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IELTS BNC: 649 COCA: 788


Word family
Related topics: Business basics
loss /lɒs $ lɒːs/ ●●● S2 W1 noun  
1 [countableC, uncountableU]LOSE/NOT HAVE ANYMORE the fact of no longer having something, or of having less of it than you used to have, or the process by which this happens 失去,丧失
loss of
 The court awarded Ms Dixon £7,000 for damages and loss of earnings.
 a disease which causes fever and a loss of appetite
 This did not explain his apparent loss of interest in his wife.
 her loss of confidence in herself
 a certain feeling of loss of control
 a temporary loss of memory
 The animal was weak through loss of blood.
 The company is closing down two of its factories, leading to 430 job losses.
 Weight loss should be gradual.
 a type of hearing loss that affects language development
2 [countableC, uncountableU]BBMONEY if a business makes a loss, it spends more than it earns 亏损,损失
 The company made a loss of $250,000 last year.
 The magazine’s losses totaled almost $5 million.
 profit and loss
run/operate etc at a loss (=to earn less money from something you sell than it costs you to produce it) 亏本经营
 Two of the mines are running at a loss.
 a loss-making rural railway
3 [countableC, uncountableU]DIE the death of someone 死亡,去世
loss of
 She must be feeling very lonely after the loss of her husband.
 I’m sorry to hear of your family’s sad loss (=the death of someone you love).
 US forces withdrew after suffering heavy losses (=many deaths).
 The war has led to a tragic loss of life.
4 be at a loss EXPRESSto be confused and uncertain about what to do or say 困惑,不知所措
 When her son finally left home, Emily felt completely at a loss.
be at a loss to do something
 Detectives are so far at a loss to explain the reason for his death.
 He seemed, for once, at a loss for words (=unable to think what to say).
Examples from the Corpus
5 [uncountableU]FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETC a feeling of being sad or lonely because someone or something is not there anymore 失落感
6 [singular]DISADVANTAGE a disadvantage caused by someone or something leaving or being removed 〔因某人的离去或某物的挪移而造成的〕损失
7 that’s/it’s somebody’s loss spokenEFFECT/INFLUENCE said when you think someone is being stupid for not taking a good opportunity 那是某人的损失
Examples from the Corpus
cut your losses at cut1(29), → a dead loss at dead1(10)
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
lossloss /lɒslɒːs/ noun
1[countableC, uncountableU] the fact of no longer having something that you used to have, or having less of it
loss of earnings through illness
job loss
2[countableC]FINANCE when a business spends more money than it receives in a particular period of time, or loses money in some other way
The toy company blamed the losses on poor retail sales.
The companymade a loss of £670,000 last year.
British banks hit by heavy losses on bad loans
There’s no reason for us to operate at a loss.
3ACCOUNTING book/incur/post/take a loss to lose money and make a record of this in the accounts
The unit posted losses for the past two years, hurt by the economic slump.
actual loss after-tax loss annual loss capital loss credit loss exceptional loss first-half loss full-year loss gross loss loan loss net loss one-time loss operating loss paper loss passive loss pre-tax loss quarterly loss tax loss trading loss underwriting loss
4[countableC]INSURANCE an event that causes a person or organization to make a claim on an insurance contract
actual total loss consequential loss constructive total loss fire loss general average loss indirect loss partial loss
5[countableC, uncountableU]LAW when a person or organization suffers or loses money because of the mistakes or NEGLIGENCE of another
Origin loss
Old English los destruction
loss noun
IELTS BNC: 649 COCA: 788


