somebody DISAPPROVE British EnglishBrE informal to dislike or have a bad opinion of someone 讨厌某人,看不上某人
ups and downs at up2(1)
Examples from the Corpus
down- /daʊn/ prefix  
1 DOWNat or towards the bottom or end of something [接近]某事物的底部[一端] up-
2 DOWNused to show that something is being made smaller or less important 缩小〔规模〕;使降低〔重要性〕 OPP up-
3 WORSEused to show that something is bad or negative 糟的,不好的 OPP up-
From Longman Business Dictionary
downdown1 /daʊn/ adverbadv
1if an amount or the level of something goes down, it falls to a lower amount or level
By lunchtime, the 100-index was down 4.2 at 3053.1.
59% of companies report sales volume down on a year ago.
The cuts have taken the company’s UK workforce down by 30%
2FINANCE cash/money down money paid as a first payment towards a larger sum. Cash down can also mean paying for something immediately in notes and coins rather than with a cheque
The sum of money to be paid is $50 cash down and ten monthly installments of $5.
see also down payment
3COMPUTING if a machine, system, or piece of electrical equipment is down, it is not working
My system went down over the weekend and I didn’t get any emails.
The printer can be used even when the telecommunication lines are down.
opposite up
downdown2 verb
down tools if the people who work in a factory down tools, they refuse to work
Workers downed tools in protest against the redundancies.
compare strike2
Origin down2
1. (1300-1400) Old Norse dúnn
2. (1800-1900) → DOWN2
3. Old English dun hill
TOEFL BNC: 102 COCA: 118
TOEFL BNC: 102 COCA: 118
down adj.
TOEFL BNC: 102 COCA: 118
Describing movement up or down: upward, downward, ascending...
At a low position or level: low, down, bottom...
Describing movement towards a place or person: direct, advancing, oncoming...
Movements of water: course, current, down...
Function words referring to location: about, across, after...
Describing movement in a specific direction: ahead, anticlockwise, around...
Broken, torn or damaged: broken, battered, faulty...
To process food in the body: digest, assimilate, go down...
Feeling sad or unhappy: sad, unhappy, gloomy...
Relating to computer software, systems and equipment: adaptive, antivirus, asynchronous...
Finished and completed: finished, completed, exhausted...
Parts of birds: beak, bill, breast...
The skin, bones and fur of animals: armor, armour, beard...
Mountains, hills and cliffs: ascent, ben, berg...
To eat in a particular way: bite, bolt, cannibalize...
To operate an aircraft: airlift, bank, buzz...

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