1losing of sth失去ADJECTIVE | VERB + LOSS | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEappreciable, considerable, significant, substantial相當大的損失;重大的損失dramatic, great, huge, major, serious巨大的損失;嚴重的損失the dramatic loss of farmland to urban growth城市擴張造成的農田巨量縮減Reductions in spending would have led to a much greater loss of jobs.削減開支本來會導致更大規模的失業。She suffered a significant loss of hearing after the operation.她自手術後聽力便大大下降了。slight輕微的損失partial, total部份損失;完全喪失partial loss of eyesight視力的部份喪失permanent, temporary永久的/暫時的損失gradual, progressive逐漸的/逐步的喪失a gradual loss of hope希望的逐漸喪失rapid快速的喪失rapid weight loss體重的快速下降blood, fat, hair, hearing, heat, memory, water, weight失血;減肥;脫髮;失聰;熱量流失;失憶;失水;體重下降Weight loss can be a sign of a serious illness.體重下降可能是重病的信號。job工作崗位的喪失The company is expected to announce 200 job losses.預計公司要宣佈削減 200 個工作崗位。VERB + LOSSsuffer遭受損失He suffered a loss of confidence.他喪失了信心。cause導致損失The knife hit an artery, causing significant blood loss.刀子刺中了一條動脈,引起了嚴重失血。prevent預防損失They form a barrier to prevent water loss.它們形成了一道屏障來防止水分流失。PREPOSITIONloss of⋯的喪失loss of appetite沒有胃口loss of confidence失去信心loss to對⋯而言的損失Her suicide was a terrible loss to the music world.她的自殺是音樂界的重大損失。PHRASESno great loss算不上大損失She wouldn't be able to attend the lecture, which was no great loss.她沒能去聽講座,其實也沒有什麼損失。be at a loss迷惑不解We are at a loss to understand his actions (= we cannot understand them).我們對他的行動迷惑不解。a sense of loss失落感She was filled with an overwhelming sense of loss.她的心中充滿了十分強烈的失落感。


2amount of money lost虧損ADJECTIVE | VERB + LOSS | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcatastrophic, enormous, heavy, huge, massive, serious, significant, substantial災難性的虧損;巨額虧損;嚴重虧損slight, small輕微的虧損net淨虧損pre-tax稅前虧損overall, total總體虧損;虧損總額annual, quarterly年度/季度虧損economic, financial經濟/財政虧損trading貿易虧損long-term, short-term長期/短期虧損long-term tax revenue losses長期的稅收虧損VERB + LOSSincur, make, suffer, sustain, take導致虧損;遭受虧損There's no way you can make a loss on this deal.這筆生意你無論如何虧不了。The business sustained losses of €20 million.這家公司蒙受了 2,000 萬歐元的虧損。The company took a big loss of 28%.該公司遭受了 28% 的巨額虧損。cut, minimize, reduce減少虧損;將虧損降到最低;降低虧損He decided to cut his losses and sell the shares before they sank further.他決定在股票繼續下跌之前賣出,以減少虧損。recoup, recover挽回/彌補虧損It took the company five years to recoup its losses.公司用了 5 年才賺回虧損額。absorb抵消虧損The fund may not be large enough to absorb these losses.這筆資金數額不夠大,沒法抵消這些虧損。offset抵消損失We can offset the loss against next year's budget.我們可以用明年的預算抵消虧損。underwrite承擔損失No bank would be willing to underwrite such a loss.沒有哪家銀行願意承擔這樣的虧損。PREPOSITIONat a loss虧本The store was operating at a loss.商店在虧本經營。loss on在⋯上的虧本We made a net loss on the transaction.我們這筆交易出現了淨虧損。


3the death of a person死亡ADJECTIVE | VERB + LOSS ADJECTIVEenormous, great, terrible, tremendous巨大的傷亡;大量死亡The family has suffered a terrible loss.這個家庭減員嚴重。The ship sank with great loss of life.船沉了,大量人員遇難。His passing is a tremendous loss for all of us.他的辭世是我們所有人的巨大損失。sad, tragic令人悲哀的/悲劇性的死亡the tragic loss of her husband她丈夫的悲劇性死亡big, catastrophic, devastating, great, heavy, severe大量的傷亡;災難性的傷亡;毀滅性的傷亡;慘重的傷亡the devastating losses of the war戰爭造成的毀滅性傷亡The enemy suffered heavy losses.敵軍傷亡慘重。VERB + LOSSsuffer, sustain, take遭受死亡Our country had sustained a tremendous loss of innocent life.我們國家有大量無辜平民喪生。inflict使遭受傷亡Fighter planes inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.戰鬥機使敵人遭受重大傷亡。grieve, lament, mourn, regret哀悼死亡China mourned the loss of a great leader.中國悼念一位偉大領袖的逝世。
IELTS BNC: 649 COCA: 788
loss noun
debt (operating at a loss) at a loss confused adj.1
IELTS BNC: 649 COCA: 788
